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  1. I cannot post the refusal letter until I’m back home in ten days. in the meantime. I wonder if this is of any help to anyone if / when HSBC claim that they don’t keep records on microfilm; The HSBC Debit Card Cardholder’s Agreement https://www.hsbc.com.sg/1/PA_ES_Content_Mgmt//content/singapore/hsbcjade/displays/pdf/jade-debit-card-tnc.pdf Specifically, page 9; General 16.1 Our records (including computer and microfilm stored records) of all matters relating to you are conclusive evidence of such matters and is binding against you for all purposes, save for manifest error, but subject to our right to rectify any error or omission therein and our right to adduce other evidence. We may, in our discretion, destroy any documents relating to any Card Transaction after microfilming or otherwise recording the same in such manner as we may deem fit as well as to destroy such microfilm and records at any time.
  2. Is this negotiable or do you have to agree to it?
  3. Quick one - just out of curiosity, I needed to speak to HSBC tonight so I asked them what address I should use to write to regarding a DSAR and they gave the one in Coventry (Harry Weston Rd, Coventry, CV3 2TR)
  4. Is it worth getting the ICO on live chat (so evidenced) on this to get their opinion the the fact that HSBC are refusing to give beyond their 6 years 'limit' and yet their privacy notice says 'normally keep core banking data for seven years from the end of our relationship'?
  5. Perhaps I'm being naive but if it were to go to court, this disproves their claim of only keeping the data for six years, no?
  6. I just find it difficult to believe* how a huge organisation such as this would make such a glaring error that could / would / will bit them in the behind. *But obviously I'm chuffed about it!!
  7. Forgive me for stating the seemingly obvious but doesn't this directly contradict all the letters I've received where they quote their favourite 'We only keep it for six years' claim?
  8. Excellent! Should I do this now, in response to them not providing all the data to my DSAR, or wait until they fail to provide it to my next DSAR? Brilliant, and I will!! Give me a few hours!!
  9. Good Gosh this was quite possibly the most helpful reply I’ve ever received on here (and there have been many!!). Firstly, thank you for the help. Secondly, yes I’m still a customer, I have seven different accounts and have been a customer for just over twenty years. I think your advice on making the claims before the deadline even if, worse case scenario, I don’t yet have the evidence is extraordinary advice and I thank you. Now to get on that DSAR address......
  10. Thank you for this, it essentially says everything I have thought or said in the past. Now, my one remaining issue is: what evidence can I garner? Do you mean things such as how they've previously sent me sort codes, account numbers and loan amounts for over 15 years ago....but then claim that they don't have any data after six years previous? Or do you mean recording phone calls with their various departments regarding any details stored on microfiche, etc? Please give me an idea and I will get on it!!
  11. Everything you say rings true. my question though is why do these DSAR departments play ball when contacted as opposed to the, seemingly, company line of ‘we don’t have it’?
  12. Hi there. well this is fantastic news and a real help, thank you. Unfortunately I’m stuck in the customer services spiral so any more information you can offer would be helpful?
  13. Thank you for this. But what sort of evidence do you mean, please? Please could you be more specific? Thank you in advance.
  14. This is what I want. Doh!!!
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