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  1. Sounds like a good plan, And a fair chance that they will leave it too late anyway
  2. Right, I've finally started receiving texts and calls from Capquest, after 18 months of radio silence. Last payment was on Feb 28th 2013, Default was on Aug 28th 2013. Should I send them the SB letter now, or wait until they send a PAP letter? Thanks
  3. Yup, it might not matter if the account is Statute Barred or not, if they can't fulfill a CCA request. It will not be enforceable if they have failed to produce a CCA after 12 + 2 days.
  4. Unless their policy is just to run the clock out and not ask for an extension again. I'd not be surprised, if a new PM completely ignored parliament and the 48 per cent who voted remain, just to hold their party together
  5. Yup and if you haven't received a Pre Action protocol letter yet, there is no way it's going to court before the Stat Barred date.
  6. The Default is already 3 years old, payments make no difference. At that age a default starts to become far less relevant , if you wanted for example, to apply for a mortgage, it's likely it would be ignored by many lenders.
  7. Ok, I need to research this too, I am South West and want to help make sure we elect a remainer MP
  8. Lib Dems for me, judging by the number of signs popping up everywhere around here, seem to be the best horse to bet in these elections, as a remainer.
  9. Some of the advice given by these 'Debt advice companies' is really bad. Good advice to SAR Lloyds, all the late payment charges, plus interest on them, once you run them through the interest calculator will probably add up to a very significant amount.
  10. True, but if they ever did try it on with a CCJ, wouldn’t it be good for the OP to have all of what they claim to be charging for though. He’s lost all the original documents , signatures etc
  11. If that's the case, and it's just the DCA it's really none of their business whatsoever to ask for an income and expenditure. If they haven't replied to your CCA request within 14 days then ignore them, until such a time when or if they send a PAP letter.
  12. I would SAR them, under GDPR rules. They will have to disclose, everything they have on you, all documents, emails etc. They have 40 days to comply with this, if not you can report them to the ICO. You can then understand exactly what they are (trying) to charge you for, and if you signed any agreements etc. In my experience a GDPR request strikes fear into small businesses, because nobody has ever asked them to comply before. (source I had a letting agent try a similar thing on me) Personally I don't think there is very much they can do to you, and are just trying it on.
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