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  1. Vodafone are NOT lowells clients voda had NO INVOLMENT in bringing the court claim in the 1st place nor continuing the claim after the successful set aside. they sold the debt..washed their hands of it. and what counterclaim have you made? you haven't and shouldn't, all you have done is filed a defence with regard to the continuing claim. and NO you never ever ring them. can you scan these statements to one multipage PDF please read upload CAREFULLY
  2. don't like the sound of that but legal speak is not my best subject. so they are not refunding your fee for the N244? when this was NOT your mistake but theirs? what defence did you file for the debt along with the reason for the set aside?
  3. ell-enn said... When you start to receive demands for money
  4. as the card is still owed by the OC, and as you've seen, they usually are able to comply, then its enforceable. so no don't cease payment. however get an SAR running.
  5. wasn't always that way changed with the spc rules of 2016. also, staple a copy of the cabot no cca letter to the courts copy. dx
  6. sar to MBNA CCA request to arrows their address means their address not YOURS!! once they or anyone you are blindly paying fails the CCA request after 12+2 working days your option to cease payment until they comply exists.
  7. for an account from 1998 I would suspect penalty/OD charges and the interest they have caused far outweigh any outstanding sum owed now. you shoyld have stop the month after you started the same with any other debts you are blindly paying. it probably that fact alone that has given PRA the idea to PAP you, as they can see you are blindly paying and think they can easily frighten you into more free money to their drinkies/holiday staff funds
  8. you have to serve the claimants too for any IA.
  9. pretty std pers id be ringing 118 and asking whats going on as you'd complained and now they've sold the debt on and the fleecers are litigating over the disputed loan. worth a try.
  10. the DD guarantee is immediate and should happen immediately THEN they ask should questions. https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/27/27-directdebit-guarantee.htm go complain to the FOS after one more phonecall demanding they immediately refund ALL DD's made to PP within date xxx to date xxxx. if they will not then tell them you will now be making a formal complaint to the FOS and seeking financial compensation because they have failed to honour your request. sadly Nationwide have always made the rules up themselves. I waited 3mts for a +£1000 dd guarantee refund last year I got interest on top and £250 compo by complaining to the FOS about them 2 weeks later. dx
  11. Block and bounce the email address block the text number Simple
  12. God no dont waste money on them 2nd class will do
  13. Scan it all up to one multipage pdf Read upload
  14. Yes and proof of service Free proof of posting for any mail can be gained at a po counter. Dx
  15. well arrows have been seen to be smart with at supposed appeal court ruling that sb is 14 days after dn date yet, but anyway who knows if the oc issued the dn correctly at the right date anyway. pers i'd let it run.
  16. I tried too Ill try again later What version of pdf isit? 9 10 or whatever??
  17. God yes go get them all back under the dd guarantee your bank cant argue and pp wont contest it. bottom line is they are purposefully in luxy to avoid giant uk tax laws..these types of things are part of their business model and are far a smaller loss than paying billions in uk tax!!
  18. We need the t&c's Ok on the rest then if we have it already and correct re statement s
  19. then they are stuffed prove the damage was not already done they cant..
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