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  1. Notice of allocation from your local court pcn claimform use our enhanced google searchbox
  2. is that everything? you appear to have uploaded the same 3 pages in 2 pdf's. await the N157 from the court
  3. a DCA is not a BAILIFF and have ZERO legal powers on ANY debt - no matter what it's type. have you moved since taking out this service?
  4. Why have you hidden everything we need to see? A pointless waste of your time. All you ever need to hide is your name and any case number. How can we check if / when things have to be done by or met correctly by you/them if you remove all dates times/places..............
  5. What are the dates parties have to do things like pay fees and exchange WS's? might be an idea to scan bothsides to one multiple pages pdf. Dx
  6. im surprised the original creditor is sending faked documents constructed after the agreement date. you sure they are not via a reply from capquest.
  7. 3 copies yes to mediation (unless you filed our Statute Barred Defence OR this is a claim for a Private Parking Ticket) 1 wit you the rest is obv 1 to the court 1 to sols (omit phone/sig/email) 1 for your file not sure on your last bit. you only need to do the N180 not the guidance form dx
  8. gym debt dont appear on credit files gyms dont do court. a debt collection agency (DCA) are NOT BAILIFFS and have ZERO legal powers on any debt - no matter what its type. so you wrote in june stating i will not be able to continue going forward, which is saying you want to cancel. the std gym industry practice is one month notification to cancel. you simply tell them you wish to cancel, allow one more membership to be taken then cancel the DD. if they have had more than that then go get that money back via your bank under you DD guarantee. its not your fault you didnt realise you should have cancelled the DD, you told them you wish to cancel, in june, thats good enough. no-one can do anything to you, no-one can add anything to any debt through unlawful 'penalty' fees. dx
  9. No read upload. Reg/ref/pcn number, your pers AD, any qrcode or barcode boxes, and any little lines of ref numbers in the margins. you can leave all dates/times/names etc. dont forget one multipage pdf only pl ease. Dx
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