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  1. no you should have gotten it off the fact that this debt is owned by a dca is nothing to do with hsbc and cant effect anything by sending it the hbos address is in the address sticky on the hbos homepage. a dca is just like you or me if we think someone owes us money we can issue a claimform via the mcol court. they have zero legal powers just like you or me and are not bailiffs either I would say this debt was statute barred before the ccj. go get your credit file please see if the ccj shows. make sure all of your old address show on your credit file if you cant see the ccj. dx
  2. yes Change your car’s tax class to or from ‘disabled’ You may need to change your vehicle’s tax class, for example if either: your car was previously used by a disabled person you’re disabled and taxing your car for the first time You can only apply at a Post Office.
  3. scroll down selec/ read the disabled bit at the post office
  4. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax does this not work?
  5. online at the .gov dvla site you only need the green slip.
  6. letter from whom? if you've not paid in 6yrs send our statute barred letter if you've not been ever billed they cant backdate anyway.
  7. new thread for charges reclaiming created.what is ovd? can you attach your cisheet please
  8. block all email addresses and bounced them back you do not ever pay attention to any email/phonecall/text.
  9. the NOE was £75 then they came in person so that's another £235 should be £310 + the org fine though I think. dx
  10. topic title updated for clarity don't think theres anything you can do sadly. no-one else bar you have made a mistake. the NOE did have your current address on it?
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