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  1. From what I understand it was an early termination charge because I stopped paying my bill. I told them I was leaving due to be forced to move back home as the property the internet was installed at was inhabitable. This is the breakdown of what they say I owe: Line Rental 7 Feb - 18 Feb 15 This is a refund of your Line Rental which you paid in advance up to 18 Feb 2015. -£6.58 Line Rental* 6 Feb 15 You cancelled this service while on contract - so this charge is for your Line Rental to the end of your contract. Package Package Refund Broadband and Calls
  2. Edited. I'll post on the telecomms after tea! I was forced out of a property due to several gas leaks and through my own bad choices, cancelled my DD and all communications with BT and signed up to another provider. They originally kept asking for over £500 and when I just kept saying "no" and that I was unemployed they've all of a sudden dropped it to the above figure. £100 roughly minus the 25%. Should I just call BT up directly and offering to pay the fee minus the 25% in instalments? They've said that they won't deal with me directly, I assume
  3. A bit off topic as it relates to a DCA but thought I'd keep it here having it together. Got this from BT today, with a 25% charge added. Any advice? I don't dispute the debt. Mr XXXXXXXXX BT Ref: XXXXXXXXXX Date 03/08/2015 Dear XXXXX, We've passed your debt of £141 to a debt collection agency. We've sent you several reminders but you still haven't paid us what you owe. So we've now passed your debt to Pastdue Credit Solutions, an authorised debt collection agency and member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) who will get in touch with you about payin
  4. Quickquid update - They are refunding around 90% of ALL interest and charges on all loans plus writing off my current loan and removing all credit file entries. Safe to say I am very happy and accepted their F&F offer. P2P update - Again, refunded 100% of all interest and charges paid, writing off my current loan and removing all credit file entries. Happy with this outcome as well. They didn't mention about selling the loan to ARC, however I am happy to let it go and move on with my compensation. That's now Wonga, Sunny, QQ and P2P ALL put in their place without FOS inv
  5. Taking it to the FCA tomorrow, as that is when QQ and P2P's formal complaint reply window is up. Now when I'm doing this complaint, I assume I just merge the two complaint together into one, part 1 being the 8 week window being up and part 2 being them insisting my loan has been sold and ARC saying they haven't bought it? Thanks
  6. Was via their live chat section on their website and I got the transcript emailed to me. I can prove they've lied about selling the loan on as ARC have stated numerous times that they don't buy alleged debts.
  7. Only getting around to the CCA etc now. Again contacted P2P who said ARC Europe own the alleged debt. ARC Europe say they don't buy debts. Am I right in thinking P2P haven't sold this debt and are trying to threaten me by saying they have? I can't communicate with them any further as they say they won't speak to me as ARC now have the debt.
  8. Still in shock at them not even putting up a fight. What annoyed me slightly was the goodwill gesture bit. No one writes off a substantial amount of money as a gesture of goodwill. Obviously know they messed up. Starting to feel a lot more optimistic now, as always will update when I hear more.
  9. Sunny update - borrowed three separate loans within five days off these and I wrote earlier that it was interesting because there was no way they should have allowed the borrowing. Anyway received this email response today, they've written the ENTIRE balance off as a "goodwill gesture" Dear, I write further to our email dated 9 June, thank you for your patience whilst I have been investigating your complaint. My understanding of your complaint is that you do not feel appropriate checks were carried out prior to the granting of your loan, and that we are g
  10. Nothing to do with AMEX? This is in regards to Pounds to Pocket. They just informed me they SOLD the account to ARC (Europe) Ltd on 11 June. ARC have said they don't own the account and have just been assigned it? Something here isn't right and now I'm starting to get worried? I've paid zero to the DCA as advised/not having the money to pay them. Originally got a £600 loan with P2P, paid £141.66 two times or to them on time as first and second repayment. Nothing since as I lost job. Current amount owing is £701.09. Balance at start was: 600 loan amount 991.57 total r
  11. OK so CCA to P2P or ARC. It very much seems ARC own this. Will get them to confirm and come back to you on this. If P2P own it ill CCA them. I assume interest is frozen as the alleged balance owed has been the same since the beginning. There are no statements that I'm aware of. Just letters saying how much I owe. That's possibly the same thing though.
  12. I've been educating myself a lot recently. Does this mean they provide me with everything they have about me and the debt if I request a CCA? Edit: if I send a CCA wouldn't that give them more chance to take this further? Might just take your earlier advice and ignore until further notice.
  13. I deleted a lot of the texts and call logs before I even saw this forum so afraid I don't have much evidence apart from the texts.
  14. I'm aware they don't own it, however when P2P informed me that ARC would be getting the debt, they said on their letter to me: "Your account will be sold on DATE" Doesn't this insinuate that ARC now own the debt? Another point from an earlier post - Wonga offered me a settlement of all charges and interest paid on my loans between September 2013 and the present day - which I countered with a demand for charges of my loans from June 2011 to September 2013 included - they said the earlier loans weren't affected and closed my claim citing I rejected their offer. Having seen t
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