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  1. I have no problem with them sharing my data. I think that my data will be shared, even if I opted out.
  2. From what I am hearing from some WhatsApp app groups, many people who are quite level headed are looking to opt out from this data sharing.
  3. I suppose it is because the person could be identified as someone might recognise the voice. Another point concerns payment for the marketing work that has been provided. If the terms and conditions of the shop do not allow for phone calls to be used for commercial purposes, then I would think you could argue about the value of the work. How much would be a reasonable fee for this work ? Youtube could be contacted, raising a dispute with them that consent was not provided to use the phone call.
  4. Not sure on the legal basis to issue the claim. They provided a packaged service and surely it is up to customer to cancel, if they were not using some parts of the service. What is worth looking into, is whether BT have a vulnerable customer charter or similar commitment, where they offer an enhanced service to people, to ensure that this type of situation does not happen. And if it does happen that there is a process for obtaining a refund.
  5. @philmycoke You have lots of information now to use in deciding how to pursue this further. Yes go to the Police station and file a report. Thread locked for now.
  6. @philmycokeDo you want the thread to be locked, so no further replies are added ? In your last post you have mentioned a number of criminal allegations and you should insist at the local Police station that they make a report. If they try to fob you off, ask to speak to the Duty Sargeant.
  7. Quite often people live at least 20 miles away from where the farm jobs are. They have done farm work before, but can't get to where the jobs are or would not be able to get there for the start times which are often around 6am or before during mid-Summer. There are also many people with no experience, who would like to have a work trial. Some people won't cope with the physical demands of farm work, but people have same issue with warehouse work. With the EU migrants not around to complete the work, UK Government working with the Agriculture sector will have to c
  8. The why get involved thought is certainly a reasonable approach to take. However, if @philmycokeis aware of a potentially dangerous situation and decided against pursuing this further, how would they feel, if something happened at some point. It depends on the reason for wanting to report this. Is there a concern about the safety of those living in the property ?
  9. Shelter Legal England - Overcrowding - Shelter England ENGLAND.SHELTER.ORG.UK The legal definition of overcrowding and action that occupiers can take if their home is overcrowded.
  10. Local Council Authority would be responsible for dealing with over occupied properties. Would be seen as a possible safety risk for not only the people living in the property, but also others who live in other properties nearby. With that many people living in a house, it would not be possible to maintain a safe environment for all the occupants.
  11. Yes @tobyjugg2 In a professional capacity, I have talked to a lot of people who are interested iin finding work in Agriculture sector, but they have told me of the problems that they have had due to location of work available. It is not just matching people to farms where the work is available, but there are also problems with the working conditions offered by some farm operators. UK workers who have completed farm work before will not work on some farms due to the bad experiences they have had. Word then gets around and the farms don't attract many recruits. I think the issues
  12. There was an organisation that tried to recruit seasonal farm Labour last year, but the feedback I received from quite a few people, was that it did not work very well. There were too many people registered looking for work and it was very difficult to match people with farm locations. And people, need to be able to move around from farm to farm. Which is where Government could step into help with setting up a better system. Perhaps an agriculture recruitment agency, similar to how Government set up Manpower decades ago.
  13. In regard to food shortages because of a lack of labour to pick crops, I would have to say that the UK labour market is very poorly organised. You would think that social media would help people living in cities and towns find work out in the countryside picking crops, but unfortunately this is not the case. What should happen in every geographical location is that farms list the work that is required with a central register. People interested in the work would register their details and availability with the same register. Once the work arrangements are agreed, you then need some
  14. Metropolitan collection services appear to be part of HSBC and Moorcroft work with many Banks to continue the collection activities, once the Bank no longer wishes to do the administration. I suspect therefore that HSBC still own the debt ? Does the Moorcroft letter confirm this ? For the £12 a year you are paying, I am not sure it is worth mucking around too much.
  15. What type of Bank loan ? When you defaulted with the Bank, how much did you owe approx ? Who did you agree the £1 token payment arrangement with ? Is this the last DCA you were dealing with, before the debt was transfered to a new DCA ? Which DCA's have been involved ? There are many DCA's who have the same parent company owners and also there have been many DCA's bought out by new owners who have taken on the debts. What is the current debt balance approx ? Was there ever a period, when you did not make any payments towards the
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