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  1. interesting...did they elaborate upon what they thought was criminal about his actions..might be useful
  2. who knows that and it makes no odds anyway. hope you got clear photos of the others and the small print.
  3. darn below section 75 limit of £100. might it be an idea to removed your pers details from your facebook post? dx
  4. dont think they need planning on byelaws land from the council? the council don't own the land?
  5. was this car finance showing under ford finance or whomever on previous checks? though i wouldn't worry about till , lets get the sar. but you won't be paying anything i doubt..
  6. sorry i think wrong stick gotten hold of by me? their current supplier sp are chasing their usage since moving in not an old debt from elsewhere? i will gather at present they don't have smart meters fitted? they need to be careful as sp won't blink an eye and will send them in to fit key meters or even smart meters
  7. they can't charge you anything. i'll guess its amalgamation of over mileage and Collection fee of about £350 which again is unlawful under VT. Link will have had their name replaced upon the existing entery that was there for the finance, Ford Finance or link updating the debt monthly makes no odds is there a defaulted date in the seby summary line. little tip next time stop writing pointless letters all it does is invite pointless letter tennis or let fleecers know you are worried about things. were you over the 50% mark whe
  8. BAILIFFS can never be involved in anything until you've lost a court case. Stop watching mostly fake tv programmes that have ZERO bearing on a speculative invoice which is not a fine
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