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  1. the issue here now is the CCJ trumps the need for any paperwork technically.. .they have judgement..too late for paperwork wriggles
  2. switch you TV to full screen under settings gick not 16:9 or right click on a clean point on your desktop hit display then resolution and hit recommended up the top of the list.
  3. opps that should blow their chances out the water then. I wonder if its best now to just simply waitand see if they get a solicitor to issue a letter of claim??
  4. no you get annoyed. sadly shows you the reality of what a DCA is.. they couldn't careless. to get the set aside rolling you need two things.. a reason to set the CCJ aside..wrong address here and appears purposeful..but anyway they knew your correct address a basic defence for the debt itself..not sure on that as you don't want to simply say I don't owe the figure quoted as it seem vastly inflated, as that's admitting you owe 'something', which might be better to avoid.
  5. you haven't got to be approved or seek approval from anyone on CAG to post here my enquiry was not put in any unpleasant manner, simply to understand the reason behind why I was having difficulty understanding the whole story. with regard to p'haps appearing unhelpful...you have to realise we get 1000's of complaints about default issues, most new users don't understand how accounts/credit files and all the various processes work that results in a default on your file and how to possibly get rid of and who your target might be. some people have some really wild ideas. CAG getting to the bottom of a story and clarifying a few things, when p'haps, as you have, you've jumped through all those hoops already, might seem we have an attitude and are being unhelpful, or dont believe you...but we don't/didn't know what you had done to date, and as said, trying to understand your posts was a wee bit of an issue, ok less of that dx...…….. if you have it in writing from lowells that they placed the default on the account. and that account had to whatever date never appeared on your credit file till lowells made that happen with the default. it APPEARS to me you have a very good case to issue a court claim for losses via a letter before action. however, have you to date not taken all of this to the FOS and or the ICO? they are both regulators in their own right and could resolve this now, you wont get the kind of compensation you ar after through them , but if lets say the FOS agree its all wrong , then that give you the firm evidence too take it to court. ………….…... I still don't quite full understand who took this account out and if it has anything to do with your business [es] or whatever as you mention a dissolved business bank account to do with 'whatever' with orange and you..., but if you are 1000% sure its nothing at all to do with you, then p'haps the FOS might be your next move?
  6. that's quite ok you wont annoy me ever. no matter what you do or don't understand... so did you get the end result of 7th may...
  7. I very much doubt Lowell are your target if you have a target at all for court. orange would have defaulted you and created the account Lowell just inherited everything in good faith, so how did someone sign up as you... probably went into an orange shop and used your name and a letter from your bin not shredded. whos dissolved business was the DD pointing at. sorry but im having a wee bit of trouble understanding the full story I will gather than English is probably not your native language?
  8. always plead guilty and say yo will attend that way if you cant settle OOC on the day you are there in person to covey your remorse to the judge personally. it will be more than the £225 quote with victim surcharges etc on top but that does rule out the possibility of still settling on te day by talking to the TfL prosecutor before you go in there are various threads here that has had that happen. if you can find them, i'll do it later
  9. I don't think they know either. pers id just let it run till the end of the new PAP letter 30days dead line and state its statute barred even if its not by the time they sork it out it'll most prob be too late. we've not seen a great big change to SB date arguments nor court claims from DCA's re this 'it's 14 days after the defaulted date' now stuff. I don't think half of them know, care or even understand.
  10. they don't have any legal powers exactly the same as we don't. all we can do is issue a court claim if we feel someone owes us money that's all a DCA can do.
  11. I would await the letter, IF one comes then we'll deal with what it is ACTUALLY charging you with appropriately.
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