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  1. Politicians not being totally honest applies to 99% of them these days. Whoever wins the election will have to find money to pay for all of works needed to repair the damage done during the last 16 years. I say 16 years, as that is when the Banking crash made a huge dent in the UK economy. The Tories have managed a gradually declining country. At least Labour understand they need to fix Britain. The Tories are more willing to accept a broken NHS etc.
  2. Tories realise that they are likely to be in opposition for 10 years or more. And for those who lose their seats, they will be looking for new employment. Sunak is like an accountant, suddenly put into a leadership role, but without the intelligence required to think in a multi dimensional way.
  3. Why so many loans? I would question whether there has been irresponsible lending here. What checks did these lenders complete, before they loaned the money? At some point, suggest you send SAR requests to each company to check what is on file.
  4. Hope you have fully discussed with your partner and they understand what you are intending to do, plus the consequences. E.g. lots of telephone calls, letters chasing for payment of the debts.
  5. Sunak came across as a desperate man, throwing anything he could at the debate, in the knowledge that he is likely to lead Tories to a record defeat. Less than 5 million watched the debate, which is a sign that many voters are not interested, probably because they realise that most of what politicians say is just part of political game playing. It is all about try to win over certain voters and not discussing policies which will improve quality of life for most people.
  6. You normally lose 2 years worth of no claims after a new fault claim, if you don't have protected no claims discount. Again Adrian Flux will be able to confirm what the revised level of no claims discount would apply at renewal.
  7. Too late now I would think, as you have made the claim. The Insurers have incurred costs already so I doubt they would remove the claim record, if you decided that you did not want to continue. You can't claim for personal injuries on your own claim. What was your no claims level before the claim ? You don't always go down to zero no claims. Ask Adrian Flux if the policy remains open and you can Insure new car on it until renewal
  8. Nothing will happen in regard to this one shoplifting event, other than Sainsburys won't let you shop in this store again. But, if you continued to shoplift, then the consequences are more serious. Local to me, there is a town where about 13 people have been banned from shopping in many of the shops. They are subject to some form of order, where if they set foot in any of the stores, they will be subject to arrest by Police.
  9. Lowell probably won't respond to your letter. Therefore registering this issue with ICO may ensure you get a response. But you have to wait and give Lowell chance to respond before ICO will take your complaint. Data protection and personal information complaints tool ICO.ORG.UK Find out what to do next if you’ve had a problem accessing your personal information from an organisation, or...
  10. Sorry, but I agree with Plymouth Council as stated in their letter. Based on their description of their incident. If you disagree, exactly why do you believe the Council have been negligent ? Does your wife have any disability that the sports centre staff were aware of and they were offering assistance to her during her visit to the centre ? If you feel you have a case, go to a local no win no fee personal injury Solicitors.
  11. You need a back up plan. If you believe that redundancy is very likely, start looking at other employment options. Don't leave it until you have been made redundant before looking for new employment. I regularly speak to people who have been made redundant and about mental health. Those who have a positive plan, get into employment quickly following redundancy and manage to maintain their finances. Those who don't have a plan, decide to accept redundancy and a period of unemployment. They end up in a downward spiral, with redundancy money spent, debts accumulated, mental health decline and difficulty finding new employment.
  12. Is your current mental health causing you to apply negative thinking? If the answer is yes, then you should get some advice. The following website link enables free mental health support. https://atw.maximusuk.co.uk/?utm_campaign=EMP-ATW-B2C-B2B-leadgen &utm_medium=PPC Google Text&utm_source=Paid Seach&utm_term=maximus mental health&
  13. Banks have legal responsibilities to offer assistance to those who will get into financial difficulties that will lead to hardship. So you should contact Banks to advise of change of circumstances before you get into default position, so with the Banks help you can manage the finances in the best way possible. The FOS website has some useful information Financial difficulties WWW.FINANCIAL-OMBUDSMAN.ORG.UK How you can help customers who are in financial difficulty, and how we handle complaints about this.
  14. Standard form being sent to large numbers of claimants. Just answer as the form asks. No need to go into any detail, unless the forms asks for specific details of how health impacts on daily activities. If you are worried contact Citizens Advice as they are experts with PIP, as they are trained to understand what evidence is required for assessments.
  15. How are you funding the privately run supported living housing in the new city ? Why are you moving? Have you served in armed forces previously? If you are registered with the existing Council as disabled or have other needs they assist with, then depending on the reasons for needing to move, your current Council may help with costs of moving. But you would have to submit an application to them. So you are best to speak to your current council about the help you are seeking. It is not about a Council being responsible as I don't think there are specific laws saying a Council has to help with costs of transportation. And in regard to Housing costs in new city, as this is going to be private, I don't think the Council will pay under Housing Benefits. You might have to claim Universal Credit, but UC might not cover the full cost as Housing is limited to Local Housing Allowance. Citizens Advice are generally worth contacting about complex Housing issues.
  16. It will be years before Banks would sell to a debt buyer. Sometimes Banks will use external debt collectors to try to collect, but generally Banks don't take Court action. So you could be looking at 3 to 6 years, before any dca owning debt looks to take any Court action. And it is not definite that this would happen. So no need to feel pressured at this stage. In the event you found yourself unemployed, you have time to engage with Banks to advise of your situation and ask for time to deal with the situation, find new employment. As long as you inform the Banks they will offer assistance they can. E.g offer payment holiday or accept reduced payment for period. What you should not do, is not contact the Banks and simply default on payments.
  17. Depends on whether part of the roof needs to be replaced and whether it is a standard roof type, but the works should only take a day or two. Someone I know had a whole semi-detached roof replaced in about 12 hours. Suggest you put it in writing to the business about the issues you mention in your post. Also as business premises, you could also apply pressure by contacting local Council if necessary.
  18. You don't mention what the debts are, which is important, as it really depends on the details in deciding best course of action. So list types of debt e.g credit card, type of loan, utility bill; current owner bank or dca; approximate amount for each debt. And do you own any property assets. There is no blanket advice regarding all types of debts. Whoever you contact regarding debt advice would want to know all of the information. The debt buying businesses deal with multi billions worth of debts. They can't issue Court claims for most debts as the cost of pursuing would be ruinous and don't have staff resources. Instead they rely on credit records being impacted and therefore people need to resolve the debts. And they rely on anxious debtors paying amounts after receiving threatening communications. If you know you are likely to be made redundant, start looking for other employment soon. Due to longer recruitment processes being followed by employers, it can take about 3 months between applying and starting a new job.
  19. Commentary June 2024 WWW.ELECTORALCALCULUS.CO.UK Interesting article about just how bad it could be for the Tories. Also Tories could be hoping on Reform not having candidates in many seats, as they were not ready.
  20. A couple of points from my reading of what you have stated about the accident. It appears that you were driving too quickly on a country road and could not brake to control your vehicle, therefore it ended up in a ditch. Whilst the other driver may be mostly at fault, it does not mean that you have 0% fault for the accident. An Insurer reading the way you described the accident, might believe that you had possibly 50% responsibility. Because had you been driving at a slow speed taking into consideration the road conditions, other vehicles, possible hazards etc, you would have remained in control of your vehicle, therefore avoiding the accident. You need to find out if the car is being inspected to check what damage has been caused and an inspection report being provided. For older cars, there would not need to be much damage to make it an economic write off, where the labour/parts are more than about 70% of the cars value. Insurers don't like authorizing repairs where the repair costs are more than about 70%, because once the garage start stripping down the car to carry out work, they may find more damaged parts and then it is possible costs exceed market value of the car. And also where a garage does work and there is a problem with the quality or extent of repairs, the Insurers are faced with more costs. Therefore writing off cars and paying the policyholder the market value in situations like this a preferred option. Next step is to ask for copy of inspection report on the damage to your car and then consider the options. e.g. can you get a local garage to repair the car, if you got the car back and Insurers paid an amount that was cheaper than it would cost to settle as a write off.
  21. I suspect many electric vehicles have the same inbuilt safety features. The risks that humans take will eventually be mostly moderated by computers.
  22. Another defection from Tories to Labour. https://news.sky.com/story/conservative-mark-logan-defects-to-labour-over-gaza-saying-we-need-a-new-government-13145494
  23. "Testing the stability" ? I suspect the Tesla Map would have picked up that the car was being driven in a car park and the default safety settings required a shut down. Reassuring that Tesla have public safety built in, to try to stop drivers driving in a way that may be risky.
  24. Don't think we can assume Labour will win the election with a majority. There are 5 weeks to go before polling day and anything can happen. Labour are on average 21 points ahead in opinion polls, but these range from 12 point lead to a 27 point lead. If the 12 point lead is most accurate and Labour lose support before polling day, we could be heading for a hung parliament. The opinion polls have proven to be inaccurate before. The most important message must be for everyone to go out to vote. Last election only about 67% voted and for a third of eligible voters to not bother, suggests that they don't think their vote counts or they think it does not make any difference who gets into Government. Website below notes election turnout percentages. Voter turnout in the UK 1918-2019 | Statista WWW.STATISTA.COM In the UK's general election of 2019, voter turnout was 67.3 percent, a 1.5 percent drop compared with the previous general election in 2017.
  25. Rwanda: No credible asylum plan, says Public Accounts Committee WWW.BBC.CO.UK Parliamentary report says there is little to show for the hundreds of millions spent on Rwanda so far.
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