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  1. Sorry - realized I'd left the reference on. Hopefully this one is OK. sollett.pdf
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Could you tell me what details are showing on my upload as I thought I had removed all my personal details etc. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Please find attached the latest instalment - a solicitors letter! The longer this continues the more irritating it becomes - I think I will take ericsbothers advice and complain to the ICO. Is the advice to just keep on ignoring until they do actually issue a court date? Thanks for all the input. sollett.pdf
  4. Hi, Please find attached the latest instalment from these jokers. This is the 3rd letter I have received from them since my last post - it now threatens me with solicitors and the amount is now £170 I've also attached the information request from the DVLA - which took nearly 8 weeks to get. What I find strange with the request is that it wasn't Northwest Parking who asked for it, but the debt agency ZZPS - how can they request the details before the NTK letter is even sent out? The longer they persist with this, the more I want to turn the tables on them for breach of
  5. So, for now just keep ignoring the letters and wait to see if they decide to take it further? Thanks.
  6. No ticket on the windscreen - first I knew about any problem was when the letter arrived with the photos. I've attached a pdf of the sign. Thanks for helping. NWPSign.pdf
  7. Love the example - although they would probably try to get land up there if they could! I've attached some photos of the signage - split into top,middle,bottom so that they can be read. It says must be parked within a bay, but the bay only has 3 sides to my knowledge. I considered myself to be parked within the bay as all 4 wheels where inside the markings. Scary to think how many of these letters they must be sending out for trivial things like this just hoping people pay it without question - not on really.
  8. Hi, I've just received a letter stating they will be considering court action if I do not pay the £100 within 14 days. I've not had chance to get back to the carpark, but a friend of mine took photos of the signs for me Unfortunately it is difficult to make out the wording. It was noticeable that there were no diagrams relating to how a car should be parked within a bay etc. If you in a position to take photos of the signs and post them up for us to look at that would be helpful for both of us.
  9. Many thanks for taking the time to look at my problem and for the detailed reply. So that I am clear - for now just ignore the letter and wait to see if I receive any further correspondence, then take it from there?
  10. Hi, I've read through a lot of posts, but can't find one that directly deals with my issue. Please find attached the notice & pics sent to me. I live in Scotland, so can't get any pics of any signage before the 14 days. I don't remember there being any notices except for the usual pay and display notices, The problem with the parking bay was that if I had moved forward I would have had the front of the car over and I thought this would have made it more awkward for the cars next to me. 1 Date of the infringement 07/08/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been r
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