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  1. You MUST sign the SAR. Old wives tale using sigs to commit fraud.
  2. Forward the text message to 7726 (SPAM on your phones keypad).
  3. Whilst the incestuous world of DBSG'continue to rub each others ego's, (amongst other things!) let your local MP know about how corrupt and rotten to the core these clowns really are. Also lodge complaints with the FCA, and hammer the Ombudsman when they ignore your complaint too.
  4. Just ignore them until they or you have some idea of what's going on and can then get advice on what to do next. It seems, you have no idea what they're after, and neither do they, and until such time one or the other divulges the entire story everyone will go round and round.
  5. Who were you paying these token payments to? I would err on the side of caution here, and not mention SB at all, as if they did dig around then they would find it isn't barred until 2022.
  6. When was the last date you paid anything towards these accounts? SIX years from that date is when the clock starts and it becomes SB, plus a few weeks to err on the side of caution. IF, you didn't pay anything between 2009 and 2015 then it should be SB, so it all depends on when you started making payments again?
  7. Then let that remain. UNTIL they do comply. IGNORE everything less for a court claim, if they're silly enough to chance their arm.
  8. Overdrafts don't fall under the normal CCA request, but I guarantee that it's littered with reclaimable fees and charges? When did you take the loan out? Was this a Halifax loan? Was there any PPI on it?
  9. Is there a store near you that you can walk into? It's amazing how quick your issue is taken seriously when prospective customers can hear your informing O2 staff, a little louder than usual, the difficulties you're having with them and that you are looking at moving and informing Ofcom of the trouble you're having with them. Keep everything in writing you'll need a paper trail of evidence, and if you use their live chat facility, then ensure you get a screen dump of the conversation, or better still have them email it to you.
  10. You've left all of your details on that letter.# However, they lose, you clearly outlined your position to them and that you would be willing to pay the final months fee, they have predictably been rapacious and arrogant, so now get a big fat ZERO!! Ignore them, log all of their harassment, get onto the gyms social media sites, and embarrass them on there, let all of their current and prospective customers know just how they will be be treated dare they leave.
  11. Question.......you HAVE reclaimed all fees and charges from Tesco yes? Intrum can be ignored, and paying £50 a month on a non priority debt, whilst admirable, isn't neccessary, £1 a month is all I'd be paying, especially as this account seems to be doing the rounds and evry tom dick and harry is having their pound of flesh out of you!
  12. No, that will be the statement of account which they are legally bound to send you annually. IMHO I'd ignore for now until Lowlifes send you one of their begging letters. Has anyone offered a discount? Have you reclaimed any charges and PPI/fees back?
  13. Yep, pointless paying 50%, it only goes into their profit pocket and will do stuff all to help your CRF.
  14. The default on your credit file will remain for six years from the date that it was placed on there. Unless the information is incorrect, then you won't get it removed. Just having a quick browse of your uploads, you've left reference numbers on the DN issued by Next, plus DM are offering a discount of 50% WHY??? How much of the total figure is made up of charges and fees added by Next? Have you reclaimed them? Also, not sure where you got that letter template from, BUT, be wary of using any FMOTL jargon and advice, you will NOT get sight of the deed of assignment, only a notice of assignment.
  15. Why do you believe you should admit to anything? You don't ever admit to anything, let them provide the proof that you have committed an offence, then you can either deny it or admit it then. Admitting previous indescretions isn;t going to help you, ok it might alleviate some of your current anxiety, but it will pass with time. Wait till you hear off TfL, then deal with it, however as thios isn't your first time do you think it's somethiong you might need to talk to your GP about?
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