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  1. Hi All I ended up getting into an argument with UKPC over the appeal date, as they said I had 14 days, from the day after the letter date, I took that to be 15 days from the date of the letter. thats neither here not there now, so they didnt let me appeal, and now I received yesterday in the post a letter from Debt Recovery Plus. I presume this is just another empty threat, I am inclined to send a letter to DRP saying that I refuse the debt. I have attached the letter as a PDF. I know most people here will tell me to just ignore them, but I hate stress and at least want it s
  2. But I wanted to at least get a paper trail and a popla code. I know that the chances of them accepting are slim to none. I am going to email their customer service team purely to get it on record that I did appeal before the 14 day period was up.
  3. Ok I will do so tomorrow. Just an update that I tried to appeal, as it said I have 14 days, beginning with the day after the notice is given. I assumed that 14 days would be today, considering the notice was given on 04/09/2018. so the day after is 05/09/2018 and 14 days after that is today. I presume I will not get a Popla code now. anyways it has the below message. Unfortunately we are unable to accept this Appeal as the Parking Charge Reference number has now been referred to our Debt Recovery Team. We request that you discuss the matter directly with them by telephone 0208
  4. Hi All Really appreciate the messages. I have had a read through my lease, and taken a few pics of places where it says the manegement company can run the flat how they want. There is nothing about needing a permit in there, there is also a little map of the parking lot, although it isnt the best print, so it has my space marked in a slightly bolder outline but you cant see the number on it. Not sure if this map is relevant at all. There is also a letter from when I bought the flat in December 2016 which says that the lease is dated July 2009 which is when the block of flats was
  5. I understand what your saying. I guess the question is am I doing any harm in appealing. worst case they say no and give me the popla code and I go forward from there?
  6. Hi All So I am going to appeal to UKPC after receiving the below NTK. Can you please let me know if you would make any adjustments to the below. Any advice as always is appreciated. I want to keep it short and sweet. Bare in mind I am sending this for the three NTK's I have received so far as I havent received anything for the other four parking charges yet. Dear Sir/Madame I have received the NTK in response the above reference number and as am appealing the parking charge. I legally own this parking spot and as such can this parking charge please be cancelled. I
  7. Well the NTK has arrived so from the advice given some of the responses say this is the time I should get in touch with UKPC. I will come back with a draft later and post it into this forum so advise on that would be helpful.
  8. Really appreciate your response and taken the points on board. From UKPC point of view they dont know that I own the spot. Now I have received the NTK I am inclined to just keep it simple and write an appeal letter simply saying that I own the spot, with a copy of permit attached, and ask them to cancel the ticket. The NTK letter says if they reject it they will issue me with a popla code so I can go down the popla route if they reject it. Do you see any issue around me taking this approach. Of course they will then know who I am as it will be my first point of contact.
  9. So I've been reading for the last couple of hours. I am getting confused with how to go forward. Some of the threads the people are adviced to get in touch with UKPC when the ntk arrives, other threads say just completely ignore UKPC, others say go to popla. Others say to wait till I get a N1 form. Also the letter I have which I uploaded in regards to one of my seven tickets has a date over 60 days later than the parking charge date. Does this mean it is no longer valid?
  10. But I am not sure on the next course of action. Should I be appealing to them or should I wait?
  11. Hi again I've attached the first notice to keeper that I received just over a month ago. Can someone please advice on how to go forward. I unfortunately have seven of these tickets so potentially could be out of pocket by £700. I know its my own fault in not getting the permit sorted sooner. Thanks Parking Charge UKPC 1st.pdf
  12. Hi All Sorry for the delay and my lack of manners in responding. Unforutnately I have let this slip further and received a followup from UKPC saying as they have not received a response in 28 days they have now deemed me the register keeper and I have 14 days to make the payment. Ive attached the letter that I got today. any advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated. I made a mess and have seven of these tickets in my own spot, so of course dont want to fork out £700. Thanks Parking Charge UKPC 04092018.pdf
  13. Well I have more the one ticket for my own spot. For the previous ones I received no followup however for this ticket its dated 5th July 2018 so it is in the range you specified.
  14. Hi All So further to the above, finally after a few months I received some communication from UKPC. A letter in the post Re: Notice to keeper as the subject. Should I ignore this or not? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Just to add to this. I now received another parking ticket even though the management company told me they put me on an exempt list till my permit arrives. Cant say I am suprised. Will just wait till I get the NTK form and then take it from there.
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