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  1. While not particularly relevant to your thread I can confirm Revolut customer service is in no way fit for purpose. They are clearly based in a low skill, low wage jurisdiction which results in absolutely no assistance except scripted answers. The chat messages might even be generated by bots, there is no discernible difference that I can tell. So while I don't have experience with your specific issue I can say with complete confidence you will have to take this to a third party to receive any recourse as in my experience they will do absolutely nothing to assist you. They will rep
  2. No they don't, as BF indicated they have to inform the company of the mistake and ensure the goods remain in the condition they were provided, it is the responsibility of the company to collect the goods not theirs to return unless this is pre-agreed and compensated for accordingly.
  3. I have filed a claim with my credit card company under section 75 of the consumer credit act citing the fact the goods were mis-sold under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Act 2008. This has been accepted in principle following the upload of evidence to the case outlined. A hold has been placed on the funds and a default decision in my favour will be awarded if Tesco do not dispute the claim.
  4. I would expect it could be argued that selling a life jacket which is not designed for water survival could fail any reasonable test for mis-selling and should aptly have the name of the item changed to something more suitable. In any case I propose the best way to obtain an independent report if you are in any doubt as to the reports you are already in receipt of is to take the vehicle to a reputable garage and request a quote for the work including details as to why the work needs to be carried out. If a garage is apprehensive to do this then offer to write the report
  5. Don't run any expectations too high for the challenge process alone. It is largely unfit for purpose as each case is reviewed by parties that have a stake in ruling against you, either the council which obviously is unlikely to rule in reducing the fee it seeks to collect or the assesor who is unlikely to rule that a mistake was made. I would expect it to take a legal challenge to actually pursuade the biased party to rule in your favour or be forced to.
  6. If you prefer a more forthright approach, e-mail Alison.Roberts@capita.co.uk demanding they cease and desist sending you harassing communication. If they continue, ignore it and keep it as evidence. If they send anyone, ignore them, document it and keep it as evidence. I would then refer to the CABs comprehensive advice on taking action about harassment.
  7. Hi, I have some limited experience with forcing a deposit return from Merdeces Sandown Group who were unable to make good on their commitment to have a car delivered to their branch. They were difficult and cumbersome to deal with when it came to returning the deposit I opened a charge back section 75 which took less than 15 minutes. I don't know if they were contacted by the credit card company but consider it highly likely because they returned the deposit shortly afterwards at the their own accord after some additional nudging, probably once they realised
  8. Have you called the credit card company and tried to initiate a charge back?
  9. After seemingly purchasing groceries online via tesco.com I arrived at the click and collect point to find the cost of the goods had increased by 15%. Price offered at checkout £150, price charged on collection of goods £172.50. Customer service decline to refund the difference and insist what was indicated at the time of purchase was a "guide price", I maintain had this been obvious I would have made a difference transactional decision. References to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008 seem to be unpursuasive. Perhap
  10. I understand your way of thinking but you don't "go back" through individual bills to claim a refund. Your payments will have been credited to an account and the account will be debited according to usage, be it estimated or actual. Any refund will be calculated by simply adjusting the total debit owed on the account inline with your readings, they may also offer to update your bills with the actual reading and your bills will essentially be zero until your usage has caught up with what you have already paid for. It may get a bit complicated if you have changed tar
  11. This is being posted for the benefit of others should they ever find themselves in a similar situation as well as to gather useful opinion if it is offered, not to waste your hard working time as you seem to be implying. I think it is perfectly reasonable to gather opinions from a range of experienced sources. If you prefer I shall not post consumer issues in the future and we can all be worse off for it. Trading standards offered the advice.
  12. Update after taking legal advice. Effectively FedEx are in breach of contract as at no time did I agree for them to pay import duty on my behalf. The shippers website only indicates that it will be assessed by customs and FedEx, not that it will be paid. Following the normal steps, I will be claiming compensation.
  13. Fedex is attempting to invoice me a total of £37.79 for import duty on an item I only paid £36.97 for in total. They have incorrectly applied a shipping rate of £105.42 to calculate import duty when I only paid £13.70 for shipping. I have given evidence and they decline to amend it.
  14. For fun I have attached a copy of one of their e-mails (invoice numbers edited for privacy), indicating just how much "attention to detail" they apply to their "investigations", Full marks to them however for being diligently gender neutral by keeping their options open in terms of title despite me having signed each e-mail with the relevant title.
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