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  1. dx100uk

    Paypal debt

    you need to create a new topic of your own please hit create in the top red banner. please don't swear either..post above edited. yes I would get all the payments back from NW under chargeback and remove that account as a payment method to PP as well as you say via CPA.. dx
  2. ring the clerk ask what was wrong. I think I know but not sure. dx
  3. this didn't show due to a spelling mistake in my search
  4. do they have any debit or credit card details? how did you pay the rental? dx
  5. so where are the photos from before you hired it?? nice try eurocars….
  6. that deed is not witnessed by a third party - invalid. yes they need the signed agreement. so 6yrs have elapsed...nice try RBS..
  7. its simply a stupid threat-o-gram. looks like the debt is unfair term charges to end of contract and no you do not need to settle out of court I can see them dropping this. if you wish to sar voda then do so but I cant see what help it will give you. you are not disputing the facts they state. but very few of them are true anyway.
  8. send plink a cca request
  9. whom are wetcloths client please
  10. opps yes and opps name and A/C showing i'll see if I can deal now
  11. so not default notices then.! so they must confirm last payment date? or are they simply stating no transactions for that 6mts period
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