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  1. If I remember rightly, I did the CCA request when it was with BoI prior to the court hearing. There was a problem with the notice period meaning I'd not been given the correct amount of time for the default, but court ignored that and said "but you still owe the money". Assuming what you mean here is to see if Cabot can product all the correct paperwork and if they can't, to push them for a reduced figure on a non-enforceable CCJ?
  2. I've not got any paperwork to hand so I can't tell at the moment. We're in the middle of having an extension built and everything is in storage! I made the MC connection as follows: We are paying the monthly amount to DLC. DLC is now part of Cabot so I contacted them. They said MC are handling the debt on their behalf, so I should contact them. Rang MC and they traced it through Cabot reference and my name/address. Original creditor was Post Office/Bank of Ireland.
  3. Thanks DX - I've managed to track the account down to MORTIMER CLARKE Solicitors. Ok - so here's a question! They have given me the balance - £5,500. I asked if they would accept a F & F Settlement - they offered £4,600. Is it worth me trying to negotiate or are they likely to stick to that amount? If I rang and offered them, say £3000 are they likely to accept? Cheers!
  4. Hi everyone, I was active on the forums about 10 years ago when we went through a traumatic time with several defaults all happening at the same time. Received lots of good advice which I'll be forever grateful for. I now find myself in a different position but could do with a bit of advice please. My wife had a CCJ with Bank of Ireland credit card, which they took back to court and got a Restriction against the property. This was back in December 2011. We've been paying the agreed £15 a month ever since. Our mortgage is with an inactive lender and we are wanting to remortgage to West Bromwich BS under their Mortgage Prisoner scheme. It turns out they cant do it due to the Restriction recorded at Land Registry. We've not had any paperwork for ages about it, so I emailed DLC solicitors who we pay the £15 to, and the email bounced back saying we have to contact the original creditor. I have NO IDEA who to get in touch with, but I have to repay the debt and get the Restriction removed to be able to remortgage, so it needs sorting.... Anyone any idea of any contact details at Bank or Ireland please? Many thanks in advance BL
  5. Give me strength!! Response from NRAM: From reviewing your account I can see that your account is split into 2 elements - one being your mortgage and the second being the secured loan. The loan you referred to was an unsecured loan and was not connected to your mortgage. [this is the loan where I was told they had to issue a default notice] After speaking with our Credit Amendments team, I can confirm we would normally only report aan unsecured loan as being id default if the unsecured loan was de-linked from the mortgage, when the mortgage is redeemed, if the property has been repossessed and sold, or if the customer is insolvent. Based on the circumstances above, your situation does not fit into these scenarios, therefore your credit file is reported correctly as being in arrears and is now reporting the arrangement. We do not mark secured loans as defaulted, and the only time we would do this is if the property has been taken into possession or the customer is insolvent. SO.....are they trying to avoid answering my question, or am I barking up the wrong tree? They tell me to refer to FOS if I'm not happy, but I'm not sure whether to go to FOS or ICO - or both? It's not a difficult question is it? Why didn't you default when I was clearly going to be in arrears for a long time. And given this information, I'm asking you now if you would please issue a backdated default as you've put us in a worse situation than if you'd defaulted in 2012. Any thoughts on anything else I should try, or do I just pursue FOS & ICO? Out of interest, and not sure if I've mentioned this, but the loan is currently on 0% and will be while the arrangement is in place, so I reckon it would be cleared in 8.5 years or so. Cheers BL
  6. Did we really expect anything else from them?!! Posted reply yesterday so will wait for further response......
  7. Ok well, a little progress... Received a reply to my complaint about removing AP markers and getting a backdated default. It was exactly as I expected! "Sorry, the AP marker accurately reflects the conduct of the account, so we're leaving it as it is". It's like a game of chess isn't it?! So - my reply is going to be "You didn;t address my complaint - WHY did you NOT register a default when the account was in arrears, it was clear we would not be able to maintain payments at the normal level, AND you sent me a letter saying it was your policy to issue defaults as it is REQUIRED BY THE ICO?!!" This time I will send them a copy of the letter as unsurprisingly they were "unable to locate that particular letter on their document retention system". Makes me wonder what other letters/credit agreements they might not be able to trace!!!! The game is afoot!
  8. Hi Andy good to see you're still around! Yes, had a ponder and decided to file it. I think they asked a few months ago, and I ignored that one. Don't want to alert them to the invisible CCJ - sleeping dogs and all that!! Cheers BL
  9. Hi everyone! Well here we are, almost 5 years on from the CCJ and surprise surprise DLC have popped up asking for up to date records and an affordability statement to "help them reach a suitable agreement with me". As if a CCJ for £15 a month isn't suitable? If they do not hear from us by 9th October they will continue to attempt to contact us. SO - do I just ignore it, or do I send them away with a flea in their ear? THE THING IS....... the CCJ has never appeared on my wife's credit file! Not with Noddle, Experian or Equifax. Certainly not complaining but I don't want to upset the applecart. If they are not aware of the CCJ (which I would have thought they would be seeing as they were passed the file when GPB were shut down) could they get it registered now until Jan 18 when it's 6 years old. Payment of £15 a month has been maintained since the Court Order. Anyone any thoughts? Cheers BL
  10. Right, thank you! In the meantime I've sent the letter requesting a backdated default. Fingers crossed!
  11. Right - SAR for all statements or as a minimum details of all fees & charges applied to the account since it was opened. Anything else I need to ask for?
  12. Wow - 11 years of mortgage statements!! That will make fun reading Presume the same applies to all other creditors too? Will I be able to obtain statements on accounts that have been sold to DCA's, even 5 & 6 years ago? One question I have about claiming back charges etc - WHY can we claim back charges? Surely the banks are able to charge fees when an account is late/in arrears? They're in the Tariff of Charges. Not complaining of course if I can get something back (or at least knocked off the debt) but it seems odd that we can just say "give me back all those fees & charges". Cheers BL
  13. Ah thats a shame dx, I liked the cut of his jib! Do you know I never did anything about reclaiming anything on any of the debts! I am so out of touch with fees/charges & what you can /can't claim for I wouldn't know where to start! Definitely never did PPI I know that (at least not out of choice) - is there a decent up to date guide you'd recommend? BL
  14. Interesting thought just occurred... ... Remember that this thread relates to an unsecured loan taken alongside my nram Togther mortgage. Well back in 2009/10, I also a a "normal" nram personal loan. This too had an arrangement to make reduced payments for a while, then at the end of 2011 I had to ask them to reduce the payment further. The letter I received in response said: Dear Bradfordlad, I would like to thank you for making token payments on your account. To comply with the requirements of the Information Commissioner we are required to advise you that we will register your loan as being in Default with the Credit Reference Agencies". This is because you are only making token payments on your loan. blah blah blah..... So if the ICO required them to default me in December 2011 (when that loan was 8 months in arrears!), why wouldn't the ICO have required them to do the same when I started the AP with the Together loan in March 2012??!! Useful information, or interesting but irrelevant? BL
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