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  1. You did well M., all the best for the future, glad it’s all over for you x
  2. Aw that's a shame hun, but like you say, it's over and done with now, you can relax now!! Were you able to set up a payment plan or anything?
  3. haha! I'll bet he did!! what time r u due to see the judge? x
  4. I bet they're panicking! Otherwise they'd say nothing x Did you reply to them M? x
  5. lol ........ I s'pose sorry for the silly questions but I'm getting nervous now. I think I'm gonna be stuck for things to say at the time d'oh!
  6. lol this is painful dx; trying to get my head round all this but a CPR is only a request, which, if you think about it, you Don't want them to comply with anyway..no paperwork = no claim m'lud. Could the failure of a CPR request be mentioned if the judge were to ask you "what have you got to say Mrs" in order to help one's case along? I know it's in the WS but maybe to reiterate it would help?
  7. Absolutely!! so as they haven't complied then M can use this against them tomorrow! Hope all goes well M - let us know how you do hun x
  8. re: So even if there isn't a time frame surely M can use this as a defence as she hasn't received the paperwork she asked for? x
  9. Dx can we go for a Tomlin order if we lose? Or is that too late?
  10. Hey good for you! Don’t give in now! Btw at your interview you didn’t have a ccj (and probably won’t have anyway) so you haven’t not declared anything x
  11. I know, it’s frightening at times tbh but only because we haven’t done this before. How would it affect your work? Are you looking for another job atm? x
  12. sure is M! keeping fingers crossed for you - will be on here if want to chat. What day is it? x
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