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  1. Got it! It's gotta be sent back by 3rd Feb so I've got plenty of time. Sorry for being a pain xx
  2. Hi guys, how long do I have to reply to the DQ? Sorry I don't have time to research, I've gotta get on the next flight to Ireland as dad is very ill (he has terminal cancer). I might be away for a week or so; I checked on MCOL and typically it was sent yesterday! Hoping the post comes before I leave but if not what should I do? Thanks so much for everything so far dx, Andy & Bazooka x
  3. Aw thx dx sorry to be a pain, just reading through some others now. Much appreciated x
  4. Just ignore me guys, I’ve read mollywobbles posts, a screen shot shouldn’t be accepted as proof that I received a default notice. I don’t think their ‘notice of Assignment’ is the correct format, is that correct? Getting the jitters now
  5. Hi guys, Any advice on whether their documents will hold up in court? I don’t have a copy of Default notices and I can’t remember receiving Any. However there’s a screen shot on 2 of the SD accounts which shows that DNs were sent. Thank you x
  6. Last but not least - Very account very.pdf Thanks dx
  7. Capital One docs. There was 37 pages of transactions with these, did you want to see them dx? Cap 1.pdf
  8. J D WIlliams.pdf J.D. Williams paperwork attached dx
  9. Littlewoods.pdf Hi dx, here's the littlewoods docs.
  10. Sorry dx, I will upload them in a bit. I guess you don't want to see the list of transactions? Shall I upload in one pdf? (there's 4 accounts) Thank you x
  11. Hi guys, I have uploaded the covering letter and a copy of enclosures for the Very account that I received yesterday. (they also enclosed a copy of the reconstituted credit agreement as before, a summary of transactions going back 3 years and a screen shot showing arrangement from step change debt charity and when it was returned (I had a step change arrangement for a year). Step change cancelled my direct debits as they needed more details from me. However, at that time I was travelling to and from Ireland as my mum was very ill, she passed away a few months later and tbh I couldn't deal with it all at the time. It also shows details of when the debt was sold, when a default notice went out (which I didn't receive) and a copy of a letter (not on headed paper). I have attached the letter. I know I didn't receive a default letter or PAP letter or a Notice of Assignment. The debt was sold on 28th April; my last online payment to Very was made on 6th April for £30. dx, Andy, Would you guys mind having a look at the docs that i uploaded? Thanks guys x
  12. Ah very true I did panic just a bit, night dx and thanks again x
  13. Thx dx yes that was what was confusing me tbh, seeing as that is part of my defence (lack of default notices and other original docs). So why would they put this in a letter? Couldn’t I use it against them if it isn’t true? Sorry for the late posts btw. I will upload all in the morning
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