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  1. Just be aware that there is a general move to have everything done online, as this is the way the world operates. At some point I can see people not having the option to make manual records, unless they don't have internet services due to where they live or they have a disability which prevents internet/computer use. I can remember when applying for jobs a few years back, that the only option provided by many employers was an online form that needed to be completed. And if you did not apply within a few days, then it was too late. I would strongly recommend that if it is possible that you start to record everything online including the UC journal. Register for online job searches such as Total Jobs and check everyday for new jobs. Keep a full record of everything you do. if you think about it, UC being an online benefit may start to handle claimants remotely via online journal, skype, phone calls where necessary. If people can be trusted to record everything online, which a Work Coach or administrator can see, then perhaps claimants might not have to travel to Job Centre appointments. Of course some people might always prefer face to face conversations and getting out of the house.
  2. As long as you are meeting your claimant commitment there is no issue. So you could not be sanctioned. What you need to be aware of, is that with some online benefit claims or even online education courses, that there is an expectation that an online record such as a journal will be kept. If you are unwilling to do this, unless your claimant commitment says you agreed to record certain information on your journal, then no action should be taken against you.
  3. CAG has to minimise risk of being potentially drawn into expensive and long running legal disputes that might follow from comments added to the site. Therefore some words are subject to auto censoring. Does not stop any companies practices or actions from being discussed. It is where people suggest that a company or individual is alleged to have committed a criminal action that is an issue. Stick to facts and report any potentially criminal or unlawful acts to the appropriate organisation. As for swear words people should refrain from posting these and site team can edit to remove them. UB
  4. Suggest you send all of the evidence to the CEO of BT posted to Head Office address, advising next port of call will be newspapers who will no doubt have a lot to say about BT complaints staff phoning customers using bad language as you have mentioned. This should lead to account being written off and compensation offered,
  5. You have Insurance anxiety. A new health condition, caused by media telling the world that Insurance companies are constantly looking to avoid claims. Of course it occasionally happens where someone has given wrong information and it has affected the risk being underwritten. But the majority of claims are just handled in a boring no drama way, as Insurers really don't have the resources to mess around too much.
  6. Pension credit no longer seems to apply in this situation. For mixed age couple, with only one of state pension credit age, from 13th August 2019 the option available was to claim Universal Credit. But by my calculation, pointless claiming Universal Credit as the deductions for Pension and Carers Allowance would exceed Standard Allowance plus Housing. My suggestion is that the next step is to contact Age UK or other charity that helps pensioners. https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/money-legal/benefits-entitlements. Who is being cared for ? Changes to Pension Credit eligibility From 15 May 2019, if you’re in a couple you’ll only be eligible to start getting Pension Credit if either: you and your partner have both reached State Pension age one of you is getting Housing Benefit for people over State Pension age If you’re not already getting Pension Credit on 14 May 2019, you can backdate your claim. You could still be eligible to get Pension Credit. You can ask for your claim to be backdated to 14 May or before. You’ll need to apply by 13 August 2019 to do this. You can apply for Universal Credit instead if you’re still not eligible.
  7. Don't think it will be an issue, as claim will be on a third parties record. There may be an incident record that you reported on your policy, but not any claim being paid out.
  8. No, it is telling you based on the information you entered, that you are not entitled to Housing rent costs. The only help you may receive is help with Council Tax. What type of housing ? Standard private rent, housing association, sheltered housing. Apart from carers allowance £66.15 per week and £168 per week pension per week, do you or husband receive any other benefits ? Any other sources of income e.g. Private pension, savings interest on savings exceeding £6000. My rough calculation is that you would have benefit income of about £1014 and your rent is about £344. So you seem to have money left each month towards other living costs. Not quite sure what issue you are raising here.
  9. Yes that was OK as it was through your account record.
  10. Only communicate with FM, never a DCA. Not harassment, they can chase for amounts they believe are due under contract. Why would they email asking if still in league ? Was there an issue before this ?
  11. Agree you need to use a benefits calculator website such as Entitledto or Turn2us. The welfare rights persons seems to have raised more questions than they answered or you simply did not take in what information you were being told. You have not given enough information for anyone to properly advise you on an internet forum. Use the benefits calculator and if you are still confused, go back to the welfare rights person.
  12. Why would you think you could not do so ? Visits to US are subject to US entry rules. If you have a debt owing in an Islamic country such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, they have some court registration system, which may mean that it is noted when you attempted to visit a Middle Eastern country . You may then be stopped at the border and possibly detained while the debt issue is dealt with.
  13. No. Are you one of these people who just move addess and don't bother advising your new address ? I have known people like this and they tend to be the ones who always seem to have problems. CLI were a cheap option for Enagic, aa CLI just provide standard letters to chase for debts. Up to Enagic what they do next. Just make sure you can receive their communications, that you read them and if you ever receive a Solicitors letter or Court claim, that you seek further advice.
  14. People living together for most of a week and having some shared financial arrangements would be considered 'a couple'. Of course some people just don't think of any benefits claims and contacting Government departments, as they may not realise the importance of reporting change in circumstances. Or they are afraid that they would not be able to afford to live, if their benefits were reduced. Even if the matter is dealt with as an overpayment, rather than being taken to Court, people should be aware that administrative penalties applied, can be as much as 50% of the amount overpaid. In this case an admin penalty may not have been applied, but depending on the individual case, an admin penalty amount could prove to be a very expensive lesson. Agree with what London states "In terms of understanding the system, you need to call and inform them every time something changes with your income or living arrangements. It's not really that complex."
  15. You should write (post letters and not emails) to Dubai Banks simply providing your UK address, saying that due to personal circumstances you are now resident in the UK and they can send any communications to the UK address. In the letters don't admit to owing any debt, as you don't need to confirm that and at some stage in the future, the letter might be used to evidence that you admitted to owing a debt. Dubai I think has a 10 year limtations period for personal debts, so it is possible for the Dubai Bank or the debt owner to enforce the debt in a Court 10 years from the last date of repayment or written admission that you owe the debt. A UK Court may hear a foreign debt case, so don't ignore threats from a UK Solicitors acting for the Dubai Bank, that they will be issuing a UK Court claim. If you receive such a letter, you need to take action and should ask for advice. What are your current financial circumstances ? Could you negotiate a full and final settlement of the Dubai debts ?
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