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  1. I wouldn't enter into pointless letter tennis yet safe to say you informed the retailer it was faulty and unfit for purpose within 30 days.
  2. no its not the original creditor will mark the debt settled upon sale. the debt still shows under the entry for the DCA/debt buyer...claimant. tell us about the debt then we might find one retitled and moved to the legal forum
  3. why are you using email? block and bounce them back if the worst comes to worst. go BK in AUS it can be done FOC by the internet.
  4. 2 sep claims post the stuff up here 1st it might help you in not getting this delayed by sending the claims to the underwriters is to sar them first?
  5. its a global substitution order changing the claimants name on claims. so you have an active court claim against you from hoist?
  6. you don't merge on the scanner read upload mergepdf is listed there and multiple on line sites that do if free dx
  7. found an old link https://cse.google.co.uk/cse?cx=partner-pub-0964707606882478:652l7hswbgv&ie=UTF-8&q=Yes+Car+Credit+/+DAFS+&sa=Search+CAG#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Yes Car Credit %2F DAFhttps://cse.google.co.uk/cse?cx=partner-pub-0964707606882478:652l7hswbgv&ie=UTF-8&q=Yes+Car+Credit+/+DAFS+&sa=Search+CAG#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Yes Car Credit %2F DAF
  8. pop each one on its date in the CISHEET enter their avg int rate in cell d15
  9. whats was the credit this applies too? thread title updated for clarity
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