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  1. Good spot, harni. I expect people will be along to comment later on. Parking companies often let PP lapse, it can be a good way of catching them out. HB
  2. HI. You need to wait for someone who is more familiar with court timings than I am. I expect people will be along later. HB
  3. Hi. My understanding is that the court form allows you to tell them if you're unavailable on particular dates. Is there someone who can open your post while you're away? HB
  4. Hi. Could you post up the letter please, minus anything that could identify you? HB
  5. There's been some kind of glitch unfortunately and we're looking at that. I lost everything in my inbox too. HB
  6. Does the original application form mention buy to let or the fact you wouldn't be living in the property? HB
  7. I've removed the large agent's name from your post, we don't need to know it. As I said in my last post, I think it could depend on what your parents signed with the larger agents. HB
  8. Hi. What does the agreement with the large estate agent say please? Presumable your parents signed somethint with them? HB
  9. From your link, I think it would help us to understand if this is your position. Or if not, which one is please. Misappropriated property Constructive trusts arise where property has been misappropriated from its true legal owner.So if money or property is stolen, or a person is holding money as a result of fraudulent conduct, that person holds the property or money on a constructive trust for the benefit of the actual legal owner. HB
  10. Thank you for that. Do you have paperwork about the property being effectively yours please? HB
  11. Hi. I'm sorry that your wife is having problems, hopefully we can help. I've merged your other thread into the Employment forum, it's better to have just the one. The employment posters know their way around legal stuff as well and if need be, we can move the thread to the legal forum. HB
  12. Thank you for the link. I could be wrong, but I think before people here have any chance to advise you on a technical topic, it would help to understand the circumstances where you were granted beneficial interest in the property and why. HB
  13. Hi. Could you tell us more about this constructive trust please? It's not anything I've heard of in the UK. If we know more, hopefully we can advise you. HB
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