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  1. you might be able to work it out if you know the payment dates and the amounts paid then use the ppi calc and the statint sheet detailed here
  2. then you'll have to get them via an sar until such time you nor I will be able to calculate what you should be getting back.
  3. that's all dca's can do on any debt. and if they find a few mugs it pays for all the staffs xmas holidays.
  4. original creditor only uk addresses since you last updated hsbc
  5. unless you are going thru to court on restitution claim you will need change the claim to date to the day the OC stopped their int then pop that whole sum in the statint sheet. pers id do that. ive moved the topic to the Santander forum the address should be here on the homepage
  6. as everything was done online within 14 days from DELIVERY you can reject the whole deal without any reason. as the item is not fit for purpose / not what you ordered that extends to 30 days. write to both retailer/finance company ...recorded is better though you can use free proof of posting at PO counter that's all you need to do. you should not allow yourself to be charged anything you do NOT have to accept a replacement or repair. dx
  7. short-term right to reject under consumer rights act full refund...they cant argue. dx
  8. ok looking better don't do anything yet scan up the letter to pdf please don't use the phone or email to discus any debts as for the sar, list addresses since you last told hsbc where you lived. as for link, it would have been the oc that registered the default. before or upon sale. dx
  9. so you wrote 'debt collection agency' and you don't know what dca is.... whats the defaulted date in the debt summary?
  10. In the meantime as you cant really do alot till monday now scan up the letter you got to one multipage pdf read upload i would suspect you searched the wrong address on trustonline Thats why youve not found the ccj. Dx
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