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  1. Email being received suggests that they don't have your postal address. I guess they could ask enforcement agents to try to trace you and attempt to enforce the debt. But, if you don't have the means to enter into repayment, it would be pointless, as any costs they incurred, would take a very long time to be repaid. Are you living at an address where you could be found using available records ? Do you have other debts ?
  2. This is probably a question that @BazzaS would know the answer. Is it possible for someone with Covid type symptons to have a negative LFT, but to then go on to have a positive PCR ? The PCR is more sophisticated as far as I understand it, with a greater level of accuracy ?
  3. Following Police contact with an Insurer, it can take a few days before they decide what to do. Even with a very large Insurance company such as Aviva, the team that handles enquiries from Police will be quite small. But they will have fairly senior stafff, who can decide what they need to do. I would say that Aviva should not be processing any data to credit reference agencies regarding any debt and if they have processed any data, they should remove this from your record. I would suggest that you make this clear to Aviva, just in case you have not already done so.
  4. Believe for fraud, there has to be intent. If there are no reaonable grounds for believing the person trading the watch knew it was fake, then I would think Police would not be willing to investigate. And the person concerned is now deceased, so not sure how it coulld be investigated. The Insurers would be expecting you to make a report to Police for them to consider it as a possible fraud. And the Police are going to want you to explain why you believe it was fraud. I agree with the brokers that it will be considered a trading risk. The watch shoul
  5. Could argue that Boris, is a mixture of many of the Rainbow characters, including Zippy, Bungle and George. Might be why Boris is popular with some people. He reminds them of many of their favourite Childrens TV characters.
  6. CIA website article on let properties being used for criminal purposes. Illegal Activity in Rented Property - CIA Landlord Insurance WWW.CIA-LANDLORDS.CO.UK As a landlord handing over the keys to your property, you instill a lot of trust and faith in your […] Read More
  7. This is from CIA website "What is malicious damage? Many things can fall under the umbrella of malicious damage. It is essentially defined as any damage that is caused deliberately. This could be smashed windows, broken furniture, damage to door hinges, holes in walls, deliberate fires, or graffiti and defacing the property. This may not always be damage caused by your tenant. This could be damage caused by a visitor or an unlawful intruder." Malicious Damage to Your Property - CIA Landlord Insurance WWW.CIA-LANDLORDS.CO.UK M
  8. Your attachment was viewable in your first post. Does the issue you mention with the wallpaper/slight stain really constitute a breach ? Is it significant enough ? The wallpaper was probably applied before the wall was properly dry. But the other possibility, is that the tenants did not open windows regularly to ventilate the room. It is important for windows to be opened or put into a vent position on a regular basis, to ensure that moisture is allowed out. If the tenant had clothes drying in the house, with baths/showers being used etc, this may have he
  9. Appears to be a reasonable approach to take. They tidy the garden to return it to the same state as it was prior to the let starting and you will refund the deposit in full. Suggest you put this is writing so you have a record. I doubt that they have any evidence to support the mattress or health issue being caused by a previous water leak.
  10. Going back quite a long time ago while working in Insurance and occasionally dealing with issues of fraud, we would have contact with Police Officers. We would be requested to take no actions on Insurance policy records, while there was an investigation ongoing. If there was then going to be a court case, the Insurance record is then marked "do not touch, await outcome of Court process" or words to the same effect. The record is then dealt with by a team at the Insurance company who liase with Police and provide any information. So once the Brother is interviewed, if the Police do
  11. I should imagine the claimant would want your full liability for the the debt confirmed by you in writing, with the reduced offer having conditional terms and possibly some payment before the date the hearing fee is due. If you then failed to agree with written agreement re liability and failed to make payment before the hearing date, they would just proceed, paying the hearing fee.
  12. @dixon2094 For the EIS, this relates to buying shares in a small company (less than 250 employees). Were you aware of there being any investment involved for the EIS related tax rebate ? If you were not aware of any investment in shares related to tax rebate and no shares were bought on your behalf, then if it were me, I think I might want to contact Action Fraud at some point, when more information about what has happened was available. If this does turn into being a criminal matter, I wonder whether some compensation may be available through restitution. I suspect
  13. Great advice not to treat a loo like a wet dustbin. The other issue I found, was that some idiot had put the drain cover under the patio. So now I have to build the level up to the patio level and add a new cover. And my neighbours also have a patio over a drain cover, theirs is even worse, as the patio has been concreted in. So if they have a problem, which is likely at some stage, they will have to have it dug up. using a jack hammer. It appears quite common for homeowners not to want drain covers showing in their back gardens and also they don't want the odours
  14. Bit of sh*t topic, but thought it was worth sharing Recently had a blocked drain which I managed to clear. Found out that flushable wetwipes may indeed flush, but they are certain to block your drains within a few months. So my advice is to either not use them or put them in a perfumed biodegradable bag to put in your rubbish bins.
  15. Think the person concerned has already switched suppliers, so Octopus could do nothing with the supply meters. #12 post says supply now with EON.
  16. Yes you declare it as it is within 5 year period asked about.
  17. If you had her address, you could send a letter advising that either they provide the sessions or refund the amount for the unused sessions or you will consider taking this further including issuing a claim in County Court.
  18. Fitness First are correct the Personal trainer who uses their facilities is self employed. Therefore you have to get hold of the Personal Trainer to ask for the training sessions to be provided or a refund issued. You would have a contract with the Personal Trainer as you paid them an amount to cover 10 personal training sessions. There may have been an information leaflet and/or information provided verbally advising you that a Personal Trainer would provide you with sessions at a cost of x amount. That was the offer made to you and you accepted it, paying the amount requested.
  19. Comp Car Insurance covers accidental damage, but of course there will be an excess. Being on private property does not make any difference.
  20. Home Insurance cover under impact by road vehicle will cover damage to wall and fencing. Damage to car is only covered by Car Insurance, as Home Insurance excludes damage to vehicles. But claims have to be made within a certain timescale and you may find that the Insurers decline the claims. You may have to provide some evidence of your Uncle being unable to claim at an earlier stage due to health incapacity for the Insurers to consider claims. The Insurers won't speak to you about the policies, unless you provide them with power of attorney or other lega
  21. Depends on what information you provide. DWP Debt Management won't stop the deduction, unless there is a clear indication of there being an error with the debt. If you phone them, provide as much information as possible and ask them to raise a dispute.
  22. 6 years after last payment or ackowledgement of the debt. But the creditors could apply for a CCJ before debts are statute barred. Before you cancel the IVA, migth be worth adding a post in the debt section, listing types of debt, which creditors, when accounts were originally taken out approx and approx when last payment was made. For any of the debts, was there a period of 6 years, when the debts were not paid or acknowledged or a CCJ obtained. In regard to your Insurance issue, ask NFU about the need to disclose this when arranging future Insurance. If the IVA iss
  23. You could ask OFGEM about the issues. Sounds like massive failure to maintain accurate data. Not sure why Octopus think they still have the supply, unless Economy or those responsible failed to update the energy industries central database to register the supply information. Having had a little insight at an energy company reviewing how they operated, when a consumer switches suppliers, the new suppliers update a central industry register ( cannot remember name) to show that Mrs X at the address concerned is now with X energy company. If Economy never cha
  24. You say payments were made to Economy. When was the last payment made to them and was this a Direct Debit payment ? Can she provide proof of the Direct Debit payment ? The DD that was set up for Economy might reveal a customer account reference, which would indicate Economy did take over the supply. If you can get hold of Economy account reference numbers, there is probably a way to find out from regulators what happened with the supply switch. Sometimes when companies fail, they will set up a facility for former customers to get hold of records. Ovo might not hold them, but an
  25. Economy Energy accounts were taken over by OVO. I wonder whether OVO have the Economy Energy information which might reveal reasons the switch failed. At the time of the switch, was there an amount owed to Flow Energy ? Just asking as Flow Energy may have rejected the switch, because of an outstanding amount owed to them.
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