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  1. professional claims management company don't think that's the right description of any CMC commercial possibly
  2. were there any disputes with the cards or the suppliers of any kind? PPI P'haps too? did see just stop payments and move etc etc?
  3. no you never talk to a dca on the phone. capquest are not sending default notices what are they NOSIA's letters?
  4. on PPC court claims you always say no to mediation don't forget 3 copies and don't leave your sig/email/phone on their copy. dx
  5. have you that invoice still?
  6. the debt has been sold to the debt collector/debt buyer [PRA] .. they now own it BC sold the debt, so pra are not operating on behalf of BC how come she forgot she paid this less than 3yrs ago? respond to the PAP letter by following post 2 here and STOP ever using email about debts to a any DCA.
  7. but have they got PP for their signs and ANPR poles now? worthy of a new check. the fact that she has no proof of purchase is immaterial if it ever went to court they would have as you will demand.and they must..supply data/.a list of all car regs from anpr and all the data from the payment machine
  8. Further, i contacted the Torbay Planning Department by telephone and email and they did an investigation for me going back to 1991 and they emailed me back staying there is NO APPLICATION OR GRANTED PERMISSION FOR ANYONE (Land owner or Leese) TO ERECT ANPR OR SIGNAGE FOR ENFORCEMENT OR FOR ANY REASON IN THE CROSSWAYS CAR PARK. So i really hope that helps someone else.
  9. hoho we know it very well https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=Crossway Centre Paignton&oq=Crossway Centre Paignton&gs_l=partner-generic.12...17467.17467.0.19981.
  10. if you've any other previous uploads that very close to your limit make it smaller the claimants WS has come from the court???
  11. no need for secret squirrel ... name them and the parks location from the letters please. the fact he has no proof of parking or paying now is immaterial this will be a case of wrongly entered reg no. not his problem if their ANPR system is not upto scratch and cant work things out.
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