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  1. Many thanks for that DX, here is the proper one edited-compressed.pdf
  2. Just an Update i posted my defence day before it was due and the following day I received some bumff from Lowell. a copy of an agreement a reconstituted copy of the NoA statement of account which over £100 is interest and charges i filled the N180 and just waiting now for transfer to local court.
  3. letter sent off for her will see what comes back ta for the info cheer s lets
  4. Many thanks for the link Andy. she moved august 2017, updated her info straight away, however looking through her credit file a ccj was obtained by the same company in 2016 at her old address, me thinks tps used her old details to issue the notices, the tickets are from march 2018. i looked at her license just to confirm when she updated . hence need to get the access information. cheers Lets
  5. Hi All, helping a lady deal with 6 plus tickets from TPS all tickets sent to previous address, yet bw legal writing to new address. we need to find out when TPS accessed her address details, would anyone know how to, i haven't managed to find any info o how to. many thanks Lets
  6. no signs are required for double yellow lines, only single and lines with kerb markings require signs
  7. thats for sure, i know i wont be asking them to extend the court time. will give it another few days and then will submit defense doubt i will have anything from lowell by then
  8. i will try and find out date of move i cant answer that as these are not for me they are for someone i am trying to help, i will get her to send letter to dvla tomorrow asking for details of data enquiry. i did make a note on this but not actioned yet, spent more time researching best way to put reason/s for set aside, to give more chance to get them. many thanks DX, on another note i managed to get 2 pcns dismissed at second appeal for another lady, had confirmation yesterday, ppc didn't stand a chance....all because of the info i found on cag.
  9. Had a response from Cohen today. but nothing so far from Lowell. cram1.pdf
  10. notified a week after moved in feb 18 thats what i thought. will get that done as soon as i can locate the 3 liner defense... that you all for you input, a real big help. cheers Lets 2 defenses now submitted going to go through the paperwork with her now to try for the set asides....
  11. claim 1, ticket march 2018 after moved filed at old address default judgment obtained oct 2018 Claim 2 filed 3/12 18 AOS was done 10/12/18 no defence filed to date claim 3 filed 29/11/18 AOS was done 10/1218 no defence filed judgment obtained by default claim 4 filed 04/12/18 AOS again 10/12/18 no defence filed to date claim 5 filed 29/11/18 AOS done 10/12/18 no defence filed judgement by default the person in question has all sorts of health issues and she has a child with additional needs to, the stress of these all lead to not filing any defenes, is it worth getting these set aside on the basis of health and also not receiving correct paperwork as well as not receiving any notices to owner or tickets . ...if she had one ticket she would have changed her place of parking ... your thoughts please, many thanks Lets
  12. so is we DX only taken 18 days to get it sorted, many thanks for the support
  13. my post of 11th was incorrect not finally sorted, well until today anyway, i had to go get card from shop, they gave me one put code in machine to activate the card and the code was not accepted. went back home phoned them, no joy office closed, waited till next day by which point we ran out of gas, by this point had an email to say ovo had taken over economy, i phoned them, they gave me a code to get a key for electric and said the key will have £25 credit to cover the credit i lost with economy, gave me a code for the gas, the card was collected from a specific shop, got home card not working phoned them yesterday ( out of gas at this point) they sent engineer to put credit on meter, gave us a code to collect gas card and also reimbursed us for the gas we lost with economy... card picked up today everything now working and we have good credit on both meters … .thanks guys
  14. Hi All through the years I have been able to follow great advise from here and have managed to put to bed a number of private parking tickets for quite a few people as a hobby, the last where two tickets for a lady who parked in her own complex. Ttoday I have been faced with a new challenge. a friend came to me and said i dont know what to do, I have this lot.. there were a number of letters asking for payment for a parking charge, a couple of letters that gave notice of claim and 4 claim forms. having registered all of the claims online we find that 2 have got default judgements and the other 2 are judgment pending. all of which are from BW legal and are all for parking at a specific Total Parking Solutions site. i am assured that all the paperwork is there and what i have been given is all that she has received, there are no notices to keeper and other debt letters. one letter relating to one of the CCJs just gives notice that a claim has been issued, there is no other paperwork. one letter gives notice of claim issued and gives a ticket reference but that does not relate to the claim that had been issued , dates and times match. i managed to get her to look at her credit file, where there is another CCJ issued in Oct 18 my guess it is for the same thing, but that was issued at her old address, even though she been in her current address for over year. any thought to help me pick through this mess would be fab.. thank you all
  15. Many thanks for the changes DX have them in me diary ready to do letters for cpr and cca have been sent today too
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