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  1. I'm sure it will. Take your time to absorb it and don't put yourself under pressure. You'll get there, lots of people have. HB
  2. That's good that you're on the other forum. We've had problems with pdf's that I thought were resolved so I'll flag this for the team. If you have plenty of other information, that's great. Have a good evening too. HB
  3. Hi pinkab. Have you read the PPC successes subforum? There are loads of threads where people won in court and before court. HB
  4. For the 'signature', if you look at the bottom of dx's post, below the sentence in red block capitals and the one in black block caps, no 2 is Reclaim PPI with a link in blue to click on. I think this is the one dx means. HB
  5. Good spot, harni. I expect people will be along to comment later on. Parking companies often let PP lapse, it can be a good way of catching them out. HB
  6. HI. You need to wait for someone who is more familiar with court timings than I am. I expect people will be along later. HB
  7. Hi. My understanding is that the court form allows you to tell them if you're unavailable on particular dates. Is there someone who can open your post while you're away? HB
  8. Hi. Could you post up the letter please, minus anything that could identify you? HB
  9. There's been some kind of glitch unfortunately and we're looking at that. I lost everything in my inbox too. HB
  10. Does the original application form mention buy to let or the fact you wouldn't be living in the property? HB
  11. I've removed the large agent's name from your post, we don't need to know it. As I said in my last post, I think it could depend on what your parents signed with the larger agents. HB
  12. Hi. What does the agreement with the large estate agent say please? Presumable your parents signed somethint with them? HB
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