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  1. Hi all, Long story cut short, I parked in a car park where I hadn't parked for years. It was always free after 5pm and,, stupidly, when I parked there again in September, I assumed it was still free. I received a letter from Euro Car Parks late as I had moved house, and this week received a letter from 'Debt Recovery Plus' telling me I owe £150. Please can I ask which direction I should head with this? Is it enforceable, etc? Thank you in advance.
  2. It’s unreal! Banks really are untrustworthy bas****s. How dare anyone suggest otherwise.
  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Interesting stuff! Last time I had one of those vague responses via their instant chat, I rang them and got enough spoken word from them that I used it to my advantage. Record the call as I did. I think you’ll be surprised at how much sway it will hold when going to court - what judge will (at small claims level) enjoy arguing against ICO?
  5. Tnook, do me a favour - use the Live Chat facility on the ICO’s website tomorrow (today?) and ask them about the claim made by Barclays - that they admit to probably having the data but their own referencing issues are making it difficult, not impossible, to make the search. See what they say - screenshot what they say and use the facility to email yourself the transcript - then send that to the solicitor you’re dealing with. Please try this....let us know what the ICO say. They’ll probably include the usual ‘we can’t state categorically without knowing the details’ but press them on this issue specifically!! Having something from them to quote will help your case no end!!!
  6. I sincerely hope you fight it. my experience with ICO is that if an organisation say they’ve got the data ‘somewhere’ means that they have it. Period.
  7. Not really answering your question but aren’t they infringing / breaking GDPR by effectively saying they ‘might’ have your data but can’t be sure? HSBC did this with me and paid me £750. Worth pushing back on this?
  8. Hi guys. apologies for being evasive with my previous post about my mate’s dodgy employer - I can now tell you all - he was concerned they were dodgy and quit them. He worked for them for ten weeks, they eventually paid him the money they owed him after an attempt not to. Since then (six weeks ago) they have supplied ‘screenshots’ of seemingly genuine payslips but HMRC have said they have no record of the company paying any Tax on his behalf. When asked why, the employer said their accountant was dealing with it and it’s in the process of being done....reason for him to be worried?
  9. Hi all. update; last week I received a letter from HSBC stating that even though it’s been over 8 weeks since I made my PPI complaint to them (and at the same time I submitted it to the FOS), they haven’t been able to give me an answer so I can take it to the FOS (seemed like a generic letter) or I can give it more time. Is this advantageous at all, please?
  10. Thank you for that. The dealer accepted deposit by credit card but wants the remaining balance by bank transfer. Reputable dealer and I’ve been incredible intense and thorough on the research side - full HPI check, photos of full service history and MOT history to mechanic friend and appropriate make forum but I was just making 100% sure on the legality front re section 75. However, just seen this on the MSE site; A trick to help – pay the deposit by credit card and you're covered The law's specific on this, you get the protection for the whole cost of an item or service, even if you only pay for a part of it – even just 1p would count – on credit. The only condition is that what you're buying costs more than £100 and less than £30,000. Therefore if you want protection… As long as it costs more than £100, pay for even a fraction on a credit card and you're protected. Here's a Section 75 deposit-only success story to give you some inspiration... I ordered and paid £15,991 in full for a new car but before I took delivery, the trader went into liquidation. Thankfully I had paid the first £100 deposit on my Barclaycard credit card. So I made a Section 75 claim. It took six months, but this week I received a credit to my card of the whole amount, just from having paid the first £100 on my card. So I’m now more confident! Phew!
  11. Hi all. I’m buying a car today and will be paying by bank transfer for £5,000. I’ve paid the deposit of £400 by credit card, am I right in thinking that I’ll be covered by the credit card should something go badly wrong?
  12. he did not ask. I didn’t know that one had to specifically ask, but then again, I guess it’s the old adage it read the small print.
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