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  1. And just for the record, a powerless DCA cannot add anything to an alleged debt regardless whether they own it or not.
  2. Do you have this written down anywhere, that she agrees to pay you back, or that this is simply a loan from you to her? If not I don't fancy your chances. Do you have evidence of any of this going out of your account into hers?
  3. I'd ignore them then. You've not been out the country since then?
  4. No need to send a prove it letter, that's old hat now anyway. If this is from 2009 then they are wayyyyyy out of luck, this is not going anywhere. Ignore them. If they ring again laugh and hang up.
  5. Have you checked your credit file to see what's on there? IF anything. The good old ''phantom payment'' trick.......jeeez, that is soooo last century.
  6. I have a similar issue, whereby the landlady requires an individual to do a electricity safety check. We agreed thinking he was only going to check the consumer unit, when he turned up with no PPE and a hanky covering his face it was a very short visit. We informed the estate agency that it was unacceptable and they agreed to push the check back to the end of March. IMHO unless it is a requirement in law, electrical safety check being one, then I fail to see why you need to vacate the premises. I'd stand fast and inform them that you won't allow
  7. Hi welcome to CAG.... No such thing as a three letter process, that's something fantasists have dreamt up thinking they don't need to contribute to society. Steer WELL clear it will only get you into trouble. Give everyone a little more info and the advice will come, remember also that it is Not a crime to be in debt. When did you find out your other half was abusing your credit cards? You are aware that this is fraud? On his part?
  8. Dear oh dear what a disreputable little lot these bullies are. As DX says log ALL of the calls texts and emails so you can lodge a formal complaint of harassment against them, WRITE to them telling them that you consider their behaviour threatening and will report them to the police for the offence of harassment if they continue, anything they wish to convey can be committed in writing, all other correspondence will be ignored and logged as harassment. Block their emails, so they bounce back. If they text you then forward the text message to 7726 (SPAM
  9. Lodge a formal complaint using their complaints process, IN WRITING. You can also add a 'notice of correction' on your credit file if you wish informing any lenders that the entry is disputed.
  10. This is clearly NOT a council owned car park?? Which rouge outfit is it trying to extort money?
  11. Is this a hypothetical question or do you need help?
  12. NO. NO. NO. They cannot take a single penny! Name names please and give us the story, who is it, what do they want and have they been talking to you or simply threatening you by their silly little missives?
  13. Have you written to them? Have you evidence of when and what you wrote? Have you exhausted their complaints procedure? The entry on your credit file won't necessarily bar you from obtaining a mortgage, just means you won't get the best interest rates. Get a decent mortgage broker and they will be able to advise you and get you the best mortgage they can,
  14. Write to them and get them to put this in writing, showing all of the payments and interest charged. Who was the financial advisor?
  15. Even if there's a CCJ, it WILL NOT be enforceable due to the age of it.
  16. WHO sent you this agreement and what was the agreement for?
  17. Good afternoon! Yours is a very simple one which is great!! If you stopped paying them in 2007, AND have definitely NOT paid them anything since, then these are Statute Barred and they are barking up the wrong tree. Send them the SB letter in the library, 2nd class post and obtain ''proof of posting'' which is free from the PO counter. Have you checked your credit file at all? Do these show on there?
  18. I'm guessing that this must have been posed before somewhere? In a nutshell, I'm in receipt of a service invaliding pension (SIP) since 2007, diagnosed with post traumatic stress 2013 and received the token 6k gratuity payment some time after. Can I now argue that my SIP should now be converted to a service attributable pension (SAP)? I am aware that I could have appealed their token payment, now I'm in a better situation I'm willing to pick up the pace and take the fight to them. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.... and have we started wis
  19. Where on earth do you keep parking to get this many invoices? What service station where? Can you scan and upload your evidence of invoices? As for taking legal action against them I guess it all depends on how much time you have to waste? Nothing good will come of it, vent to your local MP and councillors .
  20. Yes I have had one previously, and that too was malicious, unfortunately it's a procedure they have to go through to be seen to investigate ''tip offs'' no matter how questionable they are. It is a shame that there's no consequence for these types of malicious tip offs, , however you seem to be aware of which direction this information came from, there time will come. I'd just try to put it to the back of your mind now, they'll ring in a couple of weeks and tell you their investigation is concluded and no further action will be taken.
  21. What gym is this? IMHO as this was paid via PP I'd put it down to experience write it off and move on. Alternatively issue the gym a LBC and sue them for the amount through the small claims track.
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