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  1. Sunak wants to use a new system to issue sick notes, rather than GPs doing it. He seems to think GPs don't understand their patients. But over the weekend there were articles about stopping the 'sick note culture'. I would have thought this would make it easier. Don't people self-certify for the first few days anyway? Public will be able to use NHS algorithm to sign off sick ARCHIVE.PH archived 21 Apr 2024 19:04:52 UTC Another one. Sunak wants more disabled people to work - and closes the scheme that has been helping them. Hardly contradictory at all. Help for disabled people in England and Wales to get jobs is axed amid benefits crackdown | Disability | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Closure of Work and Health Programme comes hard on heels of Rishi Sunak’s bid to end the UK’s supposed ‘sicknote’ culture Still, he's not likely to be around to implement it...
  2. Good luck today, TD. Please let us know how it goes. HB
  3. OK, it is what it is for now. Let's wait for TfL's letter to come. You haven't told us when you were stopped by TfL, I have asked. HB
  4. So did you write something yourself or just copy and paste other people's paragraphs and change a few words? HB
  5. Hi. How much of that is your own words please? I'm afraid it reads a bit like ChatGPT. HB7
  6. There's no need to borrow words from another thread here; we don't have a template. Do this in your own words or it won't sound sincere and may not even apply to your particular case. If I were in the investigations department, I wouldn't be impressed by someone who copied and pasted rather than write their own letter. And please don't use AI for this, people can spot the style a mile off. Para 1 - tell them why you did it, no excuses other than trying to save money. Para 4 - tell them you're using the PAYG card. They won't tell your employer but you probably should if you're convicted. Covering up a conviction is worse than having one in the first place. ETA: Check if there's anything in your employment contract. As I said, you don't send anything until you hear from them because they won't be able to find your case without their own reference number. HB
  7. TfL take abuse of Freedom passes very seriously. If the pass has been confiscated I imagine they will write to your partner and it could result in the card being suspended for a time, as I understand it. I hope you've told them about the card being confiscated and why? We need to know how many times you used the pass please - how many weeks at 2-3 days a week. Later I would expect TfL to write to you as well, possibly with a schedule of journeys made with the card, to ask you to tell them which journeys were you. They will ask for your side of the story. We can help you to refine a letter to send once they write but you need to start it off because you're the only one who knows the full story. I suggest something like this. Paragraph 1 a short explanation of why you used the card on the day you were caught Paragraph 2 you know you made a mistake and you regret it Paragraph 3 you understand how what you did is wrong and the effect it has on TfL Paragraph 4 you have taken action - tell them what - to ensure that this doesn't happen again Paragraph 5 you ask if they would allow you to pay the outstanding fare and their administrative costs to resolve this Please don't copy and paste what I've said, use your own words. HB NB This is a suggested reply, don't send it before they write to you because we need to see what they say.
  8. Hi. Please tell us about what happened on the day you were stopped so we can start thinking about this. Also, how many times did you use the pass? I assume it was confiscated - have they been in touch with your partner? HB
  9. It's worse than I thought. ‘Dirty secret’: insiders say UK water firms knowingly break sewage laws | Water | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Exclusive: Whistleblowers point to broader sewage scandal, with wastewater systems manipulated to divert sewage
  10. How many opinions will you need saying it isn't a good idea to do what you're suggesting for you to believe us please? And do you have previous experience of dealing with DCBL? Fwiw, I'm on team LFI and dx. HB
  11. Two of the forum experts, LFI and dx have told you what they think about forewarning DCBL. It's up to you whether you want to believe them of course. HB
  12. Hello, welcome to CAG. I've moved your thread to our shoplifting forum for advice on this. I've also edited the title a bit, please let me know if I've misunderstood what you meant. Best, HB
  13. I think it would be very sad if young people were denied the opportunity to do this. Little England strikes again.
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