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  1. This is being posted for the benefit of others should they ever find themselves in a similar situation as well as to gather useful opinion if it is offered, not to waste your hard working time as you seem to be implying. I think it is perfectly reasonable to gather opinions from a range of experienced sources. If you prefer I shall not post consumer issues in the future and we can all be worse off for it. Trading standards offered the advice.
  2. Update after taking legal advice. Effectively FedEx are in breach of contract as at no time did I agree for them to pay import duty on my behalf. The shippers website only indicates that it will be assessed by customs and FedEx, not that it will be paid. Following the normal steps, I will be claiming compensation.
  3. Fedex is attempting to invoice me a total of £37.79 for import duty on an item I only paid £36.97 for in total. They have incorrectly applied a shipping rate of £105.42 to calculate import duty when I only paid £13.70 for shipping. I have given evidence and they decline to amend it.
  4. For fun I have attached a copy of one of their e-mails (invoice numbers edited for privacy), indicating just how much "attention to detail" they apply to their "investigations", Full marks to them however for being diligently gender neutral by keeping their options open in terms of title despite me having signed each e-mail with the relevant title.
  5. Item purchased from the United States. Fedex import duty invoice is grossly inaccurate for costs of goods and delivery paid. I provided evidence of the accurate value of goods and delivery and the relevant amount of duty to be applied. Fedex decline to amend the invoice accordingly. I have offered to pay the right amount of tax owed. They have offered a good will gesture which still leaves the total amount of the invoice grossly inaccurate and inflated. I have declined this as a gesture of good will and decline to pay any admin fee's due to their fraudulent practices and damages I have incurred as a result. I now consider Fedex to be acting fraudulently given the fact they are in receipt of accurate evidence disputing their inaccurate import duty calculation but refuse to amend the invoice. No PAP received. I am considering legal action under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) 1977 under title VIII of Consumer Credit Protection Act for compensation should they fail any of the required processes pursuant to the debt. Trading standards will be contacted on Monday, I am considering the financial ombudsman? Grateful for thoughts/advice?
  6. We settled. The Ombudsman predictably acted to protect the energy company and declined the complaint. They are simply a blockage in the system designed to make the process more challenging for customers to receive redress for abusive practices.
  7. For info I've already e-mailed the CEO last week who passed it on to their legal department. I will send a LBA to the CEO this week, I believe I am owed compensation for their mismanagement of the situation and under their customer charter. If this is not forth coming then the suggestion from unclebulgaria67 is an excellent one as it avoids going to court but risks that SSE pass on any remaining albeit bogus charges to DCA and make credit rating entries.
  8. Thank you all very useful appreciate your replies.
  9. Ok what about the COO who has provided a personal guarantee as part of their customer charter?
  10. Start contract at new address. SSE agree hand over from previous supplier at 633 units. At first bill the meter reading comes in under this number. Over the phone SSE state there will be no standing energy payment due until the meter is in excess of 633 units and amend the bill to standing charge only of £15.52. Later SSE amend the bill from £15.52 with grossly inaccurate estimates inflating the bill to £342.08 despite being in receipt of actual meter readings from the start of the contract to the billing date. Despite being in receipt of accurate meter readings SSE refuse to amend the bill. Pre-claim letter prepared. N1 form prepared to CEO, companies house address is listed in Scotland and I can file an N510 to bring the claim to England. Is it possible however to serve the N1 against the CEO in England at a different company address negating the requirement for an N510? Grateful for any advice.
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