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  1. Yes, that’s when the banks were giving OD’s, loans and mortgages willynilly precisely my point
  2. The £44k is what’s left
  3. Currently paying £100pcm. They do have my current address. it got to that level as I was using the OD to keep my business afloat. None of the debt was classed as business loan etc.
  4. I will send SAR. No I’ve been in private rented as a result of everything going wrong.
  5. Yes last payment was this month. I have continued with monthly payments throughout
  6. £44k is outstanding. The letter from NatWest notifies it’s being passed to a DCA
  7. MDR Should I contact them as the deadline date to contact them is upon us or send the SAR to NatWest?
  8. Attachments to my post earlier today Scan1418.pdf Scan1419.pdf
  9. I have a debt with Natwest for £44k on an overdraft. It is an unsecured debt which is from 2003. They have now passed my file to a DCA and am not short where to go with this. I have attached the letter from Natwest transferring the debt and also the DCA letter. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. No MS Bank was the old Marks & Spencer charge card. The Natwest Loan has not been passed to any other party.
  11. Most have been sold on to other companies. The Natwest Bank one has been passed to a DCA
  12. Hi Thanks for the response. Here is my list with figures rounded: Capital One Bank £10500 Barclaycard £10500 M & S Bank £6000 Lombard £2000 Monument £4000 MBNA £22000 Natwest £44000 Natwest Loan £10000 Total £109000 A friend used to help me with these, unfortunately we lost contact so am on my own with this. They are all from 2003. I still make a monthly payment to each one and have done so throughout. People have advised me in the past to go bankrupt however I did not want to put my family through that as losing the home was bad enough.
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