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  1. I will ask my son who he went to for the verbal value and see if he can help me with that. I would do it myself but am over 200 miles from him and with lockdown we cannot attend shop or make enquiries,unless they are on line. I have today received a reply from Hermes who just do not answer the questions you ask them. I did ask how they can destroy and item without authority of Receiver,and who would authorise it. I will see if I can get the valuation.
  2. Photo of an extremely similar ring attached,could almost be it. It was changed to white gold as ex fiance had an allergy to gold. I would have to chase my son for the jeweller who gave verbal quote,but not sure if he is still in business. Each family is not allowed to contact each other due to an harrassment order on the girl,she would not be willing to cooperate anyway. I have written to the park to get some answers as emails to them were unanswered,am awaiting their replies. My mother died in 1991 and I kept the ring safe until my family wanted to use it or to pass on in life. I then gave it to my son for his fiance as he had a desire to use it.i didn't expect anyone to be negligent. I have used small claims court before and fully understand how they work,but have only used for monies owed. If I need to go down that line I will do so,but would like to cross all lines of enquiry first.
  3. I cannot say how much the declared value was when sent via Hermes,because it was my son's ex fiance who originally made arrangements for it to be sent on,Hermes claim it was insured for £20 I haven't no way of knowing where this amount cane from especially as they say the item was destroyed It was verbally valued approx 3 years ago at approx £650 Copy of Hermes reply attached
  4. In September ,my son and his then fiancé stayed in a holiday park, when they got home she realised she had left her ring at location. she contacted them, they said they had it and would send it on, it was sent via Hermes. Hermes stated, they received the package, then said it was ready for delivery. in the interim my son and fiancé split and my son tried to resolve this, Hermes then said the packaging was damaged so they destroyed the item for safety reasons! a white gold 5 diamond bridge ring, I was informed of all this in December and have been battling since to establish how they can destroy diamonds, the packaging was damaged but not the item. I wrote to CEO in December, he failed to reply. Constant emails get me nowhere, I know they have stolen it, but they cannot destroy an item without authority The ring belonged to my late mother and is an heirloom and the only tangible item I had left of hers approx value £650 3 years ago, thus has caused me a lot of upset to think I will never see it again. They have offered me £23.62 compensation. Their incident ref is....
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