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  1. I use them only for e-mail and my last bill was 1.60 dated 21st April. As yet they have not informed me of any increase in costs G
  2. Hi Gdb, I posted a document on German debt process here (post #53)http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?333134-Uk-citizen-with-debt-in-Germany-please-help.&p=3674780#post3674780 Hopefully it will help you understand the process in DE Viel Glück
  3. And invite Mr. Clarkson along for the run
  4. This just in: "The Court concludes that the 'arrival time', which is used to determine the length of the delay to which passengers on a flight have been subject, corresponds to the time at which at least one of the doors of the aircraft is opened, the assumption being that, at that moment, the passengers are permitted to leave the aircraft," it said. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/09/04/uk-eu-airlines-ruling-idUKKBN0GZ0VE20140904
  5. Hi Jontty, Your UI should payout approx. 70-80% based on your last six months salary. If you hold a valid short stay permit you may remain in Switzerland for up to six more months. This will give you time to find another job. However, you will need to obtain authorisation from the cantonal immigration or labour market authorities. Also if you live in Switzerland, i.e. hold a valid Swiss residence or settlement permit and meet the requirements, you will be entitled to receive unemployment benefits. Your nationality does not affect your entitlement to unemployment benefits. So if you get and can survive on UI payments then I would suggest that you give notice as per your contract and claim your UI entitlements Your rental deposit should be returned (did you pay this into a rental deposit account?) - unless you have trashed the place. Have a look here for more information on unemployment: http://geneva.angloinfo.com/information/working/unemployment/ Or here for rental/deposit information: http://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-switzerland-renting-property Good luck G
  6. Based on what Soul Reaver has stated it would appear that this debt originated in Switzerland. The questions are: Was the OP resident in Switzerland at the time and was the debt/loan taken out whilst in Switzerland using a Swiss brocker/bank/agency - if so then the loan would be subject to Swiss law Has the OP received any Swiss court judgements (Zahlungsbefehl - summons to pay)?? Or am I missing something here?
  7. Hi, AFAIK - As a general rule, the limitation period for civil law claims is ten years; if such claims concern periodic payments or certain types of services, they will be time-barred after five years. This general rule applies to all claims for which Swiss civil law does not provide otherwise. G
  8. Hi Jontty, How long have you been in CH? Which canton are you within? Did you pay tax/unemployment insurance? The normal termination is with three months notice prior to the 'legal' date (I think December is automatically excluded). So if you give notice in January then the three months would be Feb, Mar & Apr (provided April is a 'legal' date). An option would be to find a new tenant to take over your apartment, either as a sub-let or directly. Also have a look into Unzumutbar - according to art 266g of the code of obligations, notice can be given in cases where an event takes place that was unforeseeable when the lease was signed and which makes the continuation of the lease unreasonable. This would effectiveley remove you from the contract without penalty Did you pay a deposit? I am not legally qualified but offer advice based on my experience (lived in CH for over 7 years) G
  9. If it can be proved that the debt is SB'd (more than 5 years without acknowledgement or payments since CoA) then the debt does not exist in any shape or form - SCOTLAND ONLY Therefore it is important to verify the dates as Conniff suggested in post #3, so get the SAR off pronto. They then have 40 days from receipt to supply all information requested. Although the information may not be with you in time..... Would following this be of any help to tactical: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?255329-CPR-part-18-vs-CPR-31.14-Confused-well-read-here In the meantime can you scan, or type out verbatim, what is stated on the demand or answer the questions from http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...TED-April-2014** Do we still have Idainfife or Maroondevo on site-team and can admin ask them to pop-in? P.S. I am Scottish but NOT legally trained so information is based on my understanding only
  10. As this is Clydsdale Bank are you based in Scotland? If so then the limitation is 5 years from the 'cause of action'
  11. Breaking news Suarez banned for NINE matches
  12. Taken from the BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/business-28015456 Payday lender Wonga must pay £2.6m in compensation after sending letters from non-existent law firms to customers in arrears.
  13. Hi dunvant, This is probably better in the main 'Financial Legal Issues' forum - you are currently in 'DCA Successes' Have asked site team to move the thread G
  14. Hi adridude, 2. Limitation issues: What are the time limits for bringing civil claims? Under Dutch, law civil claims are subject to time limitations, and also expiration. Time limitation can be (repeatedly) extended rather easily. This can be achieved by either starting a law suit or sending a written notice in which the claimant unequivocally reserves its right to pursue his claim. The effect of an extension is that the time limitation period starts anew. If an expiration period passes, the possibility to pursue the claim expires. Extension is in principle not possible. Under Dutch law there are some exceptions to this rule. The general rule under Dutch law is that claims are time barred after 20 years from the time they arise. However, the law contains specific provisions for several situations with different (generally shorter) time periods. Claims regarding performance of a contractual obligation must be brought within five years after these claims fell due. That same five years limitation period applies to claims regarding (tort) compensation of damage or payment of a penalty, which starts running the day following the day in which the injured party becomes aware of the damage or the penalty accruing. In any event, a claim for compensation of damage is time barred after 20 years following the occurrence that caused the damage or led to the penalty becoming due. In case of damages due to environmental pollution, the limitations period is 30 years. Claims with regard to rescission or specific performance of a contract have a five-year time limitation from the moment the creditor becomes aware of the default, or in any event 20 years following the default. Other periods of limitation apply to causes of action regarding cultural heritage claims, ranging from one to 75 years depending on the type of claim. HTH
  15. According to thier own T&Cs (1.4 and 2.5) they will deduct fees prior to sending the compensation cheque to you unless payment was sent direct from the OC As they did not follow thier own T&Cs then IMHO this should be mentioned to them and negotiate a resonable repyament plan, with no additional interest and no sharing information with CRAs and to call off Wilson Rose. Also request a full and complete breakdown of how they came to the figure requested As Alloyz1 said (If it is the second one, you have a better standing to consider the bankruptcy threat unreasonable and negotiate a payment plan.) The fees charged are 25% (+20% VAT) - OUCH! So if you know how much you received then you can work out if the fee now mentioned is correct Good luck
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