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  1. Had a laptop for a month, but required to work from office. First day working from home as a trial and I can see why people like it. Two minutes commute to work. But supply of coffee nearer as well a food supplies, so it could become unhealthy. The plan is to do a mixture of office and home based working. Virus numbers looking worrying and a full lockdown quite possible. So if this happens, then I can see most people wanting to work from home all of the time. But I work in the public sector, so our health and safety appears to be decided by Downing Street.
  2. I think there is some online registration system for any cross channel lorry. But if this is a requirement, not sure how this would work. If a lorry crossed the Kent border without any registration, would they be subject to random stops ?
  3. I think you need to contact someone who deals with this. https://www.grandparentsplus.org.uk/for-kinship-carers/advice-and-support/contact-our-advice-service/
  4. Yes Energy Ombudman https://www.ombudsman-services.org/sectors/energy It might be worth you writing to Together head office, just informing them of your problems and that you will now be taking a complaint forward with Ombudsman. Together will have taken responsibility for any issues you had with Bristol Energy https://www.bristol-energy.co.uk/bristol-energy-and-together-energy-faqs
  5. The point I was making is that it appears that a claimant could retain ESA on assessment rate pending Court Tribunal decision.
  6. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/917363/adm21-20.pdf My reading is that they can keep an ESA claim providing they register appeal with Courts Tribunal within one month of receiving a decision letter from ESA. And if they requested a written statement of reason within one month, they are given a further 14 days.
  7. Most HMRC staff are working from home and are therefore not dealing with most matters by incoming phone calls. Any phone calls will be via an outgoing phone call and this may be why they say wait for the compliance interview phone call.
  8. so if found fit to work, ESA will be closed. You would issue appeal, but if you need benefit help while you await appeal, you would claim Universal Credit ?
  9. Just start off using their online form. Ask them for a postal address and email address, so you can contact them to make requests under GDPR etc
  10. Others who are more aware of Tax Credit compliance interviews, where someone has failed to report a change of circumstances, advise people to contact Tax Credits, before the interview to make a late report of the change in circumstances. Apparently this is seen in a favourable light as it is volunteering the information, rather than waiting for the interview, where they are asking for it. Up to you really.
  11. @tobyjugg2 It has been decided that you will now be responsible for deciding on the Covid-19 measures that Government will apply to England. What measures will you introduce ? If it were me deciding, I think I would enforce PPE requirements in any place that is open to the public and that includes schools. So both Children and all school staff would have to wear face masks and those that cannot wear masks due to a health condition, should not be attending school anyway. In terms of how to enforce. I would employ more Council enforcement officers, with the power to issue £100
  12. That would be up to them. You have to just provide the information requested and Tax Credits will follow their normal processes. Even if they did eventually calculate an amount going back to 2016, you can only pay an amount that is affordable each month.
  13. Yes you can provide the information. Council Tax bill is in name of Mr xxxxxx It is simply the case of answering questions and providing the information as it is. It is anxiety that is making your brain think, I can't provide this or that. Just wait to the interview and you won't have any problem. Following the interview, Tax Credits staff will work out overpayment using the information provided and issue a letter.
  14. Could not find a thread with that title. Thread titles are sometimes amended, if for example the debt was chased by a DCA later.
  15. Just take part in the interview and answer questions, providing the information requested. No point in phoning, as they will tell you to wait for the interview. Might be worth speaking to your GP, if you feel that your spending issues may be down to long term psychological aspects which may be resolved through talking therapies.
  16. Is that when records might show you had become a couple living at same address ? If so, perhaps they will look at the monthly average earnings for the period that they asked and use the average to recalculate awards up to the current period.
  17. They don't send people to prison due to forgetting to report change in circumstances. You just need to provide the information they require and they will recalculate tax credit award, sending you details of how much is owed . Your claim may be closed and if so you can claim Universal Credit with your partner. Use a benefits calculator to see how much Universal Credit you and your partner could be due. https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators
  18. Full UK national lock down for 2 weeks possibly happening soon. This may or may not include school and non essential shops. Would people support this, if this was likely to reduce numbers infected by virus during a 'second wave' ? Or is a lock down only likely to have a temporary effect and therefore it is not worth doing ? I could see a national lockdown end of next week or week after, given the sharp rise in infections over the recent week.
  19. Don't have much to add to what has already been said. I would acknowledge receipt of the letter and advise them that as the matter they raise occurred 3 years ago, that you will need to look into this further. Ask them to give you at least one month, as due to Covid-19, it is likely that it will take you longer to get hold of information. While writing to them, mention the issue of the Insurers not updating the write off information with DVLA, as following the repair, the Insurers still had it registered as a write off. This caused you to suffer a loss, as when you sold the car
  20. Read the terms of the survey report, as normally there is some wording about the scope of what the surveyor can do, what they cannot do etc. I used to deal with surveyor reports and issues when dealing with Buildings Insurance issues. From what I remember of many cases, unless the customer paid for a full home buyers survey which included looking at every aspect, the surveyor may not be expected to have looked at the roofing material, particularly if not accessible or covered in moss. May be worth using the RICS resolution service if this is open to you to use. Taking
  21. It is your thread and it is up to you to find the information that you want to include on the thread. As you found that one in 15 seconds, no doubt you can find more online articles and perhaps after you have read them, you can offer some analysis. CAG is a self help forum. It is not a forum, where you raise a debate and expect others to start doing the work for you
  22. See if you can find the articles and post a link. Most good journalists normally state what the source evidence is that has been found to support the claims made in the article. The JSA amounts are to cover very basis costs including food, so any sanction should be a last resort action, following warnings. But with JSA, this relied on the claimant going into the Job Centre every two weeks to sign on, providing details of the last two weeks work search. If they did not turn up for the appointment, then the signing on process may not be completed I would guess and therefore any b
  23. What information have you found which shows DWP had targets for sanctions ? Can't remember seeing any report about this with any proof this has happened. Have seen reports saying that most sanctions are counter productive, as they do not lead to a change in behaviour of claimants i.e. they don't suddenly realise they have made a mistake in missing appointments or not bothering to search for work.
  24. Sorry Pixel_92, having read the information, I think I am may in agreement with Walker Gunn. Not sure about your argument that somehow Walker Gunn are responsible for testing the roof material and paying you a sum of money if it were asbestos. Think to move this forward, you will need to have a positive asbestos test result report and then look to gain opinion from an independent surveyor, that there has been an error, which has caused you a loss, which would could have been avoided, had the surveyor exercised the level of professional competence that was required
  25. Do DWP publish such statistics ? Have you looked for statistics on sanction reasons ? Think Parliament ( House of commons committee) may have published some information, but not sure whether it goes into the details you are looking for. I would think main reason for sanction would be failing to attend appointments and therefore not meeting the claimant commitment. What reasons for sanctions do you think applied before Covid-19 ?
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