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  1. Hi All Sorry BF for not replying sooner to your last response, not been well, i have today drafted another email to Livewell details below, any further thoughts before i send it or is it ok many thanks Lets May I point out that, you are completely wrong, as until the fault/faults have been identified it is the responsibility of Livewell to cover all associated costs in returning the scooter, this will include not only the courier charges/fees but any costs incurred in making it ready to send. You also state that It is not a case of being fair it is a case of Livewell standing up to their statutory obligations. As for Livewell collecting the scooter, I am more than happy for that, as the scooter has been faulty since October 2020 as first reported and as when the first set of replacement batteries. again I will need to arrange for the scooter to be packed accordingly, unless Livewell can arrange this, again there will be a charge for this as I will not be able to do this my self. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 tells me , I should not loose out financially as a result of the Breach of Contract and accordingly all costs of returning the item to Livewell should be met by Livewell I will give Livewell a until 12th August 2021 to contact me with the necessary arrangements to collect and reimburse myself for the costs incurred for the scooter and also for the cost of the packing of the scooter. Failure to make these arrangements will leave me, without further notice, but no choice to issue a County Court Claim for the scooter cost and all other costs incurred including the costs for storage of the scooter and packing box from that date . thank you for taking the time to act on this matter and I trust, we will get this sorted. yours faithfully
  2. Hi all I sent this to Livewell via their email address on 7th July got an auto response that said i would get a response in 4-6 hrs however it took a week to get to me via email this was their response that i got today any thoughts Many thanks lets
  3. Hi BF i have just received this email from Livewell ...my thought is just to reply with this here is their email The Manufacturer of the scooter is Drive Devilbliss and his is what is on the Livewell page 2017 – Livewell consolidated its supplier base to buy exclusively from Drive DeVilbiss, one of the world’s largest suppliers of mobility equipment. so not much chance of impartiality Hi Manxman I will be giving a couple of the local companies a shout and see what they say, cheers lets Cheers Lets cheers Lets
  4. Hi BF i have just received this email from Livewell ...my thought is just to reply with this here is their email cheers Lets
  5. Hi BF Many thanks for that, i have now sent it off recorded delivery so will see what happens. will keep you posted I am just doing the claim online and this is what I have put in the particulars of claim does it sound ok to you many thanks Lets
  6. Hi BF many thanks for that, i have now sent it off recorded delivery so will see what happens. will keep you posted cheers Lets
  7. Hi BF the first battery replacement took place in October 20, the battery leaflet which by the looks of it are missing instructions 1& 2, however they were sent via email on 12/1/21. they were provided after I had rang them saying the batteries had failed again i also explained that i hadn't actually used the scooter through December is there anything i need to add to my letter of claim many thanks Lets charger.pdf
  8. Hi BF No the information about the battery conditioning came on 31st January there was nothing on the website and nothing about it in the handbook, i did notice in the handbook it said could not use the scooter in the rain, which i didnt do, after all who wants to get wet for no reason. No the letter has not gone yet, just needed your input just in case i missed something many thanks Lets
  9. Hi BF many thanks for your help and information, i haven't been able to get an independent inspection as they want around £100 to do it, which we don't have spare. here is my adapted letter of claim i also sent the photos i had taken showing no rust and also where the scooter was kept i was told i would get a call back after their manager looked at the case again(which she reopened) and still no response. took me a while to get this sorted as i managed to sustained a bad knee injury many thanks Lets
  10. Hi Slick many thanks for you response I will be digesting the report more closely ( not easy with a knee the size of a rugby ball) actually got my full phone records to identify all the times I have phoned them... hi BF i will monitor closely and thank you again many thanks both cheers lets
  11. Hi All Last week I received an unexpected call from Livewell, she was returning my call from the week before, I explained to her what the situation was and didn't agree explaining where the scooter was kept and how was used when it was running. told her i had taken the head of the scooter and looked at the wiring and took pictures , she was adamant that they where standing by the report, i asked if i could have a copy of the report , the report is attached. I told her I will send the pictures I had taken to her ( just about to do) with me saying that she said that she will reopen the case, so will see what comes of that. before i send in the letter before claim kindly put together by BF (thank you ) cheers Lets scooter.pdf
  12. hi BF There should be some sort of seal under the control panel, sealing the buttons, key switch and speed control, however on the one that was is pictured there is just a blob of heatgun glue and not enough any proper sealing, as you will be able to see from the pics there is just surface rust on the bit where the handle bars attach to the main column cheers lets
  13. Good morning should I question the report, send my pictures, do a DSAR or just write a short letter stating i am seeking advice and that the issue isnt over thank you cheers Lets
  14. Hi Slick I was thinking of sending them the pictures i have taken to argue the points and also to formally reject the scooter and demand a full refund...whats your thoughts. cheers lets
  15. Hi BF Today I took a look at the battery connections and cannot see any rust as suggested, the head unit is the part where the key goes and the buttons and speed control sit, I also took this off today and there is a bit of surface rust but there is no sign of anything going down the shaft (steering handle etc) there is no sign of any water going down the cable as also suggested. Luckily i have my big old scooter to get me around, the smaller one was supposed to say in the car for shopping and the big battered one for walking the dog I have attached all the pics taken today in pdf form the last pic shows where the scooter is stored if not in the car Many thanks for your help and advice cheers Lets P.s many thanks for editing the original post scooter pics, forgot to attach them to post above scooter pics.pdf
  16. Hi BF i have been contacting them since January trying to get the scooter sorted, the rust in the shaft is what they are referring too is what the engineer said was there, i haven't seen any pictures of it though, the scooter has not been in the rain or used in the rain, when the engineer changed the head unit i looked at the old one and the unit has not been sealed properly, i will try and have a look at the battery connection points which cant get wet with the battery unit in place and i have always had the charger connected to the battery unit in place on the scooter cheers
  17. Hi Manxman No not seen any copies of the report at all, only told what was going in the report along with recommendation the scooter gets taken back. no knowledge of any water damage, scooter was never used in the wet and always stored under a porched area. no notice of any water damage at all not without getting right down to the back of the connecttons where the battery pack plugs in, Hi Slick the scooter was £539 including free delivery i paid by visa debit card I did on the phone last week, told them that when they get the scooter back i dont want it back and want a full refund. Hi BF since my last visit here, i have been quite poorly both with mental health, meningitis, as well as pain ....only just remembered bout Consumactiongroup when i checked back on my email. just gave them chance to sort it. the engineer showed me a pic of the rust within the shaft, when i inspected the controller the he replaced i pointed out the lack of seal where they key goes in therefore even if the scooter did get wet water would have been able to enter that point i will be doing a formal letter of rejection and also a DSAR today and will also take pics of how the scooter is stored https://www.livewelltoday.co.uk/powered-mobility-independence/mobility-scooters/portable-mobility-scooters/livewell-jaunt-plus-mobility-scooter/c-23/c-95/p-745 Thank you all for advice, will let you know the outcome of the email i will send rejecting the scooter cheers Lets
  18. Just after some advise please. in September 2020 i purchased a new scooter from Livewell Today https://www.livewelltoday.co.uk/, the scooter arrived on the 17th September and was delivered to the pavement outside our house, i followed all instructions on setting up and using the scooter and was charging it the same way as I did with my old scooters. in October the scooter failed and refused to go anywhere, i phoned the company and they sent me another set of batteries, an engineer was booked for 3 weeks later to fit said batteries , he came out inspected and said it was all fine, scooter lasted another month, i phoned them again and this time i was sent instructions on how to use the scooter and charge the batteries (run the scooter round the block then put it on charge for 12-16 hours then repeat for another 12 times) did this and scooter failed again, didn't use it then until march this year did a 1 mile trip on the scooter and the thing died again, phoned them up and told them that the scooter had failed and all that was happening was the lights on the dash was flashing and then going out, they sent me a new head unit and also a set of batteries and arranged for an engineer to visit, 4 weeks later i get the engineer visit he replaced both parts and the scooter failed to start and told me that the scooter needs to go back and be sorted and he even noted on his report that i wasn't happy and i needed this thing sorting. that was on Wednesday 28th April, i left it until the following Tuesday to get in touch with them, at which point they said the scooter needed to be picked up and sent to Bristol to be repaired and they would arrange collection, good i thought, but not the case, the courier they use does not attended the Isle of Wight and they would have to send me a box to put the scooter in and then store until they could arrange a courier to collect. at which point i stated that i would need to know when the collection of the scooter would be and that i would like to know how me a disabled person would get a scooter in the box (5ft x 3ft x 3ft) and then store it safely when i had nowhere to store the scooter, because of the size of the box it isnt as easy as storing in house then handing to courier .i did say i could possible get both the box and scooter (separately) to our church where i could store it but i would need to know for definite when it would be collected, i then suggested they gave me a suitable refund and that i keep everything and get the scooter sorted out myself, the lady i spoke to said she would speak to her manager and would get back to me later that day, well a week has passed and i phoned them today to see what was happening, the lady i needed to speak to was on the phone so i left a message for her to call me back. waited all day today and no phone call, i was just checking my email and i see an email from Livewell that was sent 10 minutes after i called this at luchtime, and here it is any help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated many thanks Lets
  19. I was with topcashback for a few years and everything was running smoothly, then i had a couple of big cashbacks due and they refused to pay them mainly from sky, after a shed load of emails back and for i got no where, there at the time was a few posts on here about them might be worth having a look around the site to see if there are any successful claims against them
  20. Sorry to hear you have had this problem, I myself has never had a problem buying batteries for my scooter even online, as they have stopped responding to your emails i think you can claim the VAT back from HRMC, check this link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-reliefs-for-disabled-people-eligibility-declaration-by-a-disabled-person hope hat helps and you get sorted
  21. sure it was posted up DX with the edited bumff cheers Lets
  22. Well thanks to para 23 in the t & C`s, I lost. the judge was ok for the DN and the TN but the solicitor for lowell said about point 23 and the judge allowed the claim
  23. Hi Eric she went into one of the shops where she knows someone there and they registered her car on the system, all was well and she was then able to park there without any problems, with the arrival of the PCN it would seem that her registration was taken off the system and she wasnt told. she lives close by to the car park, hence the 5+ hours. hope that explains it. many thanks Lets
  24. Hi Eric Here is the ticket, this one she got on Saturday, the other was a few days before. here is the recent pic of the sign attached to the anpr camera cheers Lets pcn-28619.pdf sign1s.pdf
  25. Sorry Eric didn't clarify the appeal bit, she has actually received a parking charge at her new address just at beginning of the week,(she was on the system for free parking) my plan is to appeal that on all the legalities. then with the others she has or is likely to have use that result to use for the courts should they go that far
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