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  1. There are people out there who believe the Earth is flat, and that Vaccines are bad. People will believe what they want to believe.
  2. Highly likely they will never come back with an agreement. if they do bring it back to this thread because often they aren't worth the paper they are written on. All you need to do until then is nothing, just ignore them, and under no circumstances speak to them on the phone or pay them anything. There s nothing they can do to you.
  3. To add to Tobyjugg's excellent comments Those big referendum promises on the side of the bus had better start materialising pretty rapidly after Brexit. Johnson, Gove, May, and the Tories in general will be wiped out 1997 style if they don't. May would also be wise to look at how history views the last prime minister who ignored a 1 million plus protest in Central London
  4. Find me one, tangible, non unicorn argument to explain why Brexit isn't a steaming turd that will make the country poorer and less influential. Not including mythical trade deals.
  5. Yup, My wife had a loan and overdraft from Natwest which she defaulted on in 2007. It never went to a DCA, and they never Litigated. It went statute barred in 2013.
  6. Bit of sarcasm to the bloke claiming that the petition is being signed by bots. I guess in his head there is no opposition to Brexit.
  7. Yes, and a lot is age related Older Brexit tending voters have been dying and younger people tending towards remain are entering the electoral role.
  8. Especially those nasty, repressive horrible EU laws, like the one that gave us all 20 days paid holiday per year.
  9. Hmmm, who do I believe?, random internet people shrieking gibbering nonsense about a Euro Superstate or nearly every business leader, world leader, politician and academic who think Brexit is a steaming turd that will make everyone poorer?
  10. Yup, There are millions who either 1. Want this 2. Don't Care Meanwhile everyone else gets to suffer because of their utter selfishness. Poor babies can't wait a few months and have Euro Elections on a stupid principle, that could stop people dying from lack of medication. The hard Brexiteers be the biggest complainers of the lot if they are affected. At least they won't be able to blame the Remainers if it's a No Deal. I wait for the screeches of 'Project Fear', but the truth is nobody knows what will happen when we jump over a cliff edge .
  11. Again why so upset, a no deal is in your hands. Personally I am a remainer, who does respect the referendum but a few more months, to actually work out a deal that prevents the suffering a 'no deal' could cause. Oh and just because you say it will be ok, doesn't mean that it will be.
  12. Why are Brexiteer's so angry and miserable right now? They should be celebrating that there is virtually a certain no deal in the offing instead of cropping up, spewing out deluded conspiracy theories.
  13. Fair enough mine was for around 1000 pounds, so a lot less
  14. Yup, I don't disagree, but if you don't ask, you don't get.. Frankly I was amazed that Lowell wrote it off. The law is here to help us, and sometimes it really does.
  15. Er hang on a second. Why would you be paying them anything? No PAP letter has been sent to the OP? It could be years or never before they go for a claim. Why not spend 58p on a stamp send the letter I suggested? Worth that can happen is they say no.
  16. Just to let you know, that I received a CCA from Lowell, that was blurred, just like yours. I wrote to them with this piece of CCA Legislation. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/422707/bis-10-1053-consumer-credit-directive-guidance.pdf 17.33 The agreement must be in writing and must contain the specified information. This must be clear and concise, and must be easily legible and of a colour which is readily distinguishable from the background medium. I just qouted them the above legislation, and told them what they had sent me was illegible, and as a result unenforceable. They wrote it off and removed it from my credit file. I know letter tennis isn't recommended on this site, but it worked for me !
  17. Kwasi Kwarteng, a junior Brexit minister, is responding. He is summarising what was agreed last night. (See 8.01am.) He says Theresa May has said it would be “quite wrong” for the UK to participate in the European elections (which would be necessary if the UK wants to remain in the EU beyond 22 May.) Her language is subtly changing. 'Quite Wrong not = to 'Ruling out'
  18. If it reaches 17 million, it will still be ignored. Prime minister has a choice between plunging a country into an unknown amount of economic chaos, or holding some elections on May 23rd ? It's almost inconceivable that a rational or sane leader would choose option 1.
  19. If it reached 17 million she wouldn't take notice. Despite nearly every business leader, world leader and economist agreeing that Brexit is bad. Millions of people are still shrieking for a no deal. Why would Leadsom be any different.
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