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  1. Dx you told me too near the start of August, I left it until the day before the 30 day response period was up.
  2. Morning Caggers The frau got the attached letter from Overdales yesterday, after reading it am I right in thinking sit on your hands until they make the next move? PM Overdales SB Response.pdf
  3. Dx thanks SB letter prepped, last payment July 2015, DN dated October 2015 so definitely months to register. PM
  4. I have a copy of the DN, but I cannot see how the DN date has a bearing on the account being SB?
  5. I was under the impression the SB date is from the last payment rather than the default notice date. I'll have a read up as it's technically SB now and dx has recommended sending the SB letter at the start of September which I'm planning on doing for the OH.
  6. Dx yes 28 July 2015 for the last payment, I've just realised it's now statue barred I think.
  7. Hi Caggers, the OH got a Letter of Claim from Overdales a couple of days ago. I've attached it to view, it asks that she completes paperwork that she filled out when it was with Lowell's solicitors. The letter says on one hand they will issue a CC claim then the next sentence is if legal proceedings are issued. I suppose my question is do I get the OH to just fill out the paperwork again and send it off in line with the previous advice I've been given for her or just ignore them? Thanks PM Overdales Letter of Claim.pdf
  8. Hi caggers, had the attached letters from Overdales/Lowell's today for the OH. Are Overdales a DCA as Lowell's suggests or solicitors? Depending on what they are I think will decide my next move, which my gut feeling is let it go to court. I'm pretty sure Lowell's would have taken the OH there by now if they really had something. Thanks PM Lowells and Overdales.pdf
  9. Hi dx I was going to go down the line of they'd sent an application form rather than a credit agreement as a defence to the CCA request but my wife isn't too keen on this. I may wait to see what they send next in the post and go from there.
  10. They've sent everything I asked for, I was holding out that they didn't have a DN as they'd not sent it with their SAR response.
  11. Defeat on this one, going for a final settlement figure. As always you were right dx
  12. Dx I'm gonna speak to the ICO it doesn't sit right, I had the same type of problem with mbna many years ago for myself. They royally scored an own goal and the debt literally disappeared when I put an ICO complaint in for data breaches.
  13. I'll have to dig out the info, it will be tomorrow now. I remember the application form lack of T&Cs bit when I put a CCA in for her, suggesting it's not a proper CCA at all. I do have another question, its more GPDR related if vanquis sold the debt (NoA) why would they still be holding onto information they technically shouldn't be? I only ask as I deal with this at work sometimes, very rarely I must add so things have probably changed.
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