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  1. There have been developments today on Quaker6's thread re Starbucks/EuroGarages.
  2. Hang on - what do you mean by "overthrown"? Two different parties have two different opinions. MET reckon you owe this money. You reckon you don't. Er - that's it. The only way you can be forced to pay this money is if you're ordered to by an unbiased judge after MET have argued their case in curt. As explained above, so far MET have been prepared to do this ... never.
  3. Read post 10 here regarding contacting Starbucks https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/466381-met-cctv-pcn-occupants-left-carpark-appealed-starbucks-closed-346-southgate-park-stansted-cm24-1py/
  4. Thanks for filling in the sticky and uploading the PCN straight away - we wish everyone who comes here would do that! You refer to the site as "infamous". You're right. It's a scam site. It's been exposed as a scam site in the national press and on national TV. There's no point appealing. You'd be appealing to the very people who set up the scam! We have around 130 cases for this site. In not one have MET dared pursue the Cagger all the way to a court hearing.
  5. Please fill in the sticky as dx asked. Was the kids' party inside the Bizspace area?
  6. I've had a look on their site to see if there is a way to download photos, but haven't found anything. The best thing is to send them a SAR on Monday. Invest in a 2nd class stamp and get a free Certificate of Posting from the post office. That way they will have to produce the original invoice, a windscreen ticket if it exists, photos, etc.
  7. The signs do say a 7-hour stay (presumably five free plus two paying). But they also go on about a permit. What the logic is of a permit when watching a film or going to flippin' Burger King is beyond me.
  8. The sign says "Parking conditions apply 24/7". Mind you, that's after a huge wall of text. The whole thing is massively confusing. Goodness knows what you're meant to do if you spend only a fiver in Iceland or you stay a few minutes over the hour there.
  9. A question - did you use the supermarket or the restaurant? I see the restrictions are different. Sign.pdf
  10. Thank you. You left all your personal details showing on the invoice, but I've removed them. From Googling it seems the free parking is limited to one hour. You stayed two. There is no point appealing, you did overstay. That's apart from the fact the private parking companies are just interested in £££££ and never accept appeals. We have other Iceland cases, Iceland as a company refuse to have these invoices cancelled. So it's up to you. Pay £51 and the matter goes away. Or refuse to pay. Horizon very rarely do court. We would support you all the way.
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