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  1. Never paid never will, I have a box folder full of their computer generated threat letters, there's about five in total which are simply sent out at intervals, occasionally they change the font and colour and send a completely different format, but they all result in the exact same reaction, file away for a rainy day.
  2. Yes PLEASE stop paying this, they simply rely on the uninformed to keep them in business by blindly paying what they legally don't owe. And as DX says, all it does it reset the clock each time you pay giving them six years in which to harass you. Once you stop paying, they will then flog it on in a portfolio of toxic debts to some clown of a DCA who will then chance their arm at making you pay, which isn't going to happen as you now know that they don't have the correct paperwork to enforce it. Spend the money on something much more enjoyable,
  3. At long last they finally responded, albeit via email...I know I know, I have specifically set up an email account for this very purpose. So I've simply sent them an email back advising them that they wouldn't have received it on the 30th as 2nd class post isn't that quick plus that was the day I sent it, and should they advise their client to litigate then it will be robustly defended as they have failed to provide the documents requested. I might even throw in a ''valid even if not read by you'' quote....
  4. Yes good call, as I have mislaid the proof of posting receipt for the last CCA request.
  5. Received a further TWO letters of claim yesterday from overdales computer, even calling them hasn't produced the CCA I requested in June, oh well I shall look forward to next months LOC.
  6. At least you got a response, I've had two letters of claim from Overdales, but still no response to my CCA request. I'm in two minds as to whether these LOC's are bluff and bluster, as naff all has happened after their arbitrary 30 day time limit.
  7. If they can't supply the new address and transferring it to the new residents is a no go, then there is nothing VM can do, all she need do is tell them of the date she will be moving and that they need to terminate the contract on that date. Your OH will pay up to that date and nothing more, they can spit their dummy out all they like regarding payments for the full contractual agreement, but if they can't provide a service at the new address, then it's their tough luck and they won't be getting a penny further. Escalate the complaint using their lethargic complaints process, keep a paper trail of evidence too, and be thankful you've found out just how horrible and nasty this outfit is.
  8. So it seems, been a little behind the curve of late, every day's a school day as they say....
  9. Well I'll be damned, Overdales are the old Lucas Credit Services!! Anyhow, I've pinged them an email asking them to respond to my first response back in June to supply me with the CCA etc etc etc, even set up a new email address for them too.
  10. Do nothing just yet, there are other members who are going to contact them in an attempt to find out who and what it is they are really after, hiding behind GDPR is a lame excuse used by DCA's.
  11. Received a second silly letter from Overdales sols, exactly the same as the first ''Letter of claim blah blah blah yawn yawn yawn....'' And seeing as I'm still waiting for them to respond to my CCA request, I'll simply ignore them, or I might respond by returning their dumb forms back on the 28th day of their arbitrary 30 day self imposed time limit.
  12. Have you completed your own Income & Expenditure form? This will not only help you physically see what goes where, but it will greatly help you argue the case with the LA about reducing the amount you pay each month if you can show them that it will leave you with nothing. Are you paying any other debts at all?
  13. Well that money in credit is no good in their bank! Use it to pay the gas debt.
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