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  1. Case management was this morning. Here is the Sheriff’s order. Moved case forward to 24/05. He said there was no signed agreement and after a bit of “erm, erm, yeah but, erm” when he asked them, he allowed time for sol to contact claimant. what is the next step now? thank you UCM 2024-04-26 sheriffs orders - claimant ...produce the enforceable agreement.pdf
  2. Good evening Case hearing this Friday 26/04. looking to have all my prep/papers ready. just checking in to get update on my last post , ( the t&c’s attached). No name or address on them as per #49 thank you UCM
  3. Address was correct at the time of take out The time of esign is strange (at church on Sunday ) as is no the no name/tickbox/ip address etc. There are 2 pages of T&Cs but no name/address showing on them. These two pages show paragraphs which are not in order, different font and appear in landscape form. Looks different font to CCA pages and with no numbers/references on these pages UCM
  4. good morning. 9 pages attached. thank you UCM Claimants List of evidence + evidence.pdf
  5. Are these the important pages I need to upload ? 1. pages 1-4 are court form 10a 2. 2 pages of the CCA agreement 3. Default notice from NewDay, 22/02/20 4. Lowell letter stating they own debt , Dated 16/11/20 5. Unheaded letter also dated 16/11/20 from NewDay saying they assigned “all of the respective rights etc,” to Lowell on 23/10/20 I make this 9 relevant pages from what I can see ( all other pages are statements/default notes and lots of FCA info sheets) just needing your confirmation in advance as I don’t want to send over pages that are not required thank you UCM
  6. Hello email received from Shoosmiths today with evidence that they have lodged to court. Quite a few pages (over 100) attached to it. how do I attach and forward here ? thanks UCM
  7. Letter as requested. weird indeed. UCM 2024-04-02 WalkerLove weve got your CCA request to lowells.pdf
  8. Got a letter back from the Glasgow office collections agency saying they have received a request for a copy of the CCA. They say they have raised this with Lowell and once received they will issue in post. I posted this to Lowell Leeds office. Just wondering how this has appeared there with them Also I note from their letter that the balance is higher than stated on the claim. thanks UCM
  9. Here is the order. …….. The respondent has indicated to the court that this claim will be disputed. The sheriff has considered the claim form and the response form and has given the following orders: The claimant is ordered to lodge and intimate the following no later than 19 April 2024: - signed Consumer Credit Agreement; - notice of assignation; - default notice issued by the original creditor; and - detailed statement of the account and how, with specific reference to additional interest added because of late / no payment, and any additional penalty fees or interest added, that has resulted in the balance now claimed. Settlement and negotiation The claimant and the respondent are encouraged to contact each other to seek to settle the case or to narrow the issues in dispute, before the case management discussion. If the case is settled before the case management discussion date then the claimant must send an Additional Orders Application to the court immediately telling the court what should happen next in the case (for example, to cancel the case management discussion and dismiss the case) Case management discussion The sheriff would like to discuss this case with both parties. Both parties are therefore ordered to attend a case management discussion in the sheriff court. The purpose of a case management discussion is to allow the sheriff to discuss the claim and response with both parties and to clarify any concerns which the sheriff has. At the case management discussion, the sheriff will also discuss with both parties their attitudes to negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. At the case management discussion, the sheriff may give both parties orders in person arranging a hearing at which the case will be considered and their dispute resolved. The sheriff may make a decision at a case management discussion. Date Both parties are ordered to attend the case management discussion on 26 April 2024 at 10:00am by WebEx. At the case management discussion, the sheriff expects both parties to be prepared to discuss the case and to have an open and constructive attitude to the possibility of negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. Signed by: Sheriff …….. thanks ucm
  10. Good afternoon Update from the Sheriff via the portal today. What do I post on here next? I would assume just the body of the response only, leaving out the header ? thanks UCM ………..
  11. Final question before I hit “submit” to the court. Looking for your confirmation as I don’t want a last minute mistake 1. Cut & pasted a pdf starting with this paragraph : As a respondent I specifically make reference to the Simple Procedure Rules 2016 in so far as my understanding is that: 2. Inserted the paragraph as you said in #31 just above this line The court will be aware that penalty charges This is now attached as pdf on the court response portal. I think I am good to submit but just double checking Also a CCA request was sent today thank you again ucm
  12. Thank you for the sticky. I shall get it attached to response form. I have noticed I have not sent a CCA request yet. Do I send one today or is it too late ?
  13. Had a look on court response site and it says you can upload up to 5 supporting docs (jpeg : 50mb max each) thank you again for your help and patience. ucm
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