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  1. Issue a County Court claim if you suffered any loss you can evidence. You would have to send their head office a letter before claim stating your intended claim against them first. The letter would have state amount of loss suffered as a result of their wrongful actions and give them say 3 weeks to pay you the amount or a County Court claim would be issued.
  2. Get on the phone ( record the call if you can) and make a formal complaint. The accounts problem is probably just staff holidays and your account is waiting in a queue to be paid. Most companies allow about 15% of staff to take holiday during the summer. Then you have parents who only work term time etc etc. It means there is always a backlog around this time of the year. If you complaint, you will get your payment.
  3. Go back to FOS if their decision is not for all of the damage.
  4. If you defended and have since thrown away your defence information, then give us a flavour of what you said. You are adding a negative view on other peoples threads, when you won't even share the defence which a Judge had no interest in discussing. Would be wonderful if people had the money to afford expert lawyers to defend their claims, but that is unlikely to be the case for most people. Someone on CAG was quoted £5000 by a Solicitor specalising in this area, for simply taking a look at their case and no doubt more fees would be charged if more work was needed. Which is why it is important for online communities to share information, so they can at least try to defend.
  5. Debt will be owned by the UAE Bank. Don't think they sell debt on. But there might be a commercial arrangement, where there is a share of the proceeds of any debt collection. That is a question you could ask moriarty law, if they issued a Court claim form. Ask them to disclose, what financial arrangement they have with the UAE creditors. I.e. Do they have any financial agreement to share from the proceeds of debt collection following any Court judgement. There was a Solicitors taking copyright claims to Court and they failed to disclose to the Court that they were going to share the proceeds, if they won judgement. This led to the Solicitors being struck off and they later went bankrupt. Solicitors issuing Court claims where they will share from any debt collected following Court judgement have to disclose this when they issue the claims. Failing to do so, is apparently a breach of the rules.
  6. Hornsey Can you upload a copy of the defence you filed, which you said the Judge ignored. This might help others understand what happened. I just read through all 14 pages of your thread and it stopped after discussion about jurisdiction being lost and never really looked at defending the actual claim.
  7. Insurers don't make cash settlements generally and insist that they only way they will settle is payment to the repair garage. Suggest you have the repair done, as if another car hits you in the back, they will say the damage was already there.l Also it can happen if you are unlucky. Someone in a car park sees your damaged car and makes a false claim, that you reversed into them. Seen examples of this where a car drives into another parked car and then drives away. The damaged car owner then looks for another car with damage and takes a note of the reg no. Further, until a garage works on your car, you won't know whether there is hidden damage not seen by Insurance assessor. A few possible reasons why a repair is advisable.
  8. Did you provide your UK address to UAE Bank, when you left the country ?
  9. What could it relate to ? Did you have a property in UAE with a loan on it ? Car finance ? Credit Card ? If they have not supplied much information, then wait for them to write to you with more details. This is just a first letter after 8 years, so you should not respond to it. It will mostly be interest and charges, so the actual debt could be a lot smaller. Debt collection companies can't do much. It would be up to the debt owner/creditor to decide on whether to issue a UK Court claim.
  10. Means absolutely nothing. Most of the debt collection companies that deal with international debts are not to be taken seriously. It is a complex area of law and these companies through their communications try to convince people, that they can enforce debts. It is purely a numbers game, where they obtain enough payments from people by harrasing them with communications, that they don't need to spend money on lawyers that might actually argue a case in a Court.
  11. I would not worry about it. As long as the premium you paid Insurers your car for a year, there is no issue. Go Skippy may have offered you a discounted price. Be aware that according to many forum reports, Go Skippy have a poor reputation for customer service. Trying to contact them can be difficult. And if you wanted to make changes to your policy, this may be difficult to arrange and expensive.
  12. That would be a question answered in a Court. it would be difficult to argue that you had not agreed to repay the Visa costs . You would point to the fact that the Visa was subject to you actually starting work and repaying the Visa cost via a wage deduction. If there are no terms stated in any communications about repaying the Visa, if you did not start work, then I would think that the Aussie company would fail with any Court claim. I don't think you want to get into any communications through CLI. You could simply respond directly to the Aussie company, just confirming that you reside at the UK address and if they feel the need to communicate with you, that they can write to your UK address. Don't say anything else about Visa or work issues. The letter is simply confirming your UK address for any communications. This just records that you have confirmed your UK address and can receive correspondence at the address. That you are happy to receive their communications and are not ignoring them. You just don't get into any discussions regarding any alleged debt.
  13. I can see why someone might write asking to prove a contract existed, but I have a feeling that CLI will just pass on to the Aussie company. It might then lead to letters being received including copies of emails, letters etc, where the Visa application, plus the costs of the application was being discussed and how the costs would be repaid. Although a written contract may not exist in one document, the communications about the Visa application costs and repayment, plus the OP's acceptance could be considered a contract. As the OP does not reside in Australia, there is nothing stopping the Aussie company instructing UK Solicitors to issue a UK Court claim to attempt to recover the alleged debt. It is whether the Aussie company are willing to incur a lot in legal costs and risk losing in Court. The CLI process is a cheap way of trying to recover a debt, simply by paying costs of sending letters. If the CLI process does gain any response, the decision is with the Aussie company, whether they spend any more money to try to recover the alleged debt. Replying at this stage might encourage the Aussie company to continue, by sending copies of communications which they will state do form a contract.
  14. As with any alleged debt, you would ask the Solicitors chasing the debt to provide documentary evidence. Ask for a copy of any original signed finance agreement together with the terms & conditions, which must be in English. Ask for copies of any notices of change in account terms & conditions that were issued, which must be in English. Also ask for a copy for any notice of default that was issued in English. Also ask for copies of all statements of account in English. And ask for copies of all important documents that their client issued in English, such as registration of any debt with UAE Courts or other authorities. Send a letter by recorded delivery just saying that in order to consider their letter and to obtain legal advice, it will be necessary for them to supply the following documents. Then list all of the above.
  15. Benefit deductions can be for arrears (previous years water debts) and current water usage. So on the ESA statement it could show say £50 as a deduction, but this could be towards arrears and current water bill. When Anglian received the £50 it would simply state towards account no. 12345678 and it would be up to Anglian how they applied the £50. I suspect they would apply the amount required towards the current water bill monthly amount and the rest towards arrears. Anglian should on request provide a full breakdown of the debt owing, as an account showing bills owed and payments received towards the bills. If they provide a full breakdown in date order, it might be possible to account for any errors.
  16. Try not to, as you should not have had this meter issue in the first place.
  17. Frank you have nothing to worry about really. They have now found the meter reference and as there is no current suppliers registered, they will simply bill you for usage going forward. The £286 annual usage is purely an estimate and if you send meter readings, they can adjust the amount. If you receive any letters regarding any backbilling, then come back for advice. I would not worry about you telling them that you have lived there only a year. This should not be a problem, as normally any backbilling should be for a year based on estimated usage or readings you can supply.
  18. CLI are not proper debt collectors, as I don't think they have any FCA licence to conduct debt collection. All CLI offer is a suite of letters, which creditors can use to chase debts. CLI simply post out the letters and pass on any monies received. Safe to ignore them, as they cannot do anything. Any doorstep enquiry agents they probably won't be sending, have no powers. They simply ask if Miss Xxxx lives at the address and would they like to pay a debt. You simply say nothing and close the door. They would not bother to return. If the Aussie company want to pursue this, they can instruct UK Solicitors to issue a UK Court claim, as you are resident in the UK. Before the alleged creditor can issue a UK Court claim, their UK Solicitors would need to send a letter to you, advising you they would issue a Court claim. If you never agreed to any terms regarding the costs of the Visa, then there does not appear to be any basis to a Court claim.
  19. No you don't need to declare cancellation. The MIB entry was simply to register the car being Insured from the start date and that it had ended. So you can simply just arrange alternative Insurance. Many people misunderstsnd the question in regard to cancellation. The question is whether you have ever had insurance cancelled. What Insurers really mean by that is that you have had an insurance cancelled because Insurers believed you had deliberately given wrong information, there was an attempt to commit fraud or you failed to disclose information so could not be trusted. As long as Insurers have confirmed in writing that you do not need to declare cancellation, then you are safe not to mention it to other Insurers.
  20. How fast were you driving to damage the car ? The traffic island is actually a pedestrian crossing point, which is why there is a dropped curb either side of the road. I suspect that originally there was more to the crossing point and over a period of time it has degraded due to vehicles hitting it. Who is responsible for the road ? Glasgow council ? If so, they will have a department responsible for road maintenance and any claims from road users. While you may be able to take them to court, it would be very difficult, as if a motorist was driving carefully they would not damage their vehicle. It will be a claim against any comprehensive car insurance, so give them a call to register a claim. If you have legal cover on the Insurance they may look at the road problem and see whether it is worth pursuing. Will your Insurers cover costs of removing the car from the road to a garage ? If not, any AA or RAC membership ?
  21. If your fathers Doctors have issued a DS1500 or letters regarding his current state of health, suggest a copy is provided to the council. As far as I understand it, a LO has to be applied for within 12 months of the rates/tax liability being created due to non payment. Which is why it is important to submit an SAR to the council as dx suggested. I would also send a dispute letter advising that the council have made an error and that this must be fully investigated.
  22. I reiterate what I said earier, do not make a UC claim, unless you receive advice that this is the correct benefit to claim. ESA new style can be claimed as well, but the ESA monthly amount is deducted from the UC claim. So money wise you would not be better off, however, ESA has a different national insurance class it contributes towards. My understanding is that if you believe you may qualify for SDP, because you have a PIP claim and are noted as disabled, is that you can apply for ESA income related. Check with Citizens Advice and they should be able to clarify this.
  23. Yes you can claim income related ESA, but only if you might qualify for SDP. https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/how-to-claim Government policy changed a few months ago, as DWP lost a court case. Some information online, is out of date information. Always refer to Government websites and Citizens Advice/Entitledto for more up to date information. Web searches also bring up results which are old pages of information !
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