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  1. Hi, I know it's very likely me being a complete idiot but I have spent the last hour looking for a template letter to help me with credit card charges. Can anyone be so kind as to direct me? Many thanks
  2. Hi, has anyone had problems with transferring money from HSBC online banking? I tried to transfer money to my daughter on Sunday for her wedding dress, it supposedly went through ok but she hasn't received it yet. I spoke to HSBC who said they had "technical issues" and that she would receive it latest COB yesterday but she didn't receive it! Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!
  3. Thanks dx I'll do that and send it off xx
  4. Morning guys, I received my SAR docs from Cap 1 yesterday and am going to try to claim back some charges. Problem is I don't know what is classed as 'unfair charges'. Would someone be able to advise what I should include? The list is: Standard Purchase Interest Standard Cash Interest Overlimit Fees Late or Failure to Pay Fees Cash Advance Fee Returned Payment Fee Thank you!! x
  5. 1986 was decades ago. Lots of reasons why people might no longer have original documents. Send an SAR as per BankFodder's advice danny. Best of luck
  6. Thanks Bazooka, will do x
  7. Gawd, just going through their letters - I have a Littlewoods one aswell which is also a Shop Direct. This has also been sold to Lowells. They are getting the balances and reference numbers mixed up in their letters!
  8. Thanks guys, will do. Will update on outcome x
  9. Hi there Bazooka, thank you for ur reply, much appreciated. Yeah I had a shop direct with Very catalogue. They sent me a letter saying they had sold it to Lowells and to contact them. Lowells keep ringing me (to no avail! I'm ignoring them). However, I have actually been paying Very via my online Very account whenever I can afford to but have missed a couple of payments. I'm going to try and claim back any charges or Insurance that might have been applied so should I SAR Shop Direct?
  10. Morning everyone Received letter from Shop Direct on 28th March to say they sold my Very account to them. Shop Direct is still showing on my credit file. Could anyone advise who I should SAR? Thanks so much
  11. After a lot of looking around I managed to get the sort code and account number for Halifax Loans. In case anyone reading this needs it - sort code: 77 77 90 Account No: 90000468 Thanks guys for your help as always xx
  12. The only ones I can see are Halifax credit and mastercards Dx
  13. Hi dx, no payment details on any of their letters. They sent a CCA which i have uploaded and there is no account or sort code on any of the pages. x
  14. Hello again Bazooka. Would you be able to advise me where to get Halifax bank account number & sort code for Halifax loan? Thank you!
  15. I luv coming on here even if it's just to bloody well cheer meself up!
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