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  1. You need to speak to a supervisor, not the first clown that answers the phone.
  2. Sounds exactly like my old Housing association and their random ''Miscellaneous'' charges of £150 they used to sneak through every year. The simple fact is, that if the neighbours didn't dump their rubbish then the rest of the tenants wouldn't be forced to pay for its removal. When my old neighbours used to dump their crap in the communal areas, then if I didn't know whose it was, I'd find out, then drop it outside their front door, OR I'd open the bin bags find letters addressed to them, take a photo of it to send to the housing officer then tip it all back outside their front door. I'd definitely be asking the HA what they are doing to tackle the ASB of fly tipping, and the feasibility of them, the HA, providing a bulk rubbish run once a month.
  3. From the very very miniscule knowledge I have of PPC's, this signage is hilarious... Guarantee they have zero PP for those postage stamps they've put up.
  4. At least you're now in the right place, it'll feel soooooo good when you tell them to foxtrot Oscar.
  5. Ha ha ha, they're soooooo dumb!!!!! 6hrs and three minutes!! FAIL! Hopefully they'll take this all the way and they can be embarrassed in court. I'd send a copy of that to the manager of *hitely
  6. You owe nothing, and if Whitely wish to encourage their dwindling shoppers not only will they sack these clowns, but they'll sort out their horrendous road infrastructure too. I'd complain to the management and tell them that if they fail to reign in these cowboys and scrap the invoice, you'll vote with your feet and never set foot in there again.
  7. You MUST sign the SAR. Old wives tale using sigs to commit fraud.
  8. Forward the text message to 7726 (SPAM on your phones keypad).
  9. Whilst the incestuous world of DBSG'continue to rub each others ego's, (amongst other things!) let your local MP know about how corrupt and rotten to the core these clowns really are. Also lodge complaints with the FCA, and hammer the Ombudsman when they ignore your complaint too.
  10. Just ignore them until they or you have some idea of what's going on and can then get advice on what to do next. It seems, you have no idea what they're after, and neither do they, and until such time one or the other divulges the entire story everyone will go round and round.
  11. Who were you paying these token payments to? I would err on the side of caution here, and not mention SB at all, as if they did dig around then they would find it isn't barred until 2022.
  12. When was the last date you paid anything towards these accounts? SIX years from that date is when the clock starts and it becomes SB, plus a few weeks to err on the side of caution. IF, you didn't pay anything between 2009 and 2015 then it should be SB, so it all depends on when you started making payments again?
  13. Then let that remain. UNTIL they do comply. IGNORE everything less for a court claim, if they're silly enough to chance their arm.
  14. Overdrafts don't fall under the normal CCA request, but I guarantee that it's littered with reclaimable fees and charges? When did you take the loan out? Was this a Halifax loan? Was there any PPI on it?
  15. Is there a store near you that you can walk into? It's amazing how quick your issue is taken seriously when prospective customers can hear your informing O2 staff, a little louder than usual, the difficulties you're having with them and that you are looking at moving and informing Ofcom of the trouble you're having with them. Keep everything in writing you'll need a paper trail of evidence, and if you use their live chat facility, then ensure you get a screen dump of the conversation, or better still have them email it to you.
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