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  1. Hopefully it's an omen, perplexed. How are you doing with universal credit? HB
  2. Hi. What we normally suggest is that people post up what they're proposing to send and then we can help them to refine it. HB
  3. You could be right, UB. I think a concern for a PM could be that if the 1922 committee changes the rules to be able to challenge the party leader more than once a year, it could lead to Conservative leadership being pretty tenuous.
  4. The chips seem to be down for May after the withdrawal agreement speech. The pundits don't seem to think she'll be around much longer.
  5. From what I've read, it isn't unusual to ask for proof of ID, but I can see you need more information from them about confirming that. Is it possible to ask them how to prove your ID? HB
  6. Hello and welcome to CAG. I'm sorry about your experience with the solicitor, it's why we don't advise people to use one. I can't answer all of your questions but hopefully other people here will know at least some of them. As to when you might know about a court date, I believe that TfL have six months to bring a prosecution. At this stage you don't want to communicate with the court, it's TfL's prosecutor or the person dealing with your case. You can continue to negotiate for an OOC settlement up to the court case and even on the day when you can speak with the prosecutor. You should also read around the CAG transport forum for similar cases with counterfeit Oyster cards to see what tips you can pick up. Best, HB
  7. Hi. What is nitvcab please? If you like, we can move your thread to the data protection forum. HB
  8. I agree with BN. Do you have anyone to help you like the CAB or welfare rights at the council or a charity? It seems a shame to miss out on money if you're entitled to it. HB
  9. This is from TfL's Revenue Enforcement and Prosecutions Policy, which you can google. HB 6.3 Public Interest and Interest of Justice Even where the evidential test has been satisfied, the prosecution of an alleged offence must be in the public interest and in the interests of justice, i.e. must be seen to be appropriate, fair and properly brought. There can be no definitive guidance as to when it may not be in public interest or in the interest of justice to prosecute an alleged offence, as each case will turn on its own individual factor.
  10. Have they used the words 'public interest'? See what the others think, but I'm not sure it's an argument you want to get into, could open a whole new can of worms. HB
  11. Do you need to mention your spouse in the letter? Otherwise you may need to attribute the error to panic in the heat of the moment. HB
  12. I agree with the previous comments. If I'd complained about a GP, I would prefer to see someone else. HB
  13. One small point. It's Defence, not Defense in British English, Michael. HB
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