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  1. We don't recommend lying to them, but on the other hand you don't need to tell them anything they don't already know, if that helps. HB
  2. She has died, age 7 which isn't a huge age for a cat. I'm not sure but I think she may have been a Birman or similar, I'm sure someone will tell me. I hope she had a good life despite all the publicity and the money that her family must have earned from her publicity stunts. I thought she was sweet. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gallery/2019/may/17/the-greatest-frown-in-town-grumpy-cat-a-life-in-pictures
  3. Then if you have a contact number, it might be worth ringing TfL to find out if a stage was missed. HB
  4. We normally suggest that you have a read around our transport forum for similar cases or do a custom search for defences. Then post up what you're thinking of sending and we'll help you to refine it. HB
  5. I see Treeza is blaming Labout 'divisions' for the break up of the cross party talks. No mention of any divisions within the Tories but they needed someone to blame apart from themselves. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/17/brexit-talks-tories-labour-likely-to-collapse-theresa-may-jeremy-corbyn
  6. That sounds encouraging, Ktker, except that you would hope L&G would pay a bit more attention to the details. Please keep us posted and fingers crossed. HB
  7. I'm not sure how you're going to communicate with TfL if you don't have their case number. Is there any helpful information on the summons? Of course if you do what dx suggests, minus your personal information, we should be able to advise. HB
  8. That's worrying if it's the case, Jase. Our politicians seem to be very bad at working together compared with some other countries, Germany for example. I think it's particularly disappointing about ChangeUK who wanted to do politics a different way if I understood what they were saying and are now refusing to co-operate with anyone else or think differently, as far as I can see.
  9. Hello and welcome to CAG. To answer your questions, if you want to settle out of court, you would normally write to the prosecutions department at TfL and the person dealing with your case. Did you have a letter from them asking for your version of events before you got the court summons? You can also speak to the prosecutor on the day of your case and ask if they will allow you to settle. See what other people think, but I don't think there is any point in getting a lawyer on board. We've always said with transport cases that they don't necessarily understand the system and you'll end up paying for their learning curve. Best, HB
  10. Well hopefully people will still get the drift. We can amend the names if it causes a problem, but I don't think it has in the past. HB
  11. Hi. I think your letter repeats itself a bit over the effect on your life, you don't want it to be too long. And I might leave out the part about frequent trips to Canada - if you can afford that, you should be able to pay your fares. HB
  12. Hello Sparkie, welcome to CAG. If you have queries about this sort of thing, you need to start a new thread of your own please. HB
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