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  1. Hope you enjoyed your holiday! They (or their DCAs) probably will send you more rubbish, but it'll just be more toilet paper from paper tigers. Ignore and just file it away. Do come back here if you receive a LBA though.
  2. Spot on. I would just ignore them now. You've already told them you're not paying. If they had any sort of case they would be preparing for court action, not offering you massive discounts. Come back here is they ever send a LBA though.
  3. Agree with Andy, if you're organised it will be HER in deep trouble for making false accusations. I'd keep a little "diary" of the few times you have been outside her home with dates & times. If she's daft enough to bring it up in court show the "diary" to the judge and point out you had a valid reason for taking the photographs. Oh, and that you weren't charged, cautioned or even asked to go to the police station, plus you are unaware if she has been charged with wasting police time or not.
  4. Dx spot on as per usual. Also have a look at post 51 (especially points 1 & 4) at https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/418499-vcs-pcn-paploc-now-claimform-no-stopping-london-southend-airport/page/3/#comments and as Dx says, adapt according to your own situation after doing your research.
  5. Yes, it is. Have a look at the last version she came up with. Adapt it according to your own situation and then post up here what you propose to send, we will be happy to do any tweaking. No need for Word, PDF or scanning, you can send the defence through MCOL.
  6. Chris, thanks for your PM, but the site prefers advice to be given on threads, where anyone can access the info. and learn how to stand up to these fleecers. The standard short defence is on any VCS claimform thread. Have a look at the third page of anniebattlemum's thread, and adapt her defence.
  7. If you haven't sent the letter, best to keep the info. to yourself and then demolish them in court if it gets that far. I notice that, even though the LBA was your final, last, ultimate chance to pay before they took you to court ... they still haven't taken you to court and are still sending silly letters.
  8. Why? They're not taking you to court. They're just sending toilet paper. Sitting idle is an excellent idea. In fact replying to them would show you're taking their silly threats seriously and you could admit to something and lose your rights under the POFA. So keep on enjoying ignoring their nonsense. Come back here though if they send an LBA.
  9. Yes, it's not nice to get court papers, but people like Dx & EB have been battling these fleecers for years and know what they're doing. When you have time do a search for & read other VCS airport threads, you'll get a good idea of what will happen next and how to see off Simple Simon.
  10. Yes A-S-G, could you please clarify who is suing you? This is the second thread in a week where Simon has been named as the claimant, surely he can't have been so stupid as to put himself personally down as the claimant.
  11. No! Don't send anything to Trace. It's not their debt and so they can do nothing to you. Nor will they take a blind bit of notice of anything you say. Read Dx's posts 2 & 5 again. All that is happening at the moment is that you're receiving a lot of toilet paper in envelopes. Nothing is happening legally. Unless you get a LBA there is nothing to worry about.
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