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  1. The question I have always asked myself, is whether Jeremy Corbyn has really change his mind on the EU ? For decades Corbyn campaigned against the EU, as it prevented countries from pursuing economic policies such as state investment in failing industries. Corbyn also believes in Parliamentary democracy and that the referendum instructed Parliament to pursue Brexit. Taking both into account, I suspect that Corbyn does not really care whether the current Government gets their withdrawal deal through Parliament or not. It is purely about damaging the Tories as much as possible, which means Labour appealing to both Leave and Remain voters. Corbyn will try to explain to Leave voters that he wants Labour to be able negotiate a Labour version of Brexit ( customs agreement, close alignment to EU single market, agreement on workers & other rights, ability for UK Government to be able to nationalise important assets e.g. Water, power supply, transport assets & support UK industry). Corbyn will also explain to Remain supporters that he wants to put his EU deal back to voters in a confirmatory referendum, with Remain also on the ballot papers. A good strategy to obtain more votes ?
  2. ESA are correct. The fundamental decision is to award you the support group. The 2 year period is purely saying that in 2 years time, ESA can review the matter. Because the 2 year review period has nothing to do with the amount of award or qualification for an award, you can't ask a Judge at a tribunal to decide when any medical assessment review can be completed. This is why you can't appeal it, as a Judge cannot decide whether it is reasonable or not to review your award in 2 years time.
  3. If your ESA claim includes the Severe Disabilty Premium, you will lose that part of your ESA claim, as you qualified for SDP because of the DLA claim.
  4. What can happen, is that closure of another benefit claim, can trigger a flag to be applied. When I say, payment is blocked, I don't mean that ESA are now not going to pay you, unless you go through many hurdles, because you did not attend a DLA/PIP assessment. The flag being applied could just be to ask whether any change to your circumstances has happened. For example, if you had moved address, living with a new partner etc. Any change that directly affects an ESA claim. I am sure a call to ESA on Tuesday will be able to resolve this.
  5. Council Tax starts up again from 1st April every year and Council send out a Council Tax bill about 2 weeks before this. If you don't arrange monthly payment in April, Councils can ask for the full years amount. Just because you say you did not receive the bill does not mean that you do not owe it. If they took this to Court they would just state that it was posted on x date. They don't have to prove sending it out or it being delivered. No point fighting this, as Councils tend to hold all of the cards. I pay my Council Tax online on my Councils website each month, as I don't like having too many Direct Debits. Suggest that you make a payment for the first month if you can and deal with any issues with the Council afterwards.
  6. I wonder if the DWP central records system has detected a benefits change due to DLA/PIP issue and has flagged this up on the ESA claim. Therefore the payment has been blocked until someone from ESA has been able to look into whether a change of circumstances could affect the ESA claim. If the payment had been processed by ESA, it would have gone into your Bank account yesterday. You will need to call ESA on Tuesday and try to resolve. If it is purely an admin issue, ESA can generate a same day payment to your Bank.
  7. These phone Insurances work with companies that hold large stocks of older models, so they are usually available. If not, they would replace with the model that replaced the older model.
  8. Suggest that complain to the council, as you mention that the council arranged the housing and therefore are required to check the standard of accommodation offered by the housing association they outsourced the provision of housing to. I would not be happy with any immersion heater provision of hot water, as that is a really expensive way to heat water. During the winter with colder water, it can take a couple of hours to heat a tank that size. So if you had the heater on for say 4 hours per day, over 3 months, that would be quite expensive. Then add on other electricity usage and I could see that getting close to £600 for 3 months. The council housing department should take an interest, but if they don't then contact your local councillor.
  9. Self employment income and expenses reporting causes so much confusion, so they conduct checks of the details occasionally to make sure the reporting is in line with what was requested originally. The only way they can do this, is for a Job Centre Work Coach trained in Self Employment to go through paperwork with you, so you can ask any questions about the process. Without seeing what you have reported and details of your business, it is difficult to comment. But I have seen people who report expenses every month which are very close to income, so little income generated or they report expenses more than income generated over a number of months, which might indicate business may no longer be providing gainful employment.
  10. All you do is ask for a written statement of reason from DWP Decision Makers. And ask for a copy of the assessment report completed by the medical professional that conducted the assessment. Both of which ESA would be happy to provide, if people phoned or wrote to request these. It is important people register mandatory reconsideration within the 30 days allowed following a decision and they tell DWP that further evidence will be supplied. Then it is up to the claimant to provide the evidence of why they meet the decriptors for support group.
  11. Parents of a baby born on the day this thread was started would be planning a third birthday ! Have consistently said that Brexit won't happen. Too complicated and risky. Withdrawal deal is the easy part, which won't be agree to, without agreement on future trading relationship with the EU. Tories and most opposition parties have different views on this. Not sure there is any compromised position. My prediction is that EU elections to elect MEP's will take place. Theresa May will stay as PM and her deal will be subject to a second referendum in early July 2019, with the alternative remain option offered. Remain will win by a significant margin, as people are now totally fed up with Brexit and know that voting for May's deal would just lead to years of more political mess, as politicians argued over trade deals.
  12. Have the debts met all required legal standards in the UAE, including registering them as required with UAE authorities ? Have CWD provided proof, by supplying all documents in English ? UAE might have different standards/ways they deal with such financial debts and therefore if jurisdiction has been accepted by a UK Court, the next issue is whether the UAE Bank/Creditor have met UAE standards. It then becomes difficult to argue, unless it is possible to spot issues to raise. And this is where it might be helpful to find out what documents need to be requested from CWD. It won't just be the credit agreement, but other documents required under UAE system to register the debt.
  13. Private landlord or housing association ? Job Centres verify private housing and for housing associations, the Case Manager at the Service Centre checks the information with the housing association. Once the details are correct, the housing is ready to be paid. You may need to phone the UC helpline to ask them what the problem is, so it can be resolved.
  14. Based on your post, I can see why you want to complain. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-work-pensions/about/complaints-procedure You can also contact Citizens Advice as they tend to have very good levels of contact with DWP, so might be able to go straight to a DWP complaints handler. When you complain, it always helps to write the complaint as bullet point time ordered list of issues you faced and not large paragraphs. If you have any documents in support, include these as well. You should also request mandatory reconsideration of the Decision Makers decision, which will go more into the medical/health issues you face. You might want to seek help from organisations that help with failed ESA work capability assessments. There are many such organisations, but one that is associated with your particular health condition may be a good option in the first instance. Your Doctors should also be consulted, as they may be able to provide more information. Ask ESA for a copy of the Work Capability Assessment report.
  15. Fully agree with this. You need to write to the DWP department that believes that there is an overpayment, to insist that they provide proof of this debt and more importantly that DWP wrote advising of this debt at the time. My understanding is that for any debt to be capable of enforcement, DWP must have proof that they issued a letter at the time that the overpayment was first calculated. It does not mean that the debt does not exist, but that without having issued any letter, the DWP claimant would not have had the opportunity to ask for mandatory reconsideration of the matter and then if necessary appealed to Courts Tribunal. I have seen examples of such debts being written off, if DWP have realised that they made an error in not writing at the time the overpayment was calculated. The reason being is that because no letter was issued which would have allowed the appeals process, it is a bit late in the day, to now be issuing the overpayment letter and allowing the appeals process now.
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