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  1. you can pay what you want extra when you want as long as you meet the contracted monthly payments on time too
  2. nothing for you to do ignore it. intrum now own ind that's all it was
  3. When stopped by the revenue inspector, in my complete stupidity and panic I realised I was carrying my spouse's Oyster card the last bit you should not say so simply end that with ... and I panicked.
  4. its worthy to use your time between stages to RESEARCH what could be next and HOW to respond CAG is self help too simply read any other PCN claimform threads here already the more YOU read the stronger WE become. dx
  5. title amended and moved to the utils forum. so an old utils debt and ofcourse EON have not ever sent her bills so nothing it owed even if it was, then under the electricity act and it associated regulator rules they can only back bill one year anyway but a powerless DCA cant even do that.. it lowells basically trying it on. pers to cover all angles id simply write to lowells solicitors stating VERY briefly she has never had a utils account with EON as her supplier and the debt must either be fraud or a mistake in their system. make SURE you use and quote lowells ref number and any other ref numbers used dx
  6. its a leter of claim you now must respond within 30 days with one of the many snotty/insulting letters by EB here to BWL. dx
  7. CCA Tesco's then if you ask stepchange they should know who the owner is.
  8. ignore them start another account with slightly differing details on ebay. they are a llaw to themselves and being in luxy, I don't think you'd be able to get anything back should you pay it no. dx
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