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  1. Yup, fair enough, There are loads of web sites out there that just want to sell advice, lawyers, scare people etc. The context over the last 10 years is that bailiffs are a dying business. I mean gone are the days when someone's VCR fetched 400 quid, people's goods are not worth anything. You are lucky, your credit file is clean, think of it as a fresh start, you will be able to get a mortgage etc. Why would anyone want to chase an impossible to enforce ancient debt, when there are far more easy pickings out there. I have 2 CCJ's that disappeared, 1 of them many years ago, I really haven't wasted a second of my life worrying about it.
  2. These ridiculous TV programmes are filling a void where there should be a lot more easily available public information.
  3. I can't understand why anyone logical does think that we can trade more with other countries in the future than we do with the EU now.
  4. Great advice above, Do send a GP/ consultants note. I always find a list of medications and side effects work too, if the doctor can put them in the letter. Together with your husbands i&E Lowell won't ask for 50 per month, that's just their standard amount. The Taking control of goods letter and the 50ppm is just their standard letter. Source : I have a CCJ from Lowells Solicitors
  5. I had a 27k debt with HSBC back in 2007. Then I went off to Canada, didn't pay them back anything, moved back to the UK in 2010, didn't pay them back anything. The debts were off my Credit file and statute barred in 2014. At this point there was nothing HSBC could do to chase me, and any lender looking at my Credit file would have no idea that it had ever existed either. If I would have paid of 4500, it would have made zero difference. It's the same for you.
  6. Ohh I have seen some doddery old bloke writing a letter to that effect in our local paper, blah blah blah, world war 2, blah blah Britain used to be great.
  7. Not sure why Martin Lewis never covers this on his programme. He should be shouting from the rooftops. Don't pay DCA's without a CCA.
  8. Actually what's really starting to annoy me is people on Facebook sharing BS about how our soldiers back in world war 2 would be so offended we are denying Brexit in the face of those nasty bullies from Europe. I mean does anyone think a soldier fighting Germany back in 1944 would even care about anything aside from coming home to be with their families. It's pretty offensive IMO.
  9. The ERG and Hard Brexiteers are running scared now. I bet none of them voted for the A50 extention. I'd not be surprised if it became March 29th 2020. The longer, the delay, the more momentum gathers for a soft Brexit or a referendum, and the ERG knows this.
  10. Because the date on your Credit Report is the default date. Statute barred goes from the final payment, It will be Statute barred 31st May 2019. Also it will disappear from your Credit File September 2019, 6 years after default. The likelihood is that they will not produce a CCA at anytime soon, I wouldn't even bother worrying about this, it's highly unlikely that they will. On the off chance that they do, you can run it past this forum. Please, please please do not respond to any phone calls or emails though, or make any offers to pay. This debt is now on the verge of being 100% unenforceable. Do not spoil this by paying them anything.
  11. None of this matters, because Lowell have just told you they can't find the CCA, so it's unenforceable anyway.
  12. And from the date of last payment you should be able to work out if it is statute barred or not. In the meanwhile do not answer any calls from Lowell, just ignore them. It's unenforceable anyway as they haven't returned your CCA
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