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  1. Has changing the seat increased the value of the car and/or made it more attractive for thieves to steal ? From what you said, any additional value would be low and any increased attractiveness to thieves appears quite low. But for an Insurance company looking to charge an extra £50 for a modification, I can see why an Underwriter asked the question may say it is definitely a mod.
  2. Agree it is not a modification that needs to be disclosed to Insurers as changing the seats has not changed the risk.
  3. The Tories election campaign is basically whatever the Daily Mail and Express write about as concerns of the 'British people'. The latest speech by Sunak about sick note Britain is the latest. Perhaps there needs to be a discussion on the mental health crisis that is stopping a large number of people from working. When people are having to wait for months for a Mental Health assessment and then a very long time for any therapy treatment, then that is not going to help. The problem with many politicians speeches is that they identify problems, but when it comes to solutions that are going to cost billions, plus take many years to put into place, they shy away from the practical actions that would be required. Instead they will come up with some slight tinkering actions at a cheaper cost, that won't make much difference. There are probably hundreds of thousands of disabled people who would like to work, but many employers won't offer them employment as they are not willing to make the reasonable adjustments to make it happen. If the Government pledged to support employers financially with the costs that would be incurred, then I am sure we would see many more disabled people in workplaces.
  4. Not consumer credit, so won't show on credit records. Are you 100% sure the Tax Credits payment is correct ? Did you receive an overpayment letter ? If not, there is no immediate need to set up a payment plan. Contact HMRC submitting a subject access request and if there is doubt about the overpayment amount, write to ask HMRC for a breakdown calculation of any overpayment amount. Make a subject access request to HMRC - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Find out how to ask for access to personal data that HMRC holds about you, or someone who has died.
  5. If you visited Qatar you could be detained at the border, if the debt has been notified. If you are only in transit and do not seek to cross border into Qatar you might be ok, but you may want to seek formal advice about this.
  6. Doubt the uneconomic write off would be registered, unless you agreed to accept write off settlement of the claim. It is just cosmetic damage. All that has happened, is that the car has been looked at and they realised the repair costs are going to exceed the value of the car. If the car is perfectly driveable with no upcoming normal work required to pass next MOT, your current Insurers will continue Insurance and you can accept an amount from third party Insurers to go towards you repairing the scratched bodywork.
  7. yes send a letter explaining your business losses as a result of the NFU error and say that you want to avoid taking this to Court, therefore hope that a settlement can be negotiated. Send as much information as you can to evidence the loss and how these have been calculated.
  8. If NFU had failed to send renewal to correct address noting increased monthly premiums and it was due to higher Direct Debit amounts, then more chance of success. But there is still the question of how finances were managed and why the failed Direct Debit was not picked up in enough time to enable the missed payment amount to be paid to NFU. Remember that when a Court considers a claim for thousands they will look at actions or inactions/errors of both parties.
  9. Try to negotiate a higher settlement, but accept that you were partly at fault, due to funds in Bank. And not being on top of your Bank account information and contacting NFU when you should have known that the Direct Debit payment had failed to be paid. If you go to Court, all factors would be considered and you might not be successful.
  10. Why did the Direct Debit fail to go through ? If you had financial issues or your Bank made an error, then this is part of the picture. I don't think you can rely on NFU writing to old address leading to cancellation. If you ask for too much, NFU are likely to refuse to offer much more. They might increase the offer a bit. And then you would then be left with decision whether to issue letter before action letter stating losses (including evidence) and then if NFU fail to respond issue Court claim If you end up in Court, then you will be required to provide much more information including full disclosure of your finances business accounts etc. If a Direct Debit failed, why did your Bank not contact you ? No reason not to Bank £350, but advise that this is not acceptance of any settlement, as the amount does not cover losses incurred.
  11. Will we have to wait until after the General Election, before there are any proper criminal investigations on those at The Post Office including their legal advisors who were aware of IT system failures, but continued to prosecute in a misleading way ? If Government Ministers were aware of the IT system problems and related Post Office accounting issues, then i can see the Police not being too quick with any investigations. This is simply because of the public reaction to the ITV programme and not wanting to create political drama in the run up to the election.
  12. No CCA produced then you don't need to do anything other than check any communications received to make sure, no pre action protocol letter or Court claim received. You could follow the same approach for CAP1, but that is your choice. Do not disclose any financial details to a DCA. It is none of their business. It is only in the event that a Court requires you to disclose your finances that you would need to do so. And make sure all creditors always have your up to date postal address.
  13. I just wonder whether these commission payments have always existed. I can remember when working in financial services, that there were employees whose sole job was to negotiate commission amounts and find ways to increase profitability. On a regular basis, we would be contacted by companies large and small looking to make deals. The other aspect to the commissions is that If there is a significant amount to be paid, the Insurers will find ways to reduce the level of the Insurance cover. So those needing to protect their homes are not only paying higher premiums, but they probably have worse cover.
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