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  1. I have just sent both letters to his home address and office via special delivery and got receipt of postage. Should I now proceed to work on particulars of the claim? Thanks
  2. Ok got it, sorry. Should I then send the letter to his office that he asked me to issue an invoice to or to his house? Thanks
  3. Morning, Many thanks. Yes to both questions Lawrence is his name and he is the owner. I do not know who his client is. Should I send the letter to his house under companies house or would it be ok to send it to him via WhatsApp where I’ve been dealing with him? Thanks
  4. No problem I’m not trying to hide anything. I don’t know how these things work and want to learn and get the money back that I am owed. The company who is refusing to pay is Fishnet Properties LTD. Lawrence is the guy’s name who owes me money and who I did the job for.
  5. Ok I will clear up all story. I believe customer is not paying. I had met this man at a job I was doing. We exchanged numbers. Few days later he called me for services. I agreed to do it. It’s an office installation for a client of his. I thought he was individual until I asked to who certificate should be issued to. He asked to issue to his LTD company. I had issued him an invoice under my LTD company that I hold. The house is in his personal name. I also don’t know if I should send letter of action as my LTD company or as myself. Thanks
  6. Hmm, I'm a bit confused now. His company is a LTD company on which his name and address shows up on companies house. I assume that is not LLP as to what you are referring. I attach letter of claim. I am unsure if this is the correct way to type it out. Thanks Electrical v1.docx
  7. Thanks BankFodder, Much appreciate your help. I will begin to draft a letter of claim and will post it later tonight for some advise. I have just checked the Land Registry and can see his name shows up on Registered Owners title and shows who the lenders are. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I will purchase that. FYI I have sent new invoices with 7 days payment terms. Today is 7th day. No payment. I had called the client on Friday from my own number. No answer. Couple hours later I called him from different number, he answered and obviously was confused. He pretended to say it was ridiculous that the office has not yet paid and that he will chase them up (again). Should I try to ring him today again and ask or it’s best bet to send letter before action? Im also a little confused how to write the letter as never had to do one. Is there a sample template anywhere on here that I could use? I searched but could not find anything. Thanks
  9. It shows that title register and plan are available to purchase.
  10. Thank you both. I do want to pursue this to the end as its a lot of my own money invested plus 4 days work involved. Its a LTD company, in fact he has 5 companies under his name. I do not know where he lives, but looking at companies house it shows his address, but unsure if its his home address. Should I still pull out his land registry details? I had just sent him new invoices with 7 days payment terms. Is there any good sample that I could find for letter of claim for similar case? Thanks
  11. Hi, I need some advise please. I have completed a full office electrical installation for a client and provided electrical installation certificates. It has been about 7 weeks now. I have spent 1000 of my own money for materials, total job worth is 3750 as agreed. I have sent an invoice to the client for the job 3 weeks ago. He said he will pay me, but every week I am chasing him and he says "sorry I will chase the office for payment" however no payment is being made. I have all proof from before job started and after it was completed in pictures. I have all conversations with him on whatsapp from beginning. I think the only mistake I had done was the invoice I issued did not have payment terms i.e 7 days. What would be the right course of action to take? I am thinking letter before action and then take him to small claims court perhaps. Is there a specific time frame that I have to wait before sending either of these? Thanks
  12. Good morning all, Firstly I would like to say once again thank you so much for helping me out with any issues that I had on this site! Really do appreciate you all! I just wanted to update you all and to say that the complaint has gone through and the finance agreement has been now closed. I had my 3000 pounds returned to me, along with my finance closed. They have paid me 150 pounds of compensation on top and 50 pounds for interest. Thank you!!
  13. Hi, FYI BMW has transferred back my £3000 deposit monies. I am awaiting for finance company to end the contract now. It sounds that everything has worked out fine now. Do you think it would be good idea to purchase another vehicle now, or should I wait to have this finalised? i am really struggling without the car the last few weeks. thanks
  14. I'm sorry, I think it was the compressor I used that reduced quality. The file was 13mb and I couldn't upload it. Service 01732 223910 MOTORING Canterbury (1) (1).pdf
  15. Just attaching what I was given with edited personal information. Apart from that I think its irrelevant to attach. I.e. there is service history, green V5 slip, and two receipts of the 3000 deposit. P.s I phoned black horse today and asked for an update since its been 18 days since I reported. They said they are in talks with BMW and waiting for final email before they finalize they decision. They only received one of my emails that I sent on 18 June. I sent 2 others on 14 June and 27 June. They found those and added to my file. Also in regards to gap insurance. It says on website to cancel via the app. I entered my details and it pops up saying "as your purchase was within the last 30 days please contact your dealer" Do you think I should ensure they cancel this too, or will they cancel automatically as it was financed by black horse. Thanks
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