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  1. well I hope all your debts are enforceable? and you are not blindly paying a powerless DCA on anything?? they are NOT BAILIFFS!! if you want help, even if you've blindly paid them, just start a new topic dx
  2. if it is a plevin refund, it's not a PPI reclaim, it's the original creditor paying back what they have been mandated to do by the FCA. Customers initialising complaints about PPI mis-selling yes did cease last august, however that doesn't absolve creditors from not paying back the total unlawful commission they might have gained If they got a commission backhander of greater than 50% for selling the policy to the customer. the process of them wanting to give this back will be somewhat automated as the money will be sitting there and it's yours.
  3. why not send them a copy of your pay slips and get them to correct HMRC records they previously sent? dx
  4. I would suggest this is a plevin commission PPI payout.???
  5. was the letter from Barclays? sounds like a ppi reclaims fleecer firm to me? dx
  6. 10/10 doesn't matter what paperwork they hold..
  7. yep get the CCJ number from your credit file and ring northants bulk monday ask for a copy of the CCJ and the claimform by email pdf. I would also be looking at your credit file and any other debts that show or don't (say paid/used within 7yrs) and write to the owners giving your correct and current address, that will prevent further backdoor CCJ's as you have just found from happening.. sadly in this day and age its never a good idea to moved and not inform debt owners of such, even if you don't agree you owe any debt. comeback here when you have the details of the Arrows/Capquest CCJ (as drydens are their solicitors) with what the debt is all about and it's history inc last payment date from your side.. https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=drydens%20backdoor%20CCJ&oq=drydens%20backdoor%20CCJ&gs_l=partner-generic.12...26062.30441.2.32579. dx
  8. it is not clear from your post that you had moved? we also cant be mind readers...... Maybe you would become a better and more competent user of the site if you attended a course in telepathy .. Benefits are not classed as income for council tax reduction purposes, as 9/10, the fact someone is receiving benefits means they need help. a private pension is sadly, but is something that if a benefit recipient got, would also effect how much benefit they get and thus council tax reduction if a private pension income is more £ for £ than benefit income even someone that was on benefits would not get it either you are not alone.
  9. god it get worse, well argos wont refund as the card was not faulty so don't bother asking your bank wont refund the payment made to get the card from argos as the card was not faulty. can you ask for a replacement download of the game. or get them to diagnose the issue, so confirming its not completing? when was the game purchase please? dx
  10. usually to do with wills or bequeathment tracing..or dormant accounts that they have money in ...in otherwords they are trying to see if you are the beneficiary of something in their possession. don't know who to contact mind!! dx
  11. how did you buy or fund the eshop card that purchased the faulty game? dx
  12. it was an unadvised ppi policy sold by them, you chose it, you didn't tell them you suffered Epilepsy... the above statement is thus sadly true... now had you told them of your condition AND they still accepted you..that would be another matter. dx
  13. Bottom line is you don't pay them a penny unless you get forced too and that looks doubtful
  14. try another device the disc has not ever been it. it could be password expiration because the 'program' to unlock it on the present PC sees the password is out of date as it been loaded many months/years. typically passworded CD data cant expire as the CD doesn't know what todays date is, but the program you install from the disc to the PC if previously loaded does. try a fresh device.
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