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  1. Yes dx I am reading threads here as well as elsewhere and came across Idem Capital Securities Limited v Webster althogh the solicitor involved does say it’s not a binding decision but certainly persuasive
  2. So the FCA website states Lowell have applied to cancel their FCA authority. Just wondering how and if that affects their ability to bring legal action
  3. So with regards to the enforceability of the documents I’ve posted … the DN seems correct the assignment by the OC is jus typed up and not on letter headed paper. the agreement and t&cs seems to have all the prescribed terms… has correct address, sign box with printed name and dated correctly but doesn’t have the ip address. so my two defences will be assigned incorrectly and agreement not having IP address. am I correct?
  4. Yes. It’s the one it’s always been. It’s stopped since yesterday. I have to refresh to see any new replies
  5. Hi honey bee. I used to get email notifications. It’s suddenly stopped
  6. Firstly. I’m not getting any email notifications from here. Can anyone help ? I have read and seen others that are about 5 pages long. Mine is about 2.5 pages. I haven’t come across any that short so is that a possible defence?
  7. This is everything that’s been sent isnt pages 7,8 and 9 the terms and conditions??? on page 7 ..on the second column it is specifically titled terms and conditions
  8. Apologies. Let’s try again. Have triple checked it Overdales response.pdf
  9. Oh do they. I didn’t realise.. so they will copy them in with phone number and signature visible obviously. DX advised to omit those from claimant copy
  10. Yes. That’s what I was thinking to do Andy. But what about the claimant. Should I just I just ignore them. I have proof of postage that it was sent last week
  11. Thanks Andy. It’s just that other things I sent in appeared Quite quickly
  12. Returned my DQ to courts and claimant on 25th. Prof of postage kept. it’s still not appearing on mcol coulnt get through after over an hour on the phone. deadline is the 6th. What should I do?
  13. Will do dx. Well the fact that I questioned it and asked you guys shows that I am reading and absorbing some things. Cheers dx
  14. Hi DX Iv read your guide on page 1 of this thread where you say never sign anything but this is court papers. are you saying only to print name on the DQ instead of signing and also not to enter an email address??
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