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  1. have you replied to the letter of claim as advised yet? thats your next move. perch didnt discount it UB did as they got hauled over the coals over 10'000's of IRL complaints by the FCA/FOS
  2. utter tosh the SB date runs from the sent date on your last deferment form to SLC not when the 1yrs period ends.
  3. hart and doyle are both not retrospective and i'm sure @anyorch will help with your statement that needs to be filed 7days? before the set aside hearing? your last PDF has you name showing post up a proerly redacted PDF and i'll swap them.
  4. payment holiday or not, within covid guidelines or not, i've seen nothing whereby any of the authorities have said this cannot affect your credit file. however the bottom line here is the original creditor decided to sell the account on, before then or upon sale they would have issued a default notice to you and defaulted the account. thats the only thing you really need to worry about upon your file. as for the sale of the account when it was 'in dispute', throw the morality card out the window , it's not 'wrong' either, they can make the business decision to do so at anytime regardless of any background. wash their hands walk away. its in their T&C's . all of this sad debacle is something better taken up in-front of a judge should lowells ever be brave enough to issue a court claim upon the debt.
  5. hsbc uk site says under sar: You can exercise your rights by contacting our Data Protection Officer, P.O. Box 6201, Coventry CV3 9HW addressed ‘for the attention of the DPO’.
  6. covid relief doesn't mean your credit file wont be marked. the only thing you need to worry about is the defaulted date, which would have been registered by shop direct on or before the sale to lowells, what lowells do on your file going forward can't further hurt you. as for the BNPL as soon as shop direct terminated and sold the A/C those sums become due too. pers i'd stop the silly letter tennis with lowells, you won't get anywhere. they couldn't careless. send Shop Direct an SAR and get all the details send lowell a CCA request and until/unless they respond or until/unless they send a letter of claim totally ignore them. i cant see it being necessary for you to raise a court claim to court, much better to see what lowells do .
  7. no they can send as many as they like sadly. (civil matter so can't be illegal (criminal) matter) they often wait several years/months as they have 6yrs from the incident to raise a claim, hoping the mug has moved and they go for a backdoor CCJ, which is why you must always reply to a PAPLOC. dx
  8. a dca cant send a letter of claim, only their mates at DCB legal can on behalf of PE. something weird going on here is you've never gotten numerous letters prior to the claim. might be worthy in this instant to send PE an sar. as for the claim, you've done AOS so now need to send PE this:
  9. ofcourse you can ring and chase regardless to not being an active customer what address did you send the SAR too?
  10. they haven't bought the debt, the letter says our client ... UPS never enter into any pointless letter tennis with a DCA DCA's are NOT BAILIFFS and have ZERO legal powers on ANY debt - no matter what it's type. dx
  11. numerous threads here on CAP, you simply ignore them there is nothing anyone can do.
  12. thank you if you have any other paperwork... can we had bothsides of the PCN and the NTK to one PDF please and did you get a letter of claim about 1 month before the claimform please? if you did page 1 of that too but not any of the reply pack. have you moved or changed car since or just before the incident, i'm puzzled as to why you never got all the required paperwork. dx
  13. you will need to include and refer to the above the statement charges mean nothing , that does not reset any SB clock. the statements show no payments made by you. The Default Notice was issued dd/mm/yyyy and served several years and months after the initial breach thus the cause of action delayed by X years and months and the Limitations period prolonged to 6 years and x years + X months which in effect allows the creditor to stop time running and the creditor having effective control of when a limitation period begins or even starts to run.
  14. you sue the courier. type in hermes in our search top right of the red banner and get reading up. dx
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