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  1. @ReuTheo Thanks very much. Coincidentally, it has now been exactly over 1 year since I sent my parcel with Evri and began my enquiries with them as to where my parcel is (and eventually coming to this forum / starting this thread). I understand how you are feeling. It's why I kept this thread active and detailed, so anyone who reads it, can clearly understand what was happening at each stage of the process, so they don't feel anxious or overwhelmed with the process through MCOL, mediation, arranging for trial, working through the WS / Court bundle, and finally going in front of a judge. The work has been put in so hopefully you (and everyone else) now has a good WS template to use and build the case. I agree the legal language and specifics are not easy to understand at first glance by layman / non-legal persons. What I found useful is reading the WS and researching some of the Acts in my own time so that I could understand the legal speak. This reading / research really helped me to have a clear idea of what the rules/laws are and how they apply to my case (and likely your case also). As you know, this is a self-help forum so you certainly got to put in the time/work to understand your case/argument. It will be worth it in the end (I say this from personal experience - given this time last year, I was banging my head against a wall with Evri and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel). Above all else, the team on this forum such as @BankFodder and @jk2054 are a tremendous help with getting the WS in the right state and giving guidance. Don't be afraid to ask questions on this forum - it's for your ultimate benefit (even if sometimes the responses seem harsh - don't take it personally. If my experience is anything to go by, it'll help give clarity and maybe even close a potential gap in your case). Good luck with your case.
  2. I had no idea he had even said my name or was looking for me, till he randomly came up to me to introduce himself
  3. My mind is a blur so i cant recall exactly what the judge said at the end, but he mentioned that he would be making an order for Evri to make payment to me. I wasn't sure if the court order will also be provided to me, either by post or email - if anyone can shed some light please?
  4. Thank you everyone! thought to share some points from my experience in court today that may help others who are taking Evri to court: The judge sets out how the hearing will go and how each party should behave; while i was certainly feeling anxious/nervous ahead of the hearing (and I'm sure @jk2054 may have also observed this), the judge really does try to put any non-legal persons at ease; refrain from talking to the other party and instead speak to the judge if you have any questions/responses; the judge and the advocate spoke about tort of negligence - i wasn't sure how this applied to my case but the judge was questionning the advocate about this so i chose to stay out of this; the judge made reference to a historical case of Donaghue v Stevenson which established a duty of care; the judge observed that some of the points in Evri's witness statement by george wood needed cross examination but george was not present today for questionning; While i was claiming 8% interest, the judge pointed out that is the upper limit and that today, savings accounts give 4-5%. I therefore opted for 5% interest which was agreed to by the judge and the advocate; above all else, ensure you know your court bundle and have any notes to help you refer to specific sections - it helped me to structure my answers to the judge/defendant's queries, and point to specific evidence where i was asked to prove e.g., the value of the item. @honeybee13 - yes, will confirm when payment is received. I have emailed the Evri.claims email with my bank details and also provided them after the hearing to the advocate. @BankFodder message received and i am replying to it
  5. Hearing held today in court. I attended in person and Evri had an advocate attend on their behalf to defend their position that my contract is with Packlink and not with them. I also provided a copy of Evri's terms and conditions which explains that a contract is entered into when a parcel is sent with Evri. The judge pointed this out to the Advocate and agreed there is a contract between me and Evri under the Ts and Cs. The judge explained that while Packlink are responsible for organising the delivery of the item, it is Evri who are responsible for handling the goods and delivering them, and therefor Evri has a responsibility to handle the goods with reasonable care and skill. So am pleased to say the judge found in my favour. Hearing lasted about 75mins. Evri has been ordered to make payment within 21 days. Also nice to meet @jk2054 in person.
  6. Yes i have made that point in my notes to make the judge aware at the start. They've had all this time to contact me, to try and resolve before court.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. Just finishing practising my case and prepping my notes. Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes well.
  8. Thanks, how did you find out its going ahead and the length of the list? Does it show where my case is on that list, or the time of my case?
  9. Hi, no Is the court supposed to provide confirmation that the case is going ahead? The only correspondence i had from the court is the hearing letter which explains the hearing date/time and the amount of the hearing fee to be paid. Hearing letter is attached on post #259 - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/459707-evri-lost-my-ebay-parcel-£844-court-claim-issued/?do=findComment&comment=5259964
  10. Its #229 on page 10 - Try this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/459707-evri-lost-my-ebay-parcel-£844-court-claim-issued/page/10/#comment-5257877
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