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  1. Please tell us more about the fit notes ? Have you been submitting fit notes since you started having the eyesight issues ? Is your Doctor continually saying that you are not fit to work ? If your Doctor believes some work is possible, then ask your employers to arrange an occupational health assessment. This will enable you to be assessed to see what work you are capable of performing. Are you claiming Universal Credit or tax credits ?
  2. Yes contact Mothers Insurance company to advise of potential liability claim and provide them with as much information as possible. Don't need to contact a Solicitors first. Don't delay contacting the Insurers
  3. There is a firm of Solicitors advertising on LBC radio looking to take this issue to Court and if they win, they will take 30% of the amount.
  4. Illegal repossession cases ? Please tell us more. As they would have been through the Courts, they would be legal. Unless you are saying false information was supplied to the Courts ?
  5. I would never install Alexa or any other device which listened in to conversations so they could target advertising. And enabling Alexa to accept voice commands to order products from Amazon is a bit daft.
  6. If people don't watch live TV, on the TV Licencing website there is a page (quite well hidden), where there is a declaration that can be filled out stating that a licence is not required because of reasons a,b,c,d etc. Once this is done, they leave you alone for 2 years, but ask you to notify of any change before the 2 years is up. If you don't do this, they hassle you. The inspectors have a sneaky tactic of knocking gently on your front doors, so you think it could be a friend or neighbour. People then up open up the doors and are caught watching live TV.
  7. is installing an Alexa type device in your home similar to having bug listening devices installed by Police or security services ? Woman finds recordings collected by Amazon’s Alexa – and you can hear yours WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Amazon customers can request all their data from the shopping giant, and can automatically delete voice data in the Alexa app
  8. There are huge numbers of public sector employees using their own vehicles for work purposes. The employers are not quick in offering to provide a works vehicle to use and instead ask their staff whether they have a suitable vehicle which they will pay the mileage expenses for. At some point in the last year or so, there must have been an accident event involving an employee using their vehicle for work, where they did not have the correct Insurance. Earlier this year Government departments issued instructions for line managers to check driving licences, Insurance documents, MOT certs, before they allowed anyone to use their own vehicles for work purposes. There has always been a preference for staff to use public transport or to hire a vehicle.
  9. Very funny video. If UK needs someone funny to be PM, there are better choices. How about Frankie Boyle ? Would make PMQ's more entertaining.
  10. Did your employers advise you to buy a 4x4 to tow a trailer or was it your decision ? If your employers did not make the request for you to buy a 4x4, I don't believe there is any legal argument.
  11. During the private/confidential mediation talks, did they say that there was a criminal investigation ongoing or criminal court process ongoing ?
  12. Suspect the latest documents are just caused by a B*lls up and not a deliberate decision by BG. Complain again and send them any written confirmation of what they previously agreed.
  13. I would suggest contacting the pensions department to challenge the deductions amount. You are challenging the amount of the deduction and not that a debt exists. If receiving the reduced amount is causing you hardship, then ask the pensions department to review on that basis.
  14. This compensation mostly relates to a future loss due to tariffs not being available. Therefore any loss would be estimated based on average energy usage. British Gas may want to apply credit to your account to help compensate, but they may want to see what happens with energy prices. For example, if more energy supplies become available, they can start offering a better fixed rate than you are on at the moment. Unlikely, but I can see this as argument, that beyond the £100 offered so far, they would not want to increase this by much, as the potential loss can mostly only be estimated.
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