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  1. Many thanks for this information.
  2. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/british-lorry-drivers-fined-kent-access-permit-brexit-192425396.html It would appear that Lorry drivers need a permit to drive through Kent to Dover ?
  3. From what I understand, Regulation 9 of the Housing Benefit regulations prevents yu receiving Housing benefit if you were to be paying the rent to a close relative. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2006/213/regulation/9/made I think however, you would need someone with more knowledge/understanding in order to decipher this !
  4. So, you cannot drive 5 miles to go for exercise - but you can go to a football match ?? Does this mean, I HAVE to shop at my local Co-op which is 2.5 miles away.. all the larger supermarkets are a 10 mile drive. Not that I shop at the larger stores but if I were to, then I would multi task.. do my shopping, then drive a further mile to walk the dog in a Woodland area - it does not make sense to me. I thought Jacqui Smith, (Labour/former Home Secretary) was a power hungry madam.. But Priti Patel beats her hands down !
  5. My passport is well out of date, the photo probably 15 years old.. would they be able to use that ?
  6. I had a similar problem - same reason.. turned 70 - For some reason, I am unable to use the online application, presumably because I need to change my photo as well. I have got a form from the Post office and will send it via Royal Mail. trying to speak to DVLA is a waste of time and money. As we have an 11 month extension, I am not too concerned.
  7. I have seen on the internet that Mastercard are going to have to refund £300 to everyone that has had a card with them in certain years.  Is there a thread on this.  I did a search of the site but drew nothing.  I may be inserting the wrong words.

  8. 2 women in separate vehicles, drive 5 miles to beauty spot to take exercise - their hot drinks presumably purchased on the way are apparently classed as a picnic ! and the police have issued penalty fines of £200.00 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-55560814
  9. The video does not really seem to capture everything other than a lot of noise - why did the homeowners simply not confirm that their daughter had been discharged from hospital - from what I am seeing, the two people at the door appear to be confrontational. Who is actually videoing this ?
  10. I share your puzzlement over this hightail. It probably is a difficult decision to make as to who is first on the list, but I would have assumed that those working in the NHS 'patient facing', school staff, shop staff, dentists, opticians , to have been first on the list. For those who have been chosen to go first to refuse to take whatever version is on offer is bizarre. I am assuming (and probably should not) that they have chosen care home residents and the elderly who may well have been shielding is in the first instance because they have a good proportion of 'victims' in o
  11. Not sure I care if he is or not, HB - very unlikely I will be around
  12. You have paid nothing, received nothing, so I would say you can safely ignore any further communication from them. If this was done online, I would look at one of their emails and see if you are able to unsubscribe from future communications.
  13. Why, exactly would it be obvious ? Aside from which, a 'Thank you, but I have that link' would have cost nothing ?
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