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  1. Just another point of view here, especially as your friend doesn't seem to be prepared to do a lot for himself. If the bank repossesses and sell, your friend is going to end up with something like 3/4 million in cash, in addition to all his other properties. That's quite a lot of wealth by many peoples' standards, although I understand that your friend may have higher expectations.
  2. Are you assuming there is photographic evidence, or has it been mentioned somewhere? I ask because it would be perfectly possible to be charged and in fact convicted without any sort of photograph or video, for example if the allegation was backed up by witness statements.
  3. Are you the registered keeper, shown on the registration document (V5C)? If so then you're required to keep the car taxed and insured unless it's both declared SORN and kept off the public road. If the finance house is the registered keeper, it's their problem.
  4. aesmith

    Vehicle not SORN

    Surely that's not correct, tax (VED) is due whether the car is on the road or not, unless declared SORN. That's been the case for quite a few years well before continuous insurance requirements came into force.
  5. I guess if you included Statute Barred in your defence, and gave some plausible reason why that might be the case, it would be up to the pursuer to show otherwise.
  6. Do you know when you last made payment? Reading the thread I think you said it was at least 8 years ago, then elsewhere maybe you're saying 2009 (which comes to the same thing). Do you now think that you made payments more recently?
  7. Have you got a copy of the court order yet? You probably think I'm banging on about nothing, but IF they have a Suspended Possession Order you need to make sure you are very clear on the conditions because if you don't adhere to them then they can reapply for possession with very little formality. Anyone here know the process to get an SPO eventually lifted, or does it hand over you for the remainder of the mortgage term?
  8. Maybe stating the obvious, but remember it's Statute Barred in 5 years rather than 6.
  9. You should have, or get, something in writing from the Court.
  10. Are you sure they weren't granted a Suspended Possession Order?
  11. Hi, Do file attachments get removed from older threads? I have been unable to view attachments from a couple of threads that I've been reading, not sure if that's to be expected or whether it's a problem with my account. Typically what happens if I'm not logged in is that I'm directed to a login page. That's to be expected. However if I then login then sometimes there is now no link available (i.e. the link was there before I logged in, but gone afterwards). Sometimes the link appears to be there but actually loads a blank page. Thanks, Tony S
  12. Check the exact date when the amount of interest charged was changed (or will change). If there's a delay before changing your DD then you've made a small overpayment off the balance. You should be able to confirm this from their statement.
  13. If they provide a statement you should be able to verify that the amount of interest is correct, and that the additional amount that you're paying over and above that interest is being deducted from the balance.
  14. Mine changed almost straightaway. Cheltenham and Gloucester pre-credit crunch tracker.
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