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  1. It was an HP error code, but I think the problem has now been resolved.. instead of showing the result on the page, they have emailed it to me Thank you.
  2. I completed the self help test on this link, but then keep getting an error code
  3. That is what I thought I needed to do and did - however, that was when I started to receive the "we miss you XXX" emails lol
  4. Since my Husband passed away, in 2017 - I have kept his Email address open so that I can continue to close accounts and have the Companies/Organisations remove him from their Data Bases - unsubscribe in order to prevent emails and Snail Mail being sent to me. Aside from which, it was a shared email address and keep in contact with some of his ex work colleagues and friends using that address. In October 2017 - I unsubscribed him from the Health Lottery - I had already cancelled the Direct Debit to them. I only look at the email account every couple of months, but noticed the Health Lottery continue to send emails.. with Headings such as... "Douglas, we want you back !" - "Happy Birthday - use Code Ref to receive Free ticket" - "Remember us - Spend £2.00 and get 50% extra " and.... "Hi Mr CitizenB We've noticed that it's been a little while since you last played The Health Lottery, so we’ve put together an exclusive offer which we think is just too good to miss! Simply spend £2 and you'll instantly receive 50% extra.* Use promo code SURPRISE1 when logged into your account before you purchase your tickets to receive your bonus. You'll then have three days to use your bonus on any draw you like, so don't miss out. Mr CitizenB, good luck!" I tried asking nicely, I tried sarcasm.. in response to "Douglas we want you back"! I pointed out, that so did I.. but neither of us were going to get our wish... But, the emails continued. a couple of days ago, I pretty much demanded they remove him from their data base, that it was pretty insensitive - they came back quick as you like - they needed a copy of his Death Certificate in order to remove his details and that they had not received other emails from me ? I did send a copy - but now they have come back and said.... "The Name on the Death Certificate does not match the name on the account ? "We are sorry to hear of any distress caused by this matter. We can confirm that we did not receive the e-mail you sent in July 2017. This appears to be due to the e-mail being sent in reply to a marketing e-mail that you received. In the marketing e-mails it advises not to reply to them as unfortunately it is an outbound only e-mail address for sending marketing e-mails and replies will not be received. We can confirm that we do indeed need to see a death certificate for a customer before we close their account. This is so that we are taking reasonable steps to protect our customer's accounts and we can verify that the account needs to be closed. We are unable to close an account based solely on an e-mail received from a third party who we have no way to identify. Finally, the name on the death certificate sent does not fully match that which is on the account. Can you confirm if you husband went by any other first names please so we ensure we are closing the correct account?" Having responded to the above.. with .. you are Joking ?? They have now decided that the name on the account - despite the email, postal address, etc are correct.. the name on the account is totally different !! However, they have finally decided that they will Close the account ?? Not sure I am looking for advice as such.. I just needed to vent !!
  5. An update for this thread. My Son has now found employment in London - with a small law firm pretty much involved with what he was doing prior to moving to New Zealand/Australia. So all is well on that side of things. He just needs to find somewhere to live for 3-6 months until he can sort out permanent living arrangements. The DWP were of no help at all really and seem to make up the rules as they go along. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. Much appreciated.
  6. Appreciate all the comments and information. Son went to appointment yesterday and found it to be not too stressful, in fact probably quite positive. He was however, puzzled why someone who could roll off their NI number, produce a British Passport (which clearly states place of birth as London) along with confirmation by way of a birth certificate plus proving that he had worked for the British Civil Service for over 10 years, is then questioned as to whether or not he is a British Citizen! He will fall in with their plans eg, logging on each day, commitment to meetings and any other 'demands' whilst continuing to search for employment under his own steam. Will keep you all updated.
  7. Hi BN, no, he had not used that calculator - he has just gone for his assessment - so I will know more and will no doubt be asking more questions of you later on. Many thanks for your help
  8. Hi Brassnecked, Many thanks for this information, I will pass it on. From what you say and the article provided, looks like my Son will not be entitled ! x
  9. My Son has been working/living abroad and came back to the UK when my husband passed away a couple of years ago. He looked for employment in the first six months he was here, nothing suitable so he joined a voluntary group abroad for six months. When that contract finished, he returned to the UK again for a further six months again seeking employment. He signed up for a further six months with the Voluntary group and has now returned to the UK permanently 2 weeks ago. We do not appear to have a Job Centre as such, he had to go to the Local Municipal office for information and was told he needed to register online, which he has done. I was quite surprised at some of the information they required.. such as. Debit/Credit card number including the CV number ! He then needed to verify himself via one of several organisations.. eg Post Office, Experian and others. He has now been given an assessment date and I would like, on his behalf, some idea of what can be expected when he goes.
  10. Not sure if this is the place to post this, please move to suitable section if not. I wanted to send a message to someone this morning only to keep being told my inbox was full. This should not have been the case as I emptied it a few months ago. Messages received... "Used 3476% messenger storage". Along with another message saying I have over 1,738 messages (going back over 10 years ?) with a limit of 50 messages ??? It is going to take me ages to delete all these as you can only delete 25 messages in one go !! I also noticed a message at the bottom of this post saying I have used up all the available attachment space ? "You have used 138.68 MB of your 48.83 MB attachment limit." Again this should not be so because I had deleted all attachments a while back.
  11. I would have thought that if we keep the food we produce instead of sending it to Europe, then this will correct, HB. I think supermarkets and the like are encouraging panic buying - you only have to notice shopper habits when there is a bank holiday and the likelihood of a store closing for more than 24 hours to give their staff a break lol.
  12. Stories like the following are fuelling the scaremongering about running out of food ? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/18/uk-running-out-of-food-warehouse-space-as-no-deal-brexit-fears-rise https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/27/no-deal-brexit-amazon-blamed-uk-lack-of-food-warehouse-space https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/brits-buying-up-brexit-boxes-15677814 https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/brexit/8211660/tesco-buys-up-freezers-to-stockpile-extra-food-for-no-deal-brexit/ I have never seen the need to import food stuffs - we managed before joining the EEC... !
  13. I think it is probably safer to pay by credit card for online purchases - they seem to be able to have your money refunded very quickly if there is a problem- whereas with debit cards there seems to be a different system. This company does not seem to be very popular judging by the reviews !
  14. They will probably try to excuse this by saying their rents and other costs are higher by having plots on the station !
  15. Looks like I am late again to the Party. Well done RMW for sticking with this - great result.
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_day This is all I could find in respect of your Business/Working Day query. From what I read, there is no difference. However could not track down anything to differentiate between a 'Planned' or 'Arranged' overdraft.
  17. I know that Hermes do look at this forum so I am not sure why you have advised above that you told them you took the blade out and us that it was still attached !. I guess in a way, if the blade was not in the package then I too would argue that item was no longer a sharp object !! I am not sure where you go from here.
  18. I thought Buxton was spring water - so I guess if I were ever in this position again, I would still need to filter the bottled water ! What a bother lol. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3084016/Is-bottled-water-better-tap-investigation-surprise-save-small-fortune.html I just found this, it doesn't help either !
  19. Just remember to get a shift on with the claim - after August this year, you wont be able to make a claim.
  20. Didn't know where to post this - please move if there is a more appropriate section I was without mains water for a couple of weeks whilst building works were taking place. For drinking water, tea, coffee etc I purchased huge amounts of Buxton Bottled water. I would normally use a water filter for tap water because of the lime scale - but didn't for the bottled water - within a week the scale in the kettle was so thick, it took 3 sachets of descaler to remove it ! I thought bottle water was filtered in some way, is this not so ?
  21. Perhaps he is just plotting another strategy HB Or even waiting to see if TM resigns or is pushed out..
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