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  1. They would also need to send another PAP anyway as they are out of time. I'd not be surprised if Intrum were just looking for people who didn't reply to the PAP, in order for them to gain an undefended judgement. Best just to do nothing, let them make the next move.
  2. I forgot, did you ever SAR Halifax? That should tell you the exact date a default notice was issued and sent out.
  3. Indeed, Just don’t let them rent space in your head for free.. have a great Christmas!
  4. Ignore, until they send another PAP. Relax you will be in the clear in 8 months
  5. I assure you from personal experience When applying for UK citizenship they won’t even ask to see your credit file. All they care about is that you have X income and X amount in the bank etc. If you are already on indefinite leave to remain, Citizenship is just a formality anyway.
  6. It’s not ineveitable , it’s not even likely. Since when has a CCJ ever had anything to do with applying for citizenship?
  7. Just have to wait it out my friend, if a PAP letter comes there will be plenty of help here. I suspect, however that you are in the clear.
  8. An acknowledgement of the debt is something in writing eg ‘I Xyz acknowledge that I owe xyz x pounds’ in writing, with your signature. Or of course if you have paid them something, however tiny.
  9. Did you ever get a reply back to the CCA as per your Nov 12th post on this thread?
  10. Best to look at places like Australia, think Melbourne, a city of 5 million. a few cases and they were in lockdown for 6 weeks. They have defeated the disease and their economy is relatively unaffected. What I'm saying is that no matter how low the rate is, lockdown is the only answer, and properly until the cases are all over. This sort of halfway faff in the UK, and most other Western countries only prolongs the agony. Whatever happens over Christmas we will be back in UK wide lockdown again in January anyway. In my opinion Boris should have cancelled Christmas, the vast major
  11. Shouldn’t the NYT be focusing on why 3k per day in the US are dying while their dear leader Trump plays golf and tweets about his hurt feelings. Makes a few dodgy deals seem like small beer really.
  12. Don't lose any sleep over Cabot. They can say anything they want in future but can't change the fact that it's now Statute Barred.
  13. Sorry about the double post but I woke up with the thought perhaps @HOWLERshould SAR the LAA? What do others think. Perhaps that's how he could find out exactly what happened to his £5600?
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