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  1. HI. Let's take a deep breath and analyse this with you. Who is the email from please? HB
  2. Did someone already post up the quote that Brexit has already cost more than we paid the EU in the last 47 years? I'm not sure who it came from.
  3. Hi Lisa. I'm sorry to hear about your sister and the new set of problems. It's very disappointing that her widower has been so standoffish to her children, it's very upsetting to lose items of sentimental value. See what other people think but I think they may need advice from a lawyer. HB
  4. Well done with the link. So is this car park only for KFC please? HB
  5. Hi. Whose name is the SAR in please? If it's you, they have an excuse not to reply but if your wife sends one as well, they shouldn't have any excuse. HB
  6. Brillliant reply from Caroline Voaden MEP on Twitter. Who will hold these people to account asks @june_mummery ? She has also asked if she can come back to attend fisheries com mtgs. Thing is June you wanted to leave. You wanted us to have no voice here, to go it alone. You all crow about your ‘win’. This is what it means. Well done
  7. June Mummery, a Brexit Party MEP, has just woken up to the fact that leaving Europe gives us less control over fisheries. From her Twitter feed. Attending the penultimate session of the #EuropeanParliament’s #FisheriesCommittee #PECHcommittee) with #BritishMEPs. The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain’s waters, but the UK has no representation?
  8. Can you tell us the name of the dealership please? HB
  9. Hello and welcome to CAG. This isn't my area of expertise but people should be along over the course of the day to advise. Are you building a paper trail for this? That and also recording your calls could be important to back up your case. Have a read of our customer service guide, it has helpful tips. Best, HB
  10. What do their Ts and Cs say about cancellation charges? HB
  11. I've moved you to the Bear Garden where other people may join the conversation.
  12. It's going to be hard to advise without more detail. Please tell us what's happened. Is this a housing association? HB
  13. So they're talking about 90 minutes' parking? As dx says, you need to find out what the Planning Permission sets as the free parking time. HB
  14. We see lots of letters like this and they're nothing to worry about. Others will tell you in more detail. Is the company called Debt Recovery Plus? HB
  15. There was a petition in 2016 about calling the State pension a benefit. It didn't get very far. https://petition.parliament.uk/archived/petitions/121267 HB
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