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  1. There are online forums for people moving from South Africa to the UK. This is one of them. https://moveup.co.za/2019/03/08/how-to-move-to-the-uk-a-step-by-step-guide/ If you want to speak to a social worker you could try the local council. HB
  2. UB, there's a case in California that's the same, isn't there? OH's firm, which is American-owned, issued an international travel ban yesterday whether for business or pleasure.
  3. Thank you Bazza. I know I'm over simplifying this. Are the masks you talk about still available please?
  4. So are delivery people making arrangements to bring food and other goods to people in a way that they can't be infected? I'm not being facetious, I may have read something about delivery people being at risk.
  5. Last one from me. It's not often I agree with George Osborne, but I think he has a point in his tweet earlier today. Boris has got round to convening Cobra at least. 'The British Government now needs to go onto a ‘war footing’ with the coronavirus: daily NHS press briefings, regular COBRA meetings chaired by the PM, Ministers on all major media shows. The public is fearful, wants information and needs to know their leaders have got a grip.'
  6. And less depressing, Emma Barnett trying her best to get the truth from Theresa Villiers. I feel sorry for Emma, she did her best. Scroll down past the photos at the top to the video. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/mp-theresa-villiers-refused-to-say-no-deal-in-bbc-brexit-interview-1-6535892
  7. I was thinking back to this sad but inspiring story the other day, the village of Eyam in Derbyshire during the plague. Article from the Guardian about whether people now will or would be selfless during a pandemic. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/feb/28/coronovirus-test-wellbeing-herd-vaccination
  8. There's a good online calculator by turn2us that you could try. It's free and anonymous. https://benefits-calculator.turn2us.org.uk/AboutYou HB
  9. To add to what UB has said. They know far more about benefits than I do, but a lot of people have moved to UC and not been better off. In your place I'd be asking the adviser to show me figures and justifying why UC would be better for me. HB
  10. Are you still on benefits, Louise, do you have to attend this interview? HB
  11. HMG are excelling themselves today. They'll walk away from the EU in June if they don't like what's on offer and start preparing for a WTO exit. Given how far their new red lines are from the EU's it's really hard to see how they can get very far in the negotiations. And they're leaving the European Arrest Warrant system against legal advice. Why?
  12. Hello and welcome to CAG. I can't post links at the moment but we have a forum sticky in the parking forum, above all of the posts, that asks for information we need. If you can't find it, someone will be along later to post it. You can also read up on that car park here, we have other cases. Best, HB
  13. Some people are saying that the Russians are trolling the internet to make people panic...
  14. Useful link, BN. The article mentions that the National Audit Office said that the DWP isn't learning anything from its mistakes. HB
  15. The department for work and pensions has been accused of “a cover-up” after destroying reports into suicides linked to benefits being stopped. Around 50 reviews into deaths following the loss of social security payments before 2015 have been shredded, officials have admitted – blaming data protection laws. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/dwp-benefit-death-suicide-reports-cover-ups-government-conservatives-a9359606.html HB
  16. Lady P, I've removed your quote of farmlama's post. It's the one above yours so it's clear what you're replying to, plus it makes the thread longer than it needs to be. HB
  17. Hello and welcome to CAG. The best thing would be to start your own thread and tell us what has happened. Hopefully Oli's mum will spot your thread and reply. ETA: Oli's mum hasn't been here since July last year and doesn't seem to have followed their own thread so it isn't sure that they will see your thread. Best, HB
  18. Hi. You don't need a lawyer, we'll help you. Your defence will be a few lines and later on you'll do a longer witness statement [WS] to flesh out the detail. Have a look at other VCS airport claim form threads for an idea of what to put and post it up when you think you have what you need so we can refine it if need be. HB
  19. Jason, I've edited your post to keep it relevant to the matter in hand. HB
  20. You only reply to a Letter Before Claim/Action or a court claim form. The letter isn't headed Letter Before Claim so we recommend to sit on your hands. HB
  21. That's a shame that you paid, it enables them to carry on bugging other people. We can edit your post if you think it drops you in it, although I'm not sure how they would know it's you. HB
  22. It might be worth asking the man to put what he said in writing. Who are blue stone please? HB
  23. Fingers crossed for you, Benny. Please let us know how it goes, whatever the result. I'll be thinking of you. HB
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