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  1. Hi Guys Here is an update. I sent a complaint via their online contact page stating the charge was excessive and was a penalty and that i will NOT deal with Moorcroft. Today I got a phone call from Southernwater and the charge has been removed and they are happy to accept the £15 every 2 weeks when a bill is due ....so when bill comes in £15 per fortnight paid until bill paid ...not only that as I have a need to use more water than average, they have put me on the water preference where we get 20% reduction on our bills. they have also retrieved the account from Moorcroft. Cracking result, many thanks for the advice on this one Cheers Lets
  2. Hi All Just an update, I sent a complaint through and got a message that i would be contacted within 10 days. so far now contact received. cheers Lets
  3. Hi BF No, as soon as a bill comes in, it is split into equal payments, incl C/T. and payments are made after i have contacted the company and told them what I am doing. then by time new bill is in old one is cleared. most of the time have a month or 2 clear without any bills...Last years C/T was in credit by £198 by christmas last year. With SW we pay every 2 weeks and whilst we are paying we get a red one by which point it is down another £15 from time they have sent it to time we get it, me not leaving bills till get red one at all. payments start as soon as we get em cheers Lets
  4. Hi BF no the bills are every 6 months normally January and June. the 20% reduction is for medical reasons, did apply before and was turned down. the 20% reduction starts from today apparently. Assumed it was clear as had no letters whereas if it wasnt clear they would send a red letter at which point it was lower than what the red letter would state. so as had no communication pressumed it was all cleared and upto date. ( we pay our council tax this way too, they kicked up and i told them that if they didnt take it i wouldnt pay it) cheers Lets
  5. Hi DX Nope me not talking to moorcroft, no better than that, instead communicated with SW directly Explained to SW that the charge was a penalty and was told no its not its an admin fee. cheers lets
  6. Hi BF The £15 every 2 weeks is for the current bill, when we get a water bill in, we pay it off at £15 every two weeks until it clears normally the bill is around £90, (although should be cheaper as i found out today I qualify for a 20% reduction)by time new bill comes in its just that that needs to be paid, because i didnt pay for 4 weeks and did not get any communication from SW, so presumed it was all cleared then I get an email from Moorcroft with a £45 charge added. we have been paying t his way for years and not had a problem, told this to the call handler who said our payment history is irrelevant its what it is today cheers lets
  7. Hi all I had an email today from Moorcroft asking us to pay them directly for our small outstanding water charge, bearing in mind we have been paying £15 every 2 weeks. because we haven't got an agreement in place they transferred the decreasing bill to Morcroft and have added a £45charge for doing this. I pointed out to SW adviser that I actually dont have a contract with SW that states there will be a £45 charge should they transfer the account. any thoughts thanks in advance lets
  8. Hi All Sorry BF for not replying sooner to your last response, not been well, i have today drafted another email to Livewell details below, any further thoughts before i send it or is it ok many thanks Lets May I point out that, you are completely wrong, as until the fault/faults have been identified it is the responsibility of Livewell to cover all associated costs in returning the scooter, this will include not only the courier charges/fees but any costs incurred in making it ready to send. You also state that It is not a case of being fair it is a case of Livewell standing up to their statutory obligations. As for Livewell collecting the scooter, I am more than happy for that, as the scooter has been faulty since October 2020 as first reported and as when the first set of replacement batteries. again I will need to arrange for the scooter to be packed accordingly, unless Livewell can arrange this, again there will be a charge for this as I will not be able to do this my self. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 tells me , I should not loose out financially as a result of the Breach of Contract and accordingly all costs of returning the item to Livewell should be met by Livewell I will give Livewell a until 12th August 2021 to contact me with the necessary arrangements to collect and reimburse myself for the costs incurred for the scooter and also for the cost of the packing of the scooter. Failure to make these arrangements will leave me, without further notice, but no choice to issue a County Court Claim for the scooter cost and all other costs incurred including the costs for storage of the scooter and packing box from that date . thank you for taking the time to act on this matter and I trust, we will get this sorted. yours faithfully
  9. Hi all I sent this to Livewell via their email address on 7th July got an auto response that said i would get a response in 4-6 hrs however it took a week to get to me via email this was their response that i got today any thoughts Many thanks lets
  10. Hi BF i have just received this email from Livewell ...my thought is just to reply with this here is their email The Manufacturer of the scooter is Drive Devilbliss and his is what is on the Livewell page 2017 – Livewell consolidated its supplier base to buy exclusively from Drive DeVilbiss, one of the world’s largest suppliers of mobility equipment. so not much chance of impartiality Hi Manxman I will be giving a couple of the local companies a shout and see what they say, cheers lets Cheers Lets cheers Lets
  11. Hi BF i have just received this email from Livewell ...my thought is just to reply with this here is their email cheers Lets
  12. Hi BF Many thanks for that, i have now sent it off recorded delivery so will see what happens. will keep you posted I am just doing the claim online and this is what I have put in the particulars of claim does it sound ok to you many thanks Lets
  13. Hi BF many thanks for that, i have now sent it off recorded delivery so will see what happens. will keep you posted cheers Lets
  14. Hi BF the first battery replacement took place in October 20, the battery leaflet which by the looks of it are missing instructions 1& 2, however they were sent via email on 12/1/21. they were provided after I had rang them saying the batteries had failed again i also explained that i hadn't actually used the scooter through December is there anything i need to add to my letter of claim many thanks Lets charger.pdf
  15. Hi BF No the information about the battery conditioning came on 31st January there was nothing on the website and nothing about it in the handbook, i did notice in the handbook it said could not use the scooter in the rain, which i didnt do, after all who wants to get wet for no reason. No the letter has not gone yet, just needed your input just in case i missed something many thanks Lets
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