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  1. I paid the £160 + interest, and limited costs of £100. The barrister attempted to claim much more costs, but she would not wear it
  2. Don’t think so. I received a CCJ immediately, which is now removed as I paid up
  3. Hi all. lost my case. I can not remember all the legalese from their BARRISTER, but the essence of it is that the judge ( whilst expressing sympathy with my case ) did not agree that airports act supremacy ( upon which I relied ), applied, and VCS were justified in issuing a notice to me, due to their contract with the airport. Her reasoning was that it remained a private road, unless it were a road like the M25 going through the middle of the airport, which is clearly a public road, and that airports can not have people stopping or parking where they like, or it would cause chaos. Not happy, but have now paid the charge and costs
  4. Hi all. Court hearing today. Logged onto video link, having taken another day off of work. Judge could not locate either defence or prosecution bundle because of Covid ?????? Adjourned to a date yet to be notified !! Ridiculous!!!!
  5. Great news. mine was adjourned in January with a new date to be arranged ? maybe they won’t bother
  6. Received an email today. Tomorrow’s court date has been adjourned - “Unfortunately, we are having to vacate this hearing due to a lack of judicial time. We have not been provided a judge by the Judicial Secretariat to sit on the hearing.”
  7. Have done the email address thing. The order specifically states just the applicant ?
  8. Hi I received an order from the court today stating that my case will now be heard by video link ( which I am struggling to set up on my iphone ) It says that the Applicant must submit a paginated, tabbed, and indexed electronic bundle to the court. I have already submitted my bundle to the court ! The order is in PDF form below. SO Am I the applicant ? Do I need to submit by email a paginated indexed and tabbed electronic bundle as the defendant ? The order mentions that the parties shall seek to agree this bundle ! What does that mean, and how would that happen ? Thanks COURT HEARING redacted.pdf
  9. Thanks again .I have sent the bundles off now but will bear it in mind if it gets to a hearing !
  10. Also my updated My Witness Statement Redacted.pdfwitness statement with further comments and exhibits Thanks DX
  11. I uploaded all of the claimants exhibits as requested ( compressed ) but they are not there ! Should I do it again ?
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