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  1. Tagging @stu007 who's great with this. You should have at least 2 months notice with a Section 21 notice (Which Form 6A is used) For now, scan, redact and upload anything you think will be useful
  2. threads merged for clarity. Looks like they've accepted F&F and you have proof of acceptance. See what they say on your credit report, it can take a couple of reports to update depending on when Barclaycard declares it as partially settled/satisfied. Best not to post up and go radio silent though.
  3. You sure it's a Section 48 notice? Section 48 notice is just telling you who your landlord is. Have they sold and they're just telling you who your new landlord is or is it an actual eviction notice? Might be best scanning it up just in case here.
  4. Use the template letter found in our library. Edit with the relevant info etc and send that. Do you know when the last payment was also?
  5. Same as before. Film them, say it's statute barred and tell them to leave.
  6. Intrum buy debts so they're most likely the owner. It's on them to prove it's not Statute Barred so send the letter.
  7. 6 years from date of DN/Last Payment to take you to court. Further 6 years to enforce the CCJ.
  8. If you're not in the UK why should it matter? Even if they did get a CCJ, they can't enforce it without going through a load of hoops
  9. Seems simple to me. Decline the offer from your reseller than ignore Maria completely.
  10. No, they required apps to be signed by Apple and all 32-bit app support was dropped. Probably in preparation for M1 though (10.15 Catalina was the one before Apple Silicon [M1] and 11.0 Big Sur).
  11. Blame Apple for completely changing how macOS apps needed to be written and verified overnight with Catalina.
  12. There's the ability to download origin for macOS Mojave and older right on the EA Website. www.ea.com/origin-for-mac
  13. should have come here first really. What you requested was a load of irrelevant twaddle. What was the original debt? Have you moved since taking it out? If TM Legal are chasing, that should means that Perch own it now? Did you get the letter of claim by email or post? You should kill the emails immediately.
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