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  1. Hi all, firstly I'm posting on behalf of my step son & GF, as they are unsure of how to respond to/progress with their currently situation. Background BF / GF living with GF's parents. GF becomes pregnant. Both 'kicked out' - asked to find alternative accommodation. Accepted as 'Homeless' by the Local Authority, and that they have a 'priority need'. Currently in emergency Council-owned accommodation (pretty decent actually) in the centre of town. GF doesn't drive, BF has small mbike only. BF employed locally. GF was in college locally before pregnancy but now not.
  2. OK I appreciate I'm quite late to the event, but I had opportunity to dig out all my old credit card statements yesterday, and it set me thinking about PPI. I cannot honestly remember EVER being sold PPI, and I'm pretty sure I would have turned it down if it was offered. I can't see any reference to PPI on any of my statements - no 2nd charges, no 2nd interest statements etc. How else would I know if I have it...? Yes I appreciate this may be a totally stupid question haha. Do I have to put in what may be a speculative claim anyway...? Cheers for your kind assistance.
  3. Just dug out the original paperwork from the loft. My error - the job cost twice as much as I was thinking, as I had some extra work done on top. So the 3 payments were 50% deposit, final payment, and then and extra final payment in error, which was refunded. Cheers for the assistance and sorry for wasting your time.
  4. It's just over 2 grand from memory..... Personally, I can't believe I didn't notice it at the time !!! Looking at the statements there were shed loads of transactions though - I was putting between 4 & 10 grand on the credit card every month - and the multiple charging covered 2 statements periods (just).
  5. 10 years ago I upgraded my kitchen, and purchased some granite work surfaces. Due to other issues I was going through my credit card statements back from 2004 and noticed the transaction as it was substantial. I had forgotten about it but I noticed they had taken the payment out 3 times, which rang certain memory bells in my head ! I checked through more statement, saw a refund once, but not twice !!! It's all there in the statements obviously, can't be argued with So, as the company is still trading, although it's a franchise model, and I'm fairly sure I was dealing with them befor
  6. Did some calcs from my statements and on one of the cards they had over £300k going through the account over the last 10 years.
  7. Plead to MBNA not to default and sell on the account, but rather give me 6 months for my situation to improve so that I can start making amends.
  8. Thanks all. Do you still think it's worth trying to get a £1 agreement...? Can it hurt in any way...? Is there anything I SHOULDN'T say in my pleading letter....?
  9. Will look up CCA. You mean for the original signed agreements IIRC...?
  10. Never seen any on any statements, so not pursued it. Digging them out later anyway, so will double check.
  11. Additions: I will dig out all my old bills and calculate exactly how much money has gone though MBNA on these 2 accounts, and throw that in to the pleading letter. At one time I was putting 3-4K a month n these and paying it off every month. Should I mention the orgins of these accounts do you think...? One was a N&P building society card, that I got because it was the first to offer a photocard option. I am unsure how many companies it went though before it got to MBNA but I'm sure Abbey National was involved somewhere. The other was a Homebase credit card
  12. Hi, hope this is in the right place It is with some sadness that I feel the need to post here. I don't like debt (who does!) but circumstances over the last year have come to a point where my credit card debts have built so that I have been unable to cover the minimum. ...and I now am in desparate need of help before things get really serious. So, details: MBNA 1: £19k owing - no payments for 5 or 6 months MBNA 2: £5k owing - no payments for 4 or 5 months A few months ago after being hounded with phone calls I did a family budget statement for them, along wit
  13. Cheers for the links. Assuming this is a correct overpayment calculation, and a notification was sent out at the time all good and proper, any ideas why something this substantial would suddently pop out of the woodwork like this after this many years...? (bearing in mind there is already an active overpayment being recovered via her benefits) Just been throught the cycle of HMRC numbers again, starting with 0345 300 3900 which requires you to state what you are calling about. Stating "benefit overpayment" refers you to an automated announcement, mentioning leaflet WTC8 and r
  14. Cheers Brigadier. I suspected as much unfortunately. This was my first thought, and if it had been from 2 or 3 years past I would just be telling her to pay it without question. However, due to the following, we are not inclined to pay it without more justification: 1. she has had every kind of error on her tax statements that you can possibly think of, therefore HMRC have a significant track record of information correction with her; 2. she already is having an overpayment recovered, therefore why should one from 7 yrs ago suddenly 'reappear'; 3. her partner from back th
  15. Hi, hope someone can advise on the best course of action, because so far, we have got nowhere with the HMRC telephone numbers, having been doing laps round departments as one refers back to the previous....but no one can help, except to take payment obviously. The situation My other half of 3 years, received a letter from the HMRC dated 22nd April 2014, stating that she had an outstanding debt of £750.23. According to the very brief detail on the back this was due to an overpayment of Working Tax Credit & Child Tax Credit dating from May 2007. This is the absolute FIRST
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