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  1. Brilliant. Thank you so much. The letter is very nicely, simply put too. Lovely!
  2. I need to write a letter to three of my credit card companies saying I will do reduced payments. What is the link to a letter, to explain this to them, so that I can also enclose my proposed debt management plan?
  3. Nice idea unclebulgeria. I did not think to presume upon the compassion of a corporation. "Corporate bodies got no soul." as someone reputably said.
  4. I am aware of my moral obligations to pay for electricity I have used. The point in dispute here is whether I should be charged this amount without my prior consent. I have tried to ascertain what my consumer rights are in a situation such as mine from a legal perspective, as I am in unfamiliar territory. The main reason for non compliance is money is cripplingly tight. Normally I would just have paid it accepting that it might be over what I would normally pay and just got on with it. My situation is not so sweet. I will wait to see if they locate from a central register a name that legally has some teeth. Forgive me but, the most I can do at the moment is to buy some time. I was supposed to get a cold weather payment a few weeks back and that would have helped. I think it's £25.00 they promised me via letter, in addition to the winter fuel allowance. Still no sign of it.
  5. Thank you for the above information. I'm still digesting it.
  6. "In its simplest form, intention to create legal relations means that the parties must intend to enter into a legally binding arrangement in which the rights and obligations of the agreement are enforceable. Often quoted by judge Rinder. Also there is a potential for a criminal charge as obtaining goods and services without the intention of paying, does come under criminal law. They would have to prove this was the case though. They have no proof as yet. Could this thread continue without ad hominen implications and in a professional manner please.
  7. Before I decide upon my next course of action would someone be kind enough to confirm the following points of law? 1) That I have a presumption of innocence. 2) That on balance of probability, the burden of proof lies upon the prosecution. 3) That it is the case that I have the right to remain silent. 4) They can show no intent to form a legal relationship with myself.
  8. Yes but the landlord had them keep supplying the two fuels. Technically, I used the fuel.
  9. Dear New Tenant L C S !st Floor West Wing Town Center House The MerrionCentre Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 8LY 02/03/2021 Our Case Ref xxxx Re Our Client E.On Outstanding balance: £37.xx FINAL NOTICE We have been instructed to act on behalf of the above named client to recover the sum of the outstanding of £37.xx for dual fuel consumed at X Whatever Road, Sometown , Anyplace. Despite our previous communications and offer of help we have not received payment or valid reason for non payment for the outstanding balance. Until you have cleared the outstanding balance, your details may continue to be shared with a credit reference agency. Other lenders may see information about the way you pay our client and the amount you owe them which could affect your ability to obtain future credit. In order to prevent any further action and potential inconvenience, we would urge you to pay the full sum immediately or alternatively contact our office on 03445439130 quoting Ref xxxx to discuss your options. Alternatively please email us at [email protected] quoting your reference. Yours sincerely Rebecca Carter For and on behalf of LCS I suspect this is the kind of letter they send when they know they are stuffed?
  10. Addendum. I didn't have it on the floor as previously reported by myself. It was on top of a waist high set of drawers. Functioning well enough for laptops etc. I didn't realize raising it 16 inches could have such a profound effect. Im not very techno minded.. My thanks for that link. I have been made aware of other things now that may come in handy for future reference.
  11. Well they got the accusation dates spot on and maybe because The H Association, who were responsible for the electric and gas to that point informed them. The start date to my switch has been given to them by someone, perhaps without mentioning any names. More legal teeth? How can anyone get my name without breaching data protection act? Credit reference Bureaus or voting list perhaps?
  12. On behalf of E on Electric I have a letter giving dates from LCS debt collectors. For the first three weeks these were my default electricity suppliers. I changed via U Switch to EDF. The letter is addressed to The Occupier. They said their investigation led them to believe that I had connection to the supply covering a three week period outlined by them. Without breaching the data protection act I don't see how they could get my legal name anyway. You cant sue "The Occupier." I didn't ask for the supply and signed no deal with them personally. What legal teeth do I have?
  13. I didn't think this would be an issue or I would have mentioned it in post 1. Plus net should state this fact in their instruction manual though.
  14. I had some shelves fitted to my new accommodation for the house router. By magic, without thinking about it I tried the you tube channel. It now works fine. Apparently it should be four feet from the floor. Mine, in my new home, was still on the carpet. This is worth noting for future reference. Plusnet did not put that command in their instructions. It's a serious omission .
  15. I have seen on the internet that Mastercard are going to have to refund £300 to everyone that has had a card with them in certain years.  Is there a thread on this.  I did a search of the site but drew nothing.  I may be inserting the wrong words.

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