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  1. Even if there's a CCJ, it WILL NOT be enforceable due to the age of it.
  2. WHO sent you this agreement and what was the agreement for?
  3. Good afternoon! Yours is a very simple one which is great!! If you stopped paying them in 2007, AND have definitely NOT paid them anything since, then these are Statute Barred and they are barking up the wrong tree. Send them the SB letter in the library, 2nd class post and obtain ''proof of posting'' which is free from the PO counter. Have you checked your credit file at all? Do these show on there?
  4. I'm guessing that this must have been posed before somewhere? In a nutshell, I'm in receipt of a service invaliding pension (SIP) since 2007, diagnosed with post traumatic stress 2013 and received the token 6k gratuity payment some time after. Can I now argue that my SIP should now be converted to a service attributable pension (SAP)? I am aware that I could have appealed their token payment, now I'm in a better situation I'm willing to pick up the pace and take the fight to them. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.... and have we started wis
  5. Where on earth do you keep parking to get this many invoices? What service station where? Can you scan and upload your evidence of invoices? As for taking legal action against them I guess it all depends on how much time you have to waste? Nothing good will come of it, vent to your local MP and councillors .
  6. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/417774-3-letter-process/

    As above I am attempting to write off debt from PRA group.


    You mention other ways to deal with it but give no details - I was going to use the 3 letter approach here but you are saying that is incorrect:


    Are you able to advise me?


    PS - I would be enternally grateful!

  7. Yes I have had one previously, and that too was malicious, unfortunately it's a procedure they have to go through to be seen to investigate ''tip offs'' no matter how questionable they are. It is a shame that there's no consequence for these types of malicious tip offs, , however you seem to be aware of which direction this information came from, there time will come. I'd just try to put it to the back of your mind now, they'll ring in a couple of weeks and tell you their investigation is concluded and no further action will be taken.
  8. What gym is this? IMHO as this was paid via PP I'd put it down to experience write it off and move on. Alternatively issue the gym a LBC and sue them for the amount through the small claims track.
  9. Firstly RELAX! You did the right thing, tell them to get off your property and shut the door in their ugly. NO they CANNOT take your car OR ANY goods these clowns are NOT BAILIFFS nor will they ever be, these fools you can laugh at all day long. Start a paper trail of evidence TODAY, YOU are in control here NOT them. What do any of these missives say? Do they refer to ''their client''? When did you take this loan out? Stay OFF the phone, keep everything in writing. And if anyone else turns up thinking they
  10. You do realise solicitors are simply people like you and I, just that they have a library of law books to read whenever someone goes to them about specific incidents....? As you say it is unlikely that this would progress to a DJ, they simply prey on the weak and vulnerable and use legal jargon and fancy letter headed missives to intimidate.
  11. Yes this is part of their MO, it even says so on their website. That contract is ridiculous, and I would say it is unfair as it is clearly skewed in their favour. You cannot cancel the contract UNLESS you pay in full?? Yet they don't keep to their part of the contract by fulfilling it? IMHO you'd wipe the floor with them in court. https://www.businesscompanion.info/en/quick-guides/on-premises-sales/consumer-contracts-on-premises-sales Information requirements The Regulations require that you give certain information to consumers who buy
  12. No longer happens UB, I remember when they changed that ruling, I went to my local Argos and bought an indoor aerial and they tried to tell me that they needed my name and address for TVL. Told them that was no longer the case, sure enough the duty manager confirmed it. Not sure why it was changed, might have had something to do with the DPA?
  13. Yes, simply ignore them, once they have sent a small forest of idle threats they'll address them to 'the legal occupier'' then you know you've won and you can continue ignoring them in the knowledge that they can't do anything because they have no idea who lives at the address.
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