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  1. I think it is too difficult for any party leader to negotiate withdrawal from the EU on their own. It will always be a cross party task, unless there is a General Election and the country gave the the Tories a big majority. But at the moment that is very unlikely.
  2. Local help needs to be obtained. Complicated divorce will require legal help from a Solicitors that handles divorces. Also to register a Universal Credit as soon as possible. If any problems to seek help from Citizens Advice.
  3. No change needs to be advised until you reach 11 weeks before birth and then you send the matb1 form into any interested benefits department. Once the baby is born, then yes you may claim Universal Credit, as such things as child tax credits have been replaced by UC. You don't state whether you are in assssment period of ESA, support or wrag. If you are contacted about any health assessment review while pregnant, then advise the assessment company. i would suggest a benefits review. Perhaps check Entitledto or Turn2us or book to see Citizens Advice who are trained to assist with UC/benefit enquiries.
  4. May has a meeting with Chair of 1922 committee on Friday, where she will be told that she has lost support of the majority of Tory MP's ? She will be asked to resign as leader I suspect or Tory party rules will be changed, to force a leadership contest. Then I could see May thinking about this over the weekend and resigning as Tory leader early next week.,
  5. Nothing likely to happen within a few years of a repossession. All they will attempt to do, is write to the debtor, so they comply with the Council for Mortgage Lenders rules on trying to stay in contact with debtor. The rules were introduced around 2000, as some lenders were chasing up repo debts from the early 1990's, over 6 years after the debts were created. This was after having never written to the debtor. Bankrupty very unlikely due to cost and little chance of return. Mortage lender will most likely have a way they minimise cost of the debt to them, in terms of the financial risk to them. They may see the debt as a longer term asset, they can pass on to Debt Collection Agencies, where they have an agreement to share in any amounts collected. After say 10 years a debtor may be in a much better position financially, so the opportunity to recover the debt is much greater. This is one reason, one of my relatives borrowed a few thousand from family, to negotiate full and final settlement of a £30k repo debt. They were advised that in order to move on with their life, that settling the debt in this way was the best option. It really depends on your position. But someone with a young family, might want to move on and not have the worry of being chased for a debt years later.
  6. Argue that the extra is difference in premiums and not the amount they are asking for. Given they have delayed in contacting you, they could simply make the change, so you pay the £891, if that is for same policy terms with the sane underwriters.
  7. Don't worry about this. Someone in your postcode area has looked into buying a Mazda and has entered details into an internet quote site, to see how much it would be. They would have been asked for an address and might have made an error or noted your address, as they wanted to avoid junk mail.
  8. Think you need to keep mortgage company informed of income changes, if you have simply informed of change to employment.
  9. 14 days used to start from date you received the policy documents, but if you bought it online, it is 14 days after the start date. Agree that if they are coming back to you two days after the cooling off period, then that is treating you unfairly. They had time to come back to you, before the 14 cooling off period ended. Make a complaint and advise that you will ask the FOS to review the matter, if they can't offer a satisfactory resolution. Have you obtained a quote based on 6 year licence to check difference in premiums compared to 7 year licence ? Might be worth doing so, with a view to informing you whether it really is another £185. Sometimes the extra amount in these situations include admin fees.
  10. If there has been a change in employment, then it may reasonable to provide details that you are still able to make the agreed repayments including the amount towards arrears. if you just told them of a change of employment, without advising whether incomes have changed, then I could see why a letter has been sent to you asking for income and expenses info.
  11. What this could be is someone living in your area, wanted to get an online quote, without giving their true name and address. This is so they get an idea of the premium, without the Insurers holding onto their details. There are also market research companies and Insurers rating analysts that apply for quotes, based on made up names/addresses. An Insurance company I worked would receive dozens of returned post on a daily basis, where we found that quotes had been obtained using false details. On the envelopes it would be noted, that Mr G Raffe or Mr M Mouse has never lived at the address.
  12. Not sure how EU elections work. Proportional representation ? I though there was a list system for each party standing and it depends on percentage of vote, as to how many MEP's they get. I live in the South West, so how many extra votes do the Greens need to gain a seat and why would the Lib Dems not gain an extra seat, if they received enough extra votes ?
  13. The other possibility is being part of this 10,000 pilot trial, but you should have had a letter about this, if this was the case.
  14. Universal Credit is an online claim, which you log into. After you have registered the claim online, you will need to attend the Job Centre to verify information and to discuss the claim. If you cannot leave your house due to health condition, then a home visit appointment can be arranged. You would request this and if necessary supply Doctor or support worker letter to confirm home visit necessary. Mandatory appointments at Job Centres are when you have a claimant commitment requiring Job Centre appointments. If you are in the ESA support group and this is continued under UC (called limited capability for work & work related actvity), then you won't have mandatory appointments at the Job Centre. If you have to attend a mandatory appointment at the Job Centre, you will in most cases have discussed date/time of new appointment at the Job Centre or during a phone call. The date/time of appointment is added to your online claim and you may also receive a text message to mobile or email to confirm appointment details. So you will have had several confirmations of when any appointment is to take place. If for any reason, you are unable to attend the appointment e.g. Sickness, Doctors appointment, then you can send a journal note through online claim explaining or phone Universal Credit and the appointment will be re-arranged. If you missed any mandatory appointment and did not provide any reasons for this, then yes this could lead to a sanction being applied. Then there are sanctions for not taking up work, leaving a job without any providing any justifiable reasons, not meeting your claimant commitment in looking for work opportunities. The managed migration process of moving people from ESA to UC, is not currently legislated for and it may not happen for many months or years. At the moment there is a 10,000 pilot trial of moving people to UC, but I am not sure who is involved. Not sure if ESA claimants are part of this. I would not worry too much at the moment. Unless you have a change of circumstances that requires a move to UC, you will have to wait until a letter from DWP arrives in the post, explaining the process.
  15. Latest rumour reported by Daily Fail, is that Theresa May will try to get House of Commons to vote a Customs Union arrangement through, but with the arrangement having some clause that the arrangement can be ended. May is hoping that enough Labour MP's vote for this, even if Labour have a three line whip to vote against. Can't see this working. i think you are probably correct about a new Tory leader not wanting a General Election, but if many Tory MP's no longer support the Government, they would no longer have a majority. No Government would last very long, if they could not pass important legislation through. Were you aware that Brexit has caused Government to not to have the legislation that should really be in place and Govenment departments are having to make use of older Legislation, that is not really as it should be. It is a bit like owning a Ford Focus latest model, but having to use parts from version 2, that could be made to work, but are not ideal.
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