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  1. Just for clarification, my wife has been living at the same address since 1998, all that has changed in that time is she changed her name to her now married name in 2013
  2. My Wife received a letter from Hoist Financial UK Holdings 2 Ltd concerning an alleged debt that my wife has with GE Capital. I have attached a copy of the letter and there are a few points I would like advice on in terms of how to proceed. 1. My wife has got no recollection of the debt in question, although she did say she once had a debt relief order, this order is coming up to 20+ years ago. 2. The letter was addressed to her in her maiden name (we have been married for 5 years and in a relationship for 6 years) and in all the time we have been together she has never had any
  3. The debt is legit, it was through the council for damages that deemed were outside of the tenancy agreement. it was for £1500 initially but its now down to just under £700, we did try referring it back to the council and offering to pay them directly but the council were not interested and said we had to deal with Collectica, couldn't be arsed to argue with council to just took the easy way out
  4. Hi All, I have been paying of a debt to Collectica who were the DCA that were dealing with it, I have been up to date with payments and are not behind with them. I tried phoning them today to make the payment for December but they are now saying there is no record of the account on the system when they searched through the ref number and the address details. What should I do in a situation like this, should I just write the debt off as there is now no record of me on their system or should I wait for them to contact me in regards to the payment plan falling behind and then argue
  5. Hi All, I recently bought some jeans on eBay, they are not the size the label claims them to be and having explained this to the seller he is adamant that he is right and won't do a return and refund. I tried to use the return option through eBay but he declined my request, should I escalate the issue through eBay or would it be better to do a charge back through my bank.
  6. They are a bailiff firm as well so what is to stop them sending their thugs round, they are arsey enough to deal with as it is and that was only via emails. When we start paying the council direct what's to stop them or the council from being arsey and going through the courts.
  7. I do take on board what you guys have been saying but I don't trust the DCA's when it comes to not doing what they are supposed to
  8. My biggest worry is if we do this, the DCA will get really snotty and instigate formal proceedings
  9. We are paying the DCA, should we stop paying them and start making payments to the council?
  10. Sorry for the quietness, thought everything had been sorted but they are now they are going a bit too far and want to know if I can make a complaint against them to OFT etc. We received an email from them saying they accepted our repayment arrangement and £30.40 was to be paid on the 27th of each month Email was sent from them on the 23rd September. We made the payment as agreed on the 27th September electronically through my online account. Today we got a letter dated 13th October saying that due to no repayment plan being agreed and no payment being made they would
  11. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?336-Payday-Express-Wage-advance-Cashtillpayday Clink on that link and then click on start new thread at the top
  12. Forgot to mention earlier and this may change the whole situation. This is the email I received from them that prompted the phone call Dear Paul, We have now written to you and tried to contact you on a number of separate occasions and have yet to receive a satisfactory response or resolution to your outstanding debt of 568.2 with Payday Express. Please be advised that repayment may continue to be attempted at any time in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Loan Agreement. Please be aware that as your account is in arrears, information will be passed to a Cre
  13. I reported my card as stolen the same day I contacted PE about the change in circumstances so no chance of them raiding my bank. Does ignoring requests to set up a repayment plan count as being treated unfairly in the eyes of the FOS?
  14. I thought that, what would be the best way to get the repayment plan set up, as they are gonna keep requesting this information when ever I contact them, is there a piece of consumer legislation I can use against them or should I just refuse under the data protection act and confidentiality at work
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