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  1. Hello DX Any views and/or comments on post 58 please? Thanks t
  2. Hello DX On an account always in a little, under £100 credit, deposits average around £50.00, little used because of virus effect, and has a £3000 overdraft facility, unused for over 3 years?
  3. I was advised by a customer that his payment direct into my account had "bounced" back to him. I went on line and was denied access to my business account, and also got a message to the effect to remove the bank's app. I telephoned Lloyds and was told that the account was under review for 8 working days, and I would not be able to access the account or withdraw funds (a credit balance exists) until I was told by the bank. Has anyone come across this situation before please? I was told by the bank that it is their standard procedure. No prior notice of this "r
  4. Hello DX Here is the exact wording from the Land Registry Legal Charge of a Registered Estate form CH1: 1. Title Number: 123456 2. Property: My home address 3. Date 19th April 2007 4. Lender HFC Bank Limited P.o.Box 4716 Birmingham B1 3RD (Registered Number 1117305) 5. Borrower for Entry on the Register My Name and my wife's name (BUT IT WAS SOLELY MY DEBT) 6. The Borrower with (full title guarantee) charges the property by way of legal mortgage as security for the sums detailed in panel 8 7. No X' s in either of the boxes: The lender is under an obl
  5. Thanks Andy and DX Charge on property was for Credit Card debt in my name, but at the time property was in joint names. Weightman's got signature from my wife to agree charge on the property, charge is shown on the Land Registry entry, before I knew of CAG and received bad advice from solicitor. Debt has been reduced over the years, so charge value now less than original, but no statements received for some years, and debt sold on from Marbles/HFC to others, so not sure who would benefit now from charge? I will have to look up file for who owns debt now,
  6. Hello DX Ideas are from post 50. I don't know nor have done any research about debts of the dead!
  7. Hello Andy. So CCJ's that do not have charge on the property die with me? There will be some estate, so what about other debts not subject to CCJ's?
  8. That's a good idea DX. Can I list all on this thread, or start a new one, if new, where to post please? All have different factors, only one other is subject to. CCJ, and another has a second charge on the property. Yes only me now on the deeds, my wife died just over 3 years ago. Mortgage and Land Registry details have been amended.
  9. Thanks Andy A downside of continuing paying is I am not getting any younger! If I die (I stress I am not intending to just yet!) before paid off, I would not want to leave thinking that Drydens etc, might get my executors to pay the full amount. As you may be aware, I do have a few drip payments live at the moment, all dating from 2007, which may not be easy for executors to handle, especially the second charge on the house following a Statutory Demand, but I have paid some off of the original debt shown on the SD.
  10. Hello Andy Yes, they must be getting payments as letter from Drydens with offer shows bfull alance actually less than actually owed as at the date of their letter, and last SAR to MBNA shows "Sale of Debt Adjustment" after each monthly credit, and as sold to Arrow they get the payment! Time for deciding on paying 50% debt nears
  11. Hello Andy Please see post 35 on here. Although no actual statements or "proof" of where payments end up, but Transaction info from MBNA SAR has "payment thank you" on monthly dates, and "payment adjustment" cancelling the payment after each PTY entry. Current balance info from Drydens is actually less than my records! I have record of asking for payment details from Carters, but none were replied to!
  12. Was paying Virgin instalments before Claim issued, but nominal £1 1st August 2007, when £24.89 monthly payments commenced, before Variation Court Order of 7th September confirming £24.89 payments. I have never had payment details sent to me for Arrow or Carter. I have letters from Carter saying I am paying them, but I never have!. According to SAR info from MBNA, account was sold to Arrow on 6th March 2007. Have paid Virgin monthly since, as confirmed in SAR's from MBNA.
  13. Double checked the charges, £225 charges @ £25.00 each plus £180 charges @£12.00 each. This is the first offer I have had since CCJ of July 2007. No statements received, but I know monthly payments made. on checking my files: Original CC claim issued 8/06/2007. I acknowledged 26/06/2007, with intention to defend and contest jurisdiction, claim issued from Northampton, Original CCJ issued 3/07/2007 for full payment forthwith and saying I have not replied to claim form.(I had!) I offered instalments of £24.89 per month, which Carters confirmed was acceptable on 3rd
  14. just checked through the file. CCJ, inc court fee and sols fee £12,284.30. Left to pay £8402.57, Drydens say £8260.61 o/s, so less than my calcs, which I know now are correct. they are offering slightly over 50% off. Yes sad about carter and friends!
  15. Because CCJ said to pay debt by instalments, but now Solicitor for Claimant is prepared to accept 50% "in settlement and to clear the account balance"
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