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  1. Many thanks for this information.
  2. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/british-lorry-drivers-fined-kent-access-permit-brexit-192425396.html It would appear that Lorry drivers need a permit to drive through Kent to Dover ?
  3. From what I understand, Regulation 9 of the Housing Benefit regulations prevents yu receiving Housing benefit if you were to be paying the rent to a close relative. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2006/213/regulation/9/made I think however, you would need someone with more knowledge/understanding in order to decipher this !
  4. So, you cannot drive 5 miles to go for exercise - but you can go to a football match ?? Does this mean, I HAVE to shop at my local Co-op which is 2.5 miles away.. all the larger supermarkets are a 10 mile drive. Not that I shop at the larger stores but if I were to, then I would multi task.. do my shopping, then drive a further mile to walk the dog in a Woodland area - it does not make sense to me. I thought Jacqui Smith, (Labour/former Home Secretary) was a power hungry madam.. But Priti Patel beats her hands down !
  5. My passport is well out of date, the photo probably 15 years old.. would they be able to use that ?
  6. I had a similar problem - same reason.. turned 70 - For some reason, I am unable to use the online application, presumably because I need to change my photo as well. I have got a form from the Post office and will send it via Royal Mail. trying to speak to DVLA is a waste of time and money. As we have an 11 month extension, I am not too concerned.
  7. 2 women in separate vehicles, drive 5 miles to beauty spot to take exercise - their hot drinks presumably purchased on the way are apparently classed as a picnic ! and the police have issued penalty fines of £200.00 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-55560814
  8. The video does not really seem to capture everything other than a lot of noise - why did the homeowners simply not confirm that their daughter had been discharged from hospital - from what I am seeing, the two people at the door appear to be confrontational. Who is actually videoing this ?
  9. I share your puzzlement over this hightail. It probably is a difficult decision to make as to who is first on the list, but I would have assumed that those working in the NHS 'patient facing', school staff, shop staff, dentists, opticians , to have been first on the list. For those who have been chosen to go first to refuse to take whatever version is on offer is bizarre. I am assuming (and probably should not) that they have chosen care home residents and the elderly who may well have been shielding is in the first instance because they have a good proportion of 'victims' in o
  10. Not sure I care if he is or not, HB - very unlikely I will be around
  11. You have paid nothing, received nothing, so I would say you can safely ignore any further communication from them. If this was done online, I would look at one of their emails and see if you are able to unsubscribe from future communications.
  12. Why, exactly would it be obvious ? Aside from which, a 'Thank you, but I have that link' would have cost nothing ?
  13. And here is the fact checked version. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2020-55529230
  14. Well lets just hope that none of those who returned to the UK were infected and none of cjcregg's family have the misfortune to meet up with any that might have been.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55465079 Well for sure there is some anger that this happened - can they not be tracked from their booking information or passports ?
  16. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/news/uk/tier-1-scilly-islanders-fear-selfish-people-arriving-to-escape-lockdown/ IMHO, ferries should refuse to let anyone who is not a resident board ferries.
  17. I would have hated to have started the New Year with my accident list of today ! Perhaps I should just have stayed in bed !1 Tipped head over heels in the garden when I stood on a really icy spot - pride and btm took a severe blow. Shut car door on hand whilst defrosting it - wearing gloves but my knuckles still hurt . Had a momentary lapse of concentration when parking the car in Co-op car park. Instead of braking, I hit the accelerator and darn near ended up in the dyke ! Taking shopping out of boot of car - hit head on boot - Now,
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