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  1. No judgement about seeking work here, the job market is a disaster!. You owe £6k for 3 months rent? Where was the property ? Lowell's are of no consequence, they have no right to ask for an i&e sheet. Safe to ignore them unless they send a letter before action. Is the property rented through an agency? Have they given you a date when you will be paid the deposit back?
  2. Nobody is going to take anything away from you. End of! Concentrate on caring for your family, it’s more important than a few thousand quids worth of unenforceable debt.
  3. Oh God , stop jumping straight to the world war 3 scenario. You are 50 million miles away from bankrupcy or courts. Please listen to advice.
  4. Some good advice, no need to worry. Hard times for many at the moment.
  5. Ok, I understand. Personally I’ve never paid anything even when they have come up with the CCA. The reason for this is that Lowell’s MO is to Attack people who have not given them updated address details. This is so that they can send a claim form to the old address and gain an undefended CCJ by default. Often the first thing you know is getting turned down for credit. That’s easy money for them. 90% don’t defend. If they have your current address they know that There is a chance you will defend, and win because they only buy debts with something wrong with them. Therefore the chances are 90% there will be no further action ever and it will go statute barred. Problem is , if you start paying them the debt will never go Barred.
  6. Statute barred 6 years after last payment. So 2023! Although it drops off your credit file on the 6th anniversary of its default, invisible to lenders for ever. Do they have your current address. Have you Have you sent off a CCA request?
  7. What was the nature of the correspondence ? When was the last payment? When was the default?
  8. Could be @Manxman in exile but stranger things have happened. For the price of a postage stamp and an envelope, it’s worth a try.
  9. FM is nasty, I got a friend with that! Don’t worry about PayPal. Don’t speak to them, don’t email them. Don’t pay them.
  10. Yup, I'm sure their contract is water tight, that shouldn't even be in question, but it's not everything. If I was the OP, I'd send a nice letter as before to the Managing Partner, explaining my circumstances, with my GP / Consultant note. Asking politely to drop the matter. If it got ignored I'd be hitting them in the social media. Highly effective, in their circumstances down to their excellent marketing department, working hard to give them a very clean image. This shows in their expert knowledge of SEO, and their clever use of Google reviews. Of course you might be right, but this is all worth a try IMO
  11. I think the OP feels bullied, heck i'd feel bullied if I had a firm of bloodsuckers threatening me with court.
  12. Have to agree to disagree on that, The world is full of people who dismiss it like it's nothing, all the time. At that treatment level it really isn't nothing. It's nothing to do with mental capacity at all, anyway. It's the way they are pressuring and threatening her now, that is the issue. Which is why I think that she needs to let them know right now (with medical proof), as I suggested earlier. Therefore the judge will have sympathy, if they keep going with that knowledge. Picking on a clearly ill person won't get any sympathy, if the judge is remotely human.
  13. Yup, they need to know about her meds, they trump everything. Just Google 'Debt Collection suicides' to see how toxic this issue is.
  14. Not saying it is money with menaces, just learnt that if you want to get a result, you can say what you want on social media. Sometime's it's the only way to make a company care because it's their image on the lline Nasty aggressive sales people, she's pretty much on class A meds for depression, you do not get put on that stuff for no reason. This ties into the SAR, dime to a dollar she doesn't receive any phone call recordings. So many openings to trey and stop this. Or of course she could always just go ahead with the claim, or defend., or whatever.
  15. They have a lovely active social media feed too. Twitter , all about how they love to donate to charities and stuff.
  16. Incorrect, that should have gone long ago. It’s the law.
  17. Some para legal, half qualified reject from a proper law firm working for a bunch of NHS draining ambulance chasers, does not a GDPR expert make. Check everything!
  18. Quite potentially they have broken GDPR already. The whole point of the regulation is that somebody totally independent to anyone on the case deals with the necessary information. The fee earning solicitor working on her ‘case’ does not meet those criteria. Why on earth is their data controller not dealing with it? Why on earth has the data controller handed it on to someone where there might be a conflict of interest? I think the OP should get on the phone to the ICO and ask some advice on this, it seems very suspicious. From express’s point of view they could be risking a bankruptcy level fine.
  19. PayPal, ignore them, don’t contact them, nothing they can do . Won’t even appear on your credit file Other debts? Your wife Ill and disabled? Start a. We thread on each I’ll help you get them of your back. Don’t worry!
  20. Yup they haven’t responded best to leave it. Don’t pay them anything or speak to anyone at Lowell. It’s highly unlikely they will pursue any court action with you. last time I CCA’d Lowell , it took them more than a year to come with an ‘agreement’. it turned out to be almost illegible and they ended up closing the account and removing it from my Credit File.
  21. Loads of people do move home, that's why, with Lowell , you need to specifically update them with your address each time you move otherwise they will, almost without a shadow of a doubt issue you with a Court Claim that you won't know about until one day you get turned down for credit or a mortgage. On the other hand, if you CCA request Lowell they will almost definitely not be able to come up with the goods, and the loan will become unenforceable. We are sounding harsh because it really is that simple!
  22. I’d be gung ho if it was 10%. You don’t become a successful ambulance chasing ‘law’ firm without being ruthless. 50% sounds pretty good to me. However, I will go out in a limb and guess that 99% don’t bother to defend and get issued with a default judgement.
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