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  1. Absolutely fantastic!!!!! Thank you SO much!! Give me a few hours to digest this and I will get abck to you. Thank you for your patience!!!
  2. No problem about what you say - quite simply I am slow at learning, I'm not happy about this but it's just the way it is. I get comments like yours quite often - I just try my best. Why do you accept Amazon's response to your SAR that you have gone to the wrong department? I haven't, but work and family take up 99.9% of my time, it is only now that I can make a start on issues such as this. What makes you think that Hermes are the people to go up against here? I don't think that, but I do think that obtaining the proof that they picked up the items a necessary
  3. Yes, that's right. From memory, perhaps 3 weeks after purchase is when I sent them back.
  4. I returned both as they weren't up to scratch - thermal cameras (£320 in total). Re return arrangements - with Amazon you select to return, choose the option (Royal Mail, Post Office of Hermes) and then print the paperwork.
  5. Hi all. Long story cut short: Sent two items back to Amazon in May 2020 in one package They state one item arrived and a 'plastic dirty bottle' was in place of one of the item. Amazon asked me in an email if I wanted the 'bottle', I replied that I most definitely DO want it. It never arrived. I've battled HARD with Amazon Live chat and on phone since - all to no avail - just spoke to an advisor now who admits that the two 'investigations' they have carried out amount to 'Is the item with us? No, therefore no refund'. They advised if they are to look again then I
  6. Hi. As you can probably presume by the time this has been posted, I am annoyed. Long story cut short is we bought a new build, got a professional snagging company to come in and make a list of things that needed doing and am now still in the process of liaising with painters / electricans, etc. There has been significant disruption with arranging to be in to help guide the various workmen, etc, let alone the complexities of Covid to deal with as well as having two small children. Tonight we were up until quite late having to prepare things for a painter to come tomorrow to fix all the awf
  7. Hi. This is the space I have available (although the 7ft could easily be extended to 9 or 10ft). If I am looking to spend up to £900, what are my options - I am guessing for that little, just a garden shed? However, is there such a thing as a 'converted' garden shed before we head for the +£1,500 options?
  8. Hi all, just to close this one, please see the photos below....before and after Thank you, all, for some great advice (as per usual!)
  9. Thank you for this. The wall is almost done, but I have a query regarding the quality - I am NO builder but shouldn't there be cement in between the breeze blocks here?
  10. Sorry to elongate this, but I'm not sure how they can retract it once the wall is built?
  11. Thank you. So an offer, as in this case, cannot be retracted once it is built?
  12. Update on this: Following a few threats of small claims court claim and joining a Facebook group that has been set up to complain about this developer, the MD phoned me to say that if I keep quiet, they will build the retaining wall as a gesture of goodwill. Following this, I finally got something in email on this when I queried whether there would be a warranty on the wall. This was part of the wall: Regarding wall in garden it will be next week not sure which day waiting on groundworker to call back to confirm does it matter to you? Regards warranty there will not be any
  13. No problem. They seem intent on refusing the DSAR, and I feel they have their reasons.......
  14. Hi all. We recently moved in to our new build house. Whilst we had a snagging survey done (14 pages for the developer to address any day now), our biggest problem is our lawn - there is a really steep incline in to the field net to it which is a heck of a pain, we have effectively lost 11% of the lawn dimensions that were given to us by the Developer and it is a ruddy danger for our two children under three. Long story cut short, I have asked them to either build a retaining wall or pay for one. I have quoted the (I think) relevant regs from the NHBC website and they are sayin
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