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  1. date of claim please and what stage in the claim are you at? where this DN come from please ans my other q's above. dx
  2. vanquis & DN are never straight FWD, however i would doubt arguing about such is a worthy defence. can you complete our sticky please You have received a Court Claim ISSUED IN ENGLAND & WALES What you need to do - Financial Legal Issues - Consumer Action Group and let us know how far you are in to the court process. AOS/defence filed.what did you file. WS stage? are these docs from Lowell's via a CCA/CPR or parts of the WS disclosures? dx
  3. ring the court you sent your licence too has the £100 you paid been refunded?
  4. welcome did this all the time across the country there are 100's of threads here that detail welcome staff over the phone signed re finance agreements in the debtors name, esp when people phoned when they were simply after getting a short term reduced payment arrangement, they knew nowt about the new agreement. i've never known any success.
  5. yes sorry, the forms can be confusing at best.. have you contacted the court and asked if there is a backlog? it might pay you now to apply for a replacement licence to the DVLA you can do this online. have you received a letter or checked if the £100 fine you paid has been refunded? you don't have to appear in court if it gets that far, you can do it by letter and explain what has happened.
  6. umm.. if you failed to send off your licence to the correct place (should have been the DVLA i believe not the court?) the £100 should also have been returned..
  7. as they have in other like threads you might have read in your research. elms have dumped simon because some of his claims are rather 'wide' to say the least.
  8. threads merged. so did you follow the advice 5yrs ago. dx
  9. old and new thread merged. i see we've travelled this road a few times since 2015 dx
  10. plenty of time to research and calm down. nothing much to do until the end of june.
  11. well ...... 1st you need to go back to post 1 and carefully read ALL this thread from the start again and pay attention to the advice and the undertones it explains about 'debt'. 2nd ...the truth is you owe no-one ANYTHING, the OC wrote off and sold the debt, and got most of it back against tax and business insurance schemes ...throw the morality card out the window...the OC did by selling the debt on for <10p=£1. and the DCa want the full balance ...id so many fools stopped paying powerless DCA's tomorrow, the whole industry would collapse overnight. 3rd the on
  12. Click letter of claim follow post 2 But you obv dont issue a new cca
  13. no i did the numbering. rarely do poc's comes with numbered paras as it wastes the limited no of chrs# available on mcol. dx
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