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  1. I passed on the article and link to friend. Between us we will now try get the required info to the correct location so that they (whoever in the Govt) can sort out what he is owed. I will keep you updated. This thread may help others in similar situations. Ethel Street - very helpful research. Thank you. Seems like you came up trumps!
  2. It was indeed a very brief meeting. As you mention - background details followed by a brief look and a prod He was independent - for both sides
  3. Just had a read of the link article. The wife was born in '38. The article states that "the opportunity for men to claim on the wife's NI contributions under 'old' basic state pension system was only introduced at start of last decade [in 00s] ... But only covers women born between certain dates". After 5 April 1950 is the eligible date. So in friend's case his wife was born too early for him to claim - if she was still alive? The article continues: "...in the unfortunate event that you were to become a widower, you would be able to inherit part of any earnings-related state pension that your wife was receiving" Do I understand this correctly: because he was widowed in 07 (9 years) after his wife started claiming her state pension (in 98) that he can 'inherit' it? He wouldn't have been able to make a claim if she was still alive? But can now she has passed? The article says: "If married woman receiving SERPS pension dies before her husband, he can inherit 50-100%" I checked out the Gov link. It says: Wife was automatically eligible for an additional state pension by her age (born before 1953) - unless she opted out - and due to reaching pension age before April 2016. She would have got the 'Additional State Pension' if she contributed to the State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme if employed from 1978-2002. She was. The link re 'inheriting pension' shows: woman born before 5 October 1942 - husband could inherit 100% This has been very helpful info.. Thanks for the article link
  4. Thanks Ethel. Yes he does. Maybe age has got the better of him. That's why I am trying to help. Thanks for the article. Will read now.
  5. He has paperwork in the UK but his place is such a mess I don't know where to start looking. He's away now. And i think a bit confused. The company he ran was apparently about 40y ago and I haven't found any paperwork relating to it. Not sure if proper company or sole trader of if he ever made profit/ paid tax? I have asked, but so far have not got any answers that will help me (in the Uk) help him. From what I gather now, his wife earned an income and had started claiming pension - and it seems easier to claim as widowed spouse rather than via his own records - which I think potentially dont exist.
  6. When I spoke to him he said he doubted if he ever had a NI# but his wife did as she was the earner. If he never had a NI# and thus no tax reference - can he use the link to find out wife's and be able to claim via her Ni ?
  7. HB. He doesn't have his NI or tax details. Nor those of wife
  8. Thanks Ethel - Friend doesn't have NI or tax reference details though for himself or late wife. Can he use her dob and death and marriage details to obtain them?
  9. friend has provided me with marriage certificate, spouse dob and date of death. He states she had started claiming in 98. She passed in 07. She was the income earner in the relationship. What does friend need to do now? Or how can I help?
  10. He does have tons and tons of paperwork In a cupboard under the stairs of his flat. I haven't dared to investigate yet!!
  11. Friend has other passport; not uk But he has lived in UK most his life; kids raised here; owns property here. He just always spent the winter away. He has in recent years been away rather than in uk. Think that UK would be considered official place of residence. He never worked abroad, where he is now. He also wants the pension funds to remain in the uk bank - to cover expenses here. Not sure if wife's records are accessible. How do I locate them? Via dob, address, birth/death certificates?
  12. Managed to have a brief chat with friend. Income, NIC and tax return info seems very vague. But he wasn't divorced as i had wrongly thought. He was just widowed. Wife also did things by the book, was the majority income earner, and was claiming her pension when she died (was older). If friend didn't make enough contributions can he now attach himself to her pension? She passed in 07; friend would have been able to claim from '13.
  13. ok HB. The company (friend's own) would have paid friend a salary and thus NI contributions, maybe w/o friend even realising?
  14. if friend had a company that was registered for vat - would that have NI# records attached?
  15. Thanks dx I am sure they must have. I will ask which local practice they attended. But bit concerned the practice may not have kept records. Is it normal for a doctor to hold NI numbers? They were also married with children; divorced/ widowed - so must be info somewhere. I have asked one child - but they have no clue
  16. Asking for a friend: Born in '48; doesn't have a UK passport, but educated here and owns property here, resident for most of adult life - although each year split between UK/ abroad. Ran own business about 40y ago but is vague on if ever was given a NI number ... Certainly doesn't have it to hand. Also can't remember anything about tax returns ?? Had some income generated overseas at other residence. Was wealthy, kind of a person of independent means. But not now. How do I assist on ascertaining if eligible for basic state pension? Would have been able to claim since 2013, but hasn't. I have access to some boxes of private papers - where might I find the NI# or something else that may help locate it? Friend currently abroad.
  17. update: Relative has appointment with an independent medico-legal expert. Not 100% sure if this will be the only 'expert' or if the other side will want to appoint their own - I guess it depends what the independent one says? I hope this independent assessment will be ok and enough. The whole process is taking sooooo long! Relative doesn't know what to expect. Does anyone have any helpful hints? One thing relative now needs is funds for allowing access to bathroom. Due to the injury / cumulative repercussions over time relative is finding it very difficult to go upstairs. No wc, bathroom or bedroom downstairs. Lawyer suggested adding in a claim for stairlift or lift. Have had companies to relative's property to assess/ quote. There will be quite substantial associated costs too. Does anyone have any prior experience of level of extra costs allowable/ given? (In comparison to injury payout?)
  18. ok thanks bazza. Written asking for their discretion.... Lets see...
  19. brief update: Council have written to say: a) full refund is due because the property was exempt/ I was not liable but b) the liability order, court, billing authority costs remain chargeable because I didn't tell them the property was exempt They say they still sent out the bill demands and thus the costs for not paying on time, which led to the demands being issued, and not telling them the property was exempt - still stand... I didn't know I didn't have to pay! Their a) and b) don't sit comfortably together... Am going to draft a response. Any helpful hints??
  20. main query is - would they be justified in charging such costs?
  21. staff at the local council have issued a refund, less these costs - shouldn't a reply be made to those with whom already communicating? Just trying to keep it simple. Its just a question of is it correct to ask for refund of these liability/ authority costs, given no-one was liable? And if this is correct - what's the best (firm legal) wording for payer to use?
  22. for clarity - property repossessed. 'owner' thought they were still liable until property sold - so continued to pay monthly. When it was pointed out to 'owner' this wasn't the case and they should not have been paying from the date they moved out, they wrote to council and asked for a full refund. repo properties are exempt from council tax. So there was no liability for anyone to pay any council tax
  23. they were notified at the point when the payer realised they didn't have to pay.
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