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  1. Right I've been out of the loop a while and tend to forget the debt collectors are not the ones who issued the charge or the ones who have to pursue any legal proceedings related to it. I conflate the two entities, when in reality, they're separate
  2. latest correspondence from Smart just arrived, they sound quite determined to pursue the charge and go to court if necessary. Could be all just bluster of course, anything to recommend or just ignore and await LBC? Regards Smart.pdf
  3. It annoys me frankly that the company I work for just gives out all personal details of their drivers inc DOB and Email address. I'm wondering if they are in violation of GDPR in some way by willingly disclosing all of this personal info!
  4. Yes that's right, ZZPS are obviously acting on their behalf as debt collectors I suppose
  5. Confirmed PCN's sent via post ALWAYS go to the company before the driver. They received it on 14/01/22
  6. Do I need to send a letter after this reply from them telling them to sling their hooks or just grant them the extension to the SAR? Regards
  7. Do you think its worth a punt trying an appeal to this firm on the basis that I was doing a pickup at the time (I wasn't). It would look like the attached pdf which is a cover letter from my company, the job sheet that I knocked up that looks like a real one and a cover letter from myself, thoughts? CAG.pdf
  8. Just received this ridiculous reply from DPE - this outfit are obviously 2 bob with excuses like this! I'm sure a magistrate wouldn't entertain this BS for a second, shouldn't be hard to beat these fools! Take a look: 2022-01-31 DPE SAR Delayed due to COVID.pdf
  9. Ok re-upped the NTK pdf here, both sides in full this time. You mean check with my company to see if they went to them first? Regards full PCN.pdf
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