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  1. pers I would not go into details about your condition - that is not for you to do. should they wish to know more they can ask your GP or yourself. take this the rightway please.. it is not an excuse for your actions, and if I were to be frank, people with these conditions, far too often portray their condition to the outside world 'as seeming to use it as an excuse'. that is what your letter is doing. your case is not one of continued and persistent misuse of the scheme it is merely a second incident of a mistake you and many people make. one should not put up any reason for simply being human and making the occasional mistake. they are not after prosecuting people that 'make mistakes', they are after serial, persistent, deliberate and fraudulent offenders. thus why you need to make the focus of your letter just that - hey I made another mistake, sorry, not I suffer from this xyz which makes me makes mistakes. whatever you suffer from it is not an excuse you should ever use in your life for merely being a human. dx
  2. but that was not an application form it was the actual agreement you signed and returned to them. is what i was pointing too. dx
  3. can you post it up as text here in a msg box not a pdf then we can edit it
  4. sorry I lost connection whilst trying to tidy things they are above now.
  5. well goto your online email at the ISP's site and find the mails they will NOT be deleted there but my maybe in the deleted items folder. if this was all done by a mobile phone then IMAP doesn't delete them on the ISP server. dx
  6. no its not please answer my questions. dx
  7. no they sold the debt and are nothing to do with the court case dx
  8. you've been here since 2015 on this why are you not bothering to research what you need to do? no you do not use the form.. dx
  9. the only one making this stressful is yourself that far to long and in depth I suggest you follow what I posted in post 18 Here is a final draft that I'm sending off. Thoughts? Better than my first draft? "Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in response to your letter dated the 16th of January 2020 where you requested a response within ten working days in regards to case number xxxxxx. I would firstly like to sincerely apologise for the incident that occurred on the 15th of January 2020, where I was made aware to be potentially committing an offence but I’d like to assure you that I did not have any intention to evade my fare. I have pre-existing medical conditions which are relevant to the incident. I wouldn’t have at any point attempted to exit the bus at my destination without attempting to pay if I was aware that I had not already. I did offer to pay once I was made aware by the officer but was told this was not possible. Due to feeling very intimidated at the time I did not want to press the matter. I suffer from chronic fatigue, severe depression, social anxiety and generalised anxiety. Last year, I had to quit my job as a result of my poor health and am currently unemployed in receipt of Universal Credit. My condition affects me to the point where I have difficulty getting out of bed, moreso completing basic tasks. I am in a constant state of physical and mental exhaustion. As a result I have poor concentration and memory problems- this affects me in every part of my life. I have walked into traffic many times because I was unable to concentrate on what I was doing. In particular, going outside is an extreme struggle for me; I am constantly fatigued, disorientated and frequently in a state of panic (anxiety attacks). Despite this I am trying to venture outside more to aid my recovery and eventually rejoin the workforce. My social anxiety causes me to feel panicked and disoriented when I board buses, as I feel like people are staring at me. At the time of the incident I was moving home which was extremely stressful and exacerbated my mental and physical health. I had just a few days to move and I pushed past my limits with completing this quickly. I had to transport my belongings one box at a time via bus. I immensely struggled with this as I was fatigued, sleep-deprived, stressed and felt anxious about people looking at me. I boarded carrying a heavy box with both arms and I thought I had successfully tapped in, without realising that I hadn’t. I apologise for this mistake, but I must stress that it was not intentional. In hindsight, I wish I had paid more attention to my surroundings. The incident itself and prospect of conviction has had a disastrous effect on my mental health. A criminal record would hinder any future prospects when my health improves and I want to start looking for work. It would prevent me from visiting or working in the U.S- which is a dream of mine, despite my current circumstances. Any ambitions of recovering my health would be shattered if I had to go through court proceedings, and even more so if I were convicted. I am doubtful that I’d mentally recover. As can be seen from I have attached my Oyster and contactless card history as part of my evidence that I had paid for buses just the day before, and have paid for travel since. To prevent this mistake ever happening again I now purchase a weekly bus pass and always prepare my card in hand and board at the front of the bus, despite my anxiety. I am also applying for a Freedom Pass. I have no previous convictions and am an honest person. I am aware that this is the second occurrence of a similar nature within six months, and I am incredibly sorry for this. I will make sure this never happens again with the steps mentioned above. My GP has provided a supporting statement to confirm my current medical conditions. I can also ask my housing officer to confirm the dates of my move if you require further supporting evidence. I plead for the chance to pay immediately for my unpaid journey costs and also reimburse TFL for any necessary administrative costs. I am sorry for any and all inconveniences caused by this matter. I have not at any point wanted to be someone who is contributing to TFL’s growing issue with fare evasion. I have great respect for all the staff that work on the network and aware it’s not any easy job. I have included evidence of the following: Fit notes, NHS Sleep study appointment, NHS Talking Therapy assessment summary, NHS iapt appointments, NHS Spine Advisory Group session appointment, Universal Credit health assessment appointment, and a supporting statement from my GP. I have also included my travel history on both my oyster and contactless debit card. I look forward to your response and hope this matter can be resolved amicably by an Out Of Court Settlement without the need to go through the courts. I please ask that all future correspondence is sent to be aware of my new address noted at the top of this letter. I am thankful for being given the opportunity to explain my circumstances. Sincerely, xxxx" ………………. ditch the bits in blue add the bits in red.
  10. 33 days whereby that date is ONE in the count no harm in ringing talk talk and asking last payment date but do not ring the fleecers. as andy says 99/100 JCI discontinue these bogus mobile/broadband/phoneline claims there are 10's of them here already just copy and paste your topic title into our search top right and read up. dx dx
  11. nco cannot issue a letter of claim only a solicitor acting for a client can. at present the client is Amex. the debt has not been sold. pers i'd let this run.. can you confirm page 23 of the PDF in post 1 holds your signature and correct date of take out please.
  12. just type no need to keep hitting quote... read what the top line of their letter says carefully about what they are nquiring from you..
  13. no. get reading up..here use our search top right if a discount is being offer there more to be had and find out the reason why too don't forget a dca has no more legal powers than you or I do... if they think you owe money... all they can do is issue a court claim. the rest is all hot air
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