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  1. Calm Down please.... there is only one way to deal with this and that is - PROPERLY. Being surrounded by 'lawyers' who deal with 'disputes', just like going to the likes of CAB, in this instance has, most probably, to date, sadly not helping you here. Such people always project an Aura of confidence, when the truth is they don't actually have the vast successful experience of the members here in dealing with the likes BMW. there are over 350 threads here . as far i gather this is the situation, In April, a car was purchased by your son from BMW. Finance taken out to purchase it has since been paid in full, as well as full payment for an annual Insurance policy. within 6 weeks, it was discovered and confirmed in writing, via a report from a local garage, that the car indeed had numerous performance modifications undertaken. Namely being remapped and with modifications to the exhaust system. having contacted his ins co, they require a further £5k to uprate his policy, without it renders the existing insurance policy invalid, thus the car is not being driven. again within this 6 weeks, you wrote to BMW rejecting the car (we need to see this letter please. scan it up to PDF, please read our UPLOAD guide). at first BMW were onboard, even sending their own inspector, confirming the mods etc. but in the last 9 days since said inspection, comms have now gone dead. .................. you have 2 options - 1 - allow BMW to sort the car FOC and without hassle to him, but probably within their own snails pace timeframe. 2- EVENTUALLY bring legal action - this would most probably be under contract law, not a claim under the consumer rights act . (as financially you would lose out big time) to do 2. which is not easy and rather complex to calculate the financial sum involved...... we need all the info @BankFodder has requested. of many, but one good reason for this is say for this new mot, show the old one was suspect, good bargaining chip against 2500mls usage deductions... your call but you need to do this properly or not at all...............
  2. new thread created for the court claims. please complete this twice and i'll make another thread from the 2nd PDL Claimform we need to keep them sep.
  3. i have you didnt say what you'd paid for. why was it £303?? N244 full hearing fee is £275? thread title updated
  4. only shows for 1yrs but yes they have a consumer credit licence so can search you. dx
  5. just type no need to hit quote. its not as described under CRA, they should be removing all the illegal mods and returning it to you FOC. do you want to keep the car if these are issues are resolved? dx
  6. you can't just reject the car after more than 30 days of it being in your possession. you can put in a complaint under your consumer rights act 2015 citing the <6mts rule whereby they have one chance to repair the vehicle and should that again fail for the same reason(s) you can then reject it. dx
  7. they do hold particulars of claim and MUST for 6yrs. they might not have a copy of the claimform to send you but can copy and paste the POC from their screen to an email pdf or read it out to you. thats why we say record your calls sadly paperwork wriggles this old wont help you get it set aside. i very much doubt. and it will cost £275 probably cheaper to contact VCS and pay it and get it marked as settled. it'll still show on your credit file but at least as settled. dx
  8. urm.. unless you've specifically given them permission to serve legal documents via email then the n279 could be a trick. it should be served by surface mail and check the cOURT have received a copy . they dont send out any notification the claim has been discontinued. ring the court monday.
  9. its been sent to you by the COURT off you go follow the guide dx
  10. advise, recommend, instruct... bit like trying to get my dog to sit - every word but WILL. dx
  11. unless mcol history says they been sent out ignore their dq only sent to intimidate when the court havent even sent them out yet.. simply use How to scan printed documents with the free Microsoft Office Lens app | TechRepublic
  12. in just about every card claimform thread on this forum. check mcol claim history states DQ HAS been sent out to you first. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/347310-legal-n180-directions-questionnaire-small-claims-track/#comment-5088148 3 copies yes to mediation (unless you filed our Statute Barred Defence OR this is a claim for a Private Parking Ticket) 1 wit you Suitability for determination without a hearing? no (that the issues are so complex they need to be argued orally') the rest is obv 1 to the court 1 to their sols (omit phone/sig/email) if no sols send to claimant 1 for your file dx
  13. N180 DQ is next stage IF the claimant is brave. mocol should then state the dates DQ's were sent out you dont need to keep check the court will write with DQ for you IF IF IF. dx
  14. please NAME YOUR UPLOADS read upload carefully scan to jpg redact each page. then using the online sites listed in upload convert to PDF then PDFmerge then PDFreducer we need all the cca/CPR return only remove your name/address/ref numbers leave all dates times and £sums dx
  15. if you point me to the VDO i'll extract the audio to a small file ...easy peasy
  16. looking like evri lost the parcel then or ni(c)ked it!! did you contact nike before the return? who provided the label and chose evri and paid for the postage you or Nike? 100's of like threads here spend a good few days reading a good 10-20 topics a day here after hitting evri or typing evri in our search top right in the red banner dx
  17. retitled and moved to the postal forum. on what date did you return the item? and why did you return the items? were they faulty or simply not wanted. dx
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