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  1. Indeed but they are being utter [email protected] , whether they have the right to do it or not .
  2. Also know that morally what they are doing is despicable . You are totally morally in the right here .
  3. Banks don’t do court. I had Nat West overdraft , loans etc all defaulted and statute barred ages ago. Didn’t even get many letters after the first couple of years. Now they are offering me loans and overdrafts again , like it all never happened.
  4. Pers i'd go for writing the thing off completely. Just emphasise age, illness, loss of overtime etc more
  5. Stop paying. Start the SB clock ticking finally. Nat West won't take you to court anyway.
  6. Ignore them , let those idiots sing for it. Highly unlikely they will ever be getting any from you again. If you should happen to accidentally pick up, no need to be rude ‘ sorry I don’t give out personal details on the phone, goodbye’
  7. Yup there you go it's all been transferred over to the DWP, mine pre dated that. Give them a call, tomorrow first thing and explain circumstances.
  8. Income Tax: general enquiries - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Contact HMRC for help with questions about Income Tax, including PAYE coding notices and Marriage Allowance, and...
  9. Christ £960 per months in other debt repayments ?
  10. Good luck with getting a result.
  11. Oh God they are still charging you interest!!? It's going to take you a decade of paying off £300 pm. You have already said it's unsustainable for you, and they could still default you on a whim anyway at any time. That £9.86 you have left over every month because of this, is that going to cover, a new set of tyres for your car, Dental treatment, new shoes, clothes, one of life's hundreds of potential emergencies that need money in reserve?. It's making you financially vulnerable. If you have a guarantor to cover you in case you need to rent again in the next few years, and you aren't planning to apply for a mortgage any time in the next 2 years, you're not bothered about car leases etc, I'd stop payment, and wait for the mountain of letters. It will be over quicker that way, and be far easier on your finances. Naturally you would need to keep your creditors informed whenever you change address though, important so that if , and it's a big if they send a claim form, you can respond and defend.
  12. On my SAR it was the opposite , rather than taking a call away they added one that was never made. Definitely write to them, don’t hold your breath, it might take a while for a response but you may well get a result. look on the bright side, once you are up and running and off UC they can go sing for it!
  13. A friend of mine I’ve been helping out has been in debt with Amex for 6 years plus now, they defaulted him years ago, it’s a few months away from statute barred. Someone else I know is £60k under with them, and all they have been getting is angry letters for years. It’s worth considering just stopping paying them, it sounds like you are struggling with everyday bills. They might sell it to a rubbish DCA eventually, maybe or maybe not you will get a claim form, but that could be years down the line.
  14. Also if none of this works, and it looks like this is causing you serious financial hardship, and you do default. In my experience, Amex just send lots of letters, and don't do court. Sure it won't be great on your credit file for a while but it sounds like this isn't sustainable financially. Do you need to rent a house or get a mortgage in the next few years? Or if you have to rent do you have a guarantor?
  15. Hello, Sorry you find yourself in this situation, this whole HMRC linking up with the DWP, and clawing back repayments via UC has been on the cards for years, they finally got clever , What's more, they seem to be paying no regard to the recipients financial circumstances. In HMRC's mind people are claiming Universal Credit just for the fun of it, rather than because they can't afford their rent, and it's just fine to deduct food money from the most vulnerable in society, because of a mistake they may or may not have made 10 years ago. So, in terms of your SAR, did you notice 1 Any mistaken assumptions on their part with your income 2 Any phone calls that didn't happen Sometimes they over estimate your income for a particular year, I'd go through that with a fine tooth combe. If that turns out to be the case then they would need to revise what you owed them. Then I'd take a look at this Link https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/953377/HMRC_organisation_chart_January_2021.pdf Find the correct person to write to, right at the top. 2 copies, one to the Director, one to perhaps the 'well being champion' Reference number, Name Etc The general Gist of your letter, should be that you feel bad that you still owe money, and would like nothing better than to pay it back, you understand the importance of public finances blah blah You've worked all your life, but because of the Pandemic you are now forced to reply on your monthly UC payment of £xxx to eat and pay rent. Quite simply the deduction of £xxx is forcing me to choose between heating my home and eating dinner. I'd be very grateful if you could stop deductions for 6 months, giving me the chance to get myself back onto my feet after Covid. At that point I'd be more than happy to come to an arrangement to pay this back, Kind Regards XXX Doing the above, in writing by recorded Royal Mail, gives you a better than 50% chance of stopping this. Remember you have far more power than you think, I got a letter back from the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Philip Hammond) on my case a few years back.
  16. Paying all of these debts off is nothing but a massive waste of your hard earned money. Why on Earth would you tell any lender about an unenforceable, untraceable debt? The whole point of things disappearing off your credit file is to allow you to make a fresh start. Problems that you had 6,7’8 or 10 years ago are nobody’s business.
  17. Although now they know your address, there is no chance of a nasty surprise at least. Just don’t get into a phone conversation with Capquest. Sometimes they are very clever and display as a mobile number , so that you pick up. I’m always polite and when they ask if it’s me speaking ‘ sorry I don’t give out details over the phone, if it’s important please write to me’ They never do write though lol
  18. Ok you really need to find a new broker. They should be paying you interest with an LTV like that!!!
  19. Perhaps, but it doesn’t make any sense with the amount of deposit that you have and your income. What percentage deposit will you be putting down for the mortgage?
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