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  1. please copy/complete the windscreen section of this q&A back here: post up your ticket and their NTK bothsides too to one multipage pdf following our upload guide carefully. you don't need to do anything further.. await/if they get one of the fake/tame paperwork only solicitors to send a letter of claim. you are safe to totally ignore any DCA letters a DCA is NOT A BAILIFF on ANY debt. and have ZERO legal powers on any debt. dx
  2. moved you to the blemain forum. there are 100's of threads here regarding the same scenario.. get an sar running to them to date sadly very common they charge for everything including if it was raining on the day you made a payment. 99% of there charges are totally unlawful and reclaimable, but as you'll see by browsing this forum yours is now in ever getting those back or taken off the outstanding is totally another matter. did you yourself ever have building ins sep to BM?
  3. obv we don't know the 2 16 digit numbers nor need too.. but if you use them on this site. https://www.bindb.com/bin-database.html you'll see the info given. dx
  4. FYI: the 1st 4 digits poss even the 1st 8 will be the same as its the designation for Cap1 issued cards.
  5. who said the lloyds joint A/c Was closed? did you both write and request it was closed? why not ring Lloyds and see if they can tell you the last deposit date? or if there WAS a deposit of the sum of the PDL around the date it was taken out? I suspect the A/C wasn't 'closed' (whatever that means) and your OH took out the PDL in your name without your knowledge? just musing...
  6. The debt being sb'd or not is immaterial to what shows on credit file. yes the account will vanish from your file on the defaulted dates 6th bday. Dx
  7. Why can't you prove the debts were fraud? You can simply do the by a cca request and an sar. If the debts that are fraud were wiped does this remove the judgement s? Dx
  8. They said? not been talking on the phone have you? dont do that. Writing only they are powerless. who is shown as their client on their letters or the owner on your credit file. if its still with Barclays...your complaint target is Barclays themselves
  9. you cant reset anything by sending an sar BCW are solicitors, who are their clients? dx
  10. dca please.? Barclays would have marked the A/c Defaulted on or before sale, and issued a default notice a dca debt buyer cannot issue a default notice send Barclays an sar. the A/c was opened whilst resident in Scotland that means the debt is statute barred and extinguished,, dead gone parrot. though that has no relevance to a credit file.
  11. scan it all up to one multipage PDF read upload carefully I suspect its the usual stuff they troll out for vanquis card debt those application forms are not a credit agreement lots of previous Lowell claimform threads here to read that explains why. dx
  12. you agree to mediation right up until the ACTUAL DAY of the 3 way conf call by the mediation service. if at that time you have still not, in your view, received enough information to make an informed decision, when the mediator asks the same questions as on the N180 re mediation again, you will say no quoting as above . dx
  13. debt managers usually don't buy debts but typically chase on behalf of arrows group as they are a trading name of theirs so no link to this claim/claimant.
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