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  1. Absolute garbage that is, absolute garbage. Nothing to do with diet whatsoever, people like you who make assumptions, I'm sick of you. He developed blood clots, not thickening of the arteries due to poor diet. He may even want to leave constructive feedback. You know nothing of this. Moron.
  2. Understood. It might have helped if you had mentioned this. To be honest, he is a very level headed and sensible chap so this is not a concern for me. Others, it would be.
  3. And this is why some forums get a bad name. You are effectively saying 'Before I give you the information, I will determine whether or not I judge your friend deserves it'. Not your call, I'm afraid.
  4. I would like to stick to the original question rather than the specifics or what did or did not happen, please. As it happens, it was remote, yes. I don't feel that saying what would happen helps here, I am telling you what did happen (or not). So please can I ask how he can gain access to these records / notes, if at all?
  5. He did survive but is frustrated that the delay to getting the paramedics to attend (three hours) to him getting seen by the paramedics and them immediately recognising that he had had a heart attack and needed action immediately (stents put in) has caused damage to his heart (the lack of blood flow due to the clots).
  6. Hi all, Bit of a strange one - a friend of mine recently suffered a heart attack whilst on holiday in Devon. He believes that there was a mistake and extra long delay that the first responders made before summoning paramedics in that they notices empty cans of beer in his caravan and were advising him that his chest pains were perhaps indigestion and were, in his opinion, insinuating that he had a drink problem (they were actually celebrating his son in law's birthday). Is there a way that my friend could use a DSAR to see if this was the case?
  7. I never did anything about them. I wanted to resolve this one first, learn how the court claim process works* and do it again without having to trouble everyone on here. That is the plan, anyway.... *I did a few small claims courts years ago with the bank charges but that was a long, long time ago.
  8. To clarify, this is the drone thread. You are quite right though, the confusion is all my fault. I used to be very organised and on top of my game in all areas but since I have had children, I have lost the ability to be so organised and prepared. Never thought it would happen. Sorry to all.
  9. Worth mentioning that, after having checked my emails, I asked via email to which Amazon entity I should name in legal proceedings and was advised: With reference to your other concerns, you may direct any future correspondence regarding this matter to our Legal Department at the following address: AEUc/o Amazon UK Services Ltd Doubt this changes things?
  10. I will learn bit by bit!! I believe they could claim costs?
  11. It's OK, I will discontinue the claim, learn from it, and make a fresh claim to the correct defendant!!
  12. Hmmm.....it seems that the N244 form costs £255.....is this reclaimable?
  13. OK, thank you, I have asked both. However, two questions: 1. Re my response to their defence - as the courier has been paid by Amazon, isn't the contract between Amazon and Hermes? ie, so as long as I have proof of collection by Hermes it is up to Amazon to sort out any problems with their appointed courier? 2. If Amazon come back with the correct entity to make the claim against as 'Amazon EU Sarl', I will still need to get the correct address too, right?
  14. Just a question, Andy! OK, I will change the defendant name, just so I don't c**k up yet again, are you in agreement that the correct entity should be Amazon EU SARL?
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