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  1. Hi anton1888, Were you using GP as a debt management company ?, If you were do you have copies of the monthly statements ?. My statements showed the amounts paid to each creditor, monthly management fee and PPI. Against the PPI it should show you the name of the Underwriter. If you can't find any originals send a SAR off to GP. Once you receive the info send the standard PPI claim letter with a spreadsheet. I sent off my claim to Stirling 11th Feb' and received a reply from COVEA 14th Feb' , It contained the usual "wasn't us it was them " mant
  2. In 2001 I went to Gregory Pennington for help with my creditors. As you know they require details of your creditors ( how much each are owed ). They also require details of your monthly income/expenditure in order to make offers to your creditors. My only income was from my monthly pay cheque. They asked me if there was any other money coming in each month, I told them there was my son's DLA payment, this was spent entirely on him, also £66 child benefit. They said that my monthly pay alone would not be enough to show my creditors that I could sat
  3. This is to put a closure on this thread, and I hope that it helps anyone unfortunate enough to have had any dealings with Gregory Pennington. As you can see from my postings I have been trying to reclaim PPI from these guys, but to no avail. My problem was in identifying the actual underwriters, I tried chasing Direct Group and a couple of others connected with this particular insurance group without any success. The answer was right in front of me. Luckily I had managed to find the original monthly statements from GP, or at least most of them.
  4. Thank you for your valuable input regarding my post ( hard drive fails after 22 months ) spacing, set-up and punctuation etc. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that I may have caused you. It must have been quite painful for someone as erudite as yourself to make sense of. Please rest assured that I will not submit any more posts on the CAG site. Thank you for your much needed help.
  5. My son has a Hewlett Packard laptop which started to show a message saying " sorry we have come across an error, please do not turn off the computer " it shows 1%....100% and then restarts. when it restarts all previous work has been lost. This happened several times over the next three days, some times twice on the same day. I took the machine to PC World in Selly Oak Birmingham, they said they'd need to keep it overnight. When I went back the next day they said that they had done a diagnostic on the machine and that the hard drive was failing ( faulty ). I pointed out that the hard driv
  6. Yesterday I spent a lot of time talking to the FOS and FCA regarding when the GISC first began. The FOS said that they came into being in Nov' 2001 which would be a month after the first charge when I did some more scratching around I found an article from the National Archives dated 22nd Nov 2002 which states that the GISC was launched in 2000. I have to say that it seems to depend on who you happen to speak to in the FOS, not all there seem to be able to help. But you're spot on regarding pass the parcel. I'll send off my letter to Stirlin
  7. I downloaded a piece from the FOS site ( online PPI resource ) , It states that the FCA/FSA were the regulators from 2005, The GISC from 2001 and prior to that the ABI. As the first monthly charge of PPI on my account was October 2001 do you think it's safe to assume that the GISC rules were in place at that time. I could make a call to the FCA to be completely sure when there rules applied.
  8. Before I send off a reply to Stirling do you think that I should include that part where I refer to the GISC.
  9. Here's what I've written, It's just a rough draft. How do you think I should refer to GP's Final response letter. img20190217_13530022.pdf
  10. I sent a claim letter to Stirling Insurance which they received on 12th of this month, today I received a reply which I've scanned and attached. As you can see they have forwarded my complaint to " Think Money Group " which is Pennington. As GP have already sent me a Final Response denying liability I would assume that they'll simply repeat what they've previously said. img20190217_02431673.pdf
  11. I wrote the letter to GP but once again no reply. Since I found that doc' showing that Direct Group were the ISP I think that I've overlooked the obvious. Although the copies that GP sent in reply to my SAR show that PPI was charged each month it showed no Underwriter's name, as I was looking through the originals today I see it clearly states PPI Stirling Insurance. I see that Stirling are now part of Covea. I just phoned Covea and they gave me a number for Stirling, Stirling took all my details and confirmed that it was them who underwrote the PPI with Pennington, the
  12. Sorry I don't understand. I really would like to put in a claim but I don't know how to go about working out a spreadsheet with only one figure ( £170 ) to work with...with the compound method ( PPI ) each payment and date is entered and everything is automatically worked out. In this case I have one figure which goes back to 2001.
  13. So you think that I should open an official complaint with the FOS.
  14. As I still haven't had anything back from AVIVA regarding the basic claim that I sent to them 11 Nov', not even a final response., would it prompt action from them if I sent in a claim for the Healthcare ins' but this time include a spreadsheet with the amount that I'm claiming.
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