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  1. There are some crazy ideas being thrown around about asylum seekers, retired ferries and oil platforms, Moldova, Morocco, etc. Are they serious or a distraction from something else? Apparently these are coming from Downing Street, so it's Demonic and not Priti Vacant.
  2. Those are very valid questions. I wouldn't want to sign either. I suppose a way to find out how it works in practice is to ring a couple of lenders who offer equity release and ask them the question. A couple we know took an equity release plan and it was quite heavily regulated back then. They had to involve and adviser to go through all the ramifications with them or the lender wouldn't have accepted the application. I don't know if that still applies.
  3. I've read reports on the debate and watched a couple of clips. I thought it was awful and agree with the commentator who said there shouldn't be another two like this. The Fox News moderator didn't come out of it well either, as he couldn't control the infant-in-chief. Someone suggested they should turn off Trump's mike so that Biden could answer.
  4. The general opinion from what I'm reading is that very few people understand the rules, TJ. The PM clearly isn't one of them.
  5. Oh dear. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/lincolnshire-wildlife-park-parrots-removed-swearing-visitors-b689494.html
  6. Hi. I've merged your old and new threads, you can post here now. Well done with the court case and thank you for letting us know, I'll amend your thread title to show your win. Please consider a donation so we can carry on helping people like you. HB
  7. David Carroll who appears in the Great Hack was on Channel4 News. He asked Cambridge Analytica for the data they had on him and never got a very full answer. Channel4 News has the information and found David's file. I'm shocked by how much detail they put together on him and millions of US citizens for the Trump campaign in 2016. How much of this is happening in the UK?
  8. I'm sure we can keep you posted. Have you moved to the wilds?
  9. According to Twitter, Krishnan Gurumurthy has more revelations this evening on Channel4 News, in a few minutes.
  10. It isn't formal like Perry Mason. From what I understand it will be you, the judge and someone representing Simple Simon in a room around a table. [I haven't been to court myself, hopefully someone can add to what I've said.] Do you have your papers organised in a file so you can find things easily when you want to refer to it? HB
  11. Hi. I don't know about the tax aspect but will ask a site team collegue if they can help with any of that. When I said charges, I meant from the insurance company accepting the transfer. Did you speak to MAPS about your options on transferring?
  12. I had a similar thought, TJ. The Guardian has done an explainer of the rules as of yesterday. Someone said that if the government, had retained public trust, they might not have needed stringent measures like this. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/28/england-new-coronavirus-restrictions-explained
  13. Moving on, TJ, have you seen the report by Channel4 News?
  14. It still seems to miss the point that kids can be asymptomatic carriers of Covid to older and vulnerable people, TJ.
  15. Channel4 News have got hold of a leaked database used by the Trump campaign in 2016. Their report says that the campaign set out to deter millions of black voters from voting for Hillary Clinton. https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-trump-campaign-strategy-to-deter-millions-of-black-americans-from-voting-in-2016 For anyone who saw The Great Hack on Netflix, this is a tactic that was used by Cambridge Analytica/SCL and Alexander Nix.
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