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  1. What point are you making with the HMRC link please? It doesn't seem to say that employers have to pay this money. HB
  2. Hi. 1) Old-Codja who is an advisor here from time to time says that you don't need to tell them things they don't know already. 2) This is only a guess, but if you haven't said that your friend offered you the card I would think they won't have a problem. 3) I would email and send a letter, unless TfL have told you otherwise. 4) I think you would have to show evidence, otherwise they could think you were inventing this to avoid a criminal record. HB
  3. Hi. I think you've posted in the right place, don't worry. HB
  4. I think some of the Britain used to be great believers are thinking back to the Empire. Not too far back, probably this week, I posted a link to an article by an ex-PM of Australia explaining how what's left of the Commonwealth can't possibly replace the European market we currently deal with.
  5. That isn't very logical, is it, London, as you say? Our soldiers were fighting alongside some Europeans, without wishing to state the obvious.
  6. Hi. We need the information from the forum sticky in order to advise you please. HB
  7. On behalf of Mrs O'Frog and myself, we aren't all chaps. HB
  8. Hi. Thank you for letting us know. Would you be able to tell us more about what happened please, it will help other people in the same position? HB
  9. They're saying that Treeza is going to bring her deal back to parliament for another vote on Tuesday, it isn't known if there will be any alterations to it. Labour's Chris Bryant has tabled an amendment saying that you can't keep presenting the same thing in the same parliamentary session. I guess she's carrying on bullying people to try and force through a deal that hardly anyone likes.
  10. This article is informative on extending article 50. Any extension of over a couple of months, assuning Europe agrees, means participating in the elections. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/mar/14/brexit-how-would-an-extension-to-article-50-work
  11. But the next European elections start on 23rd May. Does that mean we need to take part in them if there is an extension until the end of June? UB, I think May has brought the current chaos on herself. As soon as she was elected leader, she started letting the ERG dictate what would happen and stopped caring about the 48% who voted Remain and even insulted them with comments like Citizens of Nowhere. Now it suits her, she wants everyone to pull together and everyone including Europe to compromise, so she doesn't have to. I see there's talk this morning of bringing back her hugely unpopular deal one more time, to try and bludgeon MPs into accepting it. John Bercow seems to be looking into if it's even allowed to bring back the same motion unamended for a third time.
  12. Hi. I've moved your thread to the Vehicle Finance forum and left you a link to follow to the new forum. People should be along later. HB
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