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  1. More from the Second Sight guys in the Law Gazette. Post Office Inquiry: Second Sight accountant accuses lawyer of conspiring to pervert course of justice | Law Gazette WWW.LAWGAZETTE.CO.UK Second Sight accountant found compelling evidence in two cases that evidence was withheld, public inquiry is told.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully @stu007 will be along later with his thoughts. HB
  3. Wow. Was he a mate of Bozo? I don't think he's the only major donor to say that. And from a different area, chef Tom Kerridge isn't happy either. Restaurants are dying and the Tories won’t save them. That’s why they won’t get my vote | Tom Kerridge | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Food prices and lack of experienced staff are pushing the hospitality industry to ruin – we need fresh thinking, says chef Tom Kerridge
  4. ..and some wag has signed up to Trustpilot as Tricky Dicky and left a review, lol. VETTING.com is rated "Excellent" with 4.4 / 5 on Trustpilot WWW.TRUSTPILOT.COM Do you agree with VETTING.com's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 151 customers have already said.
  5. Someone on Twitter has pointed out that the 'vetting agency' Farage is threatening to sue is more of a platform you sign up to. I'm not clear why that would cost £144k.
  6. Because they can pester you for free. And if it ever goes to court, they can send you important documents at one minute to midnight the night before the hearing, so you don't have time to look at them.
  7. Yes, you should tell them by snail mail if you move, just don't give them your email address. I think they have six years to pursue this, hopefully they won't. HB
  8. Farage has agreed to be interviewed by Nick Robinson on Panorama. 7pm this Friday, BBC1. He didn't do very well last time he was questioned on specific policies.
  9. Hi. Thank you for the information we need, the guys in the know should be along later to help you. In the meantime, your attachment needs some editing please, to keep this anonymous. You need to cover up their reference number and your car reg. It's on their correspondence at least twice and in at least one of the photos. And please don't appeal to anyone, it usually causes more problems than it solves. HB
  10. Bozo's buddy Peter Cruddas seems to have switched parties. Tory peer Peter Cruddas shared posts supporting Nigel Farage and Reform UK | Conservatives | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Exclusive: almost half of billionaire Tory donor’s last 100 reposts were in support of rightwing party
  11. I agree with you, UB. More parties might not be such a bad thing. More on Farage's manifesto - sorry, contract.
  12. Desperation. They must think people have forgotten what Johnson was like as PM. Tories turn to Boris to combat Farage threat WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Former PM signs letters to wavering voters amid warning Labour could be in power for a generation if support goes to Reform
  13. I hope Labour keeps its word about investigating these contracts. Boss of US firm given £4bn in UK Covid contracts accused of squandering millions on jets and properties | Coronavirus | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Exclusive: Rishi Sunak’s team helped fast-track deal with firm founded by Charles Huang, who says contracts generated $2bn profit
  14. Hi. I expect the experts will be along later to advise you. In the meantime, I've amended your thread title to show the car park name and location. HB
  15. Speaking of Truss, another French politician has used her as an example of economic illiteracy. Edouard Phillippe, the ex-PM was on BFM TV this morning.
  16. Reform more or less said it's what they will be campaigning about but they don't expect to be implementing the plans. Dan Neidle thinks the cost is about double the amount of Truss's mini-budget and the IFS think the figures are out by £10s of billions.
  17. That's interesting, isn't it? It's the first time I've seen proof of what some people have been complaining about. Farage, for one, has had too much exposure considering he's either not been an active politician until recently, or when active represents a party that has one MP - a defector.
  18. Whilst trying to point score over Biden, Trump can't remember the name of his own doctor. Trump gets name of his doctor wrong as he challenges Biden to cognitive test | Donald Trump | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Gaffe came as 78-year-old Republican presidential candidate sought to bolster his support among Black and Latino voters in Michigan
  19. According to Alastair Campbell on Twitter, anti-Le Pen parties are pointing to RN's fiscal policies and saying they'll cause a 'Truss-style market meltdown'. Liz Truss charged taxpayers for Amazon Prime subscription - Mirror Online WWW.MIRROR.CO.UK The subscription costing £95 gives the ex-PM free shipping from the retail giant, as well as the ability to stream films and TV shows such as My Fault...
  20. Vennells had a CBE, didn't she? That ranks below a knighthood.
  21. Hello, welcome to CAG. I expect people will be along to advise later. We aren't here to mock, this is a serious forum. If you feel you're being picked on report the relevant post to the site team. Best, HB
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