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  1. sure it was posted up DX with the edited bumff cheers Lets
  2. Well thanks to para 23 in the t & C`s, I lost. the judge was ok for the DN and the TN but the solicitor for lowell said about point 23 and the judge allowed the claim
  3. Hi Eric she went into one of the shops where she knows someone there and they registered her car on the system, all was well and she was then able to park there without any problems, with the arrival of the PCN it would seem that her registration was taken off the system and she wasnt told. she lives close by to the car park, hence the 5+ hours. hope that explains it. many thanks Lets
  4. Hi Eric Here is the ticket, this one she got on Saturday, the other was a few days before. here is the recent pic of the sign attached to the anpr camera cheers Lets pcn-28619.pdf
  5. Sorry Eric didn't clarify the appeal bit, she has actually received a parking charge at her new address just at beginning of the week,(she was on the system for free parking) my plan is to appeal that on all the legalities. then with the others she has or is likely to have use that result to use for the courts should they go that far
  6. we never got the chance to argue the legality of the car park, judge even took the piece of paper from the land owner ( who does not actually own the land or manage it) she received a notice in the post 2 days ago, so me going to appeal that that on the basis of the car park being legal then use that to get judgement set aside. if thats possible
  7. Well she wont be getting costs in fact, before the judge asked anyone any questions he said, this is a valid parking charge and someone needs to pay it so have a guess what happened. he couldnt understand why there was a gap in the paperwork going to old address then claim form turning up at new address, said sounds like she contacted them and gave address, (not the case|) and still allowed the claim. when I said, ok you say the ticket was sent correctly to the wrong address then surely mrs G then would have the right of appeal, his response was, the appeal wouldnt be allowed as it is a valid charge he did allow us to nip out to car so she could get license to show date notified dvla of change of address, and as we popped out i heard the claimants rep say mr collins can i have a minute. there we go cheers Lets he couldnt understand why it wasnt paid at £40 and as we repeated she didnt get the notices, but still he decided against her
  8. I invite the court to dismiss this claim based on the information i have provided and award costs as the court decides thats the last line in witness statement cheers Lets
  9. absolutely DX will let everyone know whats what tomorrow. do hope me done a good job with everyones help and it gets judgedment against them for her
  10. cheers for that Eric have made a point of that, getting everything ready for court tomorrow see what happens. any last minute pointers would be appreciated many thanks Lets
  11. many thanks Eric, i have spent the evening reading through various pieces of planing info printed off the Planing applications for the retail park, will be double checking signs for advertising consent and will be getting the height of the camera and will be going into the planning office myself. see whats happens cheers# Lets
  12. Hi All finally heard from planing and here is their response phoned court yesterday and all is still going through cheers Lets
  13. cheers Eric, will get all that ready for hearing, just had to get the Statement in for her as she was getting panicky. I have emailed the council re PP and will see what they come back with, the lady i spoke to was very interested in them not having any. cheers Lets
  14. They Discontinued with mine when me pushed, you got nowt to loose by hanging on for a couple of weeks
  15. here is the submitted Witness Statement, urged more on the basis of charges and letters including the notice of claim all going to the old address yet the claim for went to the new address cheers Lets edited wit stat.pdf
  16. after requesting the DVLA data they supplied information 48 times, but has nt said to what address, just on the registration. Witness Statement had to be in on Tuesday so got as much info as I could on it, and managed to get a 24hr extension from the court to get it in yesterday. I have also emailed the council and they are going to investigate the issue because they cant see any PP or any consent of anykind on the site relating to signs, Just waiting to hear back on that. yes the charges are at the bottom of the signs next to the red squared logo. their witness statement also included the £54 collection charge, of which was thrown out by the DJ
  17. after looking closely looks like they have been defaced, these pictures of the signs where supplied by the Claimants Solicitors within the witness statement
  18. file is here but is 29mb to download https://drive.google.com/file/d/16XRdIPYhPbx3npfqRLNA49z7ZCTZewgV/view?usp=sharing
  19. having read through the statement, i see that all the post went to the old address including the notice of claim, yet the claim form went to new address. on 24th april the DJ struck the claim out and inviting the claimant to resubmit a new POC both too the court and to defendant, I know she hasnt received anything.
  20. Just an update, I was able to phone the court directly today and managed to get a 24hr extention for her to get statement in, will need to get a letter in with it too to explain why. anyway here is the witness statement from the claimant. the last pages relate to 2 court orders, the first order relates to this claim, and we have not seen a revised POC as directed. having read through the statement fully, the letter of claim went to her old address yet the claim was issued at her new address. your thought, ta muchly Lets wit_pt1.pdf
  21. she didnt know anything about them until she started to receive bw legal letter in october. therefore couldnt even have chance to pay £40. theirs arrived on saturday unfortunatly I wont have chance to scan and edit it all out before i have to go out, the defence was just a standard one from here, that one district judge liked and through 2 claims out with (will be adding that in the Witness Statement) the Location is TownGate Retail Park St James' St, Newport PO30 5HF will update with other info a lil bit later thank you guys
  22. Hi All I am just preparing a witness statement for a friend as she only told me yesterday that she has to get paperwork in to court tomorrow. can anyone confirm the valdity of this Anpr ticket...we already have them on sending pcn to wrong address just wont a bit more ammo. many thanks Lets pcn.pdf
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