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  1. Wouldl like some advice please regarding a small debt to HMRC. I ceased self employment over 3 years ago. When I let HMRC know I was going back to paye they wrote to me telling me that any underpaid tax would be reclaimed from my tax code. As far as I can remember my account was all square anyway (I'm trying to find my old log in details to go back through it). However a couple of days ago I received a letter out of the blue from a debt collector called LCS claiming I owe £133 and how would I like to pay? No dates, or any other info from when this debt occured
  2. Interesting text from CRS today 'Lending Stream have authorised us to offer you a substantial discount on the balance owed to them' Hmm. Does that suggest CRS haven't actually bought the debt and LS are starting to struggle financially or is it just a carrot to try and get me talking to them?
  3. Hello again. I've had a few emails from CRS asking for payment etc, but nothing actually threatening as yet. I received this today from Lending Stream. They have conveniently ignored the multiple times I tried to contact them in between, and the online self service thing is an out and out lie, there has never been an arrangement in place as they just kept ignoring my requests. Should I go back to them now or just sit tight and wait for the Ombudsman? Thanks again First of all, please accept our sincere apology for the delayed response,
  4. I've now started to get phone calls as well as texts (which i cant block), is it ok to keep ignoring them or do i write to them telling them to go away? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello again. I have recieved a text and emails from crs debt collectors, and also had acknowledgement and reference no. from the ombudsman of my original complaint.
  6. Received the following emails today. Continue to ignore or go back to them now twlling them about the complaint and how they have completely ignored my requests for assistance again? We’ve tried many times to collect the outstanding balance
  7. Thanks. What do you think the next step will be, are they likely to carry on trying or just sell it off to a debt collector?
  8. Latest update yesterday they emailed me with termination notices, which I've copied below. I still have had no contact with them about my original complaint, I have also sent them an irresponsible lending complaint 3 weeks ago but again that has not even been acknowledged. Should I just sit tight for a bit longer or try to escalate things further, and with who? RE: Agreement Number XXXXXXX re refer to the Default Notice which we issued on 4-Jul-2020 in connection with the above Agreement. We note that the period during which you could remedy the
  9. Since the last post on this thread I have sent a complaint to the FOS but have not heard anything from them as yet either, I'm guessing they're rather snowed under and on reduced staff so no real surprise. Still had nothing approaching help from lending stream but today they emailed me default notices for the loans, again demanding I phone them and pay up in full or they will begin court proceedings. Any advice as to how I should proceed please?
  10. Administrators called in on June 29th. Shame (not).
  11. Could I just ask when negotioating a payment plan/settlement with a creditor and they ask fo an I/E form, is this something I would be obliged to supply them with or could I just tell them I'm not prepared to give them that information? Thanks
  12. I've just noticed on Sunny website that they are not currently accepting new loan applications. Given the amount of people that are likely to be falling behind on repayments due to the pandemic could this be the beginning of the end for another one?
  13. today has been 8 weeks since I first wrote to them, and still I have had no reply other than a few more threatening standard emails. I really don't want to phone them but if they won't acknowledge any written communication then we are stuck. Is it now worth complaining to the FOS or FCA? Thanks
  14. Hello again. So things have moved on slightly now. I tried calling but couldn't get through, I can't sit on hold indefinitely. I wrote to them (recorded delivery) nearly two weeks ago but still haven't heard anything back, yet they still keep sending threatening emails. Shoud I now esalate a complaint with the financial ombudsman or FCA? Obviously I want to avoid any further damage to my credit record but it does seem that they are completeley ingnoring me? Thanks
  15. Thanks Believe it or not they actually emailed me back finally yesterday Not very helpful, tried to pressure me into paying half of the outstanding payment and offered to only stop charges/interest if I did. Oh well can't give them what I haven't got
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