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  1. ok good let it run then. I've sent you a PM with a secure email send me the scans of the complete CCA return please see if can get them up... dx
  2. read it carefully it doesn't say WILL anywhere.??? they must follow PAP letter rules now
  3. as long as the letter is not entitled letter of/before claim' you are safe to ignore it... however, have you moved since taking this card out and have not/did not since inform in writing to either MBNA or a DCA that you moved...thus they have from YOU notification of your correct address? dx
  4. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/search/?q= copart
  5. refinanced..was there only one ever sum borrowed and you didn't extend it in any way due to non payment etc etc just wondering if the portfolio had 2 or more ac numbers. check the pap LOC carefully is it for exactly the same AC number and sum as the last one
  6. following a recent cca request..
  7. sorry someone should have told you use one multipage pdf only please read upload
  8. just offer a low pcm
  9. no powers leave else i'll call police 101 never heard of it mind p'haps cli still have staff that haven't paid for their free family holiday because people are getting wise to them and are going further and further back in time to try and fleece mugs.
  10. ignore Last time i checked CLI are not registered to deal with debts. They simply provide template letters a dca is not a bailiff dx
  11. well done marked as won. please consider a donation to keep us here dx
  12. N245 time did you not do that? or cant afford the fee?
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