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  1. I feel I wasn't able to get all my points across to the mediator as was quite rushed. Points which may have encouraged P2G to give me what I have asked for. I have an email address there specifically relating to court cases. Is there any reason I shouldn't email them to follow up and outline my whole argument, as these valid points may have an effect.
  2. Today was the mediation. They offered around 40% of my claim which I rejected. Yet to hear about court date. I imagine it's going to be done remotely via video conference. Will keep you updated.
  3. Yes, the areas of the Consumer Rights Act and the schedule 2 noted about the bargaining positions of each party and suggests taking into account alternative means by which the consumer's requirements could have been met. As you say, they all have the same contract, so short of delivering it myself I have no option. Re: precedent, i didn't realise this was a specific legal term. I just mean there will be a piece of evidence for future claimants to use. A judge ruling the contract was unfair presumably wouldn't mean they had to permanently change it, just that in this instance my cla
  4. It's now just an issue of principle - £200 vs £75, neither is going to have a huge impact, but I've come this far, so will see it through. Thanks. You advised all of the above to me in terms of what to tell the mediator. Familiar with the principles, and the judge potentially pronouncing on the fairness or otherwise of the contract which may result in multiple future cases and retrospective cases for Parcel2Go. I wasn't able to say everything i wanted to the mediator, about making sure copies of the judgement were circulated on social media etc., although I imagine Parc
  5. Spoke to the mediator. I outlined my points as much as I could, although felt rushed for time. I made it clear the amount was negligible to me, and i'd risk it to go to court and set a precedent which may cost the defendant substantially more in future were a judgement to go in my favour. Referred to the consumer rights act (65.2 etc.) When asked whether i would be flexible which is a mandatory term of mediation, I suggested the flexibility i was offering was that i would not go to court if they settled my claim in full. Which I expect was playing a bit fast and loose w
  6. Thanks for the swift response. Will continue to read around. I have a date of march 10.
  7. I have read the page on mediation, but wanted to clarify a few details. I have been given an arranged time for the mediation call. The email from the court states: "for mediation to be successful, you would need to be willing to negotiate on the amount of the claim and have a degree of flexibility". Should I have to give up ground? At this stage, I feel I am owed what I have lost, and what the claim has cost me, not to mention my time. The email says if you aren't willing then mediation is unsuitable. It then also suggests: "It is cru
  8. Not sure why you assume I haven't read other posts. Not particularly referring to the particulars of my claim, as we all know it is justified as are many of the others. Although I note there isn't that much consistency in outcome, so it's evidently case by case. My point relates to relatively recent measures whereby attending a court hearing is much less onerous for defendants due to being done remotely. Therefore, while in better days they may have not wanted to spend the effort travelling to court for a small amount, it is much less of a commitment to remotely attend.
  9. That's reassuring. My only concern is at this point, particularly with the courts operating remotely, they have committed time and resources to filing a defence. There is little reason not to defend themselves in court, considering it's much less arduous at present. Although perhaps they wouldn't want a precedent to be set and on record for future similar cases. I don't know. Will file the 180 and see what happens I guess.
  10. I also note that they seem to imply that no Letter Before action was received. It was sent recorded delivery, although I don't know if I can now evidence this, which is my own fault. I will have to confirm this once lockdown has ended as the relevant tracking number will be at my place of work .
  11. A full defence has/had been filed. Thus no default. I believe it had been in the post but not processed. I have attached this, but its basically the standard rationale of me not having opted for premium protection. They also note in their defence "The Claimant has no real prospect of success as liability is excluded by the Defendant's standard Terms and Conditions which were agreed by the claimant". Fairly sure that statement is erroneous and their terms and conditions don't get to mandate whatever they like if it's unlawful. I now have to comple
  12. I don't think this is related to not demanding immediate payment.
  13. Email received just now stating: We’ve passed your claim to County Court Business Centre. From now on, you should send any forms, letters or other documents to this court and contact them with any questions you have. Sign in to see the court contact details: https://www.moneyclaims.service.gov.uk/dashboard What does this mean? Good or bad?
  14. It's not a case of being generous. And there is some middle ground between being paid over a period of 40 years, and giving them 3 weeks to pay in full. The advantage (to my view at least) was the same as suggesting i'd be willing to go through mediation. To appear reasonable and increase the likelihood of succeeding if the case went ahead in court. Wanting to appear reasonable because despite a CCJ being filed, there may yet be a defence filed before it is issued, and there may have been a postal defence yet to be processed. I'm almost certainly wrong, but
  15. Yes it gives 3 options: Immediate payment Payment by a specific date Payment in instlalments Considering there is still a chance for a setaside, or for a defence to be filed, I just wanted to ensure I appear reasonable to the court. Perhaps wrongly!
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