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  1. Total mug, as this would have been one of the easier claims to see off. Thanks though for coming back on here and letting everyone know the conclusion.
  2. But why do you think that? By insulting them you are showing that you know their "case" is complete pants, that they'd lose in court, that you're not scared of them, that you hold them in contempt and that you'd have no problem doing court. It's people who treat them with respect who they think are the mugs and they're more likely to take to court, hoping the person will be scared of court or think their carp case actually holds water. No guarantees of course, but EB's classics have shut these fleecers up many a time.
  3. Surely both can be done? Send them the insulting letter which also takes the wee wee out of them about the £60 charge?
  4. Well unfortunately the fleecers will be able to get the details of the keeper of the car from the DVLA, who will in due course receive a NTK. If possible, it would be good to track this person down, let them know what is likely to happen, and encourage them to come on here to fight the charge. Depending on exact details there are probably loads of different ways to make sure this person doesn't have to cough up - prohibition - supremacy of contract - grace period. Have a read of other threads to get an idea of how to fight these conmen, and get the keeper of the vehicle to start a thread here if you can trace him/her.
  5. You're confident because you have put a hell of a lot of work into understanding the law and how to beat these fleecers.
  6. The only time I've ever been in civil court in England was when I was a naive early-20-something-year-old, and the other party had a solicitor. I was bricking it. I won. That was because I had prepared to the best of my (limited) abilities, and the other party had lied to their solicitor. Having a solicitor is no guarantee of success. If their case is pants, it's pants, a solicitor can't magically change that (and the solicitor gets their £££ anyway).
  7. Good news, so you know they have no planning permission for their signs, which is illegal. Illegality = no contract with them. A first string to your bow. Also do as suggested by EB in post 9. Get on to the petrol station and point out you were a genuine customer, you stayed longer than the 15 minutes allowed in order to spend more money, and you want them to get the fleecers to cancel. This approach has worked several times in other threads. Try to be "nice" about it at first, if they won't cooperate then later you can threaten them with the legal consequences of getting into bed with these conmen.
  8. 15-minute limit, when they also sell hot food (and presumably coffee too). What are you supposed to do, munch the hot dog (and scald yourself) while driving?! Surely this is an unfair contract, never mind the 10-minute grace period and the various codes of conduct about not being predatory. Your friend won't be paying a penny, as long as s/he doesn't make mistakes in cooperating with these fleecers … the experts will be on in the morning to help.
  9. Never knew that. And I'm an English teacher!!! I thought it was a typo. Cheers Mrs O'Frog
  10. You would have thought that when Company A buys a debt from Company B, that Company B supplies the payment history. I mean, it's not difficult, it's not like they have to physically carry a hundredweight of files from office to office, they just have to forward some files on a computer! You're right to not give them a red cent. I know you're trying to make sure every eventuality is covered, which does you great credit, but the reasons the experts have said to ignore Link is because such dishonest companies will lie & lie & lie to get £££££ … so beware of their tricks. If this payment is real (I bet it's not!) they should have sent you the details a year ago.
  11. OK, briefly, my brother led a very disturbed life and died with over 22 grand of debts. In just about every case the companies who actually owned the debts, or their pet DCAs, e-mailed me copies of the original signed contracts and computer details of payments month per month. (I know the experts here aren't keen on e-mail, but this was a long time before I joined the forum and as I live abroad e-mail seemed the obvious way). I didn't have to ask, they just did it automatically, I assume it's standard procedure. In fact logically it can't be that difficult, just a case of clicking on a name on a computer and attaching the files concerned. That's what made me ridicule that Link are making you "await" details of payment. If the payment exists they have the details on their computer! It's like me saying I can't communicate immediately which sort of socks I'm wearing today or what I had for breakfast this morning.
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