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  1. pers id just pay it before you lose the discounted period. i gave you a link to read earlier with lots of cag threads about that place... if you've not read those threads nor understand what numerous people have already followed here, then the above might be your best action. dx
  2. send a letter of claim launch a court claim. as you say, 100's of threads here to follow. easy peasy... dx
  3. If youve not paid in 8yrs send them our sb letter. Staple a copy of their letter to it or use their ref no.
  4. Correct so when default reaches its 6th b'day the wholeA/C will vanish and as you've paid nowt..the debt will be statue barred I'd be inclined to send our SB letter then too dx
  5. Swapped pdf for you they mention exhibits in the ws we need them all toi
  6. 6 yrs from the oc's registered defaulted date they will vanish..doesnt mean they are not still owed mind depending upon last payment date
  7. Just type no need to hit quote God no dont do thàt. - that is give in and agree a payment plan Get their full witNess statement scan ned up to one mass pdf read upload carefully. all the exhibits too...lets see their cards as most vanquis cca returns are useless!! wEve won numerous times
  8. and we need your ws please. its not worthy to dispute what is owing, as to all intent that must result in you admitting 'a debt' exists. which is not good there are 100's of lowell vanquish threads here to read use our enhanced google search box lowell clainform vanquis. rarely do they have an enforceable agreement . please also scan up all their ws too please shame you introduced freeman of the land twaddle by requesting the deed in your defence. and all surrounding why.. the rest is aok but it will show to lowells you dont really know what you are talking about but merely using copy and paste from all over the interweb..
  9. aha 2+2 makes 4 i did see that pinned thread too.... problem solved... cheers
  10. we'll you are not alone in making duplicate payments, ive been with lloyds amongst others sine the 80's. i have found lloyds usually take about 4-6 weeks to refund if i raised a chargeback .
  11. Urm... 1st I've ever heard of that one from stepchange.. I'm not sure that's correct? Is he saying SC contact ed the bailiff or the council on his behalf and arranged this 60 days? Dx
  12. retitlted and moved to legals. can you please complete this: and post up the defence you filed please did you send a CCa request and a CPR 31.14 when you got the claim? you say you are in court on the 20th? have you done your witness statement too? dx
  13. you'll get a far better outcome from this if you state this is a duplicate payment made by accident as the 1st payment appeared unsuccessful due to their poor online payment system. you wont need to hit anyone with a long confusing trip into relevant banking regulations.
  14. your issue was sadly caused by your own mistake.....? you initiated a second same payment because you thought the 1st had not gone through?
  15. thread moved pdf sorted lots of threads here on this location get reading them Programmable Search Engine CSE.GOOGLE.COM ^^^click me dx
  16. then this one: my last written and signed acknowledgement of the debt was by way of a deferment form send date xxxxxx directly to SLC.. The Claimant's claim was issued on dd/mm/yyyy. 2.The date last payment made was the dd/mm/yyyy 3.The Default Notice was issued dd/mm/yyyy and served several months after the initial breach thus the cause of action delayed by X months and the Limitations period prolonged to 6 years and X months which in effect allows the creditor to stop time running and the creditor having effective control of when a limitation period begins or even starts to run. 4.Therefore the Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the limitation act 1980. If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of 6 years have elapsed since the date on which any true cause of action for breach accrued for the benefit of the Claimant. 5.The Claimant's claim to be entitled to payment of £x or any other sum, or relief of any kind is denied.
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