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  1. Please be aware that scam text messages alerts are being received stating that "you have been in close contact with someone with a new variant of Covid and must get a PCR test done. It then says the PCR test is free, but need to pay £0.99 for postage & packaging. There is a link to a website page that looks like an official NHS page, but is not, as it contains out of date information about Covid tests being compulsory. Please do not fall for this scam.
  2. Without seeing what terms you agreed, difficult to say for sure. If the start date to the tenancy has already passed, then up to you to negotiate withdrawal. You may owe a sum related to the loss the landlord has suffered, as they will have incurred costs and face a period without rent while they search for a replacement tenant. And yes they could take you to Court related to loss, so be careful how you deal with this.
  3. If you have not agreed to a date to move in, then the tenancy has not started yet. So you need to withdraw from the agreement. If there are no terms about withdrawing/cancelling, then you just let the landlord/agent that you are unable to proceed with the tenancy.
  4. Your self employment if not earning very much (say less than £500 monthly) may mean that the Job Centre don't see it as being main employment as not paying enough to live on. Therefore they expect you to search for standard employed job of any type that you could do. When you have to move from tax credits to Universal Credit, you will have to just follow the process and provide the information required. Once your claim is set up, the Job Centre will tell you what is required.
  5. Perhaps the only way forward is to live with Covid being around and accept the problems it causes., while waiting for better vaccinations to become available. But to protect health services, if there is a lot of Covid in circulation, to recommend LFT's to be taken before visiting elderly or those with health conditions that make them vulnerable. And to identify the most vulnerable who should be shielded.
  6. Current Government is coming to an end ?. Has the same feeling as John majors Tory party in around 1995. Once a party has been the Government for 3 terms, then people start to become dissolutioned and want change. Can Labour under Starmer win a majority in same way as Blair did in 1997 ?
  7. People now coming back from holidays abroad with Covid. This is going to cause major disruptions, as transport operators, businesses etc will not be able to provide services to customers.
  8. Presumably the wish to work more hours is financially motivated. Given that you are not going to go down the legal route as this appears very difficult and possibly expensive, then there is only one option remaining. Speak to your line manager and client about your wish to work more hours for financial reasons and if overtime was not available, that you will be faced with having to look for better paid employment options elsewhere.
  9. So jointly sue your employers and the client, as the contact they agreed stops you working in excess of 48 hours per week on average. Just not sure you could put a value on the claim, as hours above your stated contract hours, are discretionary by agreement additional hours. You seem quite annoyed by the restrictions being placed on you, so get legal advice about how to frame a Court claim and start the process writing to your employers plus their client to warn them you will be issuing a Court claim to enforce what you believe is your right not to have an hours restriction placed on you.
  10. So they have got a CCJ against your daughter ? Your post suggests that they have got a CCJ. Why was the Court claim not defended ? Have you got a copy of the judgement ?
  11. UK Government and Police not interested in fraud ? Why ? Did Government by trying to keep crime numbers down and making fraud a low priority for investigation, signal to criminals that they could commit fraud without much chance of being prosecuted. Britain is £3bn fraud capital of the world: Probe reveals 40m have been targeted by scammers in 2022 | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK The fraud losses per person in the UK are far higher than in other leading Western economies, including the United States, Canada...
  12. There is no act of discrimination identifyable from the information provided. Under the contract your employer has with the client, they want people working on their contracted work, to work less than 48 hours per week as an average. Your position appears to more of an economic argument, as you want the earnings that result from say a 60 hour week. Presuming you would not be ok to receive no pay for hours over the 48 hours per week. Have you considered becoming a self employed contractor ? Then you can work as many hours as you want to, as you would be your own boss. Work 48 hours per week under one contract and then find other work elsewhere. This is provided the employers can allow such an arrangement.
  13. Sunday Telegraph reporting that Government looking to apply tariffs on steel imports to the UK. This is apparently the issue the independent advisor on Ministerial code of conduct quit, because applying the tarrifs would break international law and agreements signed up to. Move seen as being popular with brexit voters, particularly those in red wall seats. I thought Government were in favour of free trade without barriers and wanting businesses to be operating in a profitable way. Surely if the tariffs lead to higher costs, as the cheaper steel is no longer as good an option, it means companies making items out of steel will have to increase price of their goods therefore they would be less competitive in the UK and abroad ?
  14. So when you reported the accident and Copart took the car away, you must have phoned a number. And surely you have made notes of who you spoke to, date/time of your call etc ? Why not phone the same number to chase up. Your car may have been sold by now or crushed. Dial Direct probably don't deal with the claims other than pass on details to Insurers, but they should be able to assist you in speaking to the AXA team handling your claim.
  15. Check your credit record. Presume this debt is showing. Debt defaults will show on your record for 6 years. Have you got copies of Vodafone statements confirming the amount is correct ? Don't ignore as they will issue a Court claim and you will end up with a CCJ, if you did not defend. Is this your only debt ? As Lowell will have bought the debt for about 10-20% of its value as part of bulk purchase of Vodafone debts, you could look to negotiate a full and final settlement for a lower amount. What are your financial circumstances ? Are you now permanently living in the UK ? Would you be affected if they did get a CCJ ? e.g. renting a property, employment, gaining credit.
  16. OK, if you looked to try to make the debtor bankrupt, where do you think you will be in the line up of creditors trying to recover money ? And is it worth the cost, if you had to go to Court ? Of course you can issue a statutory demand as a way of applying pressure, but don't you think the debtor will realise that it is an empty threat because you won't continue the process ? I would think gaining a CCJ would be first step.
  17. This site would not allow any recommendations for Solicitors or Debt Collectors to be posted. If you can issue a County Court claim, you can do this yourself. It is whether the debtor would settle any CCJ. How much does this person owe you ? Did you get the personal guarantee agreement drawn up properly with any legal advice. Was it a witnessed agreement ?
  18. @Mountaneer What loss have you suffered that you want to take Southall Travel to Court for ? Have you looked into complaining to ABTA ?
  19. Come to an affordable repayment arrangement with the enforcement company, as there is no time baring issue. As long as the local authority have a liability order and the debt is still outstanding, they can go through process of enforcing.
  20. Post back the enforcement notice with a covering letter advising that they have written to the wrong address, as no one of the name mentioned in their notice has ever resided at the address. If it is possible include a photocopy of Council Tax and suggest they check available records to see how they have managed to write to the wrong address.
  21. Might put pressure on him to pay you the amount, even if you could not force a sale. But obviously look at other options with the HCEO.
  22. As you will see from this companies records, does not appear much hope in obtaining the judgement. Wait for judgement and ask HCEO about way forward.
  23. Wait for written judgement to come through. What has the HCEO advised following this latest judgement ? The problem you have is that the ltd company may close down and then trying to get money from the person as director of that closed company may be difficult. As far as you know is your judgement against the person and not just them as a director of the Ltd company ? I would want to know exact wording of the claim and then try to understand legally what the options were. Once you have the written judgement, if they don't pay within time period allowed, you could get them back into Court to go through their financial position to pay you. However, this would cost you more, with you still being no further forward. What is the situation with the car ? Can this be sold ? What is current value ?
  24. So are you going to appeal the ticket due to very sudden change in parking restrictions while parked up and you were in bed with Covid ? Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) | Ipswich Borough Council WWW.IPSWICH.GOV.UK What to do if you receive a parking Penalty Charge Notice.
  25. What was your claim for ? Repair costs ? Value of judgement ? Was the claim against a sole trader or a Ltd company ? Next step would depend on company type and details of judgement.
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