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  1. Hi all Today I received a court claim form for the alleged contravention above. I shall upload it later, and any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. I did consider those facts, but can’t establish whether the land is actually owned by the railway.
  3. ericsbrother, thanks for that. will do just that
  4. Thanks dx Meant to do it, but working all day !! Yes - no id of driver !
  5. Hi New PCN in name of driver now received and attached as pdf. Will now await any LBA. jspcn_1_and_2_redacted_pdf.pdf
  6. Hi I appealed online on 28/12/19. I have attached my submission as a further PDF Thanks Appeal Reply.pdf
  7. In that case I shall await a LBA before any next steps
  8. Thanks very much for clearing that up ! excellent news
  9. Confused My ticket has not been issued within 14 days – does that make it invalid? http://www.knowyourparkingrights.org/News/faq#7 The timeframe of 14 days only applies if the operator is relying on the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. If the operator has not mentioned the use of the legislation within their notice, then they do not have to stick to the timelines stipulated within the Act. This usually applies to tickets issued using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).
  10. If they don’t subscribe to POFA, were they entitled to get keeper details from DVLA ?
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