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  1. Anti-fracking campaigners win appeal against Ineos protest injunction Anti-fracking campaigns have won a legal challenge to an injunction granted to the shale gas company, Ineos Upstream. Three law lords granted an appeal brought by Joe Corre and Joe Boyd. In a reserved judgement, Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice David Richards and Lord Justice Leggatt ruled that sections of the injunction, first granted in July 2017, were unlawful. The case could have implications for similar, injunctions granted to four more oil and gas companies. The original injunction prevented “persons unknown” from trespassing on or obstructing access to eight shale gas sites and company offices. It also prohibits people from combining together to commit unlawful acts “with the intention of damaging” Ineos or any other companies in its supply chain. Today, the court of appeal struck out the sections applying to protests on the public highway, including slow walking protests, climbing on to vehicles and blocking the road. It also removed the section on protests against the supply chain. https://drillordrop.com/2019/04/03/breaking-anti-fracking-campaigners-win-appeal-against-ineos-protest-injunction/
  2. Latest news from Drill Or Drop. Two-thirds of the UK’s first horizontal shale gas well was not fracked during a nine-week operation last autumn, according to reports that the company, Cuadrilla, tried to keep secret. The documents reveal that the Preston New Road site near Blackpool experienced mechanical problems and lost equipment. They show that quantities of frack fluid used in the operation were too low to qualify for the legal definition of associated hydraulic fracturing. They also confirm for the first time that a majority of earth tremors around the site were on days when fracking was carried out. https://drillordrop.com/2019/04/01/confidential-records-reveal-limitations-of-cuadrillas-lancashire-fracking-operation/ The risk of earthquakes from well operations such as acidisation, water reinjection and pressure release should be controlled in the same way as fracking, a parliamentary meeting heard today. MPs and peers were hearing evidence on whether the rules on fracking-induced seismic activity should be changed. The industry has been calling for a relaxation of the traffic light system after Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking operation induced more than 50 earth tremors last autumn. https://drillordrop.com/2019/04/02/fracking-earthquake-rules-should-be-extended-to-other-onshore-oil-and-gas-operations-mps-told/ Two anti-fracking campaigners locked themselves together outside the IGas site at Springs Road in north Nottinghamshire. They said the action was designed to disrupt operations at the shale gas site, near the village of Misson, where horizontal drilling is expected to start soon. The protest is part of a “Fossil Fools” street party, organised by the campaign group FrAcktion, to mark April Fools day. https://drillordrop.com/2019/04/01/picture-post-arrests-over-fossil-fools-day-protest-at-igas-misson-site/ Events diary - April 2019 and beyond Seminar on next steps for unconventional oil and gas in the UK Ruling in appeal against Ineos injunction Parliamentary meeting on seismicity regulations UKOG and Union Jack annual general meetings Fossil fools day street party Groundswell climate change event Fundraisers Campaign planning https://drillordrop.com/2019/04/01/events-diary-april-2019-and-beyond/ Other news from here and there. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, founder of British petrochemicals conglomerate Ineos, will rebrand cycling giant Team Sky as Team Ineos following multi-million pound deal Environmentalists have accused the company of 'greenwashing' to distract attention from its investments in fracking and plastic production The billionaire has recently acquired a public profile after building a £21bn personal fortune from his privately-owned business Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/jim-ratcliffe-team-sky-ineos-greenwashing/ Labour is hoping to amend new climate change legislation at the Scottish Parliament. Labour plans to amend new climate change legislation at the Scottish Parliament, including looking at writing in a fracking ban. The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill will face its first parliamentary hurdle at a Stage 1 debate at Holyrood on Tuesday. The Bill would update laws to increase the greenhouse gas reduction target from the current 80% to 90% by 2050. https://stv.tv/news/politics/1436684-fracking-ban-under-consideration-in-labour-plans-for-bill/
  3. Ministers have been advising councils that gas from fracking in their area would help combat climate change. But a judge found that the government had failed to consider the latest evidence. Justice Dove ruled that "material from Talk Fracking, and in particular their scientific evidence as described in their consultation response, was never in fact considered relevant or taken into account" when formulating the revised policy https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47472732 The campaign group, Talk Fracking, has won its challenge against government support in planning policy for fracking. A High Court judge, Mr Justice Dove, allowed a judicial review in a case over the climate impacts of shale gas developments. https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/06/breaking-campaigners-win-court-challenge-over-government-support-for-fracking/ Ministers had failed to consider the latest evidence concerning the technique’s “low carbon” credentials, campaign group Talk Fracking argued. The judge agreed the climate impact of shale gas extraction had been overlooked and described https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/fracking-policy-high-court-ruling-government-unlawful-housing-energy-a8810101.html Three law lords have reserved their decision in an appeal against the protest injunction granted to the fracking company, Ineos. Lord Justice Andrew Longmore described the challenge brought by two anti-fracking campaigners as “not an entirely easy case”. He said a written judgement would be handed down but gave no indication of when this would be. The one-and-a-half day case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London this week had hear from legal teams for the fashion designer, Joe Corre, and campaigner, Joe Boyd. https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/06/judgement-reserved-in-challenge-to-ineos-fracking-protest-injunction/ On the day it released a significant amount of the powerful greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, UK fracking firm Cuadrilla’s air monitoring equipment suddenly stopped working. https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2019/03/06/cuadrilla-fracking-methane-monitoring/ Think many are seeing what these Fracking Companies are like And their powerful friends who are slipping away slowly. But so much money will be lost by many,just the way it goes. Gone for now. Tawnyowl
  4. The injunction against anti-fracking protests granted to Ineos is already breaching rights to freedom of speech, the court of appeal heard today. A challenge, brought by fashion designer Joe Corre and campaigner Joe Boyd, argued that the injunction against actions at Ineos sites and premises was “wide-ranging, unclear, unfair and based on exaggeration and untested evidence”. Heather Williams QC, barrister for Mr Boyd, said: Drill Or Drop report of the case. Much more on the link. https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/05/ineos-protest-injunction-unlawfully-breaches-human-rights-appeal-court-told/ Anti–fracking campaigners from the East Midlands and South Yorkshire took their message to Westminster today. A rally, organised by Bolsover Against Fracking, at Parliament Square heard from the town’s MP, Dennis Skinner and Labour’s energy spokesperson, Rebecca Long Bailey. James Eaden, Chesterfield TUC David Kesteven, chair Eckington against Fracking Dennis May, campaigner from Nottinghamshire Rebecca Long-Bailey, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Eddie Thornton, campaigner, Yorkshire-T He of the first lock on at PNR if i remember correctly.Nothing like seeing the Yorkshire folk walking down to the Cuadrilla Site a day i will not forget.So what did Eddie say. Much more on the link. https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/05/picture-post-westminster-anti-fracking-rally/ robert-griffiths-150x150Cheshire West and Chester Council’s barrister, Robert Griffiths QC (left) made his closing statement at today’s session. IGas is expected to make its closing statement tomorrow (6 March 2019). You can catch up on news from other sessions of the inquiry here. https://drillordrop.com/ellesmere-port-inquiry-january-2019/ News updates Day 11: IGas Ellesmere Port inquiry https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/05/news-updates-day-11-igas-ellesmere-port-inquiry/ That is it for myself for today,enjoy whatever you are up to today. I am busy making two Driftwood Herons,Henry and Hendrietta and a Driftwood Snake called Slithering Jim. In between decorating the hall landing and stairs. Great working from home but so many interuptions. I knew you all wanted to know what i was up to. Be careful out there the likes of Ineos,the plastic production kings are trying to break free and roam unchallenged throughout England. Up the protectors and communities of England see these infiltrators off Englands green and pleasant lands. Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  5. Campaigners bring test case against “chilling” protest injunctions Some of the most extensive restrictions on anti-fracking protests are to be challenged at the Court of Appeal tomorrow morning (5 March 2019). Three senior judges will begin considering cases brought by two campaigners against injunctions granted to Ineos Upstream, the country’s biggest shale gas licence holder. The hearing is being seen as a test case over restrictions on protests. Joe Corre and Joe Boyd first went to court in September 2017 to challenge the injunctions granted at a private hearing five weeks earlier. Mr Justice Morgan dismissed their case at the commercial section of the High Court in November 2017. He also later refused their application to appeal. But in May 2018, Lady Justice Asplin, allowed them to pursue their cases at the Court of Appeal. Appeal grounds Mr Boyd was successful on three of his six grounds for appeal: Human Rights Act aspects of the case Injunction on protests against the supply chain Use of the injunction against “persons unknown” Lady Justice Asplin said: “there is a real prospect of success” on the three grounds. https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/04/campaigners-bring-test-case-against-chilling-protest-injunctions/ Fracking the World: Despite Climate Risks, Fracking Is Going Global The U.S. exported a record 3.6 million barrels per day of oil in February. This oil is the result of the American fracking boom — and as a report from Oil Change International recently noted — its continued growth is undermining global efforts to limit climate change. The Energy Information Administration predicts U.S. oil production will increase again in 2019 to record levels, largely driven by fracking in the Permian shale in Texas and New Mexico. And the U.S. is not alone in trying to maximize oil and gas production. Despite the financial failures of the U.S. fracking industry, international efforts to duplicate the American fracking story are ramping up across the globe. https://www.desmogblog.com/2019/03/04/global-fracking-expansion-oil-gas-climate-risks
  6. Data from Cuadrilla’s fracking site near Blackpool has confirmed that the company vented the powerful greenhouse gas, methane, while it was testing the well last month. According to monitoring by the British Geological Survey (BGS), methane concentrations at the Preston New Road site peaked several times at about 400% above typical levels. DrillOrDrop twice asked Cuadrilla what volume of methane had been released into the atmosphere. The company has not replied. In the short-term, methane warms the planet by 86 times more than carbon dioxide, making it a potent greenhouse gas. Cuadrilla confirmed in its statement this week that it had pumped nitrogen gas into the Preston New Road well to lift the shale gas and stimulate flow rates – known as a nitrogen lift. Much more on the link and interesting comments https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/01/cuadrillas-fracking-site-released-climate-changing-methane-into-the-atmosphere/ https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/27/drop-support-for-fracking-to-protect-climate-urge-academics/ Events in March 2019 and beyond about UK fracking, onshore oil and gas and campaigning Court of Appeal hearing on Ineos protest injunctions Continuing public inquiry into IGas plans for well testing at Ellesmere Port Pro-democracy and anti-fracking rally Regional strategy meeting for South Yorkshire and the East Midlands Frack Free Ryedale fundraisers Plus meetings, marches, rallies https://drillordrop.com/2019/03/01/events-diary-march-2019-and-beyond/ The effects were reported from London to the south coast. It has prompted a local campaign group to call for an investigation into the cause to be reopened and to look again at links with oil exploration at the Horse Hill wellsite near Horley. The tremor, at 3.42am, was initially thought to be 3.6ML on the local magnitude scale but recorded first by the British Geological Survey at 3.0ML and later 3.1ML. The intensity – measured on a scale from 1-12 based on observed effects – was initially recorded at four and later increased to five. https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/27/another-strongly-felt-earthquake-in-surrey/ Many Victorian buildings in England that i am convinced do not take kindly to being shaken even slightly. Can cause problems that you probably would not notice straight away or what to blame but sooner or later would be shelling out for repairs From damp,water ingress through cavity insulation particularly the older kind. Microscopic cracks through brickwork,round windows, round doors,stonework etc. And as for older listed buildings in Lancashire,Nottinghamshire,Yorkshire wherever if the Frackers win the day and are Fracking here there and everywhere anything is possible,unfortunately. It would be interesting to survey insulation companies,brickwork,damp specialists to see if there are spikes in areas after man made tremors in areas that have been affected for a couple of years afterwards. But many firms i suppose could not say oh it was those tremors very difficult to prove. Of course as i cannot find much info on the effects of slight tremors,shaking of buildings in England,guesswork a bit like what the Frackers are doing.With a little experience of working on older buildings in Lancashire. Risky business where we live so close together. And things happening and we have hardly started yet. Best stop now perhaps.We will see,as said many times before money can get a lot of things underway. But people power and communities can achieve a lot.When something is not right it is usually or becomes clear to see. Power to the people,now where have i heard that before.Somewhere back in the mists of time it must have been because people do not seem to matter as much any more to the corporations and politicians and money men. But of course it could be because i am getting older and just turning into a grumpy old git. Off now to have a brew and try to get some sleep.Bye for now. Tawnyowl. And have your say whatever your views are for,against or undecided. Just because i am anti Fracking i understand others are not.
  7. Hard usually to get footage from China. But i will try to link a video from You Tube.Otherwise tap the bottom link into google and you will see the protest in Sichuan province's Rongxian county against fracking. People were killed and buildings damaged. Street protests over pollution and other environmental hazards are increasingly common in China, often organized over social media. Anti-Fracking Protest in China | Radio Free Asia (RFA) You Tube
  8. MMM.I am not sure if the link worked for writing to your MP to ask that there will be no possibility of raising Earthquake limits rellated to Fracking,lets try again. Say NO to weaker earthquake rules for fracking The fracking industry is calling on the Prime Minister to weaken the rules on earthquakes Write to your MP today to oppose this proposal At the moment, fracking must be halted if an earthquake occurs over 0.5 magnitude – something that has happened numerous times since drilling started again last year. The industry wants to raise this limit, allowing them to ignore bigger earthquakes and continue to frack. https://takeaction.cpre.org.uk/page/38605/action/1?en_chan=fb&locale=en-GB&ea.tracking.id=facebook-cpre&en_ref=150438356 - - - Updated - - - MMM.I am not sure if the link worked for writing to your MP to ask that there will be no possibility of raising Earthquake limits rellated to Fracking,lets try again. Say NO to weaker earthquake rules for fracking The fracking industry is calling on the Prime Minister to weaken the rules on earthquakes Write to your MP today to oppose this proposal At the moment, fracking must be halted if an earthquake occurs over 0.5 magnitude – something that has happened numerous times since drilling started again last year. The industry wants to raise this limit, allowing them to ignore bigger earthquakes and continue to frack. https://takeaction.cpre.org.uk/page/38605/action/1?en_chan=fb&locale=en-GB&ea.tracking.id=facebook-cpre&en_ref=150438356 If some things are seen twice,what is meant to be is meant to be:sad: Gone again. Tawnyowl.
  9. Just popping off to China,i do look around but there is so much going on hard to put it all down. Thousands of protesters tried to storm government offices in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan on Monday after a string of recent earthquakes that local residents blamed on fracking activities "This is a huge operation that didn't start until it received approval from the central government [in Beijing]," she said. https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/quake-protest-02252019145609.html Well i wrote to my local MP about possibilities of raising Earthquake limits here due to pressure being applied by the companies and their supporters.I used the link on the post here. https://takeaction.cpre.org.uk/page/...WX7A73LfMMcudA Also after having a encounter with a political party who were canvassing at my door a while ago. After mentioning earthquakes,man made flaming Earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla. They said ,which raised my blood pressure a touch. Shortly afterwards they left sharpish,i cannot imagine why. The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, has confirmed that its technical director, Mark Lappin, is retiring from his full-time post next week. Dr Sau-Wai Wong will take over on 11 March 2019, the company said in a statement . https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/24/new-technical-director-at-cuadrilla/ Calming down a touch now. I will return,bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  10. Good morning from balmy Britain where the February warmth from the African Plume is a break from the winter cold.Last year at this time the Beast From the East was in full flow. So onwards what has been happening this weekend,plenty. Windsor Lincoln Cheshire Leeds Cambridge Bristol Were all targeted. Some of the links to the days actions. Anti-fracking campaigners gathered in Windsor to protest against Centrica’s investments in the fracking industry. Centrica, which owns British Gas, has invested millions into Cuadrilla, the gas exploration company that in October 2018 was given a licence to drill at Lancashire’s Preston New Road site. https://www.desmog.co.uk/2019/02/22/protestors-target-companies-supporting-fracking-in-uk-day-of-action?fbclid=IwAR0q-Qk0aQ_hfm62VAoFS2WK7X1qGViHB8DV0jHoLRUoZ_QWALaV_3nUEPo British Gas customers can expect more price hikes, environmental protesters say. The UK’s biggest gas provider announced plans to raise prices by £119 for 3 million customers from 1 April. Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/environment/british-gas-price-rise-owners-fracking-investment/?fbclid=IwAR1doP5LdNZYohfXijLOkshlnR_bvl_vzZe27b79OrX9K3biejWQ7hri_n0 https://www.getreading.co.uk/news/reading-berkshire-news/campaigners-build-4m-fracking-rig-15871707?fbclid=IwAR1GIs9geWAd_VvhWBhGOau9ZhsOO8wlfpFulp9lZjiswtBkhriWHQjmVYU The fracking industry is calling on the Prime Minister to weaken the rules on earthquakes Write to your MP today to oppose this proposal At the moment, fracking must be halted if an earthquake occurs over 0.5 magnitude – something that has happened numerous times since drilling started again last year. The industry wants to raise this limit, allowing them to ignore bigger earthquakes and continue to frack. We can’t allow the government to give in. Please write to your MP and ask them to urge the Prime Minister and the energy minister to dismiss these attempts to soften the regulations. https://takeaction.cpre.org.uk/page/38605/action/1?en_chan=fb&fbclid=IwAR1oYqBVYI7cjPGhsDmx1HKen51EtA4Hf7jqd5zrA90ZmWX7A73LfMMcudA Reclaim The Power and Fuel Poverty Action have created a mock FRACKING RIG outside Centrica's offices in Windsor, to protest their massive subsidy of Cuadrilla's Fracking operations at Preston New Road! I will return if you are for Fracking maybe you have come to the wrong place but your views are welcome. Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  11. Less than a quarter of people support relaxing the rules on fracking-induced earth tremors, according to results of a new survey published today. Polling for the countryside charity, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), revealed that 24% thought the rules should change in favour of the shale gas industry. More than twice as many (54%), supported the rules as they are. Under the current regulations, known as the traffic light system, companies must pause fracking for 18 hours if their operations cause seismic events measuring 0.5ML or above on the local magnitude scale. Cuadrilla’s fracks at Preston New Road near Blackpool last year caused 57 tremors, including eight at or above the 0.5ML threshold. https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/21/new-poll-findings-government-ignores-public-on-fracking-and-should-not-relax-tremor-rules/ In response to demands from industry, the government has said that it does not intend to review earthquake regulations, stating: ‘We set these regulations in consultation with industry and we have no plans to review them.’ However, despite these comments, there have been more recent reports that a review is on the horizon [5] with fresh calls from industry that included a direct plea to the Prime Minister https://theecologist.org/2019/feb/21/dont-break-fracking-rules Anti-shale gas campaigners and industry united in confusion at ministers’ stance https://www.ft.com/content/864c1e2e-3421-11e9-bd3a-8b2a211d90d5 and Ineos's 4x4 manufacturing plans, Sky News learns. Sources said that Sir Jim had also raised concerns during the meeting about the Government's fracking policy, which he publicly criticised last week as laying a path for an "energy crisis" that would cause "irreparable damage" to the UK economy. While private meetings between Mrs May and senior business figures are not unusual, the timing of the discussion has the potential to be embarrassing for her. https://economia.icaew.com/news/february-2019/pwc-considered-quitting-ineos-over-monaco-tax-move The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, is seeking permission to add new chemicals to its fracking operations in Lancashire. In details published today, the company said it wanted to change the composition of the fracking fluid so that more sand could be carried into fractures in the shale rock. Other chemicals Cuadrilla said this would help reduce fracturing pressure. It would dissolve drilling mud remaining in the wellbore and “facilitate entry of the fracturing fluid from openings in the production tubing to the body of shale”. The company said the acid would be used on the well before fracking. An estimated 3-15m3 per fracture stage would be needed. It would be stored at a strength no greater than 10%, the company said. Cuadrilla said this would be used to prevent the formation of gas hydrates during well suspension. An interim decision by regulators has considered methanol non-hazardous to groundwater, Cuadrilla said. Described as a non-hazardous biocide, Cuadrilla said this was an alternative way of treating bacteria to ultraviolent light Drilling muds Cuadrilla said it was considering the use of low toxicity oil based drilling muds in sections of the well isolated from the Sherwood Sandstone formation. . https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/20/cuadrilla-wants-to-use-more-chemicals-to-improve-fracking-at-shale-gas-site/ The pressure begins to build. The filthy Greedy Frackers with their chemicals,Norm and all the other risks want to appear near a place near you soon. Just tell them to Frack Off politely.Whenever you can. Back soon. Tawnyowl.
  12. Tawnyowl just popping in during a break from preparations for exiting Europe. I must admit to not being the best at Brexit but read the Article 50 Discussion thread like a hawk. It is here just in case some have not wandered that way before https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?470412-Article-50-Discussion I can only say i feel a little disappointed with Politicians at the moment.Diplomatic statement,best i feel. . I have just read it which brings me to another entrepreneurial adventure i have undertaken.Well it started last year really just in case. As you know we in the Bear Garden like to keep a eye on each other make sure all is well. So Old Tawnyowl planted thousands of Strawberry Plants last year,i started with one some time ago. I was thinking of times past that European imports decimated my local area. Tomatoes,Flowers,Cucumbers,Lettuces many generations of growers wiped off the map. And they were the best tasting crops that could be grown anywhere in the world. Knew how they were grown,water used absolutely top class.Tasty. Picked and delivered sometimes the same day. Let me remember what i came in for,Strawberries,ah yes. Do not worry about having top quality Strawberries as summer arrives and tennis is amongst our thoughts. And if things go pear shaped with Brexit and the Spanish cannot provide fresh Strawberries. Old Tawnyowl has it already worked out.Shortly i will be releasing the oldest tastiest British plants onto the market. By summer time whether you live in a highrise with a balcony or a mansion in the sticks you could be picking the strawberries from plant to plate in one minute flat. Naturally there are costs involved and back breaking work:-( but they will appear in certain popular places. I cannot tell you where,they sell out pretty fast usually but will soon be out there. Just letting you know not to worry to much we will cope. Especially if a pound or two is to be made One more quick story,i am preparing for many things and working hard as i ever have. A strange thing happened the other day.Usual 12 hour working day.I was watering some plants in the house i have a few hundred here and there. This is a true story but will let you decide whether true. Tired out and my glasses are a little old. Difficult to see and the light was bright. I was only watering the shadows of the plants not the plants themselves,can you believe such a thing. Definitely should have gone to Specsavers Bye for now,Prepare and Plan look after yourselves who else really cares. Tawnyowl.
  13. Good morning,old Tawnyowl here very busy preparing my cellar for items arriving. New shelving fixed and preparations underway:-( No Brexit shocks for me. I’ve got cartons of passata, tinned tuna, carrots, potatoes, onions, pulses, water chestnuts, plum tomatoes, curry paste jars, coconut milk, tomato puree, rice, pasta, water, orange juice, squash, spaghetti hoops, soups, stews, tinned fruit, herbs and spices. I’ve also got a good amount of DIY tools, buckets, lightbulbs, matches, candles, firewood, bleach, Dettol, first-aid items and common medicines. And plenty of seeds ready for planting after digging the garden. Which as the African Plume arrives this week with temperatures closing in the 60s in February i may start the job then. Naturally i have rotavator,petrol driven remembering a old chap saying to me when working on the land if it aint got a motor forget it. That should last a while,you never know. And a guard dog just in case anyone fancies any of my stockpile of goods from around and about. Got to protect yourself from the masses of angry ones that will be roaming around. Brexit negotiations might lurch from one crisis to another, but citizens can sleep soundly over the coming days knowing that supplies of mini-Magnums have been protected. Unilever have announced they’ve stockpiled the ice cream along with crates and crates of Lynx and Sure deodorant. That’s one bit of really good news among the gloom. Post 29 March, we might be starving, unable to get a doctor’s appointment or buy petrol but we can go to work smelling sweet. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-no-deal-uk-stockpiling-food-supplies-project-fear-theresa-may-a8758561.html
  14. 15 Feb 2019 Alex Thomson Chief Correspondent In a joint letter, 48 of them backed calls by the fracking industry for the regulations to be reviewed. But who exactly are the signatories? https://www.channel4.com/news/exclusive-the-pro-fracking-letter-writers-with-links-to-oil-and-gas-industry
  15. Under the revised terms of its exploration licences, the company is required to frack its gas well near the village of Kirby Misperton by the end of 2019. Within the next 18 months, it must also drill a 1,000m lateral well and carry out another frack. After that, Third Energy has committed to drill and frack a 3,000m well by 30 September 2021 and drill and frack another well into the Bowland formation by 31 December 2022. A further new well must be drilled in the area by the end of 2023 and one more by 2024, taking the total new wells to six. Opponents of Third Energy’s activities in Ryedale said today they were surprised to see the work commitments, given the company’s financial position. https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/13/third-energy-commits-to-frack-one-well-a-year-in-ryedale-to-2022/ People living in the area of Surrey hit by earthquakes last summer felt another tremor this morning. The quake, measuring 2.4ML (local magnitude) happened at 7.43am and came as geologists from Edinburgh University pointed the figure at the Horse Hill oil site as a cause of 15 tremors in 2018. The leading investor in Horse Hill, UK Oil and Gas plc, said there was “no reasonable scientific basis for the claims” made by the Edinburgh geologists and described one of the authors as a “well-known opponent of the oil and gas industry”. But Friends of the Earth said the Edinburgh conclusions should “give the government pause for thought when considering calls by the industry to relax regulations on fracking-induced seismicity. https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/14/geologists-link-surrey-earthquakes-to-oil-site-as-new-tremor-felt-in-the-area/ Angus Energy is expected to return to its West Sussex oil site at Balcombe next week, according to the parish council. A report on the council’s website said the company expected to be at the site for two to three weeks. The council said: “There has been no direct communication from Angus Energy”. According to information given to the council, Angus will be testing the water encountered in the oil exploration well at Balcombe and will be pumping for 7-10 days. In September 2018, Angus Energy carried out two limited flow tests at Balcombe. The company reported that it had encountered unexpected water in the well and had run out of time to do more than two flow tests because of equipment failure. https://drillordrop.com/2019/02/14/angus-energy-due-back-at-balcombe/ Comment on Planning Application Back to Application If you wish to comment on the application please fill in the form below and click submit. All fields marked with an * are mandatory. https://planning.surreycc.gov.uk/plancomment.aspx?AppNo=SCC%20Ref%202018/0152 Well with time tightening for the Frackers,the pressure is on. Great announcements will be made no doubt.Trying to influence. PR machines will go into overdrive.Newspapers will show which side their owners support. Millions will be spent.Pressure will increase for the Earthquake limit to be raised. But the truth of it all is that time is running out for the Frackers. Climate Change,all the chemicals,tremors, all the mess travelling through the countryside,the dangers mean the public will not want it. Possible new chemical plants if allowed to have their way in England. However plenty of money will be splashed around to try to give a good image wherever the Frackers try to gain a foothold.. The Frackers last stand is gearing up for the final countdown. Where else have the Frackers left in the UK to go. All or nothing,a new battle begins. Who will have the last dance on the Fracking Pads of England. The Protectors of course.
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