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  1. Agreed, let them default. Keep everything in writing, if they ring to discuss the accounts over the phone, simply say 'everything in writing please', and hang up. They'll soon get the message. Get all of your paperwork in order too, if you haven't got any, or are missing relevant documents, then you can SAR the original creditor, which is free and they have 30 days to supply the info. Keep a diary of events too. sit back and relax, YOU'RE in control, not them.
  2. Thank god you're not a part of the tribunal! Terribly biased and negative. HR isn't all knowing. And this case proves it. Thanks again for your opinion. I'm not going to court because of a few emails, I'm going to court because the head of HR has invented a PCP solely for me, which no other employee is made to sit. The language used in the emails is discriminatory and inflammatory.
  3. No they are really inferring, it's in black and white. My perception is correct. ACAS and a solicitor plus my therapist, who has had sight of the language used by the head of HR, have all come to the same conclusion as I. I can't be responsible for the Courts perception of me, that's none of my business. Hopefully this grievance will go some way to address their behaviour. Thanks once again for your opinion...
  4. Had the grievance hearing last Friday regarding the 'informal fact-finding meeting', and hopefully find out the result by the end of the week. I now need to inform them I deem the head of HR's conduct as harassment, although it's part of the claim with the PH in June, the number of emails he has churned out since October inferring I am lying and degrading me is quite staggering. Had a really good webinar last Thursday with Valla, who clarified that almost all of the responses the respondents return always claim that you are out of time, and then go on to make out that your claim is full of untruths, the employer didn't do this that or other..... Will wait and see what the first stage of this grievance will uphold? I'm not holding my breath...
  5. For an account that old, it will go nowhere near a courtroom, they're having a giraffe...
  6. As it clearly states in their missive, the DRIVER is liable to pay the unicorn tax. It isn't POFA compliant, don't appeal. they can only chase the driver and unless you out yourself by appealing, then there's nothing they can do to identify the driver.
  7. What type of finance is it? HP, PCP, Loan? They want her to ring so they can bully her into making payments she can't afford...unless she can record her calls then IMHO, I'd keep everything in writing. Is £400 SSP her only income? There's no chance they will justify taking half of that. Lodge a formal complaint with them ASAP, exhaust it, and then you can escalate it sooner rather than later, ruddy sharks!
  8. This is the one that is free for two hours? Which is well known for not having enough time for customers to do their shopping/browsing at this site. Ask HBC what planning permission they gave ECP regarding the time limits for parking.
  9. On Monday I had an "informal fact-finding meeting", dressed up as reasonable adjustments. It didn't go well, and when they were questioned about whether my comparator had sat through the same meeting, it turns out that no other employees are made to sit an 'informal fact finding meeting" before returning to work, the meeting was terminated. ACAS advised calling the tribunal, and the court informed me that it can be added to the prelim hearing. I'm speechless as to their continued blatant discrimination, it's absolutely incredible, and this is the head of HR!
  10. What the hell is that meant to be? No dates, no header, no address???? Who typed that up his goldfish? IMO, I'd ignore Malcolm......he doesn't have a good grasp of English, does he? And payment within 7 days of what or when? Christmas 2080?
  11. Who is the DMC? The Community bank were aware of the change in your circumstances yes?
  12. Dump them from the DMP. Are you doing your own DMP or are you using a DMC? Dump them an all.
  13. Hmm, did you get that lot from an FMOTL site? Bad advice unfortunately. IMO ignore them until/unless they issue a claim, the responses you have received are simply computer-generated at the minute, and no one is reading your correspondence. NEVER appeal, they ALWAYS reject, and then you enter into pointless letter tennis. It may be prudent to obtain the NTK and any other relevant info/correspondence you've binned, especially the NTK because that will show if they are following the PofA act correctly, if not then they can only chase the driver.
  14. I don't have any legal counsel, I'll be doing this as a LiP. All I've done is ask the house insurance legal advice line, who then passed me onto employment solicitors for advice regarding this one issue. I'm not divulging the entire saga on a public forum because there is an employment tribunal pending, and whilst the employer and their HR team are doing a wonderful job of tripping themselves up and dropping themselves in it, I don't want to allow them to get their defence together using information off here. I'll only be asking relevant questions to my particular issue as and when they arise, what I won't do, is bare all before the ET, and nail myself to the cross.
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