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  1. Thanks. I agree. The contravention did occur only due to the other driver. That car moved quickly though and I was able to move forward. That's also shown in the 30 seconds video Keeping fingers crossed
  2. Dealt with this online. Quoted Rule 174 of the Highway Code which states "enter a box junction only if your exit road is clear" and stated it was until a driver from a minor side road snuck into my clear space . I hope I get a sensible sympathetic response
  3. I made another call to BG to try resolve This time I got, firstly, a sympathetic employee and, secondly, someone in the debt department who DID resolve with zero fuss. The previous call I had last month I obviously caught someone having their own bad day who projected it on to me - they were vile and brutal. Basically BG have what is known as an 'extended payment plan'. They can string out your arrears over 5 years. The key issue is that anyone with payment problems must pay and clear the standing charges. This will halt angry action. So - this nice person advised that NO warrant had been applied for - there had been no court date set - and there was no date organised for meter removal either. The previous vile person had just been trying to make me "panic pay". I now have a monthly direct debit for lowest possible £ amount set up for 5 years. If things change then I can pay more in-between. Of course - this payment plan only applies to my old consumption up to 2y ago. There should be no consumption now. But I know there has been by 'others' - which will be subject to alternative (legal) action...
  4. I will !! I only wondered if others had experience of similar incidents successfully appealed
  5. Their video is 30 seconds long and it clearly shows a car snuck in from the side road into the main road I was on and took the space I would have driven forward into. I can't quite believe they issued a ticket. It's a borough that's become very aggressive with their penalty fines in recent years
  6. Been sent a PCN for allegedly driving in yellow box. This is something I am always very very careful to not do. The photos on the PCN sure enough show my front tyres and half the body of the car in the yellow box. So it looks like "guilty". YET - when I checked the video it is very clear what actually happened. 1. Driving slowly 2. Car ahead drove over yellow box and it is very clear that there was plenty of space for my car to follow and go beyond the yellow box too. 3. The video clearly shows the car hesitate and then stop. 4. A car from the left side road pulled out and took the space that would have enabled me to continue and miss being in the yellow box. To be fair - I can't remember if I hesitated and let the car pull out in front of me or if it just pulled out meaning I had to stop ??? Is this a good enough reason to query and ask for the penalty fee to be waived?
  7. The letter was just from "your BG team" Their letter is covered by the rights of entry act "54 Property has full security and alarm. Will be interesting if they do force entry when meter is external...
  8. Gas appliances will be internally connected. No-one should be inside and using any utility. But things are connected. Not an expert on this - but years ago BG turned off the supply cos of a suspected leak. They didn't turn off anything inside. Why would they need to go inside if they have the ability to switch off the gas outside?
  9. Pipe, meter and lever are all external. BG said intention is to replace existing with prepayment meter Property is now alarmed. Are you suggesting they may go inside anyway?
  10. the debt was apx 1500. I suspect that it is probably going to be 5k+ usage by 'others'. That amount will be added to my name. BG will freak when they see the real reading
  11. The property should be unoccupied. The debt relates to arrears - my usage up to a date. There should have been zero usage from that date. edf and tw have been very supportive - I pay them nominal amount monthly. But BG have refused to allow me to set up a nominal monthly amount. I just started paying them £10 without a payment plan just so they were getting some £s and to try prevent this situation. Should I just let them remove it and fit a prepayment meter? I would prefer they do not remove the meter - my absence is temporary, albeit extended. But I do also see potential benefits. If I could afford to repay in full now I would. Reduced circumstances and covid lack of work prevents. If they would allow me 6 months of nominal payments I would continue - with a view to hopeful changed circumstances which would allow to repay in full thereafter. That is what I requested. Interestingly their webchat suggested £165/m would work for them (altho thats impossible for me). Yet the warrants dept rep was very aggressive and said that is not possible - they just want to get the warrant and replace the meter. Of course, they are making the situation worse by adding £160 costs to 'my' debt. This situation is a tiny part of a much much larger issue. The property should not have been occupied and no utilities should have been used. The reality is that 'others' did occupy and use utilities, and worse, the property was completely destroyed - illegally and on purpose. Its very complicated - but it is being resolved legally. Hopefully with a positive resolution within 6 months. At which point the £ difference in between readings would be cleared by the other party. And the compensation would clear my debts. Which is why i have asked for further 6 months. I haven't disclosed the larger issue as it would be too complicated and I just did not want to go there. Its so (too) stressful. I would just prefer to retain the old normal meter and in 2022 continue as before. The potential benefit to allowing BG to remove existing meter and replace with prepayment is that the meter will remain in my name, BG will provide me with a prepayment key, and no-one else will be able to illegally use the supply until the wider legal issue is resolved. Replacing the meter will crystalize the amount owed as of the removal date. However, the amount is going to be much larger due to 'others' usage. And that much larger amount - probably many 000s now - will be added to my debt / credit file - until the wider legal issue is resolved.... I guess I am wondering if I could ask the warrant court hearing to grant the 6 months reprieve to allow the wider legal issue to be resolved?
  12. BG have written this week to advise haven't replied to letters or received payment so they are applying for warrant to remove meter. Have just spoken to BG and they say they actually applied for warrant the day before their letter is dated Have several recent webchat transcripts with BG and have been paying £10/month due to hardship. BG just say that's not enough as the debt is large - over £1k - and has been large for a long time. Haven't been in the property for more than 2y and the debt is for usage up to that point. The letter says 'what will happen if we don't hear from you' - that their 'application for warrant of entry will be heard at court. You can go to hearing and make representations against their application'. The letter also says you 'have the right to ask for a hearing to take place at a court in your local area.... If you wish to do this please call xxx within 21 days from the date of this letter or complete enclosed form and send it to ..... A local court hearing will be arranged. If you do not ask for a court hearing the case will be heard in your absence without any further notice.' The letter continues to say ' if warrant granted, it will allow them to enter your property to fit a pay as you go meter w/o giving you any notice. From the date the warrant is granted we have 28 days to do this'. The letter also states 'you can stop all of this happening if you call before 5pm the night before the warrant visit and pay what owe. When you call they can also discuss ways to manage the account'. The letter also has a section which says - if you are having trouble paying in full we can help. call us as there are lots of ways we can help' So BG just said they already applied for warrant on 18/07. That is a Sunday and is the day before their letter is dated. BG said the court hearing date - remote - is already fixed for 09/08 and the date for execution already set for 16/08. This doesn't seem correct. What can be done?
  13. Yes Bazza - thats what was going through my mind as I was complaining. Silly me. I suddenly realised that the cash aspect was never really my gain - it simply meant he could provide sub-standard goods that - with no debit card payment and receipt - I would find it very hard to prove. Paying cash meant I was denying myself of consumer rights. I was cursing myself. Saved £17 in vat - but in hindsight it was false economy. Now I'm nervous about the quality and gonna have to go elsewhere to get the replacement tyres checked! Just in case. The split was really bad. It was gushing air. I'm very lucky I didn't drive far. They were very busy. And they offered every client the cash option ...
  14. Had 2 tyres replaced today. I decided to go second hand, £35/tyre + balancing charge of £16. Workshop owner gave me the option of cash w/o vat. So I did. Which equally meant no receipt. Drove 1 mile to private sports centre, stayed 1 hour, and then headed to fill tank up. As I pulled into the garage a random guy pointed at the car and said I had a flat tyre. So I returned to the workshop. No more than 2 miles driven. The owner removed the tyre and I could see a split right by the centre metal hub and hear the air gushing out. He said someone had clearly slashed the tyre. No way that had happened. Imo it had been defective. He and his colleagues were trying to say that it was my responsibility and would have to pay for another tyre. I stood my ground and did get him to replace it. But I just wanted to ask - once I left the workshop was it my responsibility for anything that happened? And cos I paid cash I had no rights? Or because of the lack of time and distance since they replaced it, they were responsible ?
  15. I found it after I first posted! Sorry
  16. Their recent letters were from a different dept. Something called Rem 1. In Bradford BD1 5AN I went on their website and it gave the other address as the one to send sar. Think I'll send copy to both...
  17. oh! OK. And the best address? Is it PO BOX 1111 Bradford BD1 9NQ ??
  18. Does anyone happen to have the email for Santander cards - data controller
  19. Should I send them a SAR? they say account started in 04. Only have statements from 09. So maybe would be good to get them to provide all the old data. Which may well include many more penalty charges.
  20. Can't find any statements before June 09. Although Sant says account started in 04. June 09 balance was £1711. From July 09 until Feb 2012 - I calculate £524 of interest paid and £230 in late penalties added. Made ad hoc payments over 2 years - whittling balance down to £188 by June 2011. No payments after June 2011. By Feb 2012 the balance increased to £295 - by interest and £12 late penalty charges No further interest added. Sant sold to Hoist Oct 2014. Sant have written offering a refund of interest and default fees charged from Jan 2010 - which amounts to £460. But there were a couple of £12 charges in 2009 - which would have affected the interest paid. Should I write to Sant and query their offer? Ask for a breakdown of the interest charged and whats been included in their refund offer?
  21. sorry - probs being stupid but what is OC?
  22. inputted figures again from 2009-start 2012. The late payment charges + CI add up to apx £300 (at 22%) for that 3 year period. Then 8% simple interest from start 2012 til today is £620. Im a bit confused on how to re-consider the interest that would have been applied on a wrong balance during those 3 years. The letter from S said that in their own calculations they were refunding interest - yet they calculated from 2010, rather than 09. Also S calculation for the 8% was 390 compared to my 620
  23. Thanks dx I will go back through the statements. I think I understand that you are saying - can claim CI from 2009 up until they stopped charging the 22.25% and then 8% I will input in to the excel sheet. Although they shouldn't take tax as was under personal allowance
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