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  1. well done on your excellent work so far in following the sticky to the letter dont appeal bottom line is ignore everything until/unless you get a letter of claim this appears to be the 1st time we've met this carpark if you are near lots of photos of the signs and their small print etc as well as their layout would be good if you can. particularly what warning signs are there before joe public enters and can thus dcide not to park there at all. dx
  2. having looked it looks like the file names are the vcs pcn number? so ive hidden your post the last thing you need is to lose your anon status to simple Simon here dx
  3. Goto your webmail portal, turn off your spam marking for our email address Dx
  4. please create your own topic by hitting + or create in the top red banner also please complete the parking charge sticky on the same homepage and scan up all letters to date in/out to one mass pdf. as this thread from post 1 dx
  5. they are not the claimant!! delete: Claimant Michael Ronald Oatham of 5. By reasons of the facts and matters set out above, it is denied that the Claimant is entitled to the relief claimed or any relief. red bit is for ref only not to be filed dx
  6. dont forget if you have to take time off work even on a phone court appearance you can claim £90 loss of earnings
  7. Foreign fraudsters will be stopped from making hundreds of millions of scam phone calls under landmark plans to protect the British public. Major phone networks have agreed to automatically block calls made from abroad if they show up as a UK number, the Telegraph has learned. The unprecedented move comes after phone companies were criticised by the National Crime Agency for failing to tackle a huge rise in scam calls and texts over the past year. Exclusive: Scam calls from foreign countries to be blocked under landmark plans UK.YAHOO.COM Foreign fraudsters will be stopped from making hundreds of millions of scam phone calls under landmark plans to protect the British public. about time!!!! dx
  8. post it up so i can check please not seeing andy around so ill do my best for you
  9. as long as they have your correct and current address then you should have blocked/bounced all emails long ago. how did they get your email, did you leave it on your copy of the n180 to them? those docs ....certainly the cca doesnt meet all the requirements regarding prescribed terms etc and no T&C's either. dn looks compliant so does the NOA. just trying to make you wet yourself.
  10. 3 should be unnumbered and after your 1st unnumbered submission. make 3. Further on 28th September 2021 I issued a CPR 31.14 Request to Michael Ronald Oatham of Brachers LLP Solicitors requesting the same information. The CPR 31.14 request was delivered on 1st October 2021 by Royal Mail Signed for Post tracking number GQ-redacted-GB. To date I have not received a reply to this nor have I received any documentation evidencing the validity of the claim from Brachers LLP or any other party. On the basis that STA and Brachers LLP acting on behalf of Goldsmith’s University have not produced a signed agreement or contract to prove that I owe this amount I dispute the claim in full. looking good to me
  11. look at the format andy has used Calderdale College Defence..pdf
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