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  1. @FruitSalad1010 a bit late now. i took those photos. but the car was parked outside the marked redline so i thought I was safe
  2. Thank you @FTMDave @brassnecked and the team. I will file WS and will keep you guys posted. Thank You so much
  3. Thank you guys @FTMDave @lookinforinfo @brassnecked I appreciate the effort you guys put in. I have now updated the WS. please see attacehd. attached separately the "negotiation letter" where they would be seeking further costs of £220. mentioned about that in Point 19 and attached the same letter in Section 3. I am still not sure which letter states that Simon would be representing himself. can you please help on that? Family would be in the UK till 06 Sep. will check Simon's payment on 1 and send him and court the letter on the same day about move. In the County Court - FI_Redacted.pdf 8. VCS Negotiation Letter_Redacted.pdf
  4. Apologies @FTMDave. I have made the changes now In the County Court - FI copy_Redacted NEW.pdf
  5. not done much about it tbh @FTMDave but I have started now. i believe i was inside the area highlighted in those photos. Ok I'll have look at it now
  6. another question folks, when i stopped to drop off the passnger, i was away for less than 05 minutes then drove off. Do you think i should raise a Subject Access Request with VCS (like @m1n1me raised in his WS at 4.4) to check for how long i was away from vehicle?
  7. I would surely be doing no matter I win or lose. Lovely. I'll take your advice and get off my lazy bum to commit to it properly.
  8. @FTMDave I am thinking for putting a redirection in place. on Page 1 of NTD it says trial by "video conference" and then on Page 4 "Notice of Allocation to Small Claims Track" it says the hearing will take place at the court at 10:00 AM. So not sure whats going on. I will call the court to confirm as advised. How is that? Thank You guys so much. I have a question for all of you @[email protected]@[email protected] HOW THE HELL Do you guys manage to get through all the paper work on this huge website? What motivates you? Gosh I could never do it! I hope you guys dont get offended but I would like to pay £100 plus expenses to anyone of you who can represent me in the court and produce the Witness Statement and Evidence. I have all the information just do not have the time to sit down and compile the WS and the evidence bit.
  9. mrs is staying back until her visa etc. is sorted and should be there in 2 months. so she should be able to send/receive posts etc till mid of Aug-21
  10. ok cool @FTMDave i am on it. yes relocating there till foreseeable future so not sure how will be able to attend the hearing. Is it possible to request an online hearing?
  11. the case has been assigned to Small court and VCS sent me a comms asking if I am willing to pay $£82.5 as they are more likely to win it (attached). Also received their Witness Statement and Evidence (Attached). Court has also sent through the date for hearing (Attached). On top of that, I am in the process of relocating to the Middle East for a new job. Help from you lot has been tremendously useful so far. Any further guidance would be appreciated. 8. VCS Witness Statement & Evidence - VCS_Redacted.pdf 8. VCS Negotiation Letter_Redacted.pdf 8. Notice of Trial Date_Redacted.pdf
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