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  1. I think this new site is better the more you use it. Of course it takes getting use to and will be tweaked to improve. Have gone through so many computer changes personal and work, that I no longer become stressed out, accepting the challenge of learning to navigate the new system.
  2. Parliament is very likely to take control of the process and it will be the Governments choice as to whether they continue in office. Even under the fixed term parliament act, if a Government cannot form a majority and the main opposition party also cannot form a majority, then we will face a General Election. i am now thinking that May will stay in office, but she will let Parliament take control of Brexit for the next 2 weeks. If they don't come up with an alternative to the current withdrawal deal that a majority support, then she will hold meaningful vote 3. If it is rejected again, then we are facing a General Election with May as Tory leader and Tory policy will be her deal. Article 50 would be extended until end of the year as a minimum.
  3. Way around this is to not to watch live TV or not get caught watching live TV. Register on the TV licencing website that they don't watch live TV. TV licencing will then stop enforcement. There is a form on TV licencing website, which is hidden, which you can complete and they email you back to say they have stopped enforcement, but will review in x months. They also say they could randomly check at the address. Then when the situation changes and your friend wants to watch live TV, they apply for new licence. This is what I did, when I stopped watching live TV for a period and therefore did not need a licence.
  4. Perhaps Banks in UAE can only easily obtain local judgements, where the debtor is detained, so they have opportunity to pay the debt or come to a legal settlement. Once debtor in a western country, they cannot gain a court judgement, as there is no UAE court judgement. Bankruptcy would be expensive, difficult if challenged and in most cases unlikely to gain their money back. Cheaper to use a UK Solicitors as Debt Collectors, where it is a admin process mostly to hassle money from debtors and they get a share from the money received.
  5. So you don't have to do anything now, as UC has transfered over the support group which is LCWRA under UC. Just check your UC statement when issued to make sure LCWRA is on it. The Case Manager will cancel any health assessment requirement currently on their system. So don't complete any forms sent to you in the near future. when the review date of the support/LCWRA award is reached, you will be contacted at some point, to assess your health at that point. You will have to then complete the assessment form and they may need you to attend assessment centre. UC Case Managers often don't respond to journal notes very quickly, so if you want information about your claim, such as when the review date of your LCWRA is due, I would suggest that you call them.
  6. Using a PO box at a post office in Spain is quite normal for people living in the countryside, where there are no post deliveries. So that should be ok. I know with a family member in Spain who left UK debts behind, that creditors refused to register any Spanish correspondence address on UK credit records. You can add notes to your UK credit files with your Spanish postal address, by contacting the Credit Reference Agencies. Banks can be a bit naughty in not advising Debt Collection Agencies of foreign correspondence addresses, so you might want the Banks to confirm in writing to you, that they have noted your Spanish correspondence address. The Banks might want proof of the Spanish address, which you can provide with the Spanish Post Office box confirmation or Spanish residency document. Not worth offering the Bank any money. You could send them a letter explaining your financial problems and asking them about the process of the reviewing any full & final settlement offer, if you did not want to go down the insolvency route. The Bank will not be very interested, beyond telling you to obtain independent debt advice. Most Banks would rather write off the debt and sell it on to Debt Buyers.
  7. Universal Credit has had large number of applications in the last month or so. The reason being is that people have finished off seasonal Christmas/new year sales work and are now needing to claim. Also in the new year, you tend to get a lot of people going through change in circumstances. Why this affects you ? Because the admin staff processing UC will be dealing with the extra work load, it causes a delay in the current ESA Support group being transfered across to UC claims. The UC system flags up any claims where there has been another benefit claim that might affect UC. Teams then look into these and transfer across any existing entitlements. Because the teams will be dealing with higher volumes of work, it causes a delay in your claim being updated. If you get to the end of the assessment period, with continued Job Centre work search requirements and no sign that the ESA support has been transfered, then call the UC helpline. They can call ESA for information, so they can update your UC claim.
  8. General election and/or referendum within the next 3 months. Theresa May could obtain a Parliamentary majority for Brexit including a Customs agreement with the EU. This would help resolve the Irish border issue and avoid trade barriers with the EU, so would help business. Brexiteers won't support this, as it would stop UK obtaining non EU trade deals, without consent of EU. May knows that Brexiteers , both in the Tory party and outside, are pretty likely to jump ship to UKIP and the Tories would find it difficult winning a majority at next election. May choose to take a tightrope walk down the middle of the Brexit debate and force a compromised EU deal on Parliament, without having spent enough time building a majority that would have achieved Brexit within the 2 year period. This is why an Article 50 extension will be agreed until end of June 2019 and that might not be enough to gain cross party agreement.
  9. Phone UC helpline before end of assessment period, to make sure it has been dealt with. Otherwise you risk delay in receiving correct payment. ESA support group equivalent under UC is Limited Capability for Work and Work Related Activity. Current rate is £328.32. Until this is added to your claim, you are under intensive work search group of UC. The fit note does not switch this off, but Job Centre may have placed a note on your record, not to require work search. But not all Job Centre Work Coaches will do this, therefore making sure it is dealt with, might also avoid hassle of Job Centre appointments for work search and related commitments.
  10. As long as you understand the consequence of not providing an address in Spain, where you can be contacted ? I say this as you seem reluctant to do so, because you do not wish to concern your parents. The risk of not providing a valid foreign contact address, is that UK creditors go to a UK Court in your absence. If this happens in say 5 years time in 2024, they would have 6 years further (longer if court agrees) to enforce any judgement. So not providing a contact address to creditors and keeping them updated if you moved, can open you up to Court actions you have no idea about. And once they have a UK Court judgement, they can transfer to Spain to try to enforce, with local debt collectors contacting you. It might be better to tell your parents, as they might at some point open one of your letters in error or in your absence open letters. Also if you have any phones registered to you or your address, debt collectors seem to find ways of getting hold of telephone numbers, so you cannot rule out calls being received.
  11. You may find this online guide useful. https://www.traveline.info/
  12. Next week, i predict that decision will be made to ask EU to extend Article 50 period. If May's deal is approved by Parliament, they will need more time to get the legislation through. if May's deal is rejected, Parliament will need more time to consider options. Remember that even if May's deal is approved, that Parliament can still amend legislation, to require the UK to have a Customs union with the EU etc. Brexit is going to rumble on for years. Cancelling Brexit appears to be the safest option. ;)
  13. Remember that once you have been in Spain for 90 days, that you have to register with local Spanish authorities. Below pension age, if you are not working and paying Spanish taxes, you will need to have comprehensive health insurance. It is ok moving to Spain, providing that you are going there to work and be able to support yourself financially or be lucky to have family with financial means to support you. i have family in Spain and they have seen many British people in this situation, move to Spain for a better life, away from the hassle back home. But living in Spain, only becomes an extended holiday, with most returning to the UK within a year. They are then faced with having to go through so many hurdles. E.g. Habitual residency test for benefits, trouble getting permanent rented housing etc. I would suggest that you might want to write down a list of pros and cons about each option. UK v Spain. Have you obtained debt advice ? l
  14. Government website Childcare Choices will help you with information about options and eligibility. If you receive any Government letter which says you are not eligible, which seems to be based on wrong or incomplete information, then you need to respond as the letter tells you to do. From what I have seen, so many issues are caused by Government not having received the employment earnings information needed to assess ongoing entitlement. Where this is the issue, they have no choice but to say you are not eligible, until you prove that you are eligible.
  15. Just different. Sure a few tweaks over the coming weeks, will resolve any issues. Certainly seems quicker to use. On Some pages the sticky posts take up whole of first page and you have to click on further pages to see posts.
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