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  1. Update here: Surprisingly I received £70 in to my account and a letter stating that they couldn't listen to the main phone conversation in question (but had some of the others) as I hadn't given them the phone bill proving the date and time. It turns out that I had the date wrong (only by two days) but DID have the bill to prove it so I have sent them this. a rude and uncaring adviser keeps me on the phone for 48 minutes even though I had repeatedly told her that I had to go and pick up my daughter from nursery.
  2. Update here. There have now been sent three recorded delivery letters to them stating that £150 is not enough since early February, still no response. I am about to send a SAR for my wife to see where they got her number in the first place. How does this happen if she / others were never customers?
  3. Excellent, thank you. I have not rang them on this issue. I'm just still a little surprised at the lack of response as they have been good to their word on all other complaints and communications on this issue....until now. Okay, I'll head over to your thread and pick up some tips on how to get started......
  4. Hi, I've had a complaint about incorrect advice given over the phone by a Halifax advisor (haven't yet set up phone recording....grrr). I've followed this up with various recorded delivery letters, etc, but they seem AWFUL at dealing with complaints compared to HSBC, for instance, who, on the whole, seem very professional at how they acknowledge complaints. I'm curious - is this a known thing or is it just me?
  5. Understood. I'm still intrigued why HSBC are ignoring me / this though, I thought they would have at least sent a token response.
  6. OK. Honest answer here - do you think these know that there is evidence and they are just trying to ignore?
  7. OK people, still no word from HSBC on this. How do i start the ball rolling again. Suggestions, please?
  8. Hi all, I recently sent a SAR to my local Doctors surgery following a long dispute with their Practice Manager over an issue at one of their surgeries. This culminated in a hearing where the PM apologised to me but this took a lot of pushing by me and had to involve the local health board. I have received their reply today stating that being as I have moved surgeries, they no longer have access to my medical records so they 'cannot comply with your request'. Now, what action should I take? It's tempting to ask them to actually read the detail in my SAR (emails, internal memos, etc) but I'm thinking do I have to print something out like how businesses have to deal with a SAR?
  9. Update: February 16th I sent HSBC this to the Canada Square address via recorded delivery: You claim that you no longer have the data I require because you are required by the data protection act to destroy it after six years. You should understand that I'm fully aware that the data protection act contains no such provision – but if you insist that it does then please let me know the particular section of the Data Protection Act which contains the obligation. Accordingly I reject your position that you do not have the data and I believe that you are withholding the data from me because you feel that it would be disadvantageous to you to provide it to me. It maybe that the data is within some archive service and of which you are fully aware. If it is your position that the data has been destroyed then please will you provide a certificate of destruction from your data controller. I should warn you that I am sending your letter of the 4 February 2019, along with your other letters stating the same ‘six year’ statement of 18 February 2013, 8 July 2013, 4 April 2012, 15 September 2010, containing your misleading information about the Data Protection Act to the information Commissioner as part of the complaint. If you do not provide me with a certificate of destruction signed by your data controller then I will add that to the information Commissioner's complaint as well. I would also remind you that you have a duty to treat your customers fairly and in particular to communicate with them fairly. This is a statutory duty created by the Financial Conduct Authority. By attempting to mislead me as to your Data Protection obligations, you are already in breach of your statutory duty. It would now be helpful if you would begin to treat your responsibilities according to law in order to avoid further complaints. I have sent a copy of this to the data controller I sent it again on February 23rd and again on Monday (11th March). It is coming up to a month since my first letter and it would seem that they are stalling. Thoughts, please, anyone?
  10. Hi again. I see that the Woolwich was taken over by Barclays. I will send them a SAR but do you think they will still have the records of The Woolwich?
  11. Thank you. Final question for a while - letters sent today via recorded delivery. How long should I give them?
  12. They aren’t, my original post was to express surprise that they have attributed these to me!?!? And that they monitor and store these kind of things.
  13. Interesting. Soooo....what do I do about this? Do I complain to them or the ICO?
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