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  1. You can claim Universal Credit now, while you wait for the HMRC self employment payment scheme to be set up, ready to be paid in time for June. There is only one self employment earnings scheme through HMRC. Link below. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-a-grant-through-the-coronavirus-covid-19-self-employment-income-support-scheme There is a separate small business grant for self employed via local councils, but i believe this is aimed at people with business premises. Have you claimed Universal Credit ? Please be aware that you cannot claim Universal Credit if you have savings/investments of £16000 or more. Have you looked at claiming PIP (Personal Indepence Payments) ? Have you looked into New style ESA which is based on national insurance contributions ?
  2. The housing change to-do just means that it might stop an automatic payment statement being added. They may have to process it manually. Hopefully this will be resolved by Thursday.
  3. Have read the Richard North blogs. Yes they do make sense. I see Trump is blaming the WHO, saying they sided with China too much going back a few months and by not recommending stronger actions to contain the virus, it allowed it to be spread more. Does Trump have a point ? If China was locked down earlier, with flights incoming/outgoing stopped, would it have made any difference ? The problem with this virus is that many people have it, without showing any visable symptons. Therefore any lockdown will stop the spread temporarily, but as soon as lockdown over, you will have more outbreaks occurring.
  4. Just make sure there are no to-do actions showing on the home page when you log in. If there are any such as review your details, then these will block a payment statement being added.
  5. Here is a thread to read https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/386182-eac2-complaints-to-court-about-bailiffs-and-complainants-ordered-to-pay-costs/ If after reading this you still want to compain to the Court, just Google search for the EAC2 complaint form.
  6. Taken from benefits - no. They have suspended collection.
  7. Hi In these uncertain times, it is important to not make life more complicated and cause yourself stress that could have been avoided. There appears to be some misinformation or a misunderstanding online regarding the capital savings and investments limit for Universal Credit. If as single claimants or couple claimants you have £16000 or more in capital savings and investments, you are unlikely to be able to claim Universal Credit. This obviously does not include the home where you reside, but can include any second property you own. Apparently people are trying to make Universal Credit claims, when they have capital above the limit. If they have existing Tax Credits claims, these will be stopped, as soon as they click to register the Universal Credit claim. If the Universal Credit claim is then closed as no entitlement due to capital, it can then be difficult to get the Tax Credit claim restarted. For more information on what capital Universal Credit takes into account, please see document H1 in the following link ( you have to scroll down the documents in the link to get to H1). There is also a separate document H2 in the link for capital disregards. Please note that the disregards are not automatic. You have to disclose the capital and it is up to Universal Credit Decision Makers to apply the disregard. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/advice-for-decision-making-staff-guide
  8. When it says the statement should appear on 7th of April, it does not mean that it will appear first thing on that date. It could be in the process of being issued or require some manual processing. If it does not appear by tomorrow morning, send a journal message. As long as the statement is issued by Thurs 9th ( including 9th), they will process the payment to the account, so it is received before Bank Holiday weekend.. Payments that are processed on the payment due date are done as same day faster payments to make sure received on time.
  9. My thoughts were that your friend sold the company and therefore may have received payment for the companies assets. Did the new company become liable for any liabilities that existed ? If you had nothing in writing, your friend was the sole director of a limited company and asked for help, does the money being processed to a business account, mean it is a loan owed by the business ? Follow Bankfodders advice above and see what you can achieve.
  10. See if you can get your friend to confirm in writing that they owe you £2k and that they will pay you say £50 per month, until the amount is repaid in full. If you issued a County Court claim and obtained a CCJ, if your friend does not have ability to pay you, then you would have incurred additional costs without recovering any of the original loan amount.
  11. So you got this in writing, that you loaned the £2k to Mr X or company x ? If you did not get this loan agreement in writing, could your friend argue that it was a gifted amount ? When did you last have contact with your friend ? If it was a limited company, have you obtained the details from companies house ?
  12. What was the time period of the original loan ? Is the loan period due to expire soon ? How has the £1602.40 been calculated ? You can register a complaint with Cabot and threaten to involve the FOS. That might at least get them to fully explain their actions.
  13. Cats and Dogs meowing and barking that their smartphones have stopped working . Pets think that the humans they live with our stupid anyway. The way they look at you and shake their heads. You can read their body language as saying, "you stupid idiot, I have better things to do than keep you amused".
  14. You may be able to obtain some information from land registry. I have a copy of mine, which my Solicitors obtained years ago, when they did the conveyancing and wanted to check. This website link should help you. https://www.gov.uk/your-property-boundaries
  15. Don't think you have to inform Universal Credit of the Small Business Grant Scheme. Reason is that it is supporting the business via local authorities, which is why it has been paid into a Business account. It is not the same as the sell employment grant being paid out from June 2020, which is going to be treated as earnings for Universal Credit purposes. DWP are updating the following linked page with any Coronavirus information related to Universal Credit. As you will see the Small Business Grant Scheme is not noted. https://www.understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk/coronavirus/ You mention the Business is hers and why should you be affected. Under Universal Credit, as a couple living together, your claims have been linked together as a benefit unit ( you don't have any choice, couples who live together have to have linked couple claims). When UC issues the statement, it will be both of you as a benefit unit. Therefore all of your joint information will affect how much UC you receive. For example your state pension will appear as another benefit deduction, so will affect how much you receive as couple claimants. Have a read of the Understanding Universal Credit website if you need more information on the benefit.
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