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  1. yep simply send ECP a letter informing them of the current registered keepers address
  2. who says you have to pay it? is the debt enforceable? have you ever checked? a DCA is NOT a BAILIFF and should never be blindly paid on ANY debt.
  3. a dca has no more legal powers than you or I...…………………..
  4. cal days you answer yes until the actual phone mediation takes place THEN you say no to the question regarding have you all info to make an informed decision..NO! you should be reading up on whats next in the downtimes between stages 1000's of claimform threads her e lready
  5. as I said... the time scale is pretty immaterial if a court claim has been raised you file your defence on time regardless that's not due until day 33 tuesday week lots of suitable defences here for no paperwork/holding simply use the google custom search top right Claimform Barclaycard hoist
  6. no it cant 'start again' you have a CCJ it cannot be statute barred. BUT they've waited more than 6yrs to enforce very diff to now do so pers id do nothing yet.
  7. don't file yet not due till by 4th may by 4pm. let andyorch check for silly mistakes.
  8. I have in the past had financial dealings with with [insert original creditor]
  9. not a letter of claim safe to file its actually from ZZPS too anyway claiming to be QDR
  10. they cant do anything even if she does anyway totally powerless
  11. it this your harwoords redwoods school fees CO? and is this your ONLY CO?
  12. whatever it was you need the date and the rebate. then you enter that as a MINUS figure in the spready same as a PPI payment on the date they made it.
  13. so there you go then done it for you. above use the statint sheet put every PPI payment in on the day you actually paid.... i'e you made a payment 3rd august 2004...19% of that was for PPI..thats what you put in the spready then the next etc etc. you do the same on their own statint sheet for the other 2 loan using the same calc PPIPCM%= PPI/PPI+Loaned sumX100=PPIPCM%
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