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  1. Thanks for that dx. I agree proving the points in a set aside will be difficult given the service address is correct etc. And given that I'd save £2 even if I did win the set aside case, hardly merits the effort involved anyway. The moral of the story, as far as I'm concerned, is that I should open every piece of post in future related to these issues rather than using the tactic, which it was, of pretending I no longer reside at said address. I'll take this one on the chin and phone the court and settle up rather than face the hassle of related ongoing issues with bailiffs etc in
  2. But I was fighting this claim thanks to you lot and your help last year. I genuinely don't know what happened to the court papers or the LBA that preceded it, and can only assume that it defaulted due to my having returned one envelope unopened back to ELMS Legal that maybe contained the LBA etc. A costly lesson although I'm inclined to just ignore it and swallow the CCJ for 6 years rather than give them a penny!
  3. Ok dx I phoned Northants bulk and the clerk emailed the attached POC pdf. I can confirm that the service address is my correct address. He said that even if I appeal through the set aside process, I would still have to pay £255 in fees etc, is this the case? The CCJ is £257 which is only £2 more so maybe easier than the whole appeal process just to pay it then? Alternatively I could just ignore paying it and have a CCJ for 6 years against me since I'm unlikely to need any credit in that time anyway. Thoughts? POC.pdf
  4. Yes registered to my current address. And no I've definitely never received court documents in a large envelope as you describe, only 2 letters from ELMS Legal one of which I posted back with "no longer at this address" hoping they would just get lost. The next thing I hear is this
  5. No as far as I'm aware after I sent simple Simon my snotty letter last year based purely on your advice, a good few months passed and then I start hearing from ELMS Legal with a letter or two max asking me to settle the outstanding debt etc. Then I receive this today. I did actually write on one envelope "no longer at this address, return to sender" a few weeks ago with an address I recognised as referring to this claim and posted it back, but that was there only one. Maybe that was the one that contained the LBA then. So what's my options now, either pay the sum requested or just
  6. Hi folks, I've now received the attached letter from ELMS Legal suggesting a CCJ will be issued because of my non response to their apparent LBA from the court which I don't ever recall seeing here. Is this another desperate attempt to get me to cough up or can I take them at their word and assume a default judgment has been lodged against me etc. Thanks in advance Elms legal.pdf
  7. Oh yes I thought I'd removed all references but I see I left one in. Do the site mods need to remove my original PDF or can I do it myself?
  8. Ok fair enough I'll just resort to the snotty letter then Ok I've obviously got the wrong info on that then, maybe just the shirty letter then after all
  9. Ok I'll send the letter again. Would a polite request to stop sending letters to a person who no longer lives at an address stop them sending these out as I know bad credit ratings do affect the address though? Regards
  10. Also can you advise on if I just send a letter back saying something to the effect of: "this person no longer lives at this address, please remove this address from your database as I don't want any CCJ's registering against my address" - the current owner Many thanks
  11. Okay folks I'm back, as it seems after a few months hiatus Simple-Simon has now decided to recoup his costs by referring this speculative invoice to ELMS Legal for collection, and having another crack of the whip so to speak. Advice greatly appreciated and I'll donate to the site as before.
  12. Ha ha doesn't surprise me at all, these PPC idiots are simple routine cut-and-paste merchants, and like I said to EB just playing the numbers game because obviously with most folks, sadly, thats enough to keep them going. If everyone took this approach, they'd be out to grass pretty quickly, all of em!
  13. Thanks EB, yeah that makes a lot of sense what you're saying. They're basically playing a numbers game, for the 1 person who bothers to find out their legal position etc and the ability to fight them, there'll be 10 who simply pay up because they're frightened off by their bullshit etc. I'll go to the end of the line on basic principal of not giving in to these ruthless vultures preying on the general public and their lack of knowledge etc. Thanks a lot folks
  14. I posted my shirty letter to simple on 29/5 with proof of postage. It's been 5 weeks now, do you think he got the message?
  15. Ok EB thanks for the comment. Having never had to fight anything legally before, I wasn't aware of A v P and it's common historical usage etc. I did invite comment on my letter before posting it, but didn't receive a reply on the day so went ahead and posted it anyway. Sorry brassnecked, what's "nadsat"?
  16. Yeah I deliberately put that in to be specific as to the letter from Pressdram as opposed to the letter from Arkell to private eye demanding a retraction
  17. Just posted my Pressdram response to the greedy moron up in Sheffield: 29/05/'20 Dear Simple-Simon, VCS speculative invoice no: VCS******** After reading your LBA I can see why you are referred to as "simple"! Do you really think that I would pay money to a company that has no locus standi here and has fallen into the same trap as OPS v W at Lewes CC 24th April 2020, particularly paras 52-65. Your prohibitive signs are just that and no offer of a contract. Even if they were a legitimate offer of a contract, they completely igno
  18. Yes I've just read Private Eye magazines response to this classic case of harassment, and you're right! Telling simple Simon to go forth and multiply is precisely the ending my letter needs, I've changed it accordingly - many thanks!
  19. Thanks guys, I'm posting the insulting letter today with proof of postage. And whilst I'm awaiting Simple's decision, I'll study "no stopping" cases and VCS airport cases and Arkell v Pressdram to get really up to speed on the consistent weaknesses in Simple's cases, learn the points on which he always loses, no offer of contract etc
  20. Ok folks I've added a couple more sentences, please check for legal validity my wording here before I print and post. Also do I add my name or anything at the bottom, I know I don't sign but do I need to confirm my name at least or just leave that out at well? And the address is the VCS one up in Sheffield correct? Thanks in advance... Dear Simple Simon, After reading your LBA I can see why you are referred to as "simple"! Do you really think that I would pay money to a company that has no locus standi here and has fallen into the same trap as OPS v W at Lewes CC 24th Apri
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