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  1. you need to ring northants bulk and ask for a copy of the judgement and the claimform by email pdf. it is quite usual for them to not have a copy of the claimform. so you need to record the call and ask them to read out the particulars of claim and the address it was sent too. old wives tales , if you have a debt owing that shows on your credit file or you know exists from say the last 7yrs you should NEVER move without WRITTING to the debt owner with your new address. never run from debt which falls within the above . all mortgage sty
  2. yep. if all these are still owned/with the original creditors and you are not paying any powerless DCA's then little point in any CCA requests at this stage unless any (non OD A/C's) are say pre 2000 opening. our pro rata letters are the way to go you'll find those in the debt collection section of our library. get any income payments on going or otherwise moved into a parachute A/c. it is most probable that whatever you do most A/c's will be defaulted once this is done if not already. bearing in mine your wish to re mortgage or m
  3. slow down ...read what i'm asking , stating and trying to clarify.. it all might seem useless or totally irrelevant but it's important information moving forward with the whole situation and useful in the SPC claim moving forward there was not 2 loans - the litigated OD is not a loan but it appears from your comment here.. sorry but then you did get scammed on many fronts... they allowed you to settle the loan exploiting your confusion over thinking it was the litigated account. they didn't tell you either and they would also have been
  4. have you a copy of the judgement and the claimform? i will bet the loans were already statute barred upon claim issuance 100's of like threads here use our search top right backdoor CCJ erudio stop talking on the phone to the fleecers too!
  5. a priority too. stop getting fleeced on debts you might not even owe or to a lesser extent be indebted to their owners for
  6. So you've been scammed by 1st credit already..nothing unusual there!! you settled this loan since the issuance of the spc? Dx
  7. all are still with and the people you are or should be paying..is the Original Creditor?
  8. good move i outlined this as did TOR earlier get it settled when you have get a letter from them that they are happy now but don't accept any condition from their part that part of the settlement closes ALL issues. don't agree to that. you need to leave your door open toward a poss IRL complaint
  9. let me digest everything tonight. why not ring HBOS and ask where your SAR went too? the comms log will be useful here. initial reading - well done on taking this on for her..... what has prompted you starting this thread? the last CMD was sept last so where is the case at from the courts perspective ...what are they saying is next are they chasing or it got paused for xx mts by the sheriff? i also notice they cleverly intimate the OD had some form of agreement, you replied assuming and stating it was a loan? on the statements
  10. had to hide the last post most of the pdfs have pers info showing which under GDPR and data protection rules this site cannot carry in the open forum. let alone you don't want 1st credit finding your Anon ID here.
  11. sorry fat fingers page 13 and page 19,20 i would pers also remove file, tally UID cols from the last pages too
  12. to be safe i've hidden the upload to date i can see your pers info on pdf page 25?
  13. i think andydd was our expert on these things. i believe you have to carefully look at the tenancy agreement or whatever and see if it states admin fees are allowed. some do some don't
  14. the CCA request is not made under GDPR its made under the Consumer credit Act and even says so, as well as stating there is a fee. but there we go hoist like arrows think they can then supply any ole copy and pasted tosh from their filing cabinet which is not a verified copy from the OC under the act.
  15. who are fiestport some kind of property management company and the payments are for service charges?
  16. LEGAL : N180 Directions Questionnaire (Small Claims Track) **Correct at Sept 2016** - Legal - Consumer Action Group
  17. default notices have to give atleast 14 days notice before the creditor can register a default IF they want too. although the poc says served, thats a generic phrase that PRA uses in all their poc's , that doesn't mean one exist nor was ever issued on that exact date. check a month either side the bottom line is to successfully litigate there must be a clear record the OC sent one,
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