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  1. TT, how did it go with the police last week? I don't think I've seen it mentioned. HB
  2. Barnier has published his diaries from the Brexit negotiations, in French for now and in English in October. There are some interesting observations. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/05/tory-quarrels-betrayals-uk-post-brexit-future-barnier-eu
  3. I've read that the PM has to pay for meals that come from the Downing Street kitchen and that the flat is taxed as a benefit in kind, TJ. Turning to fishing, it's getting quite fraught. France, the masters of direct action, are threatening to cut off Jersey's electricity [95% of it via underwater cable from France] over fishing licences being issued slowly or subject to unilateral terms that aren't what was promised last year. A question I have is why are fishing quotas for 2021 still under discussion in May?
  4. Well done, I'm very pleased for you. Please consider a donation if you're able to, so we can be here for other people with problems in the future. HB
  5. See whst others think, but I would put 'the record' instead of 'my', to avoid confusion. As I understand it, you would still need a letter of authority from your relative asking the surgery to release the information, as I said. Did the hospital indicate if he has capacity to sign documents? My mother was diagnosed with dementia by a psychiatrist, is that what happened here? HB
  6. An SAR is to find out how HMRC worked out their figures so you can check if they're right or not. You should be able to see what information they hold about you on their system. You can apply online, dx will let us know if this is the right link. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hmrc-subject-access-request There's no point waiting and this could help you. HB
  7. It would be interesting to know which nation eats more sole of the UK and France. Do you have a link for your quote please, Conniff?
  8. So pulling up the drawbridge and ignoring your nearest neighbours on fishing, say, causes problems in other economic areas. Who'd have thought?
  9. This is from NHS England on complaining about a GP. https://www.england.nhs.uk/contact-us/complaint/#complain And information on acessing medical records. Stu007 has a point, has your relative had a formal diagnosis of dementia and do they have capacity to sign a letter of authority for someone else to act for them? https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/how-to-access-your-health-records/ Just to mention that we had a previous thread here where the GP who was subject to the complaint arranged for the patient to see a different doctor in t
  10. I'm not sure I'm seeing much buyer's remorse, UB. People [and papers like the Express] are just blaming Europe, encouraged by the government. I was interested to read the other day that Demonic is worried he could go to prison for campaign overspending by the Leave people. He should be more worried about twisting the truth and telling voters things that weren't correct. No wonder they're trying to undermine the Electoral Commission.
  11. I think we've understood all that. I'll ask again what you want to happen. With the pharmacy, do you want someone to be disciplined or lose their livelihood? And the same with the GP. HB
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