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  1. There's a separate thread about problems with the forum, TJ, you might like to tell us about it on that.
  2. Indeed. She still seems to be counting on running it down to the wire so she can force her deal through. It will be interesting to see if she loses by more than 149 next time MPs vote on the deal yet again, after what she said to them in the televised speech the other night. She doesn't seem to have many friends these days.
  3. I suggest you make a start on a defence, Mongoose, then people can help you to build on it. HB
  4. I know. Now signed by nearly 2.5 million people. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584
  5. Hi. I've removed you car registration to keep this anonymous for you. HB
  6. Well Andrea Leadsom doesn't seem to be impressed, but then you wouldn't expect her to be. She says if the petition reaches 17-odd million she'll take notice, but that's hardly realistic. Is there an equivalent petition for Brexiters?
  7. PM is currently meeting opposition leaders unless she changed her mind again. And she's speaking to the nation at 8.15 unless it's delayed again. Can't wait.
  8. MPs are holiding an emergency debate and Donald Tusk is speaking any minute now. Opposition leaders are invited to Downing Street at 6pm, which seems to coincide with Treeza making a speech, possibly outside no 10. Not a clue...
  9. What point are you making with the HMRC link please? It doesn't seem to say that employers have to pay this money. HB
  10. Hi. 1) Old-Codja who is an advisor here from time to time says that you don't need to tell them things they don't know already. 2) This is only a guess, but if you haven't said that your friend offered you the card I would think they won't have a problem. 3) I would email and send a letter, unless TfL have told you otherwise. 4) I think you would have to show evidence, otherwise they could think you were inventing this to avoid a criminal record. HB
  11. Hi. I think you've posted in the right place, don't worry. HB
  12. I think some of the Britain used to be great believers are thinking back to the Empire. Not too far back, probably this week, I posted a link to an article by an ex-PM of Australia explaining how what's left of the Commonwealth can't possibly replace the European market we currently deal with.
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