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  1. No such thing as a "Three letter process", as DX says steer clear of those sites and their bogus advice. Who was the card with?
  2. And if they ring, laugh and hang up, keep a diary of events regarding the unsolicited calls with a view of reporting them to Ofcom for misuse of their network.
  3. When you say you received one a few months ago, exactly how long did you ignore them for? Direct collection Bailiffs are DCBL, a legit bailiff outfit, so my guess is this has been ignored for ages, they went to court won by default, and now given it to DCBL to enforce.
  4. A further update, the LA have informed Aldi that they need PP for the signs, which Aldi will be applying for at the end of this month.... Which brings me onto the 90 minute parking limit, who signs this off, do they need PP to reduce this from 3hrs to 90 mins? Is that a council issue too? Also I have noticed the "no return within 1hr" small print also, I don't believe they could ever enforce that little gem?
  5. Hmm, this isn't their own reference number is it? Can you scan and post up the documents they sent you?
  6. So they have provided you with a new reference number? And does the total figure they are demanding reflect the total amount outstanding if you add up all of the accounts together?
  7. Well AFAIK they can't do this, as each account has it's own separate T&C's with different interest rates and penalty clauses etc etc etc. So they're on to a loser straight away. have they indicated a reference number at all regarding the new agreement (consolidated figure)?
  8. Please relax about ''Court''!! You've been reading too much of their own garbage on their websites. And you can most definitely ignore the rubbish they print on their letters, it's all very cleverly designed psychological mumbo jumbo, printed by a computer. You ignore them for as long as they fail to send you what you demanded, and then it must be enforceable or you can continue to ignore. Well if they've consolidated all of the accounts then they're going to lose, unless you have taken out another credit agreement with them and signed a fresh document, they're going to find it extremely impossible to even get it in front of a DJ, least of all force you to pay!
  9. Come back "IF" you receive anything through the post, you're wasting your time and others at the minute, you're inventing scenarios that haven't even happened.....
  10. If you've not had a ticket then just get on with your life. Nothing to worry about.
  11. Thanks UB, will keep this in mind, we'll need to go through her wage slips and bank statements and get all our ducks in a row. Thank you!
  12. Yes that's my thoughts exactly UB, however, what do the mean by 'expenses'? If that covers fuel getting to and from a place of work it will bring her under the threshold, we are talking exactly £8.21 over the maximum weekly income in earnings, and £10 of that went in the tank...??
  13. Letter arrived today informing the other half that the DWP would be calling (telephone) on dd/mm, to go through a compliance interview to check she is getting the correct "benefits ", which currently is carers allowance, although she did work it was only 16hrs a week, the standard cut off for most claims. However having now looked into it, it works out at 15hrs if you're earning nmw at £8.21hr, so this has taken her above the £120 a week earnings whereby she wouldn't qualify for CA. Now she is unemployed as it was a zero hours contract and the summer season has ended, any advice or steers as to who/what to say/do or what I'm able to refer to please.?
  14. Well I've looked for PP on the LA's website but it shows nothing, if I can get them to confirm that they have no PP, then I can use that in any defence should I need it in future. Also I can hammer Aldi C/S and let them know what cowboys they've employed.
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