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  1. Thank you dx100uk, thanks for all your help. I've made a few amends. Does this look ok? Account No/Reference No: XXXXXXXX Dear Sir or Madam Since making that above agreement with you, my circumstances have changed. I cannot now afford the previously agreed monthly payments because of severe financial hardship caused by a loss of income due to the coronavirus pandemic and a long term recovery from an operation leading to statutory sick pay.
  2. Some of them are in my Dad's name... sorry, I didn't make that clearer, although I'm not sure if it changes much? For the debts we have received CCAs for: 1 of the Link debts is in my Dad's name whilst the other Link and the Cap1 are in my mother's name. I&E was sent via Stepchange 2 months ago. Although it reflects a higher income than now. Would you do it again or just remove the reference of it from the pro rate letter template and send the letters?
  3. Is it necessary to send with the budget spreadsheet? My Dad has actually suffered a loss of income from COVID and will be on SSP for the next 3 months due to an operation so will use that as the reasoning.
  4. I've done a reverse IP lookup, and it's traceable to their general post code but not our exact post code e.g. It's M5 rather than M12 but yes, more or less. Yes signature is correct. What do you think? Similar strategy to Cap1? Offer a F&F and if not try to move to minimal payments? Would you give the same initial offer to both (20%) or more to cap1 and less to Link?
  5. Thank you. What % do you think we should start with for cap1? 20%? We've also received the CCA for a couple of the MBNA debts that now sit with link financial. Please see attached. The one for my Mum seems very lightweight compared to the one for my Dad... Are these correct? If not, what should we do? I guess if they are valid this changes the strategy similar to cap1 - pay monthly sum again and try and agree a F&F settlement offer? MBNA_CCA_Dad (1).pdf MBNA-CCA-Mum.pdf
  6. Thanks dx. I'm struggling to find the right letter to make a F&F offer on there. Any problems with using the National Debtline one? https://www.nationaldebtline.org/sample-letters/full-and-final-settlement-offer/? No, the od isn't with Halifax any more. Thankfully my Mum is out of it and has switched bank accounts to First direct. The article she read was: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/bank-charges/
  7. Thanks dx100uk. We would like to go down the F&F route. We are in a position now where I can lend my parents a sum to let them move on from this. Should we do the F&F offer separate to the reclaim or in conjunction? i.e. we owe £2,300 minus the £500 unlawful fees = £1,800 30% offer of £540? Any recommendations on the best way to do this, taking into account the above? Are there any templates you recommend using? Mum also mentioned she was charged a lot of money going slightly over her Halifax overdraft to pay this (like £30 charge for going £10 over.
  8. Thank you. Ok so based on the above the CI sheet outputted £334.44 and putting that into the STINDT spreadsheet gives a total sum of £556.79. What should the next step be?
  9. Yes I wish I had been in a position to help a few years ago but better late than never... Thanks for the updates. PPI charged is 'No' across all months, so not relevant I assume. There are no fees on the first detailed statement in Feb 2002, only interest (applied) charges. Is it worth pursuing this, or should I just take it in good faith that there wasn't any fees? There are a late payment fees in September 2002 and May 2003 however both were refunded (we assume on appeal?). I assume these should not be included on the sheet. The first non refunded is May 2
  10. Thanks again for all your help on this dx100uk. We've now received responses from all the DCAs saying they do not have the CCA so we have stopped paying through Stepchange. We are now only paying to Capital One, and we are paying it directly. We have received a response from the SAR we sent to Capital One. I've run through the transactions part of the document and I had 3 questions: 1. All transactions are listed from 13/02/2002 to now however the months preceding Feb 2002 (March 2001 - Jan 2002) only list: Statement Date, Minimum Payment Due, Credit Limit, PPI charge a
  11. Thanks dx100uk. I am currently discussing with my Mum. She is worried that the DCAs will start adding interest to the debts once we cancel Stepchange. She is also wary that we've not heard back from Link, the DCA with the highest debt amount. The CCA request letters were signed for by Link on the 16th of March, 15 'business days' ago..
  12. Thanks dx. I'll speak to her. Thanks for your help. Sent the SAR this morning to Cap 1. Do you have a link for the calculators you mentioned for when we get the information back?
  13. The payment to Capital One is now at £44.89 due to a renegotiated Stepchange following the change in my father's financial situation (as of this month). It had been around £150 a month for the last few years. I've explained the legal situation to my Mum however she'd like to make a minimal F&F settlement offer to the DCAs to finally put an end to this. Whilst I don't necessarily agree, I do understand she has had a horrible time with the debts in the past and would rather draw a full line under it. With that in mind, I plan to send an amendment of the ND letter: Dea
  14. She hasn't cancelled Stepchange yet. We will do so in the next 24 hours. Should we contact Capital One to let them know before or after? Also should it be done via phone, email or letter? Ok. Will send SAR request and then use the spreadsheets.
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