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  1. you will have prior notice of those actions,,, seriously from whatever you have gained doubt from ..it .is not an issue you ever need to worry about.
  2. already answered in post 2 and even if court bailiffs could or if over £600 high court bailiffs could it makes no diff ...what would they achieve by doing so? lets say they could and they did...why is this an issue to you?
  3. no good sending me pdfs made from photos that are each several MB in size individually if you have onedrive or google drive simple post the links here using the handcuff link
  4. you send the cpr as is..there is no need to adapt anything bar your details your defence is not a letter its a 2 or 3 line text file you upload to mcol website. you've got the basic correct for it already.
  5. you are seriously worrying about nothing!! don't watch uk tv bailiff youtube videos nor uk tv programs.
  6. get on with it...no good asking for help if we are 'in the blindspot' nothing you have received and ignored to date can hurt you further now but may well help you if we have that info of what you have received.
  7. ..this is consumer debt..NOT CRIMINAL. in the uk. send in the N245 not your problem you cant afford it... nothing anyone can do really.....
  8. no you cant its still classed as public access the only thing you can do is employ a PPC. but all of you would have to agree
  9. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/410486-lowell-interim-charging-order-from-credit-card-debt-2009#post5121669
  10. stop looking to make excuses for them to refuse you. there was a policy change yes I referred to this before but OOC has happened twice
  11. send lantern [MMF] a cca request ….stop using email/phone too go get your credit file moved to the mmf forum
  12. You never chase a legal request Waste of time using recorded Dca do not sign on purpose
  13. Send backdated slc forms for the years you missed On the homepage of this slc forum
  14. Search store card ppi go after the underwriters
  15. Its a restriction k who says you have to pay anything!! If you sell you dont tell them..you dont have too Ill post alink later
  16. Is the home jointly owned? Debt just yours? Drydens dont buy debts Who are their clients
  17. Now get reading up on this forum dont miss defence date regardless
  18. Ah you have a thread sorry Sounds like more silly threats to me.
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