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  1. Hello Anyone have an accurate and up to date postal address for Natwest's Chief Executive please? I have had correspondence from "The Royal Bank of Scotland - Executive response team, Corporate Banking Division at 10 Brindley Place, Birmingham, but that was 4 1/2 years ago, and their responses were not helpful. It is about a Natwest Business Account, and I want to bring to the attention of the CEO the current situation. Can someone can help me please? Thank you
  2. Nastywest issued a Summons years ago, which I defended and counterclaimed. All detailed on this thread, which I appreciate is quite long and old!! As far as I know the summons has not been withdrawn or satisfied for the Claimant, although all agreed monies due have been paid (they suggested a "full and final" which I paid), and I have written confirmation from the Claimants solicitor that payments have been received. The one remaining account that the summons includes (there were 2) is not closed as far as I know, as I received a statement last January, as I have every January since the loan account was opened. Not spoken to the court recently. Worth pursuing the counterclaim and/or asking the court to strike out the claim? Thanks for reading! t
  3. Well, almost another year has passed, and this matter is still not ended. I have not heard anything from Nastywest or their solicitors for well over a year now. Do I still just sit tight, or do I ask them for a "completion" Any comments/views welcome. Thanks
  4. UPDATE! Quote from Andyorch post #288 "Okay gotcha...the main difference is there is no discontinuance of the claim in their Tomlin ?" Nastywest's Solicitors are still insisting on Tomlin, without Discontinuance, merely "Claim Stayed". They have just written again. Considering this has been going on for some years now (!) I am minded to tell them to accept consent order or I will see them in court! I have a counterclaim to them, which was based on unfair charges which obviously wont wash now but also I have detailed their breaking of their banking code and unfair practices. The financial facts of the claim are that the majority of their claim has been paid, and they have accepted a sum in full and final which was paid last year, which I have in writing from them. Why would they still be insisting on a Tomlin, surely just the confidentiality issue would not be the sole reason? All comments and help welcome. Thanks t
  5. Thanks UB and BB. So, best to tell CRA's of death then? Reason for asking is Mrs tedney died recently, and I am linked to some of her accounts. Slowly advising various organisations, but don't want to formally advise some just yet! Thanks t
  6. Hello Everyone! As referenced in the thread title , can anyone confirm what happens to a persons credit file after they die please? Is the file deleted or what? All comments welcome! Thanks tedney
  7. Thanks Andy Yes, I will check CRA. Previously, no listing for Close account on my records. I paid the broker the full premium Broker said they have told Close no need for DD account, as full amount has been paid. I have NOT paid their £30 charge!
  8. Please see my previous post, not sure if I have a signed agreement. I am concerned that they have been a bit hasty with the DN
  9. I have had the insurance annually for that time, always with close, I cannot recall actually having an agreement with them, as the insurance is arranged with a broker
  10. I will take a look at that thread too. Thanks for that Andy. Yes, I have now made alternative arrangement.
  11. Hello Everyone. As per the thread title. I had one "bounced" direct debit to Close Finance. They have immediately issued a default notice. This is the first missed payment on a insurance repayment account in around 13 years. They are enforcing a "we may charge £30.00 for a missed payment. As before any help, comments and advise would be welcome. Thanks Regard t
  12. Happy Christmas to you too HP, glad you you hed a "peaceful" expereince LOL. I am still waiting for mine, courtesy of Nastywest, as you know. Now over 3 months since "full and final" payment made, and solics' still chasing for it! Have a good new year. Regards t
  13. Hello HP No, NW did not create a new account. They added overdue amounts ( loan and a current account) together and issued a claim for the total. Accounts were not closed, as I have been paying into both seperately since before and after their issuing of the claim. Did not receive any statements on the current account until I made a SAR on 2 separate occassions, even then I had to ask again both times! They added legal fees to the current account too, and then their solicitor sent a statement about 10 months after that charge, only because they included statements in a witness statement. They were adding interest to the current account too, but for some reason that ceased in 2010, without any coorespondence or reasons provided from them! Also accounts are with their "Credit /Debit Management Operations" department, who consistently deny receiving correspondence, even when I have records of signed for mail having been delivered to them! many inconsistentcies with their behaviour and handling of this and mrs t's claim, I think that is why they want TO, as I believe there is a fair case for not complying with the banking code. Not really had any views on that on here yet, but you never know! Thanks for looking in. Regards t
  14. OK, thanks again for that Andy, I am in the process for responding, and will post again when things are updated. Regards t
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