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  1. Northampton is central admin centre Court when claims are submitted online. Later in the process, the actual local Court that will feature any hearing is decided between parties. For these motor Insurance claims, the Insurance companies usually settle before any Court hearing. Issuing the Court claim focuses minds on negotiating an agreed settlement.
  2. Shocking behaviour reported by the dealer. Cannot remember reading previous cases of people submitting fake documents to a Court saying the claimant had accepted settlement offers. Presumably because that would get the person who did this into very hot water with the Courts.
  3. Credit hire is to be avoided. If the third party Insurers refuse to cover the full costs of the car hire, then you would need to study the terms of the agreement signed for the car hire to understand the consequences. I believe a car hire debt could be left, if the third party Insurers does not pay the full amount.
  4. Not a fan of outsourcing in general, as I think control is lost. And the companies used, can have problems meeting the standards required, as HB states above. But I can see why it is attractive, as then Government department or principal company does not have additional staff with pensions and all of the other costs. If you needed say 200 staff to cover work that would last a year, it can make sense to outsource the work, depending on what is required.
  5. HB, is the Kent/France issue related to current arrangement with French border officers in Kent and UK border officers in France ? Not sure whether this arrangement will change from 1/1/21, if there is no deal. Given previous actions by French farmers and industrial action by others, then with UK out of the EU, I can see problems ahead. Could there be blockades at French ports, with UK unable to exert much pressure through EU ?
  6. Campaign starts ? Independence for Kent, so it becomes a separate customs area and can charge a tariff on goods transported through its territory. With the money raised, citizens of Kent might then have little or no income taxes to pay. I could see this campaign being started and it could grow in popularity. Would be funny if Brexit led to break up of UK and break away by some English counties.
  7. SERCO seem to be a default company that Government use to perform contact centre type tasks. So any department faced with a problem, say a sudden increase in incoming phone calls, which they cannot handle, because they are dealing with more immediate issues such as making payments to the public, may in the short term involve SERCO. SERCO seem to employ a lot of security cleared, DBS checked, financial checked etc employees, so they seem to be equipped and ready to manage tasks on behalf of Government departments. No idea just how much work SERCO does on behalf of Govern
  8. start complaints process with AXA as soon as possible. Also separately send a GDPR subject access request to AXA asking for everything they hold including copy of the phone call you had with them day before your trip. Unfortunately, there will be no quick resolution to this and you will need to follow through process of challenging the decision, which may include going to FOS, if AXA do not change their decision.
  9. Had a laptop for a month, but required to work from office. First day working from home as a trial and I can see why people like it. Two minutes commute to work. But supply of coffee nearer as well a food supplies, so it could become unhealthy. The plan is to do a mixture of office and home based working. Virus numbers looking worrying and a full lockdown quite possible. So if this happens, then I can see most people wanting to work from home all of the time. But I work in the public sector, so our health and safety appears to be decided by Downing Street.
  10. I think there is some online registration system for any cross channel lorry. But if this is a requirement, not sure how this would work. If a lorry crossed the Kent border without any registration, would they be subject to random stops ?
  11. I think you need to contact someone who deals with this. https://www.grandparentsplus.org.uk/for-kinship-carers/advice-and-support/contact-our-advice-service/
  12. Yes Energy Ombudman https://www.ombudsman-services.org/sectors/energy It might be worth you writing to Together head office, just informing them of your problems and that you will now be taking a complaint forward with Ombudsman. Together will have taken responsibility for any issues you had with Bristol Energy https://www.bristol-energy.co.uk/bristol-energy-and-together-energy-faqs
  13. The point I was making is that it appears that a claimant could retain ESA on assessment rate pending Court Tribunal decision.
  14. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/917363/adm21-20.pdf My reading is that they can keep an ESA claim providing they register appeal with Courts Tribunal within one month of receiving a decision letter from ESA. And if they requested a written statement of reason within one month, they are given a further 14 days.
  15. Most HMRC staff are working from home and are therefore not dealing with most matters by incoming phone calls. Any phone calls will be via an outgoing phone call and this may be why they say wait for the compliance interview phone call.
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